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Modern Decor For Above Kitchen Cabinets

Some General Rules To Follow

(MUST WATCH) 20 Captivating Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For Modern Home Design

1. Dont draw too much attention.

You dont necessarily want to draw eyes up there, says Joo. When dealing with the gap, she cautions against bold design choices that might accentuate the gap as a focal point in your kitchen. Things like decorative lights or an accented wall color can pull too much focus.

2. Mind the grease.

If the gap is directly above your range, it is going to get a little messy regardless of how good your ventilation is. That area acts like a dust pocket. Then that dust gets full of oil from your cooking and gets stuck, says Asprea. Things like cookbooks or linens should be far away from the stove, as they could get damaged over time by residual grease buildup. Check to see if that space is greasy, and if so, stick to things you can clean, like vases or glassware.

3. Have a through line

Its okay to be varied in what you put across the space, it doesnt need to be all vases or all plants, just some sort of cohesive note that will streamline everything and keep it looking clean and organized, says Hopp. Whether it be a general color scheme, texture, shape, or material, having a unified visual look will make the space look much better.

4. Make it personal

Where I see people go wrong often is with this sort of cliche propesque decor that feels cheesy or disconnected from actual use and authenticity, like prints of an Italian vineyard or something like that, says Hopp.

Combined With Open Shelving

This kitchen has cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling, and while thats nice in terms of storage, its also kind of boring to look at. Depending on your kitchens layout, it also has the potential to make the space feel cluttered and cramped.

So, if you dont have any space over the kitchen cabinets, consider sacrificing one to create some open space. You can then hang some floating shelves, with the bottom few still providing storage, and the top sitting at the same level as about halfway up of the cabinets.

Create An Indoor Garden

If you are a nature lover, you can have a tiny garden in those blank spaces above the cabinet. Make sure that you purchase plants that require low sunlight. You can also try on celery or garnishing plants. Also, buy similar planting pots in color and shape to give your space a neat and contemporary look.

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Ways To Style Farmhouse Decor Above Kitchen Cabinets

Whether youre looking for a final touch for your kitchen or a quick way to spice up your decor, it may be time to look up toward your kitchen cabinets all the way to the top. Ive noticed over the years how captivating farmhouse decor above kitchen cabinets can be, so I am always on the lookout for a good display. However, more often than not, I find the space between the ceiling and cabinet tops empty in homes. While this is understandable since it is a bit of an awkward area to decorate, it feels like a wasted opportunity.

Creating a display above your kitchen cabinets doesnt take up any extra space and adds a personal touch to the heart of the home. It is a great way to show off your style. Beyond those benefits, adding farmhouse decor above kitchen cabinets also helps draw the eye up, making the room feel taller and more spacious. Have heirlooms or fragile decor? This hard-to-reach area is terrific for displaying items that you dont want your kids, pets, or clumsy adults to break.

If all of those perks sound great, but you arent sure where to start, youre in the right place. Grab your step ladder and get ready to be inspired by these 11 ideas to style farmhouse decor above kitchen cabinets!

Brick Texture Over Cabinets

Design by Betsy Burgan

Source: Lark and Linen

I love the idea of making a statement with your backsplash and then carrying that pattern all the way up the wall. Bonus: no dusting of knick-knacks above the cabinet. Clean and simple! You could pretty easily install a similar brick backsplash using faux brick panels, peel-and-stick wallpaper, or brick veneer.

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Ideas Inspiration And Diys Dont Waste That Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

Last year, when I painted our kitchen cabinets, I also raised the upper cabinets to the ceiling. We have very limited counter space, and I love having an open shelf to set things on when Im baking or meal prepping. But, I only did this on one side of our kitchen.

It didnt make sense to raise the cabinets on the other side, when I would have had to work around the microwave and fridge. So, for over a year now, Ive been wondering about what I should do above the cabinets on this side of the kitchen.

As I think forward to the next chapter in our kitchen makeover , here are some ideas Ive come across that might work above my cabinets:

Tips For Raising Items Up

When you have cabinets like me that have a lip on them and are not flat on the top often setting something up there the bottom gets hidden from the lip. My tip for that is so simple, just add a small board like a 1 x 4 or 2 x 4 depending how tall you need something raised.

If you have no wood at home you can get a scrap piece at any hardware store or just come to my house, lol. Seriously just a small block of wood under whatever you need raised up works wonderfully! I used a bunch of them above my cabinets since most of my items needed to be raised to see it all.

