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Modern Laundry Room Wall Decor

Choosing Lively Paint Colors To Shed The Gloominess

Laundry Room Setback & Modern Farmhouse Decor Wall

It is good to select lively paint colors such as yellow or red for the laundry room. You can also choose a neutral color palette such as white or beige that adds light and removes the dullness.

A white laundry room creates a spa-like effect that instantly brightens up the mood as well as the environment. It also makes it easier for you to spot any molds and infectious growth in the corners. After all, the laundry room experiences extreme amounts of water flow which encourages fungal growth making it highly dangerous, not to mention, unsightly.

Image Credits: countryliving.com

Consider Pops Of Color

Adding pops of color to your laundry room is an easy and creative way to personalize things. From the door to cabinet knobs, interior designer Alison Kandler added splashes of minty fresh goodness to this space. Vintage collectibles in bright colors boost visual appeal. Are you looking to give your old cabinetry a modern farmhouse twist? Consider replacing the front panels with wire mesh, as shown here.

How To Upgrade Your Farmhouse Laundry Room

Before you start the process, know the reason behind this upgrade. Do you already have the space and want to re-design it or do you need to start from scratch? If it is the latter, secure the area first so that you can easily follow the following steps.

Know the activities

Your laundry rooms purpose will determine all the activities that will be done inside the room. It will help you decide on what furniture and appliances to dedicate spaces to. This will also help you determine the amount of storage that you need to allocate for the counters, cabinets and hampers for soiled clothes. Having a farmhouse utility sink in your laundry area might sound appealing but you need to understand how it will be used once the room remodeling is done.

Make a list of what goes in

Whats your inspiration?

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Laundry Definition Wall Art

Laundry definition wall art is a great option in case youre interested in making your laundry room walls come to life. It would add a stylish, yet sophisticated touch to your laundry room. Anyone who comes in is sure to give it a read. What does that mean? It means that this piece of laundry room wall art can grab attention which is exactly what wall art should do!

Eco Solutions To Add Naturalness

Nice 60 Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room Decor Ideas https://decoremodel ...

The lack of communication between a modern man and wildlife gives rise to a tendency to include naturalness pristine in creating an interior using a selection of materials, colors, and textures. You can achieve a comfortable interior and feel of the natural environment if you include in your home laundry:

  • wooden furniture or wood imitation
  • elements from natural stone
  • floral designs on cabinet fronts, textiles, laundry baskets, etc.

The desire for environmental friendliness is expressed by the use of elements of stone, wood, and concrete with minimal processing. An important detail is the accentuated natural imperfection this is more an advantage than a disadvantage.

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Laundry Room Organization Decor Ideas

Get creative with laundry room accessories to organize the space. Instead of buying a plain plastic laundry hamper, invest in rolling canvas hampers. They will add some retro flair to your laundry room design while making it easier to move dirty clothes and clean laundry through the house.

Alternating between closed and exposed cabinetry is a helpful laundry room idea that keeps the space functional and open. Instead of using floor space for a pop-up drying rack, install a rod between two laundry room cabinets. Put damp clothes on hangers, then hang them from the rod to dry. Or, build a hidden clothes drying rack that folds inside a laundry room cabinet when not in use.

What Is The Best Tile For Laundry Room Walls

If you have the same question, its time to reveal it. According to some interior designers, ceramic tile is extremely ideal for laundry rooms. Why so? It features an impressive list of benefits:

  • Water resistance
  • Fade resistance

Now, its no wonder why ceramic tiles are the best choice for laundry rooms. They not only make laundry time easier but also have the ability to express our style and personality through the choice of tiles.

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Laundry Room Wall Decor Ideas

Any creative wall decor ideas that work in other rooms of the house will also look great in your laundry room. Paint an accent wall a bright color or hang shiplap or beadboard panels. Install a decorative tile backsplash behind your washing machine, dryer, and sinkand extend it to the ceiling for maximum impact.

Plant Lady Vibes Cozy Laundry Closet

Laundry Room | Kirklands Inspired DIY | Dollar Tree DIY | Modern Farmhouse Decor

Tucked away and out of sight, this cozy laundry closet is both cute and convenient. Even though its small in size, it can provide plenty of power in terms of style with its leafy wallpaper. Using this green leafy branch white wallpaper is the perfect way to add some color and design to this small laundry hub in your home.

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Customizable Family Name Laundry Sign

Make your laundry room one-of-a-kind with this custom wooden sign that allows you to add your last name, city, and established date. Its vintage feel will blend right into any farmhouse look while still giving you a piece thats truly unique. Available in five sizes, this makes a great newlywed or housewarming gift as well!

