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Modern Tv Stand Decor Ideas

Modern Tv Stand Design Ideas For Small Living Room

Modern tv stand Decoration Ideas 2021 / INTERIOR DESIGN / TV Wall Mount Stand Ideas

A television or tv is an important element of a house. As a means of visual communication, it is not an extraordinary thing to have since nowadays every house has had it. For a modern house concept, we usually see a large tv LED set which is sophisticated and luxurious. It surely supports the modernity of the house. The right place to put a tv set is usually in the living room. Since the living room is a spot for gathering with family and guest, we can also enjoy watching tv together.

Farmhouse Style Tv Stand

This TV stand is durable and easy to store your items. The construction is medium on the challenging level.

First of all, it has the most solid base, constructed only 2x4s. Next, it has 2 kinds of support working together, the sidewalls and the X-frames.

We categorize it into 4 processes, base/top framing, wall building, connecting, and decorative trimming. Each process can be paused and continued at any point, so busy people can still enjoy the project

Project details:

Diy Tv Console From Two Feet First

The selling point of this project is clearly the 2 glass doors. Thanks to these doors, you can clearly see whats being stored within the stand. They also provide more light during the day, easing the jumble feeling of the room.

To add in a little bit of personality, you use hinges mounting right onto the stands front as well as square pull knobs. One can easily see these things with just a glance, ensuring that the stand is not too boring to look at.

project details:

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Conceal The Tv With Plants

Now let me just admit something to you right here, right now: I am terrible at keeping plants alive. Thats why Ive showcased realistic fake-looking plants on the blog before, as well as this nifty Kmart hack which showed you how to create an eye-catching plant wall using artificial greenery.

Whether youre like me, or consider yourself a green thumb, either real or fake plants will work when it comes to decorating around a tv set. They wont conceal the TV completely, of course, but you can see above in the image from Reddit just how sublime all that lush plant life looks.

If nothing else it provides a nice sense of contrast to have that living stuff next to the electronic item.

Tv Stands With Open Shelving

Awesome 49 Fabulous Tv Stand Décor Ideas For Living Room. More at https ...

Modern TV stands are more likely to feature open shelves in unique designs that are as decorative as the items you choose to display. Before you begin decorating, however, remember to create a sense of cohesiveness with either color or style and place items in groups of three to create interesting vignettes. If you need a shelf or two for storage, find a chic basket or tray to keep the look tidy.

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Add House Plants For Balance

House plants are a lovely way to bookend your TV stand and are good for your health, too. As mentioned above, its best to keep heights asymmetrical to keep the look modern and organic. For example, place a large fiddle leaf fig or monstera on one side of your console and a tiered modern style plant stand with small potted plants on the other. Decorative baskets and indoor lanterns are also a fun way to add dimension and play with height.

Diy Tv Stand Plans And Ideas You Can Build

Last updated March 27, 2022 by Eddie Hook

Investing in a TV stand is a wise choice to keep it safe, free up your space, and jazz up your room simultaneously.

You can also store your stuff like games or movies for better convenience and entertainment.

The only deal-breaker is that not all of you will be willing to spend money on this thing.

Dont worry! Here, we have 56 DIY TV stand plans to make your weekend busy and, of course, save you some bucks.

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Cute And Stylish Tv Console Decor Ideas

If you’re not sure exactly how to style your TV console, we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking to display some of your countless coffee table books or have a simpler setup in mind, you can’t go wrong no matter what you choose. We’re sharing 21 well styled TV consoles that reflect every design aesthetic: rustic, boho style, coastal, you name it!

Sofia Claras Diy Tv Stand

INTERIOR DESIGN / TV Stand 2021 / Home Decorating Ideas / Modern TV Wall

This TV stand is the best fit for any fan of the recently popular minimalistic style.

You dont need anything more than 1 plywood board and 2 square blocks of stone of the same height.

Place the 2 stones and fit the board on top of them, and you get a surprisingly sturdy stand for your TV. This design is suitable for a living room corner.

Project details:

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Size Dimensions Of A Tv Unit

The above list has some amazing TV and entertainment unit options. But a TV unit will never look good if it doesnt fit the dimensions of your TV. The first step is to measure the size of your TV the length, width and height. This will help you determine the size of your TV unit.

The next thing you need to consider is the height of the unit. While selecting the TV unit, ensure that it is at such a height that the TV is at eye level with you when youre sitting. Finally, determine the width of the unit. Always remember here that the TV cannot be wider than the TV unit. So either choose a unit that is exactly the same width or slightly wider than your TV. For instance, if you have a 55 inch TV, the width of your TV unit should at least be 70 inches.

