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Movie Theater Living Room Decor

Living Room Home Theater Furniture

ULTIMATE Modern Living Room Theater Tour 2021!

Invest in a comfortable couch. Get a sectional sofa that can comfortably seat eight people. A common concern when designing a home cinema is what color palette to choose for it. Dark colors are usually preferred for the walls because they create a more immersive viewing experience.

In the case of the seating or some of the furniture, however, something brighter and more cheerful can be a lovely choice. A mix of yellow and brown tones suits this magnificent design by perfectly.

Pick The Appropriate Paint

Photo via @adamhunter

There are plenty of great options for choosing paint colors for your home, but there are certain paint colors or tonal schemes that create a functional home theater room. Dark shades, like brown, gray, and black, help cut down or eliminate the reflection of light, so you have a clearer screen while watching your film. Additionally, choosing paints with a matte finish is another home theater idea that can help elevate your viewing experience.

Movie Theater Living Room Ideas

See more ideas about movie room, movie theater theme, movie room decor. Theater seating offers more than enough of these options for your living.

Home Theater With Lounge Couches Home Theater With Lounge Couches Design Ideas And Photos Home Theater Room Design Home Theater Seating Home Theater Decor

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Where To Put A Home Theater In The House

There are a few things to consider when deciding where to put your home theater. First, youll want to find a space that can be easily darkened. Try avoiding windows and any other light sources.

Second, youll want to make sure the space is large enough to comfortably accommodate your home theater equipment. This includes your television, surround sound system, and seating. Finally, youll want to choose an acoustically sound space. Avoid areas with hard surfaces, such as concrete floors or brick walls.

Most people opt to put a home theater in their basement, but other people create a dedicated movie-watching room without windows for this area, or design one in their living room or family room!

Choosing The Location For Your Home Theater

Home theatre @homes #hometheaterdiy

Before settling on home theater design ideas that are perfect for your home and family, youll need to consider the location of this entertainment space. The two most significant factors for the home theater area are light and sound. Youll need a space where youll have as much control as possible for these factors. This is the reason why you can frequently find home movie theater ideas in basements, living or family room, or in an extra bedroom upstairs. It has to be somewhere that is quiet, self-contained, and wont interfere with the general business of the home when you use it. Although it is not a must to have your home theater room ideas on these specific locations, other areas in your home will need more customization to guarantee proper lighting and sound control.

A basement home theater is an excellent idea because it is isolated and dark. This will simplify the control of sound performance and lighting. Basement home theater ideas are also fun to execute since you have all the freedom to go against whatever theme you have with the rest of your home. We have provided samples of basement home theater ideas below for your reference.

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What Do I Need For A Good Home Theater

  • A high-definition television: This is the cornerstone of any home theater. Youll want a large television with a high resolution for the best viewing experience like this LG Smart OLED TV.
  • A surround sound system: This is essential for creating the immersive sound that makes movies and TV shows so enjoyable. Look for a system with multiple speakers that can be placed around the room like the Yamaha 4k Speaker System.
  • Comfortable theater seating: Youll want to choose home theater seating that is comfortable and supportive for long movie-watching sessions like these seating ideas from Wayfair.

Choose Your Theater Seating Material

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Your home theater design isnt just room decor and seating types, but also the material for your theater seating! Velvet seating is plush, absorbent, and available in a variety of patterns and colors, while leather is durable and offers a sleek feel to a cinema room. Consider home theater seating thats resistant to staining, wear-and-tear, and scuffs, so your home theater renovations are built to last.

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Take Advantage Of Large Spaces

Photo via @audiocommandfl

If space isnt an issue, consider adding large furniture options to your home theater for a sleek, clean, and modern look. Its also perfect for packing in plenty of friends and family! Setting up furniture around a large space will help maintain an open concept home theater, which can give an inviting feel to your family and guests. Also consider adding a theater sectional to your home cinema, which can provide a variety of seating options while still keeping an open floor concept!

Stay Entertained: 20 Lovely Small Home Theaters And Media Rooms

Theater Room Design II Mancave II Movie Room Decor

by Sherry Nothingam

Staying indoors can be difficult at the best of times. Things get even more difficult when you have to spend a prolonged period of time in your own house and social life comes to a complete halt. There are several ways in which you can keep yourself busy while isolating yourself. DIY projects are a great option that make sure several hours flyby as you are busy creating something useful and beautiful. Then there are those who can work from home and that makes things a whole lot simpler. But even if you keep yourself occupied for the better part of the day, there comes a time when you want your daily dose of entertainment. Move beyond the simple TV in the bedroom or living room and scale things up with a fabulous home theater.

