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No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Colorful Boho Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Weâre LOVING These No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas | Decorated Pumpkin Ideas

More and more people are drawn to a colorful boho style that is so creative and refreshing. When it comes to fall and Thanksgiving decorations, we are certainly not limited to just orange pumpkins!

Pompoms are so easy to make or . Choose your favorite colors and use them to decorate your pompom pumpkins! Tutorial here.

A simple way to make modern boho pumpkin fall decorations is to use colorful stickers.

Pineapple Pumpkins 2 Ways

Pineapples are so chic and trendy right now. Here are 2 ways to make pineapple pumpkin decorations! Tutorials here and here.

There are lots more creative ways to use pumpkins to decorate for fall, such as pumpkin house numbers, planter accents, etc, which you can check out here!

Happy creating! See you soon!

Idea #4 Bling Pumpkin

Are you having fun yet? Are you inspired to try these no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas? I hope the answer is YES! Well, I couldnt end a decorating series without doing something with Bling, I mean I do call myself a DIVA .

I LOVE bling, really anything that sparkles, but I do understand that its not for everyone. But for those that like a little bling this DIY is perfect for you. For this project you need an assortment of rhinestones, ribbon, Gloss spray paint, adhesive diamond mesh and hot glue. Once again, a lot of these products can be found inexpensively at the Dollar Tree. Watch the video below for all the steps. Be careful though, you might just become part of the bling team! LOL

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No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Thanksgiving And Halloween

No carve pumpkin decorating ideas turn out to be more exciting and often less time-consuming than carving up Jack O Lanterns. Its no big deal when you have one pumpkin to carve or you use small varieties, but holiday decor usually requires quite a few pumpkins. This year, instead of sharpening your knives, go to the crafts store and buy some paint, crayons, or glitter to make pumpkin decorating fun and interesting.

Idea #2 Modern Pumpkin

28 Best No

The second no-carve pumpkin decorating idea is Modern. This project caters to the Boho Chic decorating trend that is so popular now. I even redid my entire basement in this Black and White boho chic designs.

Use this pumpkin as a quick update to any room. Its abstract and will get your creative juices flowing. For this project, all you need is a Sharpie marker and ribbon. You can purchase the pumpkin in black, so all you have to do is add color with a marker. Grab the kids too, this is a pumpkin decorating project they can do with you. Take a look at the How-To Video Below.

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Modern No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas To Try Before Halloween

No carve pumpkin decorating ideas that are modern, cool, and easy to execute. There are 38 pumpkins designs on the list, so youre bound to find at least a couple that fit your style.

Carving pumpkins can be a messand maybe even a little dangerous if youve never used a carving hand saw. Which is why every Halloween, I search for new no carve pumpkin ideas to try instead of picking up a carving tool. Whos with me?

Every pumpkin becomes a tiny canvas when you opt for pumpkin designs that dont involve a knife. Right?! So, its no surprise that I gravitate towards Halloween pumpkin ideas that use paint, stencils, stickers, fabric, tissue paperand well, anything else you can think of . And because Im obsessed with no carve pumpkin ideas, I rounded up a whole bunch of my favorites to share: 38 of the most modern, cool looking DIY pumpkins I could find!

Want to take a peek and try some of these pumpkin decorating ideas with me this Halloween?

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

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Looking for pumpkin decorating ideas to give your pumpkin a spooktacular makeover? Here are over a hundred of the best painted and no carve pumpkin ideas so that you can avoid the goopy sticky mess of pumpkin carving this year. These creative pumpkin decorating ideas are sure to impress the trick-or-treaters and boost your curb appeal!

If you plan on using real pumpkins, here is a very helpful article for how to preserve pumpkins and gourds.

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Easy Diy Halloween Pumpkins With Bats

Another easy way to decorate pumpkins for Halloween without carving, is to make some black bats with ribbons or paper, and hot glue them to white or orange pumpkins like this.

You can also use toilet paper tubes to make Halloween bats to decorate your pumpkins

Or make some cutouts paper bats for your Halloween pumpkin, tutorial here.

Disney Junior Bluey No

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Do your kids love Bluey from Disney Junior? This is a no-carve real pumpkin, thats inspired by the hit TV series, and it represents the Teal Pumpkin Project for allergies.

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Monochromatic Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

1. How about these Moon Phase Pumpkins from Homemade Banana? Click to see all the phases lined up on her porch. Theyre definitely something to howl about.

2. These sweet DIY Tiny Terrazzo from Ctrl + Curate are so sweet and would make a super cute centerpiece. You can also try the same pumpkin painting idea on larger pumpkins too for the front porch.

3. These DIY Moon and Stars Pumpkins from Oh So Beautiful Paper remind me a little bit of the moon and stars baby costume I made for Hayes last year. Doing both would make for an adorable Halloween photo, dont you think?

