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Need Help Decorating My Bedroom

Look To Furniture With Form And Function


Image credit: Future PLC/ Dominic Blackmore

Most homes suffer from bottlenecks so think laterally too about how to free up space. Can a small bedroom have wardrobes in the hall outside, with dressing room appeal? Challenge your preconceptions, but do make sure any solution is practical.

Another option is to go for a statement bed and little else, as weve done here. If you follow this route, use a bed that offers plenty of in-built hidden storage, or space underneath to store boxes and vacuum bags.

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Make Bedroom Storage Stylish And Discreet

Bedroom storage is a must, but trying to squeeze in a place to keep all your clothes, bedding, shoes and more, can be tricky. And for this reason we say keep your storage as discreet and possible so your room isn’t just overwhelmed by furniture. Make use of alcoves so wardrobes and drawers can be tucked away and pick small pieces of storage furniture that are going to add some style to the room as well as being practical case in point this wooden blanket box.

Use Mirrors To Your Advantage

Mirrors really do fool the eye into seeing a room differently, and you, commenters, have taken notice. The mirror on the edge of the bookcase throws a lot of light around and distracts from the bookcase itself, leading the eye around the apartment,Yikes says about the above bedroom. This is a great callout for anyone dealing with a small, dark bedroom. Be strategic with mirrors. Hang them in a place where theyll catch natural lightand reflect a visually appealing part of your room. Avoid placing them too high. You want them to still be functional for seeing your own reflection, too.

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Add A Bold Painted Accent Wall

Additionally, a bold paint color on the wall behind the bed will attract the eye and visually elongate the room. When paired with light walls and bright furniture, a vibrant hue can make a dramatic impact without downsizing a room. Give your room a colorful boost with our bedroom paint picks, below.

Become An Interior Decorator

Bathroom Decor

Are you so passionate about interior design that you want to do this full time for other people? Then will walk you through the process step by step and help you get started studying interior design. Your new career in interior design is just a click away. Whether you are redecorating or remodeling, doing some home improvement or general maintenance, we hope you will find all of those decorating and home improvement resources here to make each of your projects easy and simple. Thank you for visiting!

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Size Matters With Living Room Decor

Living room decorating idea by designer Ilaria C.

Whether we talk about furniture, rugs or artsize matters! Especially when looking for small living room , we often notice that people tend to choose smaller sofas, small art etc. But the risk with going small is that your living room could end up feeling smaller and more cluttered, and we dont want that!

Instead, a bigger sofa will ground the space and make it look bigger. And a huge artwork can be enough to create a wow factor! So dont be afraid to go big!

Pick A Theme For Your Small Space

Image credit: Future PLC

Make a small bedroom appear larger by choosing a predominantly white look and peppering it with a specific decorative motif such as flowers and leaves.

Combine neutral flooring with crisp white walls, delicate florals and minimal accessories for a chic, life-enhancing bedroom. This scheme is a masterclass in using complementary colours to make a space sing.

Keep furniture pale and lightweight rather than dark and solid, going for a metal bedstead and cafe-style bedside table.

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Choose A Subtle Pattern To Add Interest

If you are confident in the atmosphere you want to create in your space, bedroom wallpaper can be a quick and cheap way to bring in the right colors and patterns. Use the colors within your wallpaper to dictate the rest of your room we adore how the subtle pink hues work with the gorgeous bed set up here.

Pick A Statement Bed As A Focal Point


If you have always dreamed of a four-poster bed, we say go for it. There are so many grown-up designs out there now and something to suit all styles too. It will add an instant focal point to your space and you can choose how much you dress it up. Keep it super simple like in this bedroom or add curtains to create a really zen sleep space or hang houseplants from the frame to add loads of texture.

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Add Plenty Of House Plants For An Easy Bedroom Update

House plants are the most organic of all the bedroom decorating ideas out there and they are such a great way to add calming or vibrant colors into your bedroom space. Mix up the size of plants you choose and have them all at different levels to create a real jungle feel.

We have a whole feature on indoor gardening too, check that out for plenty of ideas.

Hang Plants From The Ceiling

One thing you don’t want to sacrifice in a small bedroom is your houseplants. They make the space feel fresh, inviting and oh-so-clean. So, if you’re low on floor space, take your plants to the ceiling. You’ll get all the benefits with none of the drawbacks. Take your houseplants to new heights with our ideas, below.

