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Navy Blue And White Decorating Ideas

Bathrooms In A Vibrant Blue

18 Stunning Navy Blue Bedroom Design Ideas (Professionally Created)

The most interesting blues and glossy whites seem to be even more tempting when used in the bathroom! Caribbean Blue, Bahamas Blue, and strong Turquoise seems like the most fascinating blues and shiny whites are even more attractive when used in the bathroom! It makes sense to celebrate the blue and white colour palette even more in 2014, with freestanding tubs and painted handle tubs making a reappearance.

A calming, tranquil, and opulent classic or transitional bathroom can be created with gentle blues and white, as well as an antique bathtub. In modern or even country house bathtubs, brighter and more vibrant accents of blue look great. Simply add a couple of towels and toiletries in complementary colours and youre ready for a relaxing shower.

Try Teal Blue For A Traditional Update

There’s a fine line between traditional and tired, but it can be completely avoided if you are confident with colour. This strong teal brings a certain amount of heritage to this living room, but it simultaneously feels fresh.

Matching the sofa and the walls emboldens the look and creates a strong backdrop where it’s possible to mix up antiques with modern pieces without the overall effect being messy.

Contrast Deep Blue Walls With Warm White Ceiling

For a more dramatic interior, go for a stark contrast between walls and ceiling the most classic way to play with bedroom paint. The gold-toned handles on the cabinet and the pop of hues on the cushions add warmth and a nice contrast to the palette. It’s clean, crisp, and cool, yet inviting and comfortable.

‘We wanted to create a moody, dramatic feel to the bedroom whilst maintaining a freshness and lightness so we teamed the dark blue walls and bespoke joinery with a contrasting white ceiling and bright, textural textiles and artwork,’ says Grace King, design director of Studio Rey .

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Navy Blue Gray & White Furniture Color Schemes & Decorating Ideas

Classic or calm, decorating a living room with navy blue, gray or white takes a lot of the guesswork out of balancing a design. These neutral colors work so well together, it’s easy to create a room to fit any personal style.

Off-white sectional with navy blue and gray accent pillows, centered around a dark gray ottoman.

Solid navy blue and white decor is ideal when layering patterns. As demonstrated above, using a few patterned decorations against plain furnishings makes the prints more striking. This ivory sectional and gray ottoman are perfect for patterned pillows in matching hues.

Patterned wall art echoes the navy blue and white decor, making the room feel neat and complete.

Sofia Vergara Living Room SetTufted navy blue sofa with nailhead accents, matching loveseat and chair, and a modern glass-top coffee table on a white rug.

For a design with more energy, a navy blue sofa is a great focal point in rooms with mostly gray and white decor. In the room above, a lavish cobalt living room suite is the star of the show against white walls, ivory rug and chrome accent pieces.

Cindy Crawford Living Room SetNavy blue sofa, loveseat and chair with matching throw pillows, paired with a light gray rug.

Milano Living Room SetReclining sofa, loveseat and recliner chair upholstered in navy blue leather and complemented by a navy blue, dark gray and off-white rug.

A Calming Dark Blue Wall

Beautifully decorated white and navy blue bedroom #luxurybedroom # ...

Mid-century styling is definitely brighter and shinier than classic styling. Reds, greens, yellows, and oranges are common in its decorating, along with metal accents. When decor is a little brighter on the eyes in your mid-century living room, a dark blue wall can bring some calm to the space. The rest of your color wont mind.

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Blue Walls For Your Bathroom

Yes, even a classic bathroom can benefit from blue walls. Many classic bathrooms have bulky vanities, large trim, and lots of tiles so really there isnt much wall space to be had. By painting it blue, youve added interest and depth to the space in a way that is not only cost-effective but also simple. Then those white fluffy towels wont feel so bland and boring.

How Two Tone Kitchens Can Help You Introduce Navy Blue Cabinets

An excellent way to introduce a navy blue into your kitchen area is to consider a two tone kitchen cabinet style. This is where you would introduce two colors into your kitchen design. Examples of such are a white kitchen cabinet at the top, while your base cabinets may be a navy kitchen cabinet. This is an excellent way to introduce color whilst not overpowering the space with a dark shade. A navy cabinet on the base and upper areas can look great, but the risk is much higher. White cabinetry on the higher levels is less risk and also reflects light around the kitchen area. A baby blue cabinet is a great option too.

If you are lucky enough to have space for a kitchen island, consider using it to introduce navy blue into your space. As you can see in some of the images below, there is a navy blue kitchen island, while other colors compliment it with the fitted cabinetry.

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Minimalist Watercolor Blue Mountain Wallpaper

Talk about an accent wall! How about a beautiful blue mountain in soft airy watercolor shades of blue to make a statement? For anyone whose home is nature-inspired and minimalist, this would look amazing. It really creates an escape within the walls of your home. Simple furniture goes perfectly with wall-sized art like this. The natural woven chandelier, a wall-mounted lamp, and a rustic wooden stool go perfectly. A Navy blue quilt and pillow shams with white sheets make the blue in the watercolor wallpaper even more vibrant.

