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Middle School Math Classroom Decor

Middle School Classroom Decorating Themes

Decorating My FIRST Middle School Math Class!

If you’re seeking for a course that fits your current skill level, Middle School Classroom Decorating Themes is just what you’re looking for. These are the most popular online courses and classes that will undoubtedly benefit your learning process. With these tips, you will be able to study and build personal talents in order to attain the goals you set for yourself during the learning process.

Show That Math Is Useful

Teachers have all heard the old, What will I ever use this for? lamentation in response to hard math. Create a bulletin board showing how useful math is in all areas of life. Choose several professions or activities and write a short description of how math is used. Youll see the lightbulbs going off as students realize just how important math really is.

Make A Giant Timeline

Reinforce the concept of telling time by having students make clocks on paper plates to create a timeline of the day. Each paper plate will show a time that the class does something, such as go to recess or have math class. Students can also illustrate what the students are doing at each time.

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Math Classroom Decorationswith A Purpose

Looking for the perfect math classroom decor or theme? I LOVE classroom set up and classroom decor! Whos with me??? Okay, okay I get it! Its not everyones thing and thats okay! It is so incredibly important to balance making our classrooms welcoming and cute, but also functional and meaningful!

Over the years I have learned it is important to use the wall space I have in a meaningful way! Yes, those posters are so incredibly cute, but do they aid my students and the instruction that will happen in my classroom this year? Im not saying everything must have an absolute purpose! I have giant paper flowers at the front of my room which I love, and their only purpose is to look cute and thats okay! Its all about balance!

Here are some great ways you can use to spruce up your classroom with resources your students will actually use and that will bring value to your math instruction.

This resource is not only super cute, but also gives students access to grade level vocabulary. Brittany at Miss5th has multiple options for each letter so you can choose what works best for your students.

This works perfectly for upper elementary and middle school classrooms. Students can use this number line as they work through problems, but it also gives a visual, color-coded reminder of numbers that are prime and composite.

Skip Counting Posters

Problem Solving Strategies Posters

Math Puns

Invisible Math Is Must

Pin by Katie Formisano on Math Facts

Are your students constantly forgetting those invisible 1s in math?

There are so many things in math that are invisible that we may take for granted as teachers. We tend to forget that our students might need additional practice on these concepts!

Having a constant reminder on the wall will truly help your middle school math students grasp all of the invisible 1s!

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Digital Student Work Displays

My favorite classroom decoration is posting students work, especially things they have created digitally. These look so good when printed in color. This picture depicts how students decorated my door after creating their digital Facebook profiles for Dr. Seuss characters.~ Lyndsey from Lit with Lyns

Amazing Math Bulletin Board Ideas For Your Classroom

by Sara Ipatenco

  • copied!

Math is one of the core subjects taught at all grade levels. Its also one of those subjects where students need visuals to help them learn and retain information. Thats where math bulletin boards come in! Create a few visually appealing math-themed boards to remind your students of math concepts in a fun, eye-pleasing, memory-making way.

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First Day Of School Activities

Classroom And Paperwork Organization

Classroom Setup Day 3! Plant Themed (Middle School Math Classroom)

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Both The Poster And Handout Contain Multiple Printing Options

From completely blank, to partially filled out, to completely filled out, choose the version of this poster that will work best with your class.

I used this many ways as a note reference page, decoration for my room, and review for working with a topic involving the coordinate plane. Includes all the details and parts you want for your students and has the option to not display all of the information if you want. Colorful and very useful.

Ryan D.

  • Amy Harrison on Teachers Pay Teachers
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    Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this resource!

    Cute Math Classroom Dcor For Back To School 2021

    Everyone is anxious to welcome their students back to the classroom, and many teachers are going ALL OUT to decorate their rooms for back to school.

    This poster is cute AND functional. Decorate and educate!

    You will get lots of compliments on this poster!

    Love this product. So easy to understand and print. Lots of others have asked about this product. Definitely would recommend to others. Students love it too.

    Jeanie T.

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    Ways To Decorate Your Secondary Classroom

    Every teacher wants to decorate their classroom. After all, its the space where they spend the majority of their day. Fun décor engages students and makes them excited to be in school and learn. It also gives teachers a break from the monotone cinderblock white walls, gray carpet, and bland drop ceilings often found in public schools.

