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Modern Decorating With Oriental Rugs

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Using This Website Is A Good Way To Get Started

On it you can easily familiarize yourself with the styles of Oriental rugs that are available, their cost and so forth. You will be able to search by many parameters simultaneously. For instance, you may want to do a search for new rugs between 9 and 10 ft wide by 12 to 13 ft long, with natural dyes, formal designs and blue fields. Or nearly anything else.

Keep in mind that not all of Emmett Eilands collection is online. To see everything in stock, visit the store in Berkeley. Eventually you will want to try rugs at home on an approval basis. Rug dealers expect it.

Accenting With Oriental Rugs

You will want to consider the foot traffic into every room of your home, and how that will affect the use of your antique rugs throughout the house. For heavy traffic rooms, picking a natural fiber rug such as silk or wool will be your best bet. These fibers can last a lot longer than other natural fibers, and even longer than synthetic fibers, which tend to age more rapidly. And keep in mind that the more foot traffic hitting your rugs, the more often you will need professional Persian rug cleaning most rugs will need a yearly cleaning but may need them more often with more debris and dirt entering them on a daily basis. Remember to also take the rest of the rooms decorations and walls into consideration. If you have a very busy or bright wallpaper or wall color, a more muted or subdued antique rug will look better with this color scheme. If you have subtle wall colors like off-white, a more vibrant and colorful rug design will help to keep the room balanced and avoid it feeling hectic or busy to the eye.

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Keeping Those Oriental Treasures For A Lifetime And Beyond

Oriental and Persian rugs are very resistant to foot traffic, as well as ground-in dirt and debris. However, authentic Persian and Oriental rugs are an investment that require some effort to protect them. You do need to make sure they are well-maintained and clean so that they remain beautiful for many years to come.

Surface cleaning your rug occasionally is fine if done carefully and the rug is well maintained, but nothing is a substitute for professional rug cleaning. The professionals have the knowledge, resources and materials to make sure your rug is cleaned as it should be. Itâs important to have your Oriental or Persian rugs professionally cleaned at least once every three to four years, depending on traffic, use, location and other factors.

And by professional rug cleaners, we donât mean the companies that steam-clean your carpet in your home. In order to properly clean an Oriental or Persian rug, it must be removed from the home and brought to the cleaning facility. It must be properly dusted beforehand, cleaned with the special agents that are appropriate for the silk or wool rugs, and dried completely under the sun. Otherwise, permanent damage to the rug may occur.

Keep The Largest Pieces Of Furniture Neutral

44 Beautiful Persian Rug Ideas For Living Room Decor ...
Image Credit – House & Garden,

A dazzling red Persian rug can be a powerful focal point in a room if executed correctly. When most of us think of bold, we think bright colours, bold patterns, and over the top graphics. When you choose a rug with this much going on, make sure the main elements of the room are neutral to give the eye a place to rest. Then you can bring in playful accessories, artwork, and flowers that you love, without stressing if it all matches. Keeping large furniture neutral is more adaptable it will allow you to change up the design scheme more easily in the future.

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Cover Up The Extra Spaces

Extra and uncovered spaces in the living room can look dull and interfere with the aesthetic beauty of your room. If you have a large living room which has a lot of extra space that is uncovered or unutilized then fill it up with a large oriental rug that matches with the rest of the décor and put the space to use. Alternatively, you can also use multiple living room rugs to fill up the additional spaces and make the living room more personal.

Opt For Natural Fibers Such As Wool Silk And Cotton

Natural fibers such as wool, silk and cotton stand apart from synthetic fibers in every way.

Natural fibers feel so much more comfortable and plush for walking, sitting or lying down to relax against the soft surface. They have excellent insulating properties and are easy to maintain.

Natural fibers dont break like synthetic fibers too. They are more durable and will look good longer, so you get better value for your money.

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Reset The Temperature In Your Space

Did you know that the rug you choose can change the temperature in your room? If your space feels cold and sterile, dont panic and think you need to do a total rehaul. Instead, try choosing a warm hued rug and a few other warm accent pieces to layer throughout the room. This allows you to make your space more warm and inviting, without totally abandoning your style and design theme. Just like a room can be too cool and neutral, it can also be so warm that it feels drab and doomy. I am a great example of this, as I generally buy dark furniture that will stand up against my small children.