4. Heres a super neat Optical Illusions Pumpkin from ! It would be cool to try making these in different colors for a colorful pumpkin porch.

5. You think youd be able to paint those small details? Lovely Indeed shows you how to make these DIY Paint Pen Pattern No Carve Pumpkins.

6. These DIY Flying Letter Painted Pumpkins from The Beauty Dojo are super easy and really minimal for those looking for a simple, but pretty way to decorate their pumpkins. Make it a little interesting by creating hidden messages in each pumpkin by scrambling the letters to a secret phrase!

7. Heres a creepy and cool way to decorate your pumpkins. Pottery Barn shows you how to make these dripping wax no carve pumpkins.

8. I love this Winking Eye Pumpkin from Idle Hands Awake! She includes a template which makes this a really easy option!

More Pumpkin Fun For Kids From Kids Activities Blog

Which of the no carve pumpkin ideas was your favorite? Are you carving a jack-o-lantern this year?

Arena Blake used to spend her days in the White House writing about the president. Now she spends her days at the kitchen table writing about kids activities and Star Wars crafts.

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Pastel Pink And Cream Pumpkin Wreath

Jazz up your front door with a pastel no-carve pumpkin wreath. Perfect for something a little different, and way more vibrant than you’d expect to find in spooky season… Chelsea Foy, founder of Lovely Indeed says, ‘This neutral wreath with pops of gold is such a lovely way to welcome guests at your front door! It comes together quickly and easily with a few faux pumpkins and some spray paint.’

Easy Pumpkin Painting Ideas For Kids

25 Best No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Fall especially around Thanksgiving and Halloween is one of our favorite seasons.

Each year we love to decorate pumpkins multiple times. The kids love to carve pumpkins and it definitely turned into one of our favorite Halloween traditions.

Nevertheless, I dont actually manage to carve pumpkins with three kids all day every day long.

Also, two of my kids are still fairly young so all the actual work ends up with me anyhow. Most times I struggle with carving and trying to prevent an accident with the cutting knives or a mess from the seats in the house.

Its rather stressful for me with 3 kids I have to admit.

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Quirky Colorful Pumpkin Decorating

9. These DIY Pun-Kins from Studio DIYare so punny . Can you think of any other Halloween puns?

10. If you havent already tried out my Creepy Cat Eye No Carve Pumpkins, this might be the year. These are probably one of the easiest pumpkin designs in this list which makes it perfect to do if youre short on time or decorating with kids.

11. Want to have the whole world in your hands? If youre good with a paint brush, The Globe Pumpkinfrom would be a fun pumpkin to try.

12. These DIY Matisse-Inspired Pumpkins from Oh So Beautiful Paperare so cute and super kid-friendly.

13. If you already have a letter board, these Letterboard Pumpkins from A Girl and a Glue Gunare really easy and look great too. You can write out a few different phrases, or make a whole message using a few pumpkins.

14. How cute are these Painted Party Pumpkins from Handmade Charlotte? These festive pumpkin buddies make the perfect party-goers for your Halloween bash.

15. Looking for a quick pumpkin decorating ideas? My Balloon Dipped Pumpkins DIY is a super quick no carve pumpkin idea that takes 60 seconds or less to make.

16. This pumpkin is decorated with, believe it or not, paper brads! A Subtle Revelry gives us a few easy Office Supply Pumpkin Designs that are super easy and use things you might already have around the house.

What Can I Do Instead Of Carving Pumpkins

Amy Marsden, lifestyle content editor at , says ‘Pumpkin carving can be really difficult to do, especially as you might only be able to get smaller pumpkins. Whereas decorating them can get kids of all ages involved and adults can really get creative,’

‘Using spray paints is an easy way to change how pumpkins look, spraying some black, gold or white as well as keeping natural orange ones will really enhance a Halloween look and feel.’

‘Another really simple way is painting your pumpkins in a single flat color and using either gold or colorful drawing pins, stickers or other arts and crafts items like googly eyes, can really give a simple pumpkin an elegant or silly look, perfect for an Instagram backdrop, table centerpieces or kids party.’

‘A bit more technical, but using a drill and small drill bit you can do dot patterns around the pumpkin and still achieve a typical Jack-O-Lantern, just without any nitty gritty carving.’

And Amy Marsden, lifestyle content editor at , says ‘Pumpkin carving can be really difficult to do, especially as you might only be able to get smaller pumpkins. Whereas decorating them can get kids of all ages involved and adults can really get creative,’

‘Using spray paints is an easy way to change how pumpkins look, spraying some black, gold or white as well as keeping natural orange ones will really enhance a Halloween look and feel.’

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Chalk Painted Faux Dollar Tree Pumpkins

Small Dollar Tree pumpkins are perfect for this project! You’ll also need your choice of chalk paint, a hot glue gun, and a stick from a tree for the stem to give it a realistic feel. Start by removing the fake stem from the pumpkin. Using a paint brush, paint the pumpkin with two coats of chalk paint. Cut the stem to the desired length and glue to the top of the pumpkin! Stack on top of candle holders or use on a tiered tray.