    A quick search on Google Images or reveals plenty of classroom décor ideasfor elementary school teachers. For middle and high school classrooms, the results are sparse.

    Many secondary teachers feel they must choose between decorations that are juvenile or decorations that are boring. But there is a third option! Weve scoured the internet for creative classroom décor that is appropriate for grades 6 -12. Below are our 8 favorite ideas for secondary classroom décor.

    1. Dont watch the clock, solve it!

    Perfect for math classrooms, students will have to solve equations to get the time.

    2. Sleek science posters

    Etsy is a great resource for affordable classroom décor thats mature and school appropriate. These posters could easily be found in the apartment of an adult chemist or in a high school biology class.

    3. Memes

    Memes are incredibly popular among middle and high school students. Take it one step further by using memes that relate to your subject matter. Historical memes, scientific memes, math memes, and even classroom rules memes will give your students a good laugh.

    4. Oh Captain! My Captain!
    5. Whats old is new again
    8. Get social

    Magazine Holders For Supplies

    Classrooms of the Future Design

    My classroom feels better to me when things are organized. I use these magazine holders for individual student supplies. I print out and laminate numbers, then attach them to the front of these. Because I teach two classes of 7th grade math, each magazine holder contains supplies for two students . My students come into class and bring their supplies to their desks for the day.

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    Remind Students To Check Their Work

    Much of math is going back and checking work to make sure students have reached the correct answer. Use something relevant to students, such as a selfie, to help them remember the steps to checking their work properly. Chances are this bulletin board will result in more careful work from your students!

    I Don’t Like To Decorate

    My classroom circa 2014 .The bulletin board is pretty bare. This was during pre-planning week, but the bulletin board didn’t change much during the year!
    My classroom circa 2017 . The white tables and blue chairs were newwhich is the reason for the photo, but you can see the bulletin board in the background.The blue background and border were there when I took over the room from a retired teacher a year before.
    My classroom circa 2019. The bulletin board is gone andhas been replaced by glass panels .We write on them with dry-erase markers!

    Read more about my classroom with all of the dry-erase surfaces in my Ideal Math Classroom blog post.

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    Most Math Classroom Posters Are Hard To Read From The Desks

    The text is usually too small and they are often cluttered with too much information.

    Your students cant even read them from their desks! Whats the point?

    I LOVE these posters! I printed them off on colorful paper to go with my classroom color theme. My students are constantly looking over to my Invisible Math wall for reminders! Great purchase!

    Karen Q.

    Classrooms Should Be Engaging Not Distracting

    Classroom Setup Part 2 | Middle School Math Classroom | 2021 – 2022 School Year

    Thats not to say that every wall must be bare. In 2015, a team of researchers in the U.K. analyzed 153 classrooms and found that students benefited most when the walls had some decorations. The displays on the walls should be designed to provide a lively sense to the classroom, but without becoming chaotic in feel. As a rule of thumb, 20 to 50 percent of the available wall space should be kept clear, the researchers wrote.

    So what do researchers say teachers should do?

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    Other Middle School Math Teachers Love Invisible Math

    Check out more of the thousands of perfect reviews on Teachers Pay Teachers.

    I love how bright these are in my classroom and reference them at least 3 times a week. These are fantastic!!!! Definitely a math classroom staple.

    Lee G.

  • Amy Harrison on Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Both downloads are identical in every way. If you download this resource directly from me, your purchase goes much further toward supporting My Math Resources!

    Either way, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed by downloading directly from My Math Resources, youre giving me the maximum amount of support!

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    Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this resource!

    Such an amazing resource! I printed out these posters on colored paper and I reference them almost daily it seems. I also printed the one page reference sheet for my students to glue into their interactive math notebooks. Thank you!

    Jacque M.

    Math Classroom Decoration Ideas

    Welcome, Math Person! poster
    Divisibility rules pennant
    My first math word wall
    Ms. Lyons’s classroom mural
    Back to school math pennant and glyph – print and digital

    Sylvia Duckworth

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    These Are Black & White Diy Posters

    Use the Easy Printing Guide to print the panels you want to use, cut them out, and assemble your poster.

    For best results, print on color paper or card stock and laminate.

    If you want your posters to look exactly like mine, you need to print them on Astrobrights color paper.

    Every classroom must have! Absolutely love these! Print on bright paper, laminate and put them up on your wall for all to see! These are amazing! Thanks!