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Cozy Corner Bed For Small Spaces

Most bedroom decorating ideas feature the bed by centering it on the wall. However, narrow floor plans and limited space often call for a different approach.

To maximize the floor space, tuck your bed up against a wall or corner. Doing so will create a sleeping area that feels snug and cozy. If it feels too much like a college dorm, add a two headboard corner system to create a finished, designer look to a bedroom.

Small Bedroom Ideas To Make Your Space Feel Bigger Than It Really Is

Bedroom design. If you need help or inspiration to design ...

A bedroom doesn’t need to have soaring ceilings or huge square footage to feel luxurious. In fact, small bedrooms often have a cozier, more intimate vibe, which can help make the space relaxing and personal. The trick is to arrange small bedroom furniture and accessories in a way that’s equal parts functional and aesthetically pleasing. Although you don’t want to skimp on style, you also shouldn’t be tripping over furniture legs or bumping into your dresser as you roll out of bed each morning. In order to ensure a tight space fits all your needs, you’ll have to get creative with your small bedroom layout, furnishings, storage solutions, and design choices. With the right pieces in the right places, the elements can come together to create a comfortable, organized retreat. Whether you’re looking for small master bedroom ideas or decorating advice for a little guest room, these tips on how to decorate a small bedroom will help you maximize whatever space you have available and make it feel much larger than it actually is.

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Paint A Small Bedroom White

Image credit: Future PLC/ Jason Ingram

Decorate walls and ceilings in the best white paint to visually open up a small space and free you to use colour and pattern in a controlled way elsewhere. Then go to town with cottage garden florals against the plain background they wont overpower a small bedroom.

Let colourful fabrics take centre stage with a bold, red patterned bedspread and cushions that contrast with the rest of the room.

Incorporate A Small Stylish Workspace

We are all working from home a lot more at the moment, and for some of us it might become a full-time thing. If you are squeezed for space in the rest of your house, or rent a room and need to create a home office, the bedroom is the place to do it.

You want a small home office to fit seamlessly into your bedroom decor, so pick furniture and accessories that match the room’s style. Let’s be honest you don’t want a massive ergonomic office chair and huge cumbersome desk, so go for slimline, stylish office furniture that could even double up as a dressing table.

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Insanely Cozy Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom For Fall

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During the fall season the weather is crisp and makes you want to spend more time in your bedroom keeping cozy and warm under the covers. Its important that your space reflect a comfortable atmosphere that you can enjoy spending time in, yet be stimulating enough to make you get out of bed! Fall colors can be incredibly invigoratinghues of oranges, reds, greens, and browns. To create a cozy fall design scheme, look for checkered patterns and warm materials such as wood accessories. Incorporating wood into your scheme will add warmth. Fall-patterned bedspreads, sheepskin, wool and knitted throws and furry pillows.

If you are looking for more of a farmhouse style or vintage aesthetic, lighter accents can be selected. Use fall plants and birch bark accessories that will infuse the look of fall. A dusting of pumpkins can also add to the atmosphere. Fairy lights are another great way to set the mood, as are lanterns . Have a look below for some inspiring ideas and fantastic tips to get you started on your own fall bedroom makeover!

Wall art of pressed leaves creates an eye-catching visual to hang over the bed. A plush orange throw at the end of the bed adds coziness to the space. A patterned pillow compliments the leaf artwork and really helps to pull the fall theme together.

Add an oversize, chunky knit wool throw onto your bed for added warmth during cool evenings.

Install Horizontal Planks To Emphasize Width


Smart design in small spaces is all about visual trickery. If you want a room to feel wider than it is, install some horizontal planking on one or more of the walls. We promise you’ll be shocked at the results. Shiplap your way to greatness with our step-by-step guide to DIY shiplap, below.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Install Shiplap

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Choose A Wooden Headboard With Character

While the base color palette of this bedroom decor is neutral, the pattern of the wooden headboard teamed with the textured soft furnishing and other bedroom accessories makes this space truly warm and welcoming. A great look for guest bedrooms, while we would totally choose this for our own space also.

Fake Cottagecore With Wallpaper That Looks Like Wood

All you need to complete this look are a few logs to throw on the burner so you can listen to the crackle while you doze off. We all secretly hanker after having a secret wood cabin to run away to, dont we?

