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Mid Century Modern Room Decor

Go Bold With Futuristic Floral Wallpaper

Living Room Tour Mid Century Modern/Boho Home Decor Tips

Often reserved for special occasions, the dining room is a great space for adding statement wallpaper. This radical, stylised Starflower print, dating to 1967, has a kaleidoscopic quality undoubtedly influenced by the Op Art movement popular of the time.

Now reprinted in several colourways by Little Greene, including near to the original , it will set the tone for a retro scheme £74 per roll.

Add Some House Plants To Soften The Room

Having some houseplants in your bedroom will not only brighten up the space but will also make you healthier and happier, as studies show.

Make sure to keep the leaves trimmed for the health of your plant The green of the leaves looks especially pretty in a room with wooden accents.

Should You Steer Clear Of Some Materials

If that credenza youre eyeing isn’t solid wood, dont fret. People are often disappointed when they learn that a piece of furniture is made with wood veneer, not solidand I think thats wrong! says Daniel. Some of his favorite and most sought-after pieces of the midcentury are made using veneer. Its not a new technique only implemented to make cheaper furniture. Vintage pieces made with veneer have lasted as long as they have because they are made for function, with matching woods and inlay work.

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Focus On Earth Tones And Colors

For a classic mid-century modern style, youll want to focus on the color palette, like neutrals and earth tones. Play with different shades of brown, rust, mustard yellow, and green, with a touch of gray and white.

If youre using a dark wall color, make sure you have enough natural light coming in so your room doesnt look too gloomy.

Contemporary Floor To Ceiling Windows In Mid

10 Mid

Which element of the room that catches your attention the most? Is it the hanging fire pit or the massive floor to ceiling windows?

The floor to ceiling windows in this living room design is gigantic. The advantageous of it is that the natural light will shine the inside of the room, minimizing electricity.

However, the disadvantageous will be the loss of privacy, although the latter can easily be solved by utilizing long drapes and increasing security system.

Then, the attention is moved to the unique hanging fire pit in the middle. The black color gives a deep contrast against the rest of the furniture.

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Stick With A Certain Color

A lot of mid-century modern design ideas focus on the browns and greens, but you can still add some color, as long as you keep it fairly consistent.

This living room is really playing up the gold and mustard yellow color with the couch, picture frames, and even the light. The color goes well with the warm wood coffee and end tables and doesnt take away from the mid-century modern vibe.

Large Geometric Area Rugs

To tie your Mid-Century living room together, use a large area rug printed with a bold geometric pattern that amplifies the room’s color scheme. The rug can be high-pile, low-pile, shaggy, or plush depending on your preference. What’s important is a geometric pattern that can ground the airy space while also providing stylish flair.

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

No matter what style of décor you choose, mirrors are the perfect design accessory. They add a light airy feeling to any room in your home. If placed properly, a mirror can make a space look bigger by reflecting light into a room, or highlight a beautiful backyard landscape by placing it opposite a garden door or window. A sunburst mirror is an icon of this era. It is simply a must-have accessory that shines mid-century into your home. There are plenty of replicas or originals to be found online or in stores.

Shop These Products Now: Sunburst Mirror

Encourage Natural Light For An Airy Feel

Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Ideas |

To add to the natural and airy feeling of the mid-century room done right, make sure youre getting in as much natural light as possible.

Rooms with big windows are best, and youll notice that curtains arent used here. They add too much frilliness and unnecessary decoration, plus they tend to make a room look smaller and darker even when open. The high ceilings and white paint help the sunlight spread through the room.

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Brighten Up The Room With An Arc Lamp

Add some light to your living room in the evenings with a classic arc lamp. This is a floor lamp thats smooth metal on a sturdy base and curves into the room to provide a lot of light.

You can go for a simple, minimalist arc lamp or one that hangs far into the room like in this example. Whatever you choose, the smooth design will add some curved appeal to the straight lines of your room.

Mix And Match Materials

Mid-century modern can incorporate so many different fabrics and materials. Which is why in a living room, designed accordingly, you can find wood, metal and marble, for example. Just like in the picture below, if these elements are used right, they bring chicness and diversity to the room. And it doesnt hurt that they make your furniture look so good.

Get creative with your furniture

Now browse through the gallery to find even more ideas

Light and airy modern contemporary living room

Gorgeous mid-century modern house with incredible elements

Simple, clean lines are a must for the style

Mid-century living room design incorporating a few colors

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The Scandinavian Modern Living Room

This living room makes a splash with its cool, cleansing blend of mid-century modern and Scandinavian styles. The mid-century modern pieces, like the side chairs, sofa, and side table, feature natural woodwhich is an element of Scandinavian design as well. Along with the standing lamp and the wall art, the jewel-toned blues and smooth lines and surfaces create a calming, yet colorful aesthetic.