What Makes An Oriental Carpet A Work Of Art

Handwoven rugs living room indian wool modern design traditional Turkish rug oriental rug bedroom

Carpets from the Orient stand out for their enormous attention to detail – carpet knotters and weavers create fantastic patterns demonstrating their skill and creativity. It is above all the meticulous handicraft that makes an oriental carpet extremely valuable compared to western mass products. The more knots per square meter are knotted, the more precious and elaborate the handicraft is. The most exclusive models are highly rare and their market value accounts to several thousands euros, also because their production takes countless months for an experienced knotter.

Oriental carpets are categorized according to their origin or region, which is often reflected in the individual design. For example, a traditional oriental carpet from Persia clearly stands out from an Indian one. Accordingly, the variety of oriental carpets in their colours, shapes and sizes is fascinating and multifaceted. In addition, there are different knotting and weaving techniques that produce special types of carpets – for example, kilims which are flat weave carpets. The materials of a typical oriental carpet find their origin in nature. A Persian carpet, for example, is usually made exclusively of wool, cotton, silk and vegetable dyes.

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Be Creative By Mixing Rugs

With their endless range of colors and sizes, Persian rugs offer plenty of opportunities to showcase your creativity in many different ways.

One way to add a creative flair to a room is by placing two rugs together in the same space. When mixing two rugs in the same room, the key is to make sure that both rugs complement each other while also blending with one or more accent colors in the room.

There are several ways you can mix two rugs together in the same place. Simply rearranging the rugs can give the room a brand new look. This is an easy and cost-effective way to refresh the décor of any room.

Choose Natural Fiber Rugs For Higher Durability

Durability and sturdy build is of utmost importance when it comes to buying living room decor and design accessories. Thus the persian rugs must be pursued with sustainability and durability in mind. Natural fiber rugs are the most durable choice and have long been a favorite of modern home owners. While earthy texture lends a relaxed look and gives your house a natural makeover, a higher durability than synthetic fibers makes them a practical choice. So, if you are looking for a stylish yet durable rug for your living room, Natural-fiber rugs could be the best bet for your space.

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Modern Decorating With Oriental Rugs

Recently my client handed me a stack of oriental rugs that she inherited from her mother. She then challenged me to make them feel fresh in her historic home.

The rugs all have red tones either accented with navy blue or black.Theres even one with red, green, and coraladmittedly not my favorite, but it has sentimental value and honestly Im curious to see what I come up with.

There arent many examples of modern decorating with oriental rugs. What you commonly see now are rooms decorated with rugs made from natural materials, rugs of a solid color, or rugs with a geometric pattern. Naturally, shed began to wonder if her inherited, pricey rugs had gone out of style.

If you are asking yourself the same question, then rest assured knowing that these stately heirlooms are in fact classic and can be incorporated into a space no matter the design style.


Lean in close

The key to modern decorating with oriental rugs is to use them to anchor your space then add a few traditional accessories. Next, use modern art, a few more accessories, and a piece of modern furniture to create a juxtaposition of styles. This is what creates an updated look.

It took some time to find some examples I really loved, so hopefully theyll be helpful to you as well.

Have you been challenged with creating an updated look in your home using oriental rugs?

Tips For Decorating With Persian Rugs

Make Your New Oriental Rug Work in Any Room ...

We are often asked are Persian rugs in style? Of course, the answer is absolutely yes! Persian rugs are a timeless choice for your interior and as a hard-wearing, practical rug thats easy to clean, who wouldnt choose a Persian rug!

A Persian rug is the centrepiece of any room or hallway and their intricate patterns are always a talking point. The attention to detail within the rug making process is outstanding and a Persian rug is an art piece to invest in for your floor.

In this post, well share our six best tips for decorating with Persian rugs, whether you want to add a taste of artwork to your floor or brighten up your home.

Where do Persian rugs come from?

The rich history of the Persian Rug is fascinating, with origins of over 2,500 years ago. They originate to Iranian carpet makers where the beautiful ornate designs that we know and love were handmade in either silk, wool or cotton.

If youre looking for more information about where Persian rugs come from, explore our article sharing interesting facts about Persian rugs. Today, Persian rugs are made with modern fabrics like polypropylene yarn to make them stain and fade resistant, making them an even more valuable feature in your home. To learn more about how rugs are made, please check out our dedicated page.

Whats the difference between Persian rugs and oriental rugs?

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Achieve A Balanced Look

If you are planning to use heavily patterned fabric wallpaper on your blah bare walls, then opt for a subtle and minimalist rug otherwise it will create a too loud interior living room design which is definitely not in trend nowadays. So always try to achieve a more balanced and tidy look. On the other hand, if you choose a busily patterned rug, go for minimalist furniture and decor to achieve the perfect harmony. Also, todays dream houses are not just made of high ceilings and large french windows, they reflect a more balanced and subtle look.