    Ashley P.

    Here Are Your Quick And Easy Middle School Classroom Decor Ideas:

    The gallery for

    1. Lets start with my classroom library, which you can read a more in-depth post about here. Yes, I absolutely love the way it looks, but it didnt require a ton of time to get set up. The bulletin board is something I created, which you can grab here, and the Figurative Language Posters above the bulletin board are something else I created, that you can grab here as well. Both took maybe 30-45 minutes to print out and put together!

    The bulletin board paper and trim were all purchased from Amazon. Here are the links to everything I purchased and my bulletin boards:

    I also like to have a number of dictionaries and thesauruses on hand for when students write in-class essays. I purchased these from the Target Dollar Spot about 6 years ago and am so glad I did. Theyve been used many times over the years. And while this doesnt necessarily count as a classroom decor idea, its still very helpful to have!

    This is the view of my classroom looking out from the library. At the beginning of each year, I like to have my student desks in partnered rows because it helps me more easily remember their names. Throughout the year we change desks into various configurations rows, groups, a mixture of both. Were always moving!

    *Side note that I like to use PowerPoint to create my seating charts. Its incredibly easy to use again and again throughout the year and to display it in my classroom for students to easily see when we do switch spots.

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    Must Have Math Teacher Supplies


    • Pin1.5K

    In the summer, I excitedly anticipate the release of classroom decorations to the Target Dollar Spot. Since that is weeks away, I thought I would use my energy to create a list of supplies that every math teacher should have in their classroom. All of these items can be found in use in my classroom any given day . Here are 20 of my favorite must have math teacher supplies.

    Dos And Donts Of Classroom Decorations

    What you put on your classroom walls can affect your students ability to learn.

    Heavily decorated classrooms can bombard students with too much visual information, interfering with their memory and ability to focus, a new study finds.

    This is just the latest study to examine the relationship between classroom environment and students executive functions, which include skills like memory, attention, and self-regulation. While teachers have good intentions when decorating, many classrooms end up being sensory-rich in a way that could hamper childrens learning gains rather than help, according to psychologists Pedro Rodrigues and Josefa Pandeirada, who coauthored the study.

    To understand how decorations affect learning, Rodrigues and Pandeirada recruited 64 children between 8 and 12 years old to perform attention and memory tasks in two groups. For the high-decoration group, the walls of the room were covered with numerous pictures of ordinary objects and scenes, such as cars, musical instruments, and trees. Walls in the control groups room, on the other hand, were bare.

    Compared to children in the bare-wall room, children in the high-decoration room performed worse on all tests, which suggests that too much visual stimulus can be a distraction.

    Overall, the results from these studies indicate that children could have difficulty in ignoring visual distractors when these are embedded in the surrounding environment, the study authors explain.

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    Includes Additional Handouts And Worksheet

    You can easily use the half-page handout in your interactive math notebook. Or use the full page handout for extra practice or as a worksheet.

    I REALLY like this one. I also like that there are multiply options for printing. I can print them in smaller versions to help my students that need more help have their personal, differentiated copy.

    Mesha S.

    Setting Up A Classroom That Works For Teens

    New Classroom Set Up Day 1 & 2 (Middle School Math Teacher)

    It may be hard to believe, but our summer vacation is coming to a close, and it is already time to start thinking about heading back to the classroom.With a new year comes a chance to try new tactics, including how to set up the classroom for maximum responsivity from students. In fact, starting off the school year with a well designed classroom will set your students up for success. A study conducted by The University of Salford concluded that the environment of a classroom affected learning and academic progress by as much as 25%.However, with overcrowding and budget cuts, it can be difficult for teacher to create their dream classroom for successful students. Envoplan

    • Room for yourself to walk around between student desks. Youll need to get down beside a student often to help out on their own paper and show them things one-on-one.
    • Space between desks and aisles for students to easily walk up to the board. Its great to have students come up and work beside you or one another to share different methods, go over homework together, and show work where everyone else can see.
    • Plenty of blank board space. Dont clutter it up with posters, decorations, etc. Youll want as much room as possible for as many students to work at the board as you can fit. Ive sometimes had the entire class up working with dry erase markers at the board when I could fit them all!

    Desk clusters

    • Make the most of your room
    • Minimize distractions

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