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Modern Trendy Living Room Decor

Paint Every Surface In One Colour

Top 300 Modern Living Room Design Ideas 2022 | Wall Decorating Ideas | Home Interior Design Ideas

Image credit: Paint and Paper Library

Break from the tradition of painting woodwork white. To make your living room feel modern and moving with the times adopt the practise of painting all surfaces in the same tone. From walls to skirting boards, fire surrounds and window shutters choose one colour to paint it all. Doing this creates a seamless backdrop, where the eye is not thrown by a bright white skirting board that jars with the cohesion of the room.

Darker colours are especially effective for this method, demonstrate the experts at Paint & Paper Library, because they contrast so heavily against lighter colours on traditional woodwork. Ensure you select the right type of paint for each surface, emulsion for walls and a proper wood paint for skirting boards etc.

Living Room Trends 202: The Harmony Of One Color

Continuing with the color scheme of the living room, one cannot fail to mention the unusual color-in-color solution. This may seem boring to some. In fact, this is not the case. The highlight is the play of textures.

There are several options for implementing the trend. For instance, decorate the main room exclusively in gray tones.

Another option is to buy a sofa that matches the floor or a huge floor vase that matches the walls.

In this case, the texture of the materials becomes the dominant, not the shade. Among the current fabrics, you should pay attention to non-trivial matte textures, such as velour, velvet, and linen.

Plan Your Living Room Layout

Before we get into all those lovely living room furnishings, let’s just focus on the practical stuff quickly like living room layout ideas. Whether you are starting totally from scratch in a new room or want to update your existing space, deciding on a layout can dictate your decor choices.

There’s this tendency when it comes to living rooms to push everything up against walls, stick a DIY coffee table in the middle and make sure everything is angled towards the TV. But we say get more creative than that, pull furniture away from walls, give it some breathing space and you’ll usually find it makes the room feel airier.

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Pick An Eclectic Combination For A Welcoming Living Room

London-based interior design studio Kelling Designs love to design rooms that waver between elegance and practicality and we think this living room encapsulates that perfectly. The eclectic mix of patterns are perfect for weathering busy family life, while adding color, interest and importantly warmth to the space. The use of contrasting patterns work because the color palette is complementary, with each subordinate to the couch.

Pop Of Bright Colours Is A Living Room Trend In 2022

17 Comfy Eclectic Living Room Designs That Are All About The Chic

Another great way to make your living room fashionable is to add a pop of bright colours. Yes, think vibrant colours like orange, rust and yellow. Add these bright pops in your traditional living room interiors to create a well-balanced interior setup. You can also use colourful rugs and carpets to add colours to your living areas.

  • A trendy living design room with a pop of orange

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Light Blue Chic Living Room

Image Source: Bhg

This living room is très chic, decorated with a profound and clean touch of adding a pale blue wall that sets up a soft character to the room, followed by golden framed act portraits that sets up the distinctive and classy setting and decorated with typical stylish decorative elements such as the zebra area rug and floor lamp, therefore attained the overall chic and classy appearance.

Pink Toned Aesthetic Living Area

The more space you have in the living room the more stuff and design elements you can add to it. The ultimate goal is to create a place that is welcoming and pleasant to visit. In this unique example, the furniture is in a bold pink colour. Its sure to give friends a fun feeling when they spend time in your home.

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How Can I Make My Living Room Look Modern

Interior designer Benji says, If you have the space, an L-shape sofa is contemporary and encourages soirees. Work with textures on the upholstered goods think wool bouclé, velvet, leather and linen in sleek tones of grey, charcoal, tan and ivory as well as on other furnishings, side tables and table lamps with metal detail nickel, brass or copper for example.

Hints of a strong geometric pattern feel bold and fresh. Accent walls work well use wallpaper or tiles to make a modern statement. Bonus points if it is bold he adds. Play with the shape and form. For example, choose a circular rug instead of a classic rectangle.

Add Natural Beauty With Wood

Top 300 Modern Living Room Design Ideas 2022 | Wall Decorating Ideas | Home Interior Design Ideas 2

Out of fashion for a while, timber is now enjoying a bit of a revival.

Wood introduces a sense of warmth and character into a scheme and works equally well in modern and traditional homes.

We have seen a resurgence of interest in wood flooring this year, so there are now all kinds of parquet styles, extra-wide boards and different finishes available, says Sean Cochrane, creative director of Cochrane Design.

Woods with a rustic appearance are popular right now, with rougher textures and grains popular in cozy living room ideas because they are a great way to give your room a lived-in look.

