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Oreo Monster Decorating Cookie Kit

Kids And Kids At Heart Youll Want To Get Your Hands And Taste Buds On Oreos Halloween Cookie Decorating Kits


Its time to get crafty, kids! Let your imagination run wild with these sweet and delicious cookie decorating kits from Oreo. Kits such as these exist year round, its a fun and tasty activity, but theres something about the fall and Halloween season that makes creating these so much more fun!

Our favorite foodie Instagram account, , spotted these first: Oreo Monster decorating cookie kit. Too cute! What a unique kit to bring home for the kids to play with. Not to mention, its such a throwback to when we were building these as children.

Its too early to start creating gingerbread houses for Christmas, but theres a lot of fun to be had while we wait thanks to Oreo cookies! Will you be picking one of these up? Itll make for a great activity with the kids this weekend or closer to Halloween. A Halloween party even, perhaps?

From what we can read, the package comes with eight Oreo cookies, eight cooky bodies, icing, and candy dots and gummies for decorating. If you ask me, you may need to buy another pack of Oreo cookies with this. Snacking while working will be tough to resist.

This pack was spotted in Kroger, but may be available at your local massive retailer! Will you be picking one up? Which Oreo cookie flavor is your favorite of all-time? The classic Oreos or something else?

Oreo’s New Halloween Cookie Decorating Kit Combines Crafts And Snacks For Monstrous Fun

Ready to get into the Halloween spirit? You can make easy Halloween decorations to spook-ify the house or whip up a batch of scary snacks. The decorations and treats both make Halloween fun and exciting, and now Oreo has a way for us to enjoy both things at once. With Oreos new Monster Decorating Cookie Kit, youll be able to make something spooky and delicious.

Its just like decorating a gingerbread man, only its Halloween-themed!

How To Make Oreo Monster Cookies

I like the whole eye/eyball spookiness, that I even knitted an eyeball. Isnt Halloween fun? I certainly love it.

  • break the white chocolate bar into pieces, and add them to a bowl set over a pan of simmering water make sure the heat is on low to medium, if the heat is too high, the chocolate doesnt melt well and it becomes lumpy and hard to spread.
  • when the chocolate is melted, dip an oreo cookie and use a fork to coat it well with chocolate
  • arrange it on a pan lined with non-stick paper, and repeat with the rest of the oreos
  • leave the chocolate to set either at room temperature or in the fridge
  • use the writing icing to drizzle it over the top and decorate with edible eyes

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Oreo Is Selling Monster Decorating Cookie Kits For Halloween

Its hard to believe that October is almost upon us and with that month comes the celebration of Halloween. We probably already smell pumpkin spice products coming from every possible store, from our coffee in the morning to our snacks at night. If you are somebody who enjoys celebrating Halloween, you might even have already gone through your decorations and started preparing for your costume.

If that isnt enough to get you excited, Oreo has stepped up to the plate with a special Halloween product. It is the Oreo Monster Decorating Cookie Kit and it is just as fantastic as it sounds. As you probably have already surmised, the kit offers a spooky twist to the typical gingerbread man routine from the December holiday.

@ appears to be the first person who spotted the product on Instagram and shared it with her followers:

Oreo Monster decorating cookie kit. Id have to buy a spare pack of Oreos to eat while Im decorating. Too cute. FOUND IN KROGER.

She then posted a picture of the product and said that each kit comes with 8 Oreo cookies, 8 pre-baked chocolate body cookies, pre-made icing, candy jewels, and fruity gummies.

A post shared by on Sep 14, 2019 at 8:07pm PDT

The Instagramer found her kit at Kroger but you can also buy them at online for $20. Its a great way to increase the fun of Halloween with the little ones in your home. Just imagine making some delicious cookie monsters and then enjoying them for a snack.