Here is above my cabinets and the lip on the edge. So now you can see what I mean about adding a block under things to raise them up. It is very sloppy up there but you wont see any of that because of that lip on the cabinets.

When hubs remodeled the kitchen he made sure to add outlets up there so we could have rope lighting on top of the cabinets. He also made those outlets work with a switch so super easy to turn on and off and Id say he is the best!

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Add Texture With Woven Baskets

Make your upper cabinets a stowaway shelf for your favorite woven baskets. Timeless woven baskets offer out-of-sight storage overhead and bring organic texture and warmth to any design. The Refined Group nestled a stack of white-washed baskets above upper cabinets to enhance the soaring ceiling height in this stately French country-inspired kitchen.

What To Do With The Space Above Kitchen Cabinets

Decorating Above Your Kitchen Cabinets/ Kitchen Décor/ Farmhouse Decor

Here is a collection of decorating ideas for the space above your kitchen cabinets including a variety of design styles for inspiration.

Layer the Vases & Jars

Vases & jars can be so much more than just decorative pieces on your console table. They come in a lot of sizes and shapes making it one of the popular choices for the space above the kitchen. Arrange the vases above the kitchen cabinet. Do not line them up, instead place them in groups of varied heights and shapes to add some visual appeal. For a rustic charm, plain mud vases would be perfect.

This contemporary kitchen with peninsula layers the space above the cabinets with an assortment of red glass vases to give the space a touch of color.

A collection of glass jugs and ceramic pottery can be positioned above your cabinets to show off you favorite decorative pieces.

This kitchen has a variety of different sized glazed jugs to create visual interest. They also bring a small print and plant in to the kitchen design to give additional contrast.

Utility Baskets For Your Extras

You never get enough of the utility baskets. They blend well into any kind of décor while being functional all the time. To make use of the extra space about the kitchen cabinets place a few baskets there to store some of your extra items. This not just keeps the kitchen area clean but also fills in the space above the kitchen cabinet smartly.

Make Use of Wallpaper

Add Some Green Plants

Show Off Some Art

Line Up Your Cook Books

Kitchen Signs

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Art Gallery Above Cabinets

An art gallery above your cabinets is IN and super innovative! Use the space above your cabinets to decorate and display your collection of art. Treat this space as a gallery wall and add in different heights and textures to really make the space appealing. Bringing in some surprising elements like brass frames for some extra pop will really dramatize the room. This option is great for lower cabinets with high ceilings, but this option can work for just about anyone. You can get creative with the art and if you are having trouble finding just the right pieces, try printing abstracts or making your own abstract masterpiece! This is a great way to save money without anyone knowing.

Second Set Of Cabinets In A Different Finish

Here is a unique take on a second set of cabinets a totally different finish! It creates a really cool contrast but still has a uniform look.

The best way to accomplish this without it looking clunky or clashing is to install cabinets without trim and to skip hardware. The kitchen in this picture totally nailed the look.

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Smart Ways To Use The Space Above Your Cabinets

I seriously dont understand why there is space above my kitchen cabinets. If someone knows of a historical reason, please illuminate me in the comments. Why cant my cabinets just go all the way to the ceiling? I do not know. What I do know is that its a terrible waste of space and it tends to get pretty gross and dusty.

Do you share my pain? Here are a few ideas to make that space actually work for you and me!

How To Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets

decorating above kitchen cabinets {10 ways}

March 24, 2020Jennifer Davenport

Hello friend! Are you looking for ideas about how to decorate above your kitchen cabinets? A constant question that gets asked quite a bit, when discussing kitchen makeovers, is what is the proper way to decorate above the kitchen cabinets. So, I thought it was time to share my top 3 tips on decorating about your cabinets.

I remember, probably over 20 years ago when I decorated above my cabinets. I couldnt stuff enough ivy above the cabinets! There wasnt an inch of cabinet space where there wasnt decor or greenery. Now, when I am decorating for clients and choosing items for above their cabinets, I keep things pretty minimalist and simple.

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Another Layer Of Storage

Fans of basically any HGTV show will know that adding that extra row of storage along the top of the cabinets is a huge asset, both for the added storage as well as for the overall look of the kitchen.

Again, this is something that can be costly to add, but you can do a faux version! Just fill the empty space on top of the cabinets with some wood, add some trim to create the illusion of cabinets, paint the space, and add hardware. No hinges necessary .