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Sweeping Walls Of Books

Another clever way to redo the living room look without having to splurge a fortune is by giving all those books in your home a much more prominent spot. A wall of books in the living room adds color, contrast, and class to the living area without seeming out of fashion. It also allows you to rearrange patterns and colors by just moving the books and you would never have to spend on a makeover.

Embrace The Comeback Of Shabby Chic

The old version of shabby chic living rooms was all about a very cluttered look with plenty of colors and patterns all crammed into one space. The new more contemporary version still has plenty of patterns and there’s well-curated clutter too, it’s just more simple and pared back. The big difference is the colors, which are lighter, brighter, and more neutral.

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Modern Living Room Interior Ideas In 2022

The interior of the living room with a kitchen in 2022 can be decorated in different styles. This is due to the desire of people who are trying to deviate from traditions, boring designs, rigid frames. The style of living rooms in the classical sense has unconditional distinctive standards. However, they often limit the flight of thoughts and fantasies of an interior designer, reduce his ability to subjectively express his design idea.


Build In A Window Seat

Modern Apartment Design With Pop Artwork Style Decor Looks More Trendy ...

A window seat is a thing of beauty, so if you have the space to add one into your cozy living room, do so. Pop a cushion-covered bench into the nook of your window to create extra seating and storage too.

You could always fake the look if you don’t want to invest in something built-in, a cleverly positioned armchair or love seat can create a really similar effect. If you’re feeling extra creative, why not try a DIY bookshelf to complement the scene and create the ultimate tech-free, reading corner?

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Go For Contemporary Grey

Grey living room ideas‘ is one of the most searched for phrases online but many grey living rooms are really just a whisper away from neutral or beige living rooms, so pale are they. If you want to create a dramatic scheme that’s cozy at night, a deep, contemporary grey like the one in this room is a bold but rewarding move.

Be sure to add warmth to the scheme with hotter colors, but choose them to match the depth of the grey so that the look remains modern and so that they can stand up to the grey.

Living Room Trends We Cant Wait To See In 2022

For design enthusiasts, one of the most exciting parts of a new year is seeing what trends it brings. And, fortunately, 2022 has no shortage of them, especially when it comes to the living room. Though it’s always important to design a space in a way that feels best to you, trends are a great blueprint to follow or simply an exciting way to jazz up a room that may have been feeling a little dull lately.

As far as living rooms go in 2022, there are plenty of and patterns introducing themselves as trendy hues and shades, as well as the resurgence of trends that laid low for a few years. Some of these trends are mindsets or ways of looking at decorating, organizing, and arranging in a different waydesign “resolutions” if you will.

But running through all of them is a common theme of comfort, awareness, and the prioritization of putting a conscious effort into making one of our most important spaces fit for our changing lifestyles.

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Get Creative With Color Choices

Inspired by the vibrant patterns and ebullient hues seen on the catwalk, color is bringing new energy to interiors in 2022.

This colorful living room trend can be found in new, bright living room paint ideas and bold accessories providing a much needed sense of relief and escapism in these trying times.

Sometimes clients are hesitant about following color trends , believing that it will either make too much of a statement or date too quickly, says interior designer Rebecca Leivars. One single block of a bold color can be the making of a scheme its a great way to lift a room design.

Try using a splash of color against a neutral backdrop, or a combination of colors of the same range, such as blue walls with fabrics in various shades of blue. These hues will look stunning together and add depth and layers of interest to a scheme, perhaps with an emerald green or burnt orange accent thrown in for good measure.

When selecting living room color schemes , my best advice would be to look around you, explains Rebecca. If you live in a city, stronger hues, such as reds, greens and yellows, can look great against our gray-blue skyline. If you have the luxury of green space, then you might want to choose a combination of earthy hues that blend beautifully with the scenery, or use orange and fiery tones to add warmth to the scheme.

Cecelia Power 2 Sectional With Headrest

150 Modern living room decorating ideas 2021 Home interior design trends

With an inspiring and efficient design, this power sectional sofa will energize any contemporary space. The sectional is wrapped in ivory upholstery to create a light and airy feel, with design features like power motion, power headrests, and a USB port to charge your devices. Its perfect for anyone whos ever wanted a leather or faux leather sofa with slick features for modern living.

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Trendy Living Rooms You Can Recreate At Home

Whether its the only living room you have or youre creating a more formal area apart from the bonus room where all the movie watching takes place, it can be tons of fun creating a spot in the house that looks a bit more couture than the rest. Today, were showing of 20 stunning living rooms cultivated in a designers eye. Formality, luxury and fashion-forward style were all used in these gorgeous settings. Lets have a peek!