M& ms Haunted Shack Chocolate Cookie Kit

This Oreo Monster Decorating Cookie Kit Will Get You Into ...

as of January 26, 2022 5:12 pm


  • There are few greater pairings than Halloween and delicious milk chocolate M& Ms. The M& M Haunted Shack Chocolate Cookie Kit includes everything you need to create a haunted house of your own during the spooky season.
  • Don’t wait for Christmas to decorate an edible house. Share a few delicious scares with this tasty haunted themed house at a costume party, Halloween party, office party, school party, bake sale, scary movie party, or just a family gathering.
  • Have a friend who loves all things spooky? The Haunted Shack is unique baking it to give as a birthday gift, stocking stuffer, secret Santa gift, surprise gift, house warming gift, white elephant gift, or prize in a drawing.
  • The cookie kit is also suitable for young kids who love to help in the kitchen. The Haunted Shack is perfect for kids who love arts and crafts, baking, cooking, cookies, milk chocolate M& Ms, peanut M& Ms, candy, horror, ghouls, and ghosts.
  • Add a little fright to your next Halloween party with the most delicious treat you’ll have this season. Make it as spooky and delicious as you want, and share it with your party guests, friends, or even your trick or treaters.

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Oreo Released Monster Decorating Cookie Kits And My Kids Need One

Because Oreo Monsters are the perfect Halloween treat.

Move over boring regular Oreos because OREO Released Monster Decorating Cookie Kits and My Kids Need One!

The Oreo Monster Decorating Kit comes complete with pre-baked Oreo Cookie pieces, pre-made icing, Mini Oreo cookies, and an assortment of colorful candies for decorating.

The best part you get to make your own Monsters made out of OREO. YES!

Currently, I have not been able to find them in-store but apparently people are finding them at Kroger.

I did find them so if youre wanting to 2-day ship it to yourself and have a Monster Cookie creation night with the kids, order it here.

Aside Gingerbread Housesoreo Just Released A Spooky Graveyard Chocolate Cookie Kit

Building a structure out of cookies doesnt have to be exclusive to Christmas and gingerbread houses. Oreo released a spooky graveyard chocolate cookie kit, and its the perfect edible Halloween-themed activity to indulge in this fall.

The kit builds a mini haunted graveyard complete with a mausoleum and tombstones. It comes with pre-cut cookie shapes for those main attractions, so all you have to worry about is sticking them together. To decorate and hold everything in place, the kit includes full-size Oreo cookies, mini Oreos, pre-made icing, and an orange, purple, and black candy assortment in bead and bat shapes. There are instructions on the back of the box for a little guidance, and you can buy the kit at Michaels for about $15.

BUY NOWOreo Spooky Graveyard Chocolate Cookie Kit

If you want to really go all out, Oreo has a monster decorating cookie kit that you can use to add monsters to the spooky graveyard for the ultimate haunted cookie display. You can make anything from mummies to skeletons. You could even come up with your own monster. Add a few extra eyes and ears, and call it a day. The kit for around $31, and yes, its eligible for Prime shipping!

BUY NOWOreo Monster Decorating Cookie Kit

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Choosing The Right Halloween Decorating Cookie Kit

1. Select the right spec. Browse through the category at Amazon, and you will see a whole host of specifications.As a useful shortcut, just look at the prices. It will often tell you which products are more reliable or durable or powerful than others. It helps to know a little bit about what you are dealing with.

2. Look at customer satisfaction. See which products has the best rating. The best rating can help you understand how the product performed according to customers review.

3. Check the brand or manufacturer score. Less known manufacturer or brand tends to provide lesser quality product. Overtime, customers will provide feed backs which product performed the best.

4. Customer reviews. It would be the most important factor to consider. Customers leave feedback regarding their experience with the best Halloween Decorating Cookie Kit they purchased from Amazon.Every single review posted, it will help you to know whether the best Halloween Decorating Cookie Kit you want to buy good or bad.

We hope our recommendation can help.

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Try An Oreo Gingerbread House This Year During The Holidays

Oreoâs Holiday Gingerbread House Kit \ Holiday Cookie House Review

by Lauren Novak

2 years ago

If you love making gingerbread houses with your children or grandchildren, Oreo has a new one for you to try this holiday season. They recently released the Holiday Chocolate Cookie House kit. It is being sold at many locations including Big Lots and CVS for around $10. Some locations even have a mini version for $5!