What Is A Living Room Tv Stand

A living room TV stand is a furniture piece that allows people to place their television on a stable and sturdy surface. This type of stand is typically made out of wood or metal and has a number of features that can make it more convenient for people to use. For example, some TV stands have shelves that can hold DVDs or other media items, while others include space for lamps or other decorative items. We will show living room TV stand decor ideas with TV stands for the living room.

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Tv Stand Dcor Ideas To Make Watching Tv More Enjoyable

If you have a vintage console, pair it up with distressed wooden pieces such as white bookends or trays that have the same antique vibe. If your TV stand is more rustic or country-style, texture wood bowls, clay pots, wicker ball ornaments, and metal buckets would look great alongside your stand.

Decorating a TV stand is almost the same as accessorizing a fireplace mantel or a coffee table. There needs to be a sense of balance between the elements that youll be incorporating to make it interesting and visually pleasing.

You can achieve movement by playing with heights, form, textures, and colors, and by layering or stacking pieces on top of each other. You also want to balance it out, as you dont want to make the TV stand décor so busy that it distracts the people from watching.

These 27 TV stand décor ideas will inspire you to elevate the look of your current TV stand.

Modern Tv Stand Designs For Ultimate Home Entertainment

Top 50 Modern TV Stand Design Ideas For 2020

Modern TV stand assortment offers a lot of different options when it comes to aesthetics and practicality. Some units are thin and space-conscious while others occupy entire walls providing plenty of storage space. Materials vary from solid wood to plastic and fiberglass, and the shapes are as different as human imagination allows.

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Diy Rustic Corner Tv Stand

You can set it near your fireplace. This TV has a distinctively old-fashioned look, coming from its homemade liming wax.

That is why it stands out proudly among so many vintage-style TV displays.

You will also save quite a bit of money, as liming wax is well-known for its high price. All you need is some clear wax, best from Annie Sloan, and white latex paint. For each scoop of the paint, add in 3 scoops of the wax.

Project details:

Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Modern Living Room Tv Stand

If you’re looking for a TV stand that will make your living room look more modern and stylish, then you should consider buying a modern TV stand. A modern TV stand is a great way to add style and elegance to your living room. It can also be a great way to store your TV and other media equipment. Browse the top-ranked list of modern living room TV stands below along with associated reviews and opinions.

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    Product Description

    Draw your eye toward modern elegance as well as your favorite flick with this glass-shelf TV stand. With three adjustable shelves, cord management ports, and concealed storage behind soft-close doors, this console will be your favorite media hub to house movies, gaming consoles, or streaming devices. Its ultra-sleek silhouette will lend a streamlined look to your space for an instant update to your living room, media room, or home office. An adjustable, tempered safety glass shelf rests in the middle of the stand to showcase your décor in sophisticated style. Although minimalist and refined, this TV stand will refuse to go unnoticed wherever its displayed.

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    What Is An Entertainment Or Tv Unit

    If youre like most Australians, the TV is the focal point of your living room. It doesnt matter if you watch TV for entertainment with your friends or relaxation with your family your TV deserves the same design aesthetics as the rest of your home. TV entertainment units are more than just a home for your TV. They are functional pieces of furniture that offer great stylish storage solutions.

    But with so many TV units available, it can be hard to work out how to style a TV to suit your living room. The tips below will help you decorate a TV unit and give you TV unit décor ideas.

    Floating Shelves Are For The Space

    200 Modern TV cabinets – TV stands for living room wall decorating ideas 2020

    Use a TV unit design that will show off your accessories

    This TV stand design is a rather uncommon one and you can try it if you have a massive bare wall. The base unit is conspicuously absent. The unit per se comprises a wall-mounted TV cabinet design and a smattering of floating shelves around it.

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    Antonello Italia Tv Stand Designs

    Antonello Italias modern stands are similar to those minimal posts, but they have additional frames and shelves to store small electronics.

    While BIT and TECNO stands are minimal and sleek Odeon stands out with its massive glossy TV backdrop and a rounded wooden open cabinet.

    The swiveling panel allows more flexibility when it comes to TV positioning. And ample storage space is enough for both external devices and various other media.

    Diy Apothecary Tv Stand

    The most interesting thing about DIY projects is their customizability, and nothing signifies it better than this DIY Apothecary TV Stand. The middle compartment allows you an endless number of customization options.

    You can either turn it into just another storage compartment or a small bookshelf. The choice is yours, so let your creative juice flow.

    Project details:

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    Install A Gallery Wall

    In addition to sprucing up your space, a gallery wall behind the TV can make your room feel much larger. When mapping out your gallery wall decor, think of the TVs frame as the first part of the design and surround it with wall art accordingly. Mix and match frames for an eclectic look or use solid white frames for minimalist appeal.

