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Murder Mystery Party Decoration Ideas

A Birthday Party Ideaall Guests Will Love


We mean business when it comes to making this a killer party for all! After years of honing, weve perfected our mysteries so that both outgoing and shy people will have a fun time. If you have some wallflowers on your guest list, they will enjoy hunting down clues and finding the killer. They dont need to be in the spotlight or feel singled out. Or maybe your group is a camera crew away from starring in their own reality show. The extroverted guests can be featured as suspects with a more prominent role. Its always hilarious to watch them improvise with our actors!

Most people have never been to a murder mystery before and have it on their bucket list. Your event type alone will create hype for the big event.

Your birthday is the one time a year you have an excuse to catch up with people you havent in a while! Life gets busy. Reach out!

Your birthday mystery can be combined with dinner, present opening, and more. Well work with your actors to make this a seamless process.

A themed party is always a fun excuse for your friends to cut loose. Who wouldnt like the chance to play a different character for a night?

Setting The Scene For The Theme

Depending on the kit, you may like to draw a mural or create a sign for the imaginary town or place.

Gina Hardin sent in a photo from Tina Vances party which shows the decorative creativity of their group . For their One Of The Girls party about a school reunion they drew a mural on the wall of school lockers.

Anns mural from her party

How Should You Decorate For A Murder Mystery Themed Party

If you are planning a party, particularly a theme party, the following decoration ideas will get you off to a good start.

There are decor suggestions and prop suggestions in the host guide for each kit. See our best mysteries and click on the title of the kit to see more details and access the samples and host guides.

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How To Host The Ultimate Murder Mystery Party

This Halloween, think outside the masquerade ball and throw a bash that will have everyone talking! While a murder mystery party is a great idea for any time of the year, its especially perfect for Halloween! Read on for some great tips on hosting the ultimate murder mystery bash, including how to save yourself a boatload of time and money thanks to Shindigs & Soirees!

Butler Kicks The Bucket

Decorations for " Til Death Do Us Part"  Murder Mystery ...

The family and the party guests are all dressed for a fulfilling dinner with a gorgeous spread on the table. The butler serves the food to everyone and takes a sip of their drink to celebrate the evening with the family. All of a sudden, the butler drops dead. Who poisoned the Butler, and why?

The game is free to download and play. It includes character cards and name tags. The murderer is notified of their identity in the beginning, so they have to play smart to keep the game going. To add to the fun, players can dress up as their characters and use props.

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Murder Mystery Party Decor

Murder On The Ghost Train

Keep the Halloween vibes going with this spooky murder mystery game. Don Breathin, the founder and owner of the famous theme park The Frightening Fair is dead on his very own ghost train! Sends a chill down your spine, doesnt it?

The game can be played in two formats a pre-printed box set that contains instructions, character booklets, evidence, and invitations and a downloadable game that includes PDF and MP3 files. The cost starts from £21.99, and accommodates 6 to 20 players. There is an option to hire an actor to play the detective at an additional cost.

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Set The Mood With A Killer Venue Through Peerspace

If youve ever wanted to rent a historic building or a mansion, Peerspace can make your dreams come true. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we have tons of incredible options for hosting your murder mystery party.

Choose a venue that fits your murder mystery party ideas and theme, like a historic home in Chicago with several rooms for a Clue-themed party, a snazzy El Segundo bar for a Prohibition Era party, or an art gallery or a theater if those places are the scene of the crime.

Plus, when you book a Peerspace venue, you can rely on the Concierge service to help you maximize your booking. These event pros can source and deliver any extras you need for your party, such as catering, decor, equipment, and furnishings as needed. Let Peerspace handle the more challenging aspects of party-throwing so that you can get back to implementing the most suitable murder mystery party ideas!

Serve Up Sinister Cocktails

Murder Mystery Party!! Circus / Carnival theme!! Part One Making DIY Decor!!

Whats a party without a little booze? Youll be dying to try these creative concoctions based on fictional detectives, the mob, and true crime podcasts. If youre not confident in your ability to whip up these killer cocktails, consider hiring a bartender who can bring a mobile bar to your party. Just communicate with them ahead of time to be sure they can supply all of the mixers and liquor you need to create some chillingly perfect drinks. You can also book a bar on Peerspace that is all too happy to make your thrilling murder mystery cocktails come to life!

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Murder Mystery Party Ideas Are Better With Peerspace

No matter what premise you choose for your whodunnit bash, youll have a great night of theatrical fun. Everyone will be dying for another invite after you host an event using these murder mystery party ideas. If you book a Peerspace venue, you can find a space thats already mysterious and ready to roll with your event. You can search the best venues in your location and check out photos, descriptions, reviews, and features before booking.