According to Big Lots, the description states, Get the family together this winter for some afternoon fun! This kit includes everything you need to build and decorate your very own OREO holiday chocolate cookie house. It comes with pre-baked chocolate cookie pieces, pre-made icing, OREO Cookies, OREO Mini Cookies, fruity gummies, and candy jewels. Just open the box and start building!

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Needzo Halloween Prebaked Cookie Decorating Kit For Beginners Decorate Cookies With Colorful Icing And Assorted Hard Candy Decor Fun Diy Activity For Kids Party 2 Cookies

$ as of January 26, 2022 5:12 pm


  • HALLOWEEN 2021 build your own halloween cookie decorating kit. Sweet treats that make for a great Halloween or trick or treating themed gift at a great value
  • INCLUDES 2 large, already iced cookies, one tube of icing, and a bag of coated chocolate candies for decorating
  • COOKIE DECORATING kit is fun for the whole family! Includes all of the supplies you need to design the cutest cookies, and then enjoy. Imagine kids baking without the mess! Kit come with tray for easy decorating and keeping your tables and countertops clean
  • ACTIVITY for everyone: friends, family, military soldiers, students, co-workers, teens, toddler, young kids, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, boy, girl, son, daughter, yourself, women, men, inmates, pregnancy, new mom, mother, father, dad, boss, teacher, partner, business, kid, baby, any year old or age, husband, wife, grandchild, grandson, granddaughter, grandmother, grandfather, pop, grandma, grandpa, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, cousin, acquaintance, classmate
  • GIFT kit makes a great gift for friends and family who enjoy a festive, indoor activity

Small Halloween Gingerbread 3d Haunted Cookie House Kit Miniature Diy Edible Houses For Decorating Indoor Seasonal Crafts For Families 4 X 3 Inches

as of January 26, 2022 5:12 pm


  • SIZE cookie measures 4 inches tall by 3 inches wide
  • COOKIE house is made out of delicious, edible, cookies with grooves for decorating.
  • INCLUDES round, hard, candies as well as a white icing bag.
  • DIY cookie house is a fun, indoor, DIY craft for kids of all ages and families
  • GIFT haunted cookie house makes a great Halloween gift for loved ones.

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Crafty Cookie Kits Disney Mickey Mouse Halloween Cookie Kit

as of January 26, 2022 5:12 pm


  • Crafty Cooking Kits Mickey Mouse Halloween Cookie Kit is the perfect gift or hobby to do with children, significant other, or parents.
  • Makes up to 10 cookies. Make 3 colors in Mickey shaped cookie for you to decorate to your design.v
  • Kit includes mostly everything needed for a perfect treat. . One will need basic cooking ingredients for cookies and frosting .
  • Easy to follow instructions will have you finished in no time at all!
  • halloween cookie kit, halloween cookies, cookie kits, cookie kit, sugar cookies for decorating, cookie decorating kit for kids, halloween baking, sugar cookie, cookies sugar, cookie decorating kit, cooking kit, halloween decorating, mickey mouse, disney

Kasmoire 188pcs Cookie Decorating Supplies Kitwith 12pcs Holiday Cookie Cuttermixing Toolspiping Toolsdecorating Tools And 100pcs Cookies Bags For Beginners And Decorator

NEW OREO Monster Decorating Cookie Kit Halloween Cookies ...

$ as of January 26, 2022 5:12 pm


  • COOKIE DECORATING SUPPLIES. No need spending your precious time looking for the cookie decorating supplies . The Kasmoire Kit includes the most necessary items that a decorator needs for perfect cookie decoration
  • 3 HOLIDAY COOKIE CUTTER ,cookie cutter with 3 themed festivals meet your needs for decorating cookies throughout the year once you get one
  • The tool contains all the tools needed for decorating with cookies cutter,debugging frosting,different forms of decorative decoration,cookie packaging.
  • Meet different cookie decoration methods, you can pull lines, fill, write, color , Can help you complete the boldest cookie design
  • GIFT BOX.The Kasmoire cookie decorating supplies come in an attractive gift box,Consider getting Two – one for you and one for your best friend, you may just enjoy when they serve you a nice sugar cookies or Xmas party.