We understand that not everyone can spare a giant room, an entire basement or a large attic for the home theater. This is why we have turned our attention towards small home theater and media room ideas inspirations that work for us all. They are much easier to replicate than you might imagine and with all the technological advances in the last few years, connecting things and setting up a home theater is a far more hassle-free affair. From the minimal to the remarkable, this is a look at the 20 best small home theaters around

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Is A Home Theater Worth It

One of the ways to boost a homeâs property value is by having a home theater and this home renovation is growing in popularity in many mid to high-end earning households. The global Home Theater Market is forecasted to grow to $3.23 billion from 2021-2025, progressing at a compounding annual growth rate of almost 5% during the forecast period.

Choosing strategically designed acoustics, equipment, and architectural elements is critical with such a valued investment. Design elements like decor and paint color may not be at the top of your list but should be carefully considered from the get-go as it will affect the overall experience of your home theater.

frederickhomesforsale from Flickr gsloan from Flickr mstable from Flickr

Use Cable Management Tools

Photo via @luxedesignsco

A mess of unruly cables in the corner of your theater room can distract you from any movie experience. Cable management tools help keep cords organized and out-of-sight. Consider using a cable management box to keep auxiliary cables, speaker cables, and HDMI cables hidden in plain sight. Cable ties are great for bundling cords so you can easily stashed them behind your TV cabinet. Try adding a TV credenza in your home media room in addition to holes and grommets in shelving units to manage any additional cable boxes, gaming system, or Blu-ray players.

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Build Your Own Concession Stand

Design: Nicole Camp/Detailed Designs, Cabinet Design: Designs by Craig Veenker, Builder: McEwan Custom Homes, Photo: Jared Medley

No movie night is complete without some seriously great snacks. And with a little creativityand a grandiose signyou can transform your home bar into a concession stand worthy of any movie theater in town.

Design: Cameo Homes Inc., Photo: Alan Blakely

Putting armchairs in a semicircle may seem a bit strange, but its an incredibly efficient way to lay out your home theater. By choosing a semicircle over a straight line, you can sneak in extra chairs without disrupting anyones view. And if you snag chairs with adjustable armrests, you can even transform your armchair chain into one massive curved couch.

Many movie theaters are outfitted with wall-to-wall screens. But your home theater may not need a TV quite that big, so if you opt for a smaller alternative, look for ways to fill the space around your TV.

Could you paint your walls a dark color, or frame your screen with matching sconces? Since your goal is to draw attention to your TVand not to distract from ityoull want to keep your decor dark, sleek, and simple.

Design: Miller | Roodell Architects, Photography: David O. Marlow

Design: KAM Designs, Photo: Ryan Garvin

Design: Morrison Interiors, Builder: Devco Homes, Photo: Shade Degges

Home Theater Ideas For The Movie Room Of Your Dreams

Movie themed Living Room Decor Pretty Movie Room Decorating Models In ...

When it comes to home theater design, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Youll want to create a space that is comfortable and conducive to watching movies and TV shows. This means creating a dark, quiet environment where you can sit back and enjoy the film or program.

You must make sure your home theater has the right equipment, too. This includes a high-definition television, surround sound system, and comfortable seating. Lastly, youll want to pay attention to the details. This means choosing the right home theater decor and visual/audio accessories to make your home cinema space truly special.

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Invest In Home Theater Storage

Creating the best movie theater experience at home means keeping blankets, pillows, and other cozy items on hand, but where do you store these items when your cinema room isnt in use? Consider investing in home theater storage, like large baskets for blankets and pillows or a storage ottoman for remotes and gaming devices. Both options help keep your space clean and organized! Plus, some theater seating is available with built-in storage, including recliners with arm storage for easy-to-lose knick-knacks. If you use a TV cradenza or stand, utilize the cabinets and drawers for some hidden theater room storage. Or add shelves for DVD storage to help keep your space tidy and your films on display.

Need to store belongings while bringing your own home movie theater to life? Extra Space Storage has storage facilities across the U.S. Find a storage unit near you!

Upgrade To A Smart Tv

Photo Via @du.roc

If a theater projector isnt right for your space, a smart TV is a great option as well! Many smart TVs are available with individual operating systems and access to streaming services for movies, shows, sports, and other events. When choosing a TV for your in home theater, its important to consider resolution, screen size, and HDMI hookups in order to optimize your viewing experience. Additionally, HDR-compatible and plasma TVs are best for realistic colors and contrast, which can enhance your viewing experience.

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Small Home Theater Layout

A home theater can be small, but just as effective. Instead of having more than one row of seating, a single sofa pushed against a wall can often be enough. With proper lighting and sound, you can turn a small section of your home into a dedicated movie-watching nook.