Scandinavian design elements include the coffee table, the rug, woven pouf, and sheer curtains. Natural materials make the living room feel earthy and organic and Scandi design loves the natural light that shines through sheer fabric! Both styles are all about clean lines and neutral wood finishes. The simple silhouettes allow ample space and the small plants bring the hygge!

Draw The Eye With A Geometric Area Rug

14 Iconic Mid

A key feature of this decor style is the geometric and abstract patterns here and there. In this example, a geometric rug acts as the centerpiece of the room and adds a splash of color.

It matches the furniture perfectly with its gray, white, and yellow tones, tying the room together. With a geometric area rug, its important that you keep the other elements of the room low-key so it doesnt become too overwhelming.

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The Ultimate Guide To Decorating Mid

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Today were going dive deep into everything Mid Century Modern , learn all about its characteristics & how to decorate MCM style!

The mid-century modern movement was a time of great change. The style emerged in the middle of the 20th century after World War Two. Focusing on clean lines, geometric shapes and bright colors, it was the perfect antidote to the fussy and drab home décor seen before the war.

Its very chic, very streamlined, very elegant.

Even though the mid-century modern style is now over seventy years old, it is still very much loved. Many of the pieces designed then are still being manufactured today!

So pull up an Eames chair, pour yourself a vodka martini and lets take a look at the mid-century modern style together.

Or watch the video instead!!

What are the features of mid-century modern, where can you buy pieces, and how can you incorporate this iconic style into your home?

What Is Midcentury Modern Style

This term refers to the dominant furnishings of the mid-20th centurysimple, functional wooden pieces made from teak and curved designs reigned supreme. “Midcentury modern design evolved in response to a post-World War II environment,” designer Liza Kuhn explains. “Designers and architects were eager to develop new ideas that married the mass production and technology invented during the first half of the 20th century with a more optimistic outlook for the future.”

We spoke with designers about the history, key characteristics, and popularity of the midcentury modern style . These pros also shared their tips for styling one’s home with MCM pieces and what to keep in mind when shopping.

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Vintage Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas

For a truly authentic mid century modern living room, you can buy vintage or antique furniture. These are pieces that were originally designed and sold during the 1960s and 1970s. Many of them were well made and are in beautiful condition today.

The most famous and favorite piece of modern designers is the Eames lounge chair. This iconic piece is probably one of the most comfortable chairs you will ever sit in. They feature smooth backs and seats that follow the curve of the body.

Then theyre upholstered with leather with the perfect amount of cushioning. Youll find the ideal Eames chair for your living room as they come in a wide variety of wood finishes from walnut to teak. Then they have a range of upholstery options for the seat.

Having an Eames chair in your living room instantly brands your living room space as mid century modern. Itll evoke the feeling of Don Drapers masculinity and suave style.

Grey Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas

Bedroom Tour! Mid Century Modern Decor.

You can consider grey the beautiful, neutral backdrop to your more colorful accent pieces. Consider placing a textured grey rug or choose a laminate wood floor with a grey hue to it. A grey couch is also another smart choice.

Dont paint your walls grey. Classic mid century design dictates that your walls should be white. However, if you really want grey walls, consider a grey accent wall. You can create an angular geometric pattern. This style combines modern living room design with classic design ideas.

One thing to remember about grey: Its a cooler color. If you want a warm living room, youll need to add natural materials and warm accent colors to balance the grey.

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What Is Mid Century Modern Interior Design

Mid Century Modern, also known as MCM, is an interior design style that emerged in the mid-twentieth century. Some would describe it as minimalistic and the overall look of the room as uncluttered. It mixes highly varied materials, smooth finishes with highly varying textures, and highly stylized patterns with equally varying levels of complexity.

This design style communicates its beauty and charm is through the use of colors and textures not only in furniture but walls, flooring, windows, doors and trims. Most of the time, this type of decor is achieved by going with rich neutral tones. Instead of painting one wall a bright red, for example, the entire room will be painted a creamy beige color. In addition, instead of using bold colors, many times mid-century furnishings will choose muted shades such as browns, tans, or greens. These colors can then be paired with bold furniture choices such as dark wood, metal, or even crystal. The most commonly used woods are Walnut, Teak.

Other elements that are used for texturing the room are floral prints, abstract prints, etched glass, and even abstract art. Even tables can be made with interesting textures such as wood with steel frames or soft leather. The focus of this design style is to make the home feel comfortable, inviting, yet unique.