Well this look Cottagecore is not too hard to achieve if you have a wooden floor then youre halfway there! Good at DIY? Then you can add wood panels to the wall, if not, source a wood wall style wallpaper. Add in some cozy bedding, plants, a good book and a candle your look is complete!

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Consider How The Room Functions

To make the most of a small bedroom, you first need to decide how you plan to use the space. Sleeping is a given, of course, but you might also want to use the room as a home office area or a place to get dressed in the morning. You’ll likely need to get creative with bedroom furniture arrangments to accommodate various functions. For instance, you could push the desk next to the wall by your bed so it can pull double-duty as a nightstand and workstation. To clear floor space in the main bedroom area, try relocating your dresser to the closet.

Look To Use Symmetry In Your Small Bedroom

Need help with bedroom decor. (mirror, painting over ...

Image credit: Future PLC/ Jason Ingram

A simple, perfectly balanced design scheme can be the saving grace of a small twin bedroom. Metal bedsteads are good space savers but ring the changes with an unusual finish such as polished brass. Dress the beds in pure white linen and pastel-coloured wool blankets with a neutral/patterned duo of cushions to finish. Fit wall-mounted lamps to free up space on a shared bedside table.

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Put Storage In Place At New Heights

Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore

Like any small space, the key to a successful compact bedroom is to create adequate storage within a functional layout. Often in a small guest room, a couple of large, hard-working pieces of furniture will create a less cluttered look than several small pieces.

When square footage is at a premium, try incorporating floating shelves, or bespoke fitting above the bed for a streamlined look that wont compromise your space.

Say Hello To A Storage Bed

If you have a small bedroom but no storage bed, you’re simply doing it wrong. A bed like this with drawers across the bottom effectively gives you a second dresser without taking up an ounce of your precious floor space. Solve your storage dilemmas withour favorite storage beds, below.

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Make Best Use Of Natural Light

If you have been blessed with lots of natural light in your bedroom, make the most of it. Pick out window dressings that aren’t going to block out any light during the day lace, net, light linen, all of these sheer fabrics would work. You can add a discreet roller blind underneath or a heavier curtain over the top to keep out light during the night.

Go For A Beachy Look With An All White Bedroom


And of course white bedroom ideas are classic. You can also do so much with a blank canvas and change it up easily as styles and seasons change. During the summer months, a relaxed beachy look is definitely one to go for and this works so well with an all-white scheme. Add in some greenery a few cream or grey accents to soften the look. While in cooler months, you’ll want to embrace Hygge a little more with some Scandi-style bedroom additions to your space.

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Create Uniformity With Diy Paneling

Paneling is everywhere at the moment! And, not just in traditional homes, as wall paneling works really well in modern spaces too. Fear not if you haven’t been blessed with original paneling in your bedroom, as you can DIY the look. Just head over to guide on how to DIY wall paneling for an easy to follow step by step.

Adding Pillows Linens Curtains And Rugs

  • 1Add some extra pillows to your bed. To get that luxurious, hotel-like feel, plan on having two to six pillows on your bed. Place the larger pillows towards the back, and the smaller pillows towards the front. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different colors and patterns.XResearch source Here are some more ideas to get you started:XResearch source
  • Mix large, bold prints with smaller, more intricate ones.
  • Combine organic prints with geometric prints.
  • Use contrasting colors. For example, you could get a pillow with a bright green pattern and a plain white pillow.
  • For accent pillows, consider using something with a textured fabric or an irregular shape. For example, you could get a velvet round pillow or a brocade tube pillow.
  • 2Get luxurious covers. Top your bed with covers made for snuggling like a down comforter.
  • For an added touch of luxury, consider getting a comforter with a duvet cover instead of a plain old bed sheet.
  • 3Give your windows and walls some color with curtains. Try to match the curtains to some aspect of your room, such as the rug, pillows, or bed linens. You don’t have to go out and buy curtains saris and shawls can make beautiful, graceful curtains.
  • If you live in a rental unit, you might already have blinds. See if you can place a curtain rod on top of the blinds.
  • Consider tying back the curtains with a stylish rope.
  • If you have a twin, double, or full sized bed, get a 5 by 8 foot or a 8 by 10 foot rug.
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