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Take A Peek At The Oreo Gingerbread House

If you prefer to decorate cookies around Halloween, they are also selling an Oreos Monster Cookie Decorating Kit.

According to Simple Most, Each Oreo Monster Decorating Cookie Kit comes with Oreos, icing, and candy, and of course, the pre-made monster bodies. Decorate the monsters faces with icing, and use the candy pieces to create everything from eyes to hair to little vampire teeth.

In conclusion, which Oreo set do you want to buy this season? They both look fun and delicious! I definitely want to try both of them during the holiday season to switch up the basic sugar cookie decorating and gingerbread house decorating.

Spooky Halloween Pumpkin Cookie Decorating Kit 16 Count

as of January 26, 2022 5:12 pm


  • COMPLETE KIT: 16 pre-baked vanilla-flavored pumpkin-shaped cookies, 3 icing writers, candy mini-beads, sequins and sprinkles
  • PRE-BAKED: No baking required: all ingredients are pre-baked and/or pre-made
  • EASY DIRECTIONS: Step-by-step directions included on the box
  • FUN FOR KIDS , parents, and grandparents
  • Kit net weight 23.3 oz

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Oreo Has A Spooky Graveyard Kit That You Build With Cookies Icing And Candy

This might be the tastiest Halloween activity.

From Pillsburys Pumpkin Cookie Dough to Oreos Apple Cider Donut Cookies, there are plenty of fall- and Halloween-themed cookies out there. But even Oreo is taking it up a notch by creating a chocolate cookie kit to build your own frightening scene. Now you can enjoy milks favorite cookie after you create your own graveyard, that is.

Forget the house its all about the graveyard for Halloween. The kit, which first came out last year, comes with prebaked chocolate cookies and premade icing with directions so you can build the scene. The box also includes Oreo cookies, Oreo Mini cookies, orange and purple candy jewels, and orange and black candy bats for decorating. Once youre done with your creation, you should see a frightening graveyard, complete with mausoleum and tombstones.

You can find the Oreo Spooky Graveyard Chocolate Cookie Kit at Michaels, the arts and crafts store. Its both in-store and online for $9.99 , so you can get one in time for a festive October. Beware if you start shopping at Michaels, however, because its filled with so many Halloween goodies that youre bound to leave with a full cart.

To keep the fun going, Oreo also has a Monster Decorating Cookie Kit. The chocolate cookies are shaped for you, so its just a matter of decorating them with icing and candy to make zombies, skeletons, and whatever else haunts your dreams!

Follow on , , , and !

This Oreo Cookie Decorating Kit Is A Halloween Lover’s Dream Come True

HALLOWEEN OREO COOKIE MONSTERS | DIY Halloween Treats | Oreo Pops | 5 min recipes

We only have a few more months until we can engage in wholesome holiday activitiesbaking gingerbread men and decorating them with adorable bow ties and buttons, for instance.

How on Earth will we fill the time between now and gingerbread season? If Nabisco has anything to do with it, were going to make innocent Oreos look monsters.

Heres the deal:

Instagrammer @ spotted a spooky Oreo Monster Cookie Decorating Kit on shelves at Kroger this week.

Id have to buy a spare pack of Oreos to eat while Im decorating, she captioned the photo. Too cute.

The kit comes with eight Oreo cookies, eight pre-baked chocolate body cookies, pre-made icing, candy jewels, and fruity gummies.

WATCH: How to Make Boo-tiful Pumpkin Cake

We have to admit, the cookie creatures on the package look pretty darn cute.

You can buy the kit right now from for $19.99, but we think itd be easy enough to DIY these little monsters on the cheap.

All you really need is our recipe for Chocolate Halloween Cutout Cookies, a gingerbread man cookie cutter, a package of Oreos, and whatever accoutrements you need to make your cookie monster dreams come true, like icing and candy.

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