Crisp And Clean White Linen Laundry Lounge

Create a laundry lounge in your home thats as clean and crisp as your linens. This super bright white space gives your clothes and textiles the cleaning room they need. The glass apothecary jars are charming ways to hold anything from detergent to clothespins. From the white cabinets and shelving to the brown woven baskets, youll have all the storage space you need in one clean place. Your darks and whites will both take delight in this clean and crisp laundry lounge.

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Optimal And Vertical Laundry Organization

Keep it simple and to the point with this clever vertical laundry storage space. Featuring an open concept, everyone will easily see where their dark, whites, delicates, and towels belong when they head to the laundry department. With clearly marked baskets, its easier than ever to make your laundry experience as efficient as possible. No more excuses when it comes to washing!

Tiles Laundry Room Decor Ideas

#boho laundry room 42 Minimalist Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas# ...

A small laundry room can be a great place to indulge in a higher-end flooring material. Not only will your special surfaces become a focal point, but these materials can also become surprisingly affordable when you purchase them in small quantities. So, take a second look at those intricately hand-painted European tiles or that butter-smooth marble tile. Consider laying one type of tile on the floor and a coordinating mosaic on the walls around the sink.

Penny tiles make a retro laundry room statement, especially installed in a striped or floral medallion pattern. Subway tile on the walls looks amazing with farmhouse or modern decor and can visually widen a narrow room. If you want rustic decor with the durability of tile, choose a product that mimics a real hardwood floor.

If your laundry room is in the basement, you must have a waterproof floor. Tile is one of the better basement laundry room ideas for flooring because it wont warp in a damp environment like other materials might.

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Wood Grey And White Farmhouse Laundry Room

Imagine your clean, modern farmhouse decor extending into the nooks and crannies of your laundry room. What you might find is this combination of greys, wood, and white. Classic white cupboards anchor the space above the washer and dryer allowing for a set of two wooden shelves nestled between to provide all of the storage solutions your laundry room needs. Rest some cute decorations on one shelf and store your iron on another. The wooden counter on top of the machines gives you the folding space you desire and offers a place for your grey canisters to call home.

Laundry Room Decor Modern

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Hexagon Haven In Your Farmhouse Laundry Room

Shape up your farmhouse laundry room with some amazing honeycomb tile. This hexagon-shaped tile looks marvelous on the floor as its bold black color sets off this mostly white space. The theme is carried above into the pendant lighting fixture that showcases the shape on all of its sides giving it a near soccer ball appearance. On the backsplash of the washer and dryer, youll notice the white subway tile that incorporates an additional geometric element in the design. Finishing the room with a wooden counter for folding laundry ties the room together nicely.

Laundry Room Color Trends


Fashionable shades are becoming more complex, including combinations associated with landscape paintings, specific sensations, and positive states. While their own palette characterizes classic interior styles, modern eclecticism allows for hybridity.

In the new season, designers are paying attention to several color schemes that will be at the peak of popularity:

  • light gray-blue. The trendy shade conveys a feeling of calmness, purity, perfectly combines with the color of wood and metal, and harmoniously fits in combination with beige, green tones. Bleached blue is suitable for both interior decoration and laundry room furniture
  • mint green. An alternative to pure white tone that evokes a sense of harmony, order. In combination with sandy terracotta shades, it will add warmth to the room paired with a smoky, gray-blue color, it will fill the space with coolness
  • light mustard. The shade is perfectly combined with appliances glossy surface washing, drying machine, metal elements. The combination of mustard tone with the color of bitter chocolate, dark mouse, fallen snow brings notes of sophistication to the household premises
  • black and white with silver. The contrast between white furniture and black appliances will give the laundry a bit of glamor. Silver-gray metal handles, finishing elements support the stylish range of the interior.

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Modern White With Greenery

First, we have a clean and modern laundry room idea using greenery for a splash of color. Adding a potted plant into your laundry room is a great and natural way to decorate and will only make the room feel like home. All-white decor tends to feel like a hospital, and nobody wants to carry that aesthetic back to their home.

Wallpaper And Gorgeous Lighting Laundry Nook

Brighten up your laundry space with some designer wallpaper as the backdrop. Youll discover an instant update to your clean white space with this simple trick. Incorporating both a wooden rod overhead and a wooden counter on top of the washer and dryer provide all the necessary spaces to check the laundry off your list. Clothing is able to be hung overhead and out of the way, while towels and washcloths can be neatly folded on the counter. A cute detergent bin looks great on the counter where its within reach and serves as a stylish element in your design.