And best of all, if you need supplies, the Concierge service can help you out. These event experts can deliver A/V equipment, catering, and other gear directly to your venue. Possibly the only thing they cant do is help you choose the nights murderer!

Murder Mystery Party Ideas

A Murder Mystery Party comes with its own entertainment. It is a great game to play at any age, any usually for any group of people. It can be played over the course of an evening of even a weekend depending on the game.

A Murder Mystery Party comes with its own entertainment. It is a great game to play at any age, any usually for any group of people. It can be played over the course of an evening of even a weekend depending on the game.

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The Malachai Stouts Family Reunion

The roles the team will play in this murder mystery team-building game will be that of the largely dysfunctional members of the Stout family. All of you have gathered at the ancestral home for a family reunion hosted by the elderly Malachai Stout. You dont get along well with each other, yet you put up friendly faces for the occasion. However, Malachais lifeless body is on his bed. Someone smothered him to death in his sleep. And the family jewels are missing as well! Who could go this far?

The free game comes with downloadable invitations, nametags, audio files, and character booklets. There is also a virtual version of the game that is available on their website.

Buy A Digital Template For Instructions

Create a Unique Murder Mystery Dinner Party Part 3 ...

Setting up your own murder mystery party from scratch takes a lot of work you are basically an author or playwright creating an entire cast of characters and a plot. Make the party planning easier on yourself by downloading templates online if you arent buying an entire game. That way, you will have a road map guiding you through the party process, and all you have to do is supply the players, drinks, props, venue, and snacks.

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More Decoration Ideas For A Tropical Party Theme

Tropical theme party incorporate a lot of elements of nature.

  • Bananas
  • Tropical plants such as bromeliads
  • Raffia as table linen or table skirts

Tip: Setting a party theme goes beyond decorating for what we can see with our eyes. Buy tropical scented candles or melting wax to make your home smell like a tropical paradise.

Cruise Ship Decorations And Recreating The Victim

Here is Lindas photo of the victim at her Balmy Bahamas Cruise party:

Karl Virgils body

Linda sent in this feedback about her party:

Since most of us have cruised before and/or been to the Bahamas, this was the perfect choice.

I took the picture of the Goombay Deck Plan, enlarged it and posted it on the wall beside the Suspects Page. Then I made signage to put up around my house. Made the deck look like a ship deck with wall posters and put Karl face down outside on the ground below the deck and put orange tape around him. I did the same concept out front but with the half-deflated monkey.

I greeted everyone as the Cruise Director, created Boarding Passes with assigned cabins based on the Suspects Page information. Guests went up the front steps to the ships photographer Don.

After a picture in front of the beach scene wall border, guests proceeded inside to Tilly Song and gave her their boarding passes and she gave them their name tag.

Guests then got a Goombay Smash drink and went to the ships deck outside to do the introduction of characters. I served a meal course in between each act.

We had a mystery dinner last yar for 10 people from another party provider. We all felt Merri Mysteries was better. We had 14 peoples this year it was great to have the expandable packets. Clues for each act were great but some felt a few questions added to each act would make it more interactive. Only 2 of the 14 guessed the murderer!

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Trailer Park Murder Mystery Party

Red Solo cup, I fill you up! Lets have a party Redneck Style!

One of my dearest friends had a party I was incredibly jealous not to attend. With her living thousands of miles away, I forgave her for the lack of an invite, but i told her to take many pictures so I could live vicariously through her photos. Not only did I get to scroll through endless digital photos, I gathered them together to share with you all so you too could enjoy the celebration a Trailer Park Murder Mystery Party!

What is a Murder Mystery Party?

A murder mystery party is a themed game played with a large group of people. Party-goers are assigned roles, with one individual secretly playing a fictitious murderer, and the other attendees each providing a character to fit the theme. The attendees work together to solve who among them is the criminal while not getting murdered themselves!

Trailer Park Tragedy

For her guidance, she referred to Night of Mystery Trailer Park Tragedy. There she got printables, invites, and a list of character, descriptions and directions for completing her perfect murder mystery party.