Color Schemes And Materials

Mid-century modern style is about primary colors and contrasts, so be generous using color unless you love neutrals a lot. But even in this case you will need some bold and muted shades of yellow, red, orange, green, brown and black, too. You may also dip into warm earthy tones and mix them up with neutrals to achieve a more boho-inspired look.

A material palette is extremely important for a mid-century modern space to make it feel and look like mid-century and to add interest to it. First of all, you should have rich-stained wood with grains seen thats a must for rocking this style. Second, you may add rattan for a more relaxed feel it pairs up beautifully with stained wood and woven items. Third, think of leather thats another super popular for this style material. Brick and stone can be also integrated into decor, especially if you are going to have an accent wall or a fireplace. Shiny metals are welcome but stay away from mixing up finishes and dont use too many metallic accents.

a beautiful mid-century modern living room with a grey sofa and a large rug, a greige egg-shaped chair, a duo of coffee tables, elegant copper lamps

a bold and lovely mid-century modern living room with concrete walls, a hot red sofa and a chair, a white chair, open shelves and a platform

a bold living room with an orange sofa and a graphic rug, an oval table, white leather chairs, a TV unit and colorful artworks

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Characteristics Of Mid Century Modern

Houses with this kind of style have open and large room with big sliding doors which push the member of the house to live healthy life.

Big glass doors or windows are going to make someone involved to the outside world with open minded because of the environment outside the house.

So, here are some important elements of Mid Century Modern style you need to know:

Easy Ways To Add A Mid

30 Mesmerizing Mid

It may be 202, but the nostalgic pull of the ingenious architectural designs of the 1950s is taking modern-day homes back in time. Homeowners are flooding the real estate market, hunting for unique mid-century modern gems, for numerous good reasons. For many of these homebuyers the main reason is simple: living in our mass-produced society has caused us to crave custom-made, unique designs. Simply put, our eyes are bored of staring at the same row upon row of houses that all look the same. The majority of us could get lost on our very own street!Unfortunately, most of these elusive mid-century jewels have all been purchased . On the other hand, there are some bonuses to living in our off-the-rack homes with electricity that is up to code.How about we meet in the middle by taking our ready-made home out of its boring box and turn it into a mid-century architectural dream? Here are 10 ways to take your home back in time .

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Opt For A Brighter Colour Scheme

From the 1950s onwards, limited paint palettes began to be replaced by new charts featuring a spectrum of intermediate tones, and bright colours were often used to enliven streamlined, rectilinear architecture.

Taken from its Mid-century paint range, Fired Earths South Bank teal/turquoise shade is a signature colour of the period, alongside buttercup yellow and flaming orange. Pictured here, it creates the perfect foil to the rich chestnut grains of an iconic teak sideboard. From £55 for 2.5ltrs of eggshell.

Shop Regularly And Be Patient

Patience is a must when decorating on a budget. Buying the pieces you need one at a time, maybe over several months, can help keep your living room affordable.

Keep your eyes open for good deals at yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores along with retail shopping. It helps to create a running list of the things that you need and want for your living room.

It will take time to get the right pieces, so save up for splurge items and piece together what you want. Thats right, we said splurge. If you find a piece from a retailer that you cant live without, save for it and try to grab it on sale. You can always call the store to ask about any upcoming sales, such as end-of-year sales, half-yearly sales, or holiday deals.

Remember: Not every piece needs to be a statement piece. Its enough to have one or two statement pieces that you love in your living room. Otherwise, youll have too many pieces vying for attention and itll be that much harder to create a calm, focused space.

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Throwing In Some Curves

The classic modern design calls for straight-edged, sleek design to give it the clean, minimalistic aesthetic its known for. To transition your modern living room to mid-century modern, you can add a few pieces or elements that have curved lines or rounded edges to break up the straight edges. You can use curves in your living room by looking for kidney or boomerang-shaped pieces, couches with a slight curve to them, or coffee tables that are more rounded rather than a table with sharp corners and edges.

If youre looking for the perfect piece to start converting your home, check out these 5 mid-century modern accent chairs.

Efficient Size Of Bedroom

New home tour! Mid Century Modern Decor. (Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room)

It does not have to be small, but this kind of style usually have an efficient size of the bedroom instead of having huge and large size for the bedroom like a super deluxe hotel room size.

Inside the room there is usually furniture with antique atmosphere starting from the smallest thing like accessories until the main one, the bed itself.

Do not worry, because you can still make illusion of having a wide room by putting several magic colors, like white for instance.

That is going to make your bedroom look wider even if maybe that is not as wide as that may look.

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