My Tips On Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets

#1 First off measure the distance between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling so when you are out shopping or thrifting for pieces you love you know exactly the size you cannot exceed. But first, always look for things in your own stash from around your home that you might want to use. I personally keep a small stash of decor items packed away and therefore I can switch things out easily for a change in my space and not having to buy new each time.

#2 Go with colors already in your kitchen. You do want everything to flow nicely so stay in the same color family. So if you have all warm soft tones like I do you will want to stick with those tones. If you have all bright colors throughout your kitchen then stay within that tone.

#3 Decide on things you love and things that make you happy. Maybe you have a collection of something special or meaningful to you that you would love to showcase? Such as a collection of white ceramic pitchers stashed in the basement because you have no place for them. Or a collection of vintage items for the kitchen like a vintage sifter, strainer, or grater, which are all kitchen related. Other ideas are trays, platters baskets or a bunch of faux plants, etc. Any of that would look so cute above the cabinets. But be sure that decor relates to the whole style of the room.

#6 If you have staggered cabinets with different heights, no you do not need something on every cabinet.

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Creative And Original Ideas For Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets

You have surely seen many fantastic kitchens with cabinets up to the ceiling. Such cabinets not only provide additional storage space, which is incredibly important, but also visually make the ceilings higher. In addition, they look visually pleasing. However, there are home owners who face another challenge high ceilings. Of course, there is another group of people who simply do not like cabinets that are installed up to the ceiling. For those of you, there are great ideas how to use the space above kitchen cabinets turning it into a decorative or functional interior detail.

Add storage containers

Any storage space must be optimized. You can easily place baskets or boxes and put all those little things that clutter your drawers and cabinets. Add a label and you will always find what you need in minutes. No more rummaging through the drawers! The space above your kitchen cabinets can be the perfect place for all the utensils that you use for cooking but are not quite aesthetically pleasing. The only thing that you need to consider is what type of containers is suitable for your interior. Baskets, wooden crates or wicker boxes are ideal for rustic, Shabby chic, vintage and traditional style but can be used in modern interiors if you want to add a homey feeling.

Display a collection of beautiful items

A cookbook library

Seasonal decoration

An indoor garden

A mini art gallery

There Are Times When Decorating Above The Cabinets Can Work


Items that are simple in style and shape are best up high.

I am such a fan of kitchen cabinets to the ceiling and overscaled, tall cabinets that fit the height of these new homes with higher ceilings.

It’s as if the builders didnt get the memo that if youre going to raise the ceiling, the cabinets and other elements need to go too!

Seriously though . . . While Im not in love with the stuff that people arrange way up high just to fill a small void, and I do think people overload those areas where its not necessary, there are certain situations and certain times when some decorating actually does need to be done above a cabinet.

For example: If your cabinet is fairly short — let’s say about 5 or 6 high and it looks way shorter than the ceiling. If it sort of cries out for something to be put above it — that’s okay, you can decorate it -)

Really, there are a few approaches you can take when decorating above a cabinet.

So, to make sure one of them really works for you, you first have to determine if you have the right space for what you want to put up there and if you have the right accessories to do the job.

If you do, you can then begin to address your cabinet decorating as follows.

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Build Kitchen Cabinets Up To The Ceiling

Source: Thrifty Decor Chick

This DIY has been a top-contender in my kitchen inspiration search for quite some time. This blogger basically built simple plywood boxes and mounted them abover her upper cabinets. This creates little cubbies that can hold decorative storage boxes or other items to put on display.

Stylish Storage Above Cabinets

We love this option! You can never have enough storage and if you are working with small spaces it gets even more critical. That wasted space above your cabinets is THE perfect location for some stylish wicker baskets, wooden crates , and even colored plastic boxes for a pop of color.

Using your kitchen cabinet space for good and finding a functional purpose for it isnt always easy. Use these helpful tips, your creativity and find a need and fulfill it! You really cant go wrong as long as you feel that it adds value and creates a cozy environment for you and your family.

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Patterned Vases And Urns

A large grouping of patterned vases and urns can show off a collection. This grouping of blue and white porcelain ginger jars, lidded urns, vases, bowl and teapots accentuate the subtle blue wallpaper with white accents. Some pattern designs include Holland Delft pottery , Pagoda, China Blue, Blue Chinoiserie and Blue Willow.

The key to a successful grouping is to use different sizes and shapes. Work with odd numbers in groupings. Break up large groupings with a bowl or plate add in a few single-color pieces to break up the patterns.

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