Oriental Rugs Make A Comeback And They Are Not Just For Your Grandparents House

The tangerine and brick-red vintage tribal Persian rug on the September cover of House Beautiful heralds a major design direction.

Oriental rugs are back. And theyre not just in your grannys living room.

Orientals add a lot of warmth and sophistication to a room, says Sophie Donelson, House Beautifuls editor in chief, who with her team selected the cozy sitting area in a Vermont farmhouse as the establishing shot for the all-important fall season.

Its the first Oriental rug on the magazines cover since June 2008, she says.

Most Orientals arent staid at all. They are really wild, gorgeous and intricate patterns no two the same. Theyre a friendly, non-obtrusive ground for a room, Donelson says. Theyre part of filling a home with soulful objects.

While the design community scours auctions and old-line rug dealers for fine centuries-old carpets, younger shoppers on a budget are hauling rolled-up Heriz rugs out of their baby-boomer parents attics or snapping up Oushaks on Craigslist. They are discovering that small Orientals are great for layering over their bland sisals or using as a rich color accent in a hallway.

And lifestyle bloggers seem ready to sign on for some warmth.

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Mix With Complementary Patterns & Embrace Texture

Do patterns go with oriental rugs? Yes! Mixing patterns with Oriental, Turkish, and Persian rugs is welcome! But, if you plan on mixing a bunch of patterns, then keep in mind that breaking up the patterns is key. Unless youre going for a Kelly Wearstler moment, then thats a different story.

Personally, I like to flip-flop any pattern against a solid one. For instance, if youre using a patterned rug, Id choose a solid upholstery fabric, and then you can add in patterned pillows or even a bold piece of artwork if youd like.

What patterns go with Oriental rugs? When decorating with Oriental rugs, its best to mix the intricate pattern of the oriental rug with something more structured- like a geometric pattern, stripes, checkers, plaid, or even polka dots.

When designing a room, I like to mix Turkish, Persian, and Oriental rugs with different textures and finishes instead of patterns. It keeps it simple and refined.

Inspiration Boards For Interior Designs With Antique Rugs

Decorating A Great Room With Area Rugs

A few weeks ago I discovered the joys of Polyvore and wrote a post with inspiration boards created around our fantastic collection of antique rugs. And now, I present to you, Inspiration Boards Round Two! A stunning antique Kashan carpet is the centerpiece in this inspired interior decorating theme of the below dining room .

English and American antiques matched with brass and gilded accent pieces give this room a Gilded Age New York feel. I can totally see Edith Whartons Countess Olenska settling down into one of those rosewood dining chairs, sipping wine from a crystal glass, with a fabulous meal before her.

After all, Wharton did believe that a talented chef was the best investment a socialite could make, and the room that played host to the chefs creations must measure up aesthetically. Perhaps my favorite piece included in this design scheme is the mid-century Maison Charles brass console table.

At first glance, it is a simple and elegant table, but when you look closer, youll discover whimsical horse heads on Lucite rings and a cleverly mirrored bottom shelf to reflect the items on the beveled glass shelf above. The chandelier is a French Empire-style of the 1940s, composed of brass and crystal. The deep coral colored paint plays with the reds in the antique Kashan, tying both floor and ceiling together.

Classic Traditional Dining Room Interior Design With Antique Persian Kashan Rug

Cozy Bedroom Interior With Antique Persian Heriz Rug

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Interior Design With Oriental Rugs

Interior design featuring a Persian rug is a timeless way of decorating. For centuries, they have been used both as room accents as well as features. Best of all, they are easy to incorporate. Here are some ideas to have in mind if you want to do this in your home.

Do Some Research First

Take your time and look around to find the colors and styles that you like best. This can also help you to figure out what falls within a realistic budget in terms of quality, style and size.

Make the Rug the Focus

If youre redesigning an entire room including walls and furniture, start out by picking the rug that you really love. One of the helpful things about interior design with a Persian rug is that they already have so many colors in them. Its easy to pick up different ones when it comes to painting, furniture and other room accents.

Determine Your Preferred Color Scheme

Besides your personal preference in terms of color, you also want to take into account such considerations as lightness and darkness of the colors, and the effect they will have on the room overall. For example, light colors can make a room seem larger.

Interior Design Persian Rug Patterns

Persian rugs generally fall into the following broad categories, and you will want to consider the style of furniture and overall decor you prefer in making your choice:

  • Those featuring curved lines.
  • Ones with geometric figures and straighter lines.
  • Rugs that have amore contemporary look.

Figure Out Your Ideal Carpet Size

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