Make A Statement With A Rich Palette

Christmas Tree Decorating | Navy Blue, White, Gold, Silver

Enrich a deep blue living room with the addition of luxurious textures and materials in a range of equally rich accent colours. In this striking blue living room deep blue walls are enhanced by a large papered art on the wall and glam metallic furniture finishes and accessories.

Luxe velvets in deep shades of burnt orange punctuate the cocooning blue beautifully, creating a moody, decadent vibe.

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Blue Living Room Ideas

Blue pillows are a staple in our living room. Actually, youll see them throughout our home, because they seem to work everywhere.

linen pillow

I love how blue pairs beautifully, not only with white, but with every other color and tone, making it a true neutral.

Decorating with blue and white can be as easy as adding a blue rug to your space. I love this easy-care rug so much, I have two!

Starry Sky And Forest Treeline Bedroom Mural

Do you love to go camping and experience the outdoors? This beautiful bedroom mural wallpaper recreates a mountainside starry night in the comfort of your bedroom. Its like sleeping in the forest under a dreamy blanket of stars. Wallpaper is a great solution for rental properties and for teens whose tastes change quickly. This beautiful night scene goes perfectly with natural wood furniture and rustic bedding like this navy blue quilt with a handful of colorful accents. Flannel sheets would make this awesome outdoor-inspired decor feel extra warm and cozy!

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What Goes With Blue And White Walls

Blue and white walls create a timeless and versatile interior backdrop for layering up all sorts of accent colors.

‘Blues work well on their own or can really come to life when combined with other shades within the palette for a harmonious interior, says Dominic Myland. ‘Off-white, greens and greys are classic combinations but contrasting pinks and reds are increasing in popularity for a layered look.’

To prevent monochrome schemes feeling flat and lifeless, consider adding in accents in warm tones such as reds, yellows and oranges. Opting for burnished fixtures and fittings and metallic touches will also help bring life and luxury and will really sing against a deep blue backdrop.

When working out what colors work well together the color wheel can be a useful guide.

Navy Bedroom With White Wooden Ceilings

Navy &  White Delight

Spices, spices all over isnt it? A multitude of different complementary blue patterns sparkled the interior above, they are different but they work somehow without blending one into the other, a fact that might distress one and please the other, how do you feel about it?

Do note the beautiful vaulted ceiling and the immense amount of light, great assets to blue spiced up interior!

Image via

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Navy Watercolor Artwork And Decorative Accents

Watercolor art is a great way to soften bold colors. This design blends navy, blush, white and gold to create a truly beautiful and inviting space. If you rent an apartment that wont allow you to paint the walls, this is a great example of how you can still incorporate a deep navy color scheme. Getting the light fixtures and sumptuous accents like that navy fur throw and navy velvet pillow are other ways to work the blues into your bedroom.

Blue Colour Decorating Ideas

This is a colour that is difficult to get wrong, whether you like a few signature items to accent your home or plan to go all-in on blue. Navy is the colour of the everyman who manages to stand out from the throng despite being bold but subtle, classic but always there at the moment.

There are lots of advantages to using blue and white. For starters, the combo goes with just about any design theme or style you have. Blue and white is a timeless colour combination that is fashionable in every season and at any time. It is elegant, simple, and yet stunning. This is the ideal answer for folks who struggle with colour commitment. Heres some blue and white inspiration for your complete home, ranging from tranquil to dramatic.

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How To Decorate With Blue And White

Looking to find out how to decorate with blue and white? Here are some easy tips and some amazing blue and white finds.

Blue and white is such a classic color combination. From accessories to furniture to texture and pattern, Im sharing 5 easy and simple ways to work blue and white into any decor.

Just between us? Blue and white is my everything.

When I was young and in love with my first house, I went all blue and white with my decor. I remember thinking it was the most beautiful color combination on the planet. It literally covered every inch of my tiny house.

Plates I bought at thrift stores.

Blue and white painted floor cloths.

Blue and white toile drapes.

Everything blue. Everything white.

All. The. Time.

And then? One day, I looked at all that blue and white decor and it looked a little off. It looked lame. I was tired of it. It looked old and dated and totally last century. So I had a yard sale and sold everything blue and white and ran out and became friends with black and white and khaki.

And then gray showed up to the decorating party.

Then gray was so last years news, so I dumped him and hung out and partied with neutrals.

And then?

I looked around and came to the overwhelming conclusion..


Blue and white had been there for me all along.

It was waiting for me just on the other side of neutral.

Here are just a few ways Ive added it back into my spaces.

Mixing Colors And Textures

Navy Blue graduation| Graduation party ideas| Decorate with me| DIY Party decorating|DIY centerpiece

When decorating a living room with navy blue, gray and white, there are plenty of design options. With just a few tips under your belt, a variety of layered prints, dazzling centerpieces and textural elements you can achieve the look you desire. Whether you are going for a tranquil and relaxing or lively and inviting a polished look is easy to achieve with this versatile and forgiving color combination.