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Super Storage Solutions Laundry Closet

Get the most storage out of the smallest spaces by housing your stackable washing units in a closet. And for the cherry on top, include a hanging shoe organizer of the door to give you all of your detergents and dryer sheets within reach. This convenient and affordable storage solution works great for keeping supplies at hand as well as a location for collecting loose change, notes, and any other items that might be found in your familys pockets.

Pretty Cabinets And Faux Greenery

Gango Home Decor Modern Funny Laundry Room Typography Wall Art  One ...

Let us introduce you to the prettiest laundry room ever. It is by the award-winning interior design firm, Beautiful Chaos Companies. Custom base cabinets painted a shade of marigold yellow delights the eyes. Upper white cabinetry with pretty eyelet styled cutouts lends a bit of old-timey charm that also feels cute and modern. Love the idea of houseplants but got a black thumb? Who says you need to decorate with the real thing? Here faux plants including a whimsical lemon tree lend pops of greenery.

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Laundry Room Tile Design Ideas

2.2.1. Farmhouse Laundry Room Tile

This warm stone-look tile will blow a breeze of farmhouse vibe into your laundry room for sure. Its even better when paired with bronze fixtures, creative storage solutions, and wood accents.

Pastel and neutral colors such as beige, pale blue, or light grey fit the vibe of farmhouse style.


2.2.2. Modern Laundry Room Tile

The creativity in tile arrangement has leveraged this modern laundry room design. Whats more? These deep black tiles work well in just about any contemporary home.

Apart from black color, earth tones and bright schemes like red, pink, or orange can create a sense of modern feel.

2.2.3. Subway Tile Laundry Room

Subway tile is indeed everyones favorite tile pattern. So you may never go wrong with this because of its clean, pristine look.

For those who dont know, the term subway tile typically refers to rectangular tiles laid horizontally with a 50% offset. These tiles were first used in New York subway stations and today they come to appear in our home.

Determine Your Signature Style

When it comes to your laundry room, there are tons of different wall art styles to choose from. If your home is more traditional, go with a vintage-inspired piece of artwork. A shabby-chic or rustic style is perfect for cozy homes with a touch of character. If you love all things modern, select a minimal print that incorporates typography. You can even incorporate a bit of comedy into your laundry space with a clever quote! Our laundry wall art collection was curated by art director, Tirzah Goodman.

Browse artsy laundry room ideas > >

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White And Wood Laundry Shelf And Storage

Cupboards and shelves are tried and true ways to meet all of your homes storage solutions. In the laundry room, they make great places to hide detergent, bleach, and fabric softener while keeping these harmful products away from the little folks in your home. The decorative wooden shelf is also practical as it displays some decorative pieces to give life to this drab and dreaded task. Using the mixture of rich and earthy wood between the plain white cabinets makes a great farmhouse look.

Dreamy Coastal Laundry Room Decor Ideas

Laundry room makeover | simple modern farmhouse decor | cleaning and organizing motivation

Coastal laundry rooms are essentially wash rooms that are found in beach homes, summer houses, and lakeside retreats. Theyre used for washing dish cloths, beach towels, dirty clothes, used sheets, and any other household linens. Youll absolutely want a laundry room or a dedicated cleaning space in your coastal home because things can get sandy very fast after a trip to the beach!

When it comes to the laundry room, youll likely have a washer and dryer at minimum you need to work around. You could stack these on top of each other to save space and make use of high ceilings. Or you could place them side by side for easier access.

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Select Your Laundry Room Furniture

Laundry room furniture encompasses anything from your linen closet to ironing boards all the way to backsplashes for the washer. It seems unconventional but a backsplash is a great addition to your laundry space. After all, you dont want the suds splashing around to devalue your beautiful laundry room, right?

If you have a large laundry room, you can also add an armchair or a seating area in a small space to sit and read a book while running the washing machine.

Image credits: venace.com

The Best Laundry Room For Dog Owners

Heads up dog owners! If your laundry room doubles as a mudroom behold this creative idea by Kelly McGuill Home. The design team installed a customize dog washing station. For a dash of retro flavor, the design team connected oil-rubbed fixtures in the mini shower and utility sink. Check out the walls. To protect them dirt and moisture, they are covered from flooring to ceiling with gorgeous white subway. A white quartz countertop on top of the washer and dryer creates room to fold clean laundry. Pretty decorative prints and artwork further personalize the space.

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Retro Laundry Mat Style Laundry Cart

Remember the good ole days with this throwback to those oversized metal carts on wheels. While they dont require you to leave your humble abode, these modern and slimmer styled carts are trendy, yet full of purpose. Make laundry more fun and get everyone in the family involved by assigning a cart to each member. When its full, simply roll it to the laundry room and let the fun begin! The black metal wire design gives it a modern farmhouse vibe and offers a convenient removable bag to make washing a cinch!

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