Add Character And Calm With Green Walls

A really quick and easy way to decorate a living room is to get experimental with paint. And when we say ‘experimental’, we mean anything from painting the room a cleaner shade of white to creating a space-enhancing illusion with an imaginative ceiling idea. Whatever your style, paint can transform a room really quickly.

We love this green living room, it’s such a cool, unusual color that looks fab with the pops of blue and orange. For a similar look, try Benjamin Moore’s Dartsmouth Green a timeless and elegant shade that will nurture your space in green serene.

‘Often associated with health and rejuvenation, green paint is an uplifting choice for any room of the home. Its unmatched in its ability to bring life to any space, representing the balanced tones of nature and promoting a feeling of wellness and vigor.’ says Patrick ODonnell Farrow & Ball brand ambassador.

‘If you’re using green paint in your living room, pinks respond beautifully to green for accessories and accent choices, as do mid-tone brown-based neutrals, yellow-based neutrals, and blues.’

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Living Room Design New For 2020

The variety of stylistic trends in the interior design of the living room provides ample opportunity to create original and beautiful compositions.

The main trends characteristic of the coming season in the design of the living room are:

  • providing maximum lighting
  • an increase in the living area by combining with other rooms and zoning
  • the use of a minimum set of furniture of small sizes, not cluttering the space of the room
  • the use of environmentally friendly natural materials in decoration and textiles, as well as materials imitating natural and antique fake
  • lack of a pure style, a mixture of different styles that are close in spirit and constitute a single composition.
  • the functionality of interior items, the use of hinged shelves, built-in cabinets, modular designs
  • use of decor items.

Fashion trends in the furniture of the living room 2020 is the use of:

  • Fine furniture
  • Cabinets and shelves of open type
  • Modular headsets.

The main direction in furnishing is the use of ideas of solutions of the 40-70s of the last century, using new materials, new technologies, making extensive use of intense colors and shiny surfaces of materials.

Color palette trends

The choice of color palette in the design of the living room for next year is primarily associated with the possibility of visually increasing the small space of the living rooms in most residential premises. For basic colors are used:

  • White color in different shades
  • Beige
  • Gray.

Furniture design

Zoning Living Room With Kitchen: Interior Novelties

10 Living Room Trends for 2016

There is a popular belief that the kitchen is the heart and the living room is the soul of the apartment. The classic design style allows you to connect these two locations. This is especially true for small apartments. It is important to pay attention to non-obvious things in a duet of premises:

  • Lighting greatly influences the general opinion about the interior. It is also important to pay attention to the location of the light switches.
  • A bar counter is well suited to separate the kitchen and living room, on the other side of which a sofa or armchair is placed.
  • When combining, the main task is to maintain a uniform concept of style. Many do not understand this and try not to connect, but, on the contrary, to divide the premises.
  • Special attention is required to ensure good air exchange and ventilation so that odors from the kitchen do not penetrate into the living room.
  • There are specific scenarios for using the combined kitchen. It is because of them that she gained her immense popularity. First of all, the designer and the landlord must agree and define a clear presentation of the result.
  • Open-plan kitchens have recently become fashionable and have gained immense popularity. They look very relevant. For the most part, this type of design is found in studio apartments, but it looks especially striking in the design of the premises of private houses.

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    Living Room Ideas That’ll Make You Want To Stay In

    Is your seating arrangement in need of a good old plump-up? Does your lighting design glare instead of glow? Get your living room design prowess on with simple changes that will elevate your space from being lived in, to being loved to be lived in.

    Simon Morris, marketing manager at The Radiator Company , comments: ‘Living rooms can sometimes have limited proportions but are some of the busiest places in our homes. We need the space to look great, but also ask a lot from them. A bit of thoughtful planning can help the space feel more elegant from a decorating standpoint, but its also worth considering how we can also make our living rooms work harder from a practical perspective.’

    Living rooms are by far the easiest rooms to redecorate. You can even do it yourself in just a weekend, making them by far the cheapest rooms to revamp too. Whether you’re working with a small, big, or downright awkward living room, there are endless lounge decor tips and tricks to switch things up.

    Stylish Modern Living Room Ideas To Create A Trendy Space

    Making a comfortable place in the house will be every homeowners dream because it will not only for their comfort but also for the coming guests. One of the rooms that many homeowners want to make as cozy as possible is a living room. As an area where you gather around with family and friends, it has indeed to be comfortable to make the guests feel homey.

    Among many home concepts that you can choose, a modern concept is a concept that will keep your living room updated. With modern, sleek, and stunning decor items, this concept enhances the feature of a living room more. Not only from the color but also furniture.

    For your ultimate inspiration, we have compiled dozens of modern living room ideas that will awe you with its charming look!

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