    Invest In A Modular Design

    Top 50 Modern TV Stand Design Ideas For 2020

    A free-standing unit doubles as a room divider idea, creating a discreet office in this apartment living room its open design allows light to flow freely through the space. The beauty of this type of living room storage idea is that it offers a tailor-made solution without the price tag of a bespoke design. Not only can it be put together to fit any size of room, but a statement piece can also act as a work of art.

    The modular concept means that the furniture can be adjusted to suit all circumstances and combined in a variety of ways, says Ian Weddell, chief executive officer of USM Modular Furniture . Make sure your room dividers are positioned in an area where they are not likely to get knocked, particularly with children around, and look for ones that can be connected to the ceiling to provide more support.

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    Tv Stand Decorating Ideas Your Own Way

    Entertainment centers should not be neglected as crucial decor points. We hope this blog post has opened your eyes to some of the possibilities of decorating around your TV.

    Be sure to start working on your space and come up with some interesting ideas that you love. Enjoy the process and have fun sprucing up your space!

    Middle Open Shelf Of A Mid

    The TV stand successfully blends in with the rest of the design. Firstly, the colors match. Natural wood brown color complements light gray color on the wall and the carpet.

    Meanwhile, white color appears calmly by neither overpowering brown nor gray.The stand features two doors and an open shelf in the middle.

    If exactly like the picture above, the middle can be filled with some books or decoration, while the doors can be used as useful storages for something in a large amount.

    The mid-century modern design is shown from how simple the style of the stand is.

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    Design Your Tv Stand Around You Scheme

    Technology is an important factor in most family living room ideas, from Wi-Fi access to background music, and the trend is towards totally concealed solutions. Although many modern systems claim to be wireless, theres no getting away from charging docks, routers and aerials, all of which require cables.

    To keep these hidden, incorporate dedicated spaces for all the media you use within your small living room storage ideas, specifying small insets in the backs of shelves and cupboards to allow cables to run behind fittings.

    If you are fitting a wall of storage that incorporates a space for your living room TV, allow sufficient room should you decide to invest in a larger model. Try not to create too big a gap, as your television will look awkwardly small.

    Tall Corner Media Stand

    Modern creative metal frame TV stand design ideas / Metal frame tv cabinet design ideas

    People who have kids know just how much of a headache they can be, especially near electronics like TVs. For that reason, the shorter TV stands will not do, as they are still within a childs reach.

    This corner media stand measures a whopping 48 in height, enough to keep your TV safe away from your childs grubby paws.

    Project details:

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    Hide Storage Space Underneath

    If your TV stand has open shelving for storage, try to keep the storage hidden by using decorative baskets.

    Storage under a TV stand is great because it gives you an easy place to keep your remotes, consoles, movies, and extra wires.

    However, the problem with open storage is that it can get cluttered and messy real fast. Using decorative baskets will hide the clutter and make the space feel clean and organized.

    If your stand has cabinet doors to hide the clutter, try keeping them closed when guests are over and keep the cabinets organized to help you find what youre looking for.

    If there arent cabinet doors, utilizing storage baskets will draw your eyes away from the storage underneath and up to the decorations that you chose for the top of the stand.

    This is a simple way to help this space feel organized and complete.

    Importance Of Decorating Your Tv Unit

    Fitting a TV into the aesthetic of your living room starts with figuring out which size and style of TV entertainment unit youll require. Our modern TV entertainment units are constructed with solid timber using quality craftsmanship and have a contemporary look that will be part of your family for years to come. TV units provide a chic place with drawers and shelves to hide wires and cables. They also offer a place to put games consoles, remote controls, and set-top boxes.

    Unlike TV wall units made from cheap chipboard with a cheap factory finish, our TV units are hand-finished with premium stains and finishes. Whether your living room décor is retro, mid-century or even Scandi-style, our hardwood TV entertainment units suit all styles of living rooms.

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    Vig Furniture Tv Stands

    VIG Furniture offers a lot of modern TV stand designs. Luxurious and minimal consoles and cabinets are perfect for smaller living rooms as well as spacious houses.

    Armani Black Crocodile Pattern TV stand is a gorgeous cabinet with a laser cut croc pattern and black glossy lacquer. Its perfect for creating a luxe feel in the living room and can easily be used as a TV stand or just a media console or a cabinet. We can totally see it as a small home bar.

    To add a bit of the futuristic feel to your living room opt for curvy glossy shapes that look like parts of a sci-fi spaceship. This stand also includes LED lighting built into the single glass shelf that ca house external devices and a minimal movie collection.

    Barbara will add a few unusual angles to the interior. It has a generous pull out drawer for storage and can also be used as a console for displaying objects. Glamorous and attractive the unusual cabinet is a welcome change to the familiar rectangular TV stands.

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