Minimal Modern Pumpkin Decorating

No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas | Made By Me | Better Homes & Gardens

17. For some sparkle, try these DIY Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkins from Sugar and Cloth. Mix it up by using different color sequins or painting your pumpkins different colors.

18. I love these DIY Mud Cloth Pumpkins from Homey Oh My. I especially love these color combos. I think this pattern would look so pretty with mustard yellow and a rusty red too. What colors would you use?19.Homey Oh Myalso made these cute DIY PatternedPumpkins. I love that triangle confetti pumpkin!

20. How about these DIY Halloween Pumpkins with Painted Dashes from Dream Green DIY? I adore this color pallet!

21. These Painted Pumpkins from Harpers Bazaar are a modern take on the classic carved pumpkins, but SO much easier!

22. You can make these DIY Brushstroke Pumpkins from The Merrythought with a few different color combos, but I do like the neutral color combo she used.

23. Channel your inner Jackson Pollock with these DIY Paint Splatted Pumpkins from Homey Oh My. Not only are they a modern way to decorate your pumpkins, theyre super easy to make and are kid friendly .

24. How pretty is this DIY Cathrineholm Pumpkin from Vitamini Handmade inspired by the Scandinavian mid century enamelware? Search Cathrineholm for some color combo inspiration for more pumpkin painting ideas.

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Rose Gold Painted Pumpkins

We love the color palette here and it goes to show how far out you can get with pumpkin painting ideas. We love the slightly rustic unfinished look that comes from using real pumpkins. For this you could use spray paints and just mix and match how much of the pumpkin you cover spray some completely, half spray others or just to the storks! Give your display a touch of glamour by using metallic spray paint.

Put Down The Carving Knife Get Into The Spooky Halloween Spirit With These No

  • 1 large orange pumpkin
  • Small paintbrush
  • Patterned scrapbook paper
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Newspaper
  • 4 wooden skewers

Slice 2 to 3 in. off the top of a large pumpkin and set it aside. Scoop out the inside of the pumpkin. Paint a dot of black paint onto Ping-Pong balls to make the eyes. Draw an outline of glasses frames on scrapbook paper and cut them out. Hot-glue the ping-pong ball eyes to the cut-out and glue to a smaller pumpkin. Place the smaller pumpkin, supported by balled-up newspaper, inside the larger one. Insert skewers into the rind of the larger pumpkin to prop up its top.

  • Small black beads
  • Paper straws

Stick ball-head pins into pom-poms to make the eyes. With a screwdriver, poke small holes into gourds and insert chenille stems for the legs . Slip beads over the ends of the legs to make feet. For a different look for the legs , slip paper straws over the chenille stems.

  • Hot-glue gun
  • Glue Dots

Inflate the white balloon to about 4-in in diameter. Paint a giant eyeball on the pumpkin and the white balloon. Paint spools, spoons, cardboard triangles, and a skewer with black paint. With a screwdriver, dig two shallow holes in the bottom of the pumpkin to fit spools as legs. Hot-glue spoons on the sides for arms and cardboard triangles to the top for ears. Attach the end of the skewer to the balloon knot using Glue Dots and hot-glue the other end to one arm.

  • Wooden skewers
  • Thin wire

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Minion Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Want the most adorable fall decorations? Make some Minion pumpkins for your door steps! They are easy to paint! Dont forget to play with different cute facial expressions. Tutorials here and here.

You can paint the eyes or make 3d eyes like in this tutorial, from canning jar lids for you pumpkin Minion decorations.

Gold Embossed White Pumpkins

37 Easy Diy No Carve Pumpkin Ideas. 37 Easy DIY No

These stunning no-carve pumpkins make a great fall centerpiece, and don’t cost the earth to decorate either. ‘If youre expecting some guests or simply want to make a lovely display for your dining room, these decorative pumpkins are a perfect way to give your home a little autumnal flair for not a lot of money,’ says Kimberly Duran, aka .

‘Paint your pumpkins using matt white spray paint. Make sure your layers are very light and keep the can moving to avoid any drips. Youll need to do 2-3 coats and leave each coat to dry between starting the next one.’

‘Once your pumpkins are completely dry, use the thumbtacks to create some designs on your pumpkins For the first pumpkin, I followed the natural grooves, tracing the lines about half way down the pumpkin and leaving a small space between the tacks. For the second, I created a concentric circle pattern all the way around from the top to the bottom in a spiral. For the third, I again followed the grooves down the pumpkin but this time, I used the tacks from top to bottom.’

‘Once your pumpkins are completed, set them in the middle of the table and tuck your eucalyptus branches and pussy willow stems between and underneath them along the length of the table.’

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