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Pick A Denim Shade For A Restful Effect

For a less dramatic, more restful way to decorate with blue and white, pick a blue that’s much more diluted.

Taking inspiration from Shibori designs, this bedroom corner is all about texture. A beautiful artwork has been created by framing a Japanese-inspired Pierre Frey wallpaper in a smart reeded white wood frame. The blue and white palette has been continued throughout, layering the scheme with pale denim walls and deep indigo fabric on the David Seyfried chair.

Navy Chairs And Painting

Its already mentioned that you can achieve a navy style in your living room only by adding less blue color. This room provides you a guide how to create a navy style only through chairs. Its achieved not by applying blue color around the space, but from the furniture and ornament.

This chairs have unique style with white and gold accent surrounded the edge, which is great for the room since white color dominating the space. Supported with light blue painting, this simple treatment is enough to accentuate the room, especially with the pillows and flower decoration.

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Add Touches Of Blue To A White Space

This living room is predominately white with small touches of blue. If you like a monochrome look but still want to have some color, try accenting an all-white palette with just a little bit of blue. Here blue throw pillows and flowers break up the monochromatic white living room with a pop of subtle color. The hint of blue looks sophisticated and softens the look of the room making it feel more inviting and keeping the space from looking too formal.

All About Blue: How Im Decorating With The Color Of The Year

Navy Blue Family Room by Walsh Hill Design

When Pantone named Classic Blue the Color of the Year, I couldnt have been more excited. Calm, refreshing, and reminiscent of the sea and sky, blue happens to be my favorite color every year! Ive found that decorating with blue brings a fresh, timeless feeling to every space.

If youve been following along for a while, you might have noticed that almost every room in our home now has at least a touch of bluewhich amazes me, because I dont think I had any blue in our home until just a couple of years ago!

When we moved to our home several years ago, all the walls and ceilings were painted with Kilim Beige by Sherwin Williams. Needless to say, after a while all that beige started feeling really dark and heavy, so we decided to paint all the walls and ceilings white.

The white walls and ceilings provided the perfect backdrop for a bit of color, so I started adding in some rich blue hues through rugs, artwork, and pillows. After that, there was no going back! The classic color combination of blue and white made a world of difference in the overall look and feeling of our home.

If youre thinking about making the switch to white walls, you might also be interested in my post on how to choose the perfect white paint for your home.

Cool, calm and collected, blue is always a classic. The thing I love about decorating with blue is how it works with any interior design style. Which is great for me, since our home consists of a mix of all the styles!

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A Blue Patterned Fireplace

J& J Design Group shows us how to create this stunning fireplace, which adds a splash of blue to your home. The blue and white triangular pattern is a fun addition to what is usually a more traditional part of the living room. To add a little more blue to the room, consider adding a vase or a few decorations in different shades of blue around the space.

Layer Textures On A Backdrop Of Pale Aqua

This seasons delicate shades of blush pink and pale aqua bring freshness to any room, while low-level furniture and soft linen drapes keep the look light. With a palette that is all about combining pale colours try mixing textures to prevent the scheme becoming flat.

Don’t be afraid to combine velvets, linens, and boucle fabrics on soft furnishings around the room. Create a seamless backdrop my matching curtains to the wall colour too.

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Modern With Traditional Twist

The main characteristic of modern living room is small and compact. To create a navy look in this tiny room, a special treatment is needed since everything has a boundary.

Looking at this living room, the navy touch is limitedly applied at some element to avoid gloomy look. It can be found at the feature wall, pillows, armchair, and the tufted table.

This blue color is paired with grey and mirror collections on the wall. In fact, these number of mirrors with different shape and size acting as the center of attraction for this living room.

What Other Ways Can I Introduce Navy Into My Kitchen Design

Blue and White Fall Decor | Blue and White Fall Decorating Ideas 2020

Navy cabinets are not the only option open to you. You may want the simplicity and cost effectiveness of white cabinets, but other options are easily accessible to you.

Consider blue paint, its a simple way to introduce blue navy into your kitchen. Blue kitchen walls contrast well with brighter colors but also add depth to darker colors. It can create a very calming and intimate space. When compared to a white wall or lighter paint color, it adds so much more character to your space.

Other ways include a navy backsplash tile which can add plenty of depth. This is probably the least popular way of doing so, but it can be effective, especially with subway tiles or patterned tiles. On a side note, a copper backsplash looks beautiful in a navy kitchen.

Furniture and lighting can also be used to introduce navy. Consider some kitchen stools for your blue island and some navy pendant lights. Add some accessories to some open shelving and you can easily create that look!

Frequently asked questions

Are navy kitchens trendy?

Navy kitchens are very popular at the moment, and that is reflected by the color options available in the mass market. Its not such a great risk when you compare it to green and orange kitchens, navy is a timeless color that has remained very popular through the ages.

Will navy cabinets go out of style?What color goes with navy blue kitchen cabinets?What color countertops go with dark blue cabinets?

Lets take a look at some navy blue kitchen ideas

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