I didnt want to leave you all hanging. I know we are both feeling left out of this party of a life time, so to warm both of our redneck hearts, I gathered together some of the most creative White Trash Bash party ideas from around the web. Use these DIY decorations, tablescapes and recipes, and free printables

Recipe for Disaster

  • White sparkling sugar

For A Gathering That’s A Little Bit Different This Halloween Why Not Plan And Host Your Own Murder Mystery Party At Home Here’s How

How I planned a 1920s Murder Mystery Party

Deirdre AvenellBang!gun1. Pick a themeHaunted house themePrison break themeMedieval murder themeRemorseless river cruise themeMovie premier mayhem theme2. Send out invitations3. Choose your menu4. Start preparing early5. Set the mood musicThe Great Escape6. Greet your guests7. Hand out character information8. Ring the dinner bell9. Hand it over to homicide10. Search for clues

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Choose One Of Several Free Murder Mystery Scripts

Stacy is a writer and freebies expert with nearly two decades of experience. She has appeared as an expert on Dr. Oz Show and several radio shows, published hundreds of articles, and co-authored a book. Stacy’s written about how to celebrate the holidays for less, decorate your home with free printables, and has curated the best free resources for parents and teachers. Stacy also has an extensive background in academia.

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The Spruce / Margot Cavin

These free murder mystery games will make sure you have everything you need to throw a murder mystery dinner or party, without having to spend the usual $20-$75 to buy the party kit that you’ll probably only use once.

These games are good for 6-28 guests, so you should be able to find a great game no matter what the size of your party. Each game includes character descriptions and scripts so your guests will be ready to get into the game. Some of the free games also include free invitations, name tags, props, and more.

Here are some other spooky party games for adults, silly adult party games, New Year’s Eve party games, and escape room party ideas that you may want to incorporate into your murder mystery party.

Whats In The Shindigs & Soirees Murder Mystery Party Box

I have to say, if youre going to throw the ultimate murder mystery party, Shindigs & Soirees Murder Mystery Party in a Box is definitely the way to go! Theres so much stuff, I couldnt fit it all into the pictures! Take a look at everything thats include:

  • A WHO DUN IT? Banner
  • Peel in Place Footprints
  • Police Line Do Not Cross Tape
  • Masking tape for body outline
  • Confidential Folder
  • A A Little Party Never Hurt Anybody sign
  • Arrows cutouts
  • Balloons
  • Paper Dinner Plates
  • Pick your Poison Drink Sign
  • Game Script/Instructions
  • Treat Bags
  • Party Idea Booklet

The balloons, plates, utensils, and other decorative elements are red, white, and black. You get all of that for just $75 shipped for a party of 10 , which is WAY less than you would spend on everything separately . You can also buy larger sets for more guests. They offer sets for 10, 15, 25, and 50 people . Oh, and the box! I LOVE the box that its shipped in! Its actually a reusable storage box!

FYI, Shindigs and Soirees has plenty of other parties in a box, from popular themes like mermaids and dinosaurs to more original themes like camping and butterfly garden parties. Head over to their website and browse around!

Have you ever hosted a murder mystery party? What other tips do you have to make it a success?

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Murder Mystery Dinner Party Ideas

And -YOURE invited. Mwahahahaha!

Or, you will be, once you receive an invitation like this one:

Halloween ideas of party décor are a great reference for setting the scene.

I just love the creepy atmosphere this setup creates, with the candles and dark table runners.

Your decorations will reflect whatever theme you have for the mystery, so plan according to that.

Whether youre going with Roaring Twenties, Halloween haunts, island getaway, Clue, Sherlock Holmes, or Jane Austen some classic decoration items will work for any theme.

Granted, that typewriter prop may need a few hibiscus flowers if youre doing the tropical vacation idea. Still, I think it will work.

Id definitely not forgo the drink with eyeball prop. Drink if you DARE.

This party group knows where its at. Their prohibition era antics have landed them in a lineup.

Hey -if youre all suspects in a murder, I think mug shots are the perfect way to set up your party photo booth.

The 20s are definitely the most popular mystery theme. I was even invited to one but, you know, I have kids.

My neighbors were suddenly buying flapper dresses, fake cigarette holders, sequined head bands, feathers, suits and waistcoats, two tone wingtips, and glitzy high heels.

I passed one of them on the street. In response to, Hello, I got, How is everything, old boy?

How To Host A Murder Mystery Dinner Party

I Do On A Dime: Murder Mystery Party

Set the scene for your party with candlelit rooms, mysterious apothecary jars, murder weapons and a few interesting and bony guest.

I wanted to carry out the theme of our dinner party in each room of the house and created simple vignettes with an array of deadly props. Knives could be seen poking out of Gothic flower arrangements, bottles of poison could be spotted in the dinning room and guest couldnt miss the rope hanging from the bony fingers of a guilty skeleton.

The mystery starts as soon as guest arrive and whispers of dark accusations begin as guest sip on dark and stormy sangria. I set up a Pick Your Poison bar cart where guest could help themselves, or have our friendly, but slightly dead wait staff assist.

Create a few signature drinks like a Red Devil Martini rimmed with Demon Dust and include a variety of Halloween-themed wines.

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