You can find inspiration created by Surreal Systems LLC.

Home Theater Sports Room

HOME THEATER | DIY Home Theater Decor | Home Movie Theater Room

This is a classic home theater setup. It has a big projector screen, two rows of elegant leather seating, and a bar just behind them with stylish bar stools that match the overall style of the room.

The dark wood trim around the tray ceiling and the walls are complemented by warm and delicate tones of beige and the brown carpet adds the much-needed pattern that this design needs to feel complete. This was a project by studio John Kraemer & Sons.

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Invite Friends Over For Your Home Theater Premiere

There’s nothing classier than a home theater, even if it’s technically just your living room that you refer to as a home theater. And again, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for the most premium tech out there.

At the end of the day, your home theater could include a small TV, some ambient lighting, and an awesome soundbar. Or, you could even have no TV and just invest in a quality projector and a screen.

Make sure that whatever you put into your home theater is what you want, and not just something that you think a home theater needs. After all, you’re going to be the one watching movies with your friends and family.

Pieces Movie Theater Decor Wooden Home Theater Room Decor

  • What Will You Receive: this package contains 5 silhouette decorations of movie theme party decorations, each in a different shape, providing you with more appearance options, to meet your more decorative needs, but also for easy replacement use and sharing
  • Exquisitely Made: the media room decor is made of high density wood, which is natural and quality, after multiple procedures of cutting, grinding, painting, drying and so on, being endowed with a smooth surface and exquisite appearance, sturdy and firm, hard to break and fade, can withstand long time use
  • Easy to Use: each wooden movie themed wall decor has one or two metal triangle hooks on the back, you just need to hang it on the wall directly without other additional installation, and each home movie theater room decor is double sided, so you can choose your favorite angle to put it
  • 5 Style Not Repeated: this package contains 5 different types of movie themed wood decorations, they are movie tickets, hand roll, projector, popcorn, microphone and clapperboard These lovely wooden decorations are interesting additions to wardrobes, bookshelves, walls and tables
  • An Ideal Holiday Gift: this movie themed wood decoration is ideal for friends, colleagues, family, and you can also give them this movie themed wall decoration on any festival like Valentine’s Day, birthday, Thanksgiving, etc

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Screening Room For A Television Star

Homepolish interior designer, Orlando Soria created this lovely screening room in the home of actress Whitney Port. Wall art and beautiful furniture make the space located in a basement feel extra inviting. The room diving screen on the left conceals a small sink. Under the television screen is a console that hides media devices including the cable box.

  • 07 of 19

    The interior design team at Cablik Enterprises made the most of a dark basement by turning it into an insanely chic media room. The pitch black walls enhance the space’s cozy and stylish vibe.

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  • 08 of 19 DTV Installations

    This Brooklyn townhouse features an ultramodern home theater installed by the experts by DTV Installations. All of the cables for the system were included in the home’s renovation to keep unattractive wires out of sight. Shown is 65-inch frameless 4K Smart TV, with a Sonos soundbar connected to wireless speakers and amps. A Luxul controller kit takes internet connectivity to the next level.

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  • 09 of 19 Gramophone

    Calling all science fiction fans, this interstellar home theater by the media room designers at Gramophone is the ultimate space for sci-fi viewing parties. A TV project screen serves up movies and shows. Surround sound speakers are built into the walls. Embedded in the acoustic ceiling tiles are tiny twinkling lights. Recliner seating keeps things extra comfy.

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  • Enhance Your Theater Carpeting

    Discover living room movie theater boca raton only in interioropedia ...

    Photo via @tymhomes

    If you want to increase the sound optimization in your home theater room, consider installing thick movie theater carpeting or purchasing rugs to cover your floors. Carpet is great for sound-dampening, an often overlooked element when drafting a media room design, and can keep noise disturbances from neighbors or surrounding rooms to a minimum. Plus, carpet adds an additional touch of comfort to your movie room!

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    Figure Out The Living Room Setup

    Of course, if your house is the center of entertainment among your friends and family, you want to make sure you have room for them. Invite them over and let them enjoy the movie from comfortable seats that will add a pop of color and personality to your room.

    We love the Soriano Channel Tufted Chair from Target, pictured above. Its modern style and striking bold navy blue upholstery make it stand out. Depending on how much space available you have, you can add one or more of these chairs on the side to frame the home theater area. It all depends on your living room layout and how many people you usually invite over. After all, you still need to make this space function as a living room.

    If your space is limited, you can still transform your living room into a home theater with fun floor seating cushions. Try to get enough hold to double as a coffee table or additional seating space when you have friends coming over.

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