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Mid Century Modern Mantel Decor

Understand Its Origins: What Is Mid

All About Mid Century Modern Design Style

Living room retro modern interior design by interior designer, Michelle B.

Mid-century interior design marks an architectural and artistic era that spanned from the 1930s to the 1960s. It also forms part of the ultimate aesthetic cleanse, modern design. Modernism took shape as a reaction to the overly ornate and formal trends of the 1800s. By the 1930s, there was a spike in modern design due to the need for affordable practicality after World War I and newfound international influences, like Scandinavian design.

In this unique mix, this look became one of the popular styles of the era, and was finally coined mid-century modern after its reign in the 1980s by writer Cara Greenberg.

Mid century modern decorating for a living room by

Mid-century modern interiors are visually light and stick to the form-follows-function principle. As a result, creations from this period tend to take up as little space as possible. There is nothing unnecessary in their design. In terms of materials, plastic and wood often feature in furniture design, whereas architects relied on, then revolutionary, reinforced concrete and steel.

Mid-century modern houses, like the designs by Frank Lloyd Wright, have characteristic flat roofs, large rectangular windows and could even be cylindrical in structure. Whats more, these new buildings could tower over existing homes and offices. What we now know as skyscrapers and modernism, in all its forms, changed the private and public spheres forever.

How To Build A Mid

We wanted a simple, elegant, mid-century-esk fireplace mantel. A fireplace mantel is an easy project to undertake and it will drastically change the character of your room! Our challenge is that we needed a mantel larger than the common 60- and 72-inch kits. And I love an excuse to get my saws out. Heres a before and after and some tips for the design and build adventure.


To brighten our living room, we removed a massive bookcase and shelving unit, added a window and window coverings, replaced the mantel, updated the mirror, painted the brass solid black, white-washed the rock to mute the yellow. This post will focus on the mantel.

Styling A Rustic Style Mantel

Break out all things glass – funnel mouthed storage bottles, coir edged glass holders, terrarium bowls, and a whole lot of fresh florals and colorful wreaths to amp up the farmhouse vibe. This style makes a bold statement, so channel the same feeling throughout the room. This seasonal style adds a statement touch to the space. Use fresh flowers to add a spring scent throughout the room or faux blooms for less maintenance. To really bring this style to life, make sure to add in rustic wood accents and contrasting bronze or black metal pieces. This will add the Joanna Gaines touch, that so many people desire.

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Brick Fireplace With Mid

Basically, this living room features a lovely eclectic style. However, the fireplace shows a different style. It has a perfect combination of a mid-century and modern element in its design.

Similar to the fireplace before, this one is also a wood-burning one. The box is framed with a polished and exposed brick. Exposed brick is one of the natural materials used to achieve a mid-century look.

The brick fireplace is also framed with a white mantel. This polished white mantel looks brighter than the beige walls around it, making the fireplace the focal point in this room.

The mantel is narrow, though, unlike the usual mantels. So obviously, this one cant accommodate usual decorative kinds of stuff like vases, lanterns, or such. Instead, there seems to be a tiny sculpture and a single piece of artwork places against the wall on this mantel.

Fireplace Tile In Mid

Mid century modern fireplace and mantel.

This tiled fireplace looks gorgeous due to its unique pattern. The tiles are in grey color, which radiates a modern look perfectly. This fireplace complements the whole room because its a vintage look. This is a 1960s room featuring a wood-burning fireplace.

Similar to the previous picture, the mid-century element in this fireplace is the fact that it is a wood-burning fireplace. It is combined with the wood mantel in a medium to dark tone.

The polished wood mantel with a round edge is a perfect type of mantel to display some art. Like in this one, there are some artworks and decorative stuff on top of the mantel, making the fireplace look more stylish and trendy.

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Modern Fall Mantle Decor

Heres a bit of modern Fall mantle decor inspiration to cozy up your fireplace for Autumn! Be sure to bring in some warm oranges and yellows!

If you havent already decorated for Fall, its definitely time! This past Spring, I did a fireplace makeover, and painted my ceramic tile fireplace surround. You can see the transformation here. Now that the fireplace itself looks pretty, its time to decorate the mantle for Fall!

Mid Century Modern Mantel

Mid Century Modern Mantel. Starburst clock 23 orange handmade & painted mid century modern style wall art clock. Proud, but not boastful, the product is perfectly.

See more ideas about modern mantle, living room decor, home. See more ideas about modern fireplace, fireplace, mid century modern fireplace. Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


In a small space, sometimes less is more. A striking piece with a retro vibe, the utopia wall clock features a decorative starburst design.


Notify me when this product is available: Now this cute, chicago condo oozes.


Notify me when this product is available: I thought to myself, did we just pay for this? he said, the house is speaking to me.


Hermle germany westminster clock mantel clock pendulum chimney clock fireplace clock mantel wood, windable, key 1950 antique. The mantle we had was too fussy for the fireplace and the house.


We designed, built, and installed this mid century modern mantle in alder to marry with the new stacked stone, firebox surround and hearth, and sconces. Modern & contemporary henry fireplace shelf mantel.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars. The first area i added touches of mid century style to is our large window.

Source: designstylelove.comSource:

The mantle we had was too fussy for the fireplace and the house. Our clients lived and loved mid century modern.

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What Are The Popular Colors For Mid

The most popular color for mid-century modern living rooms is magnolia home morning calm. Another color is eden home magnolia.The hues are like Like teal. Aqua is popular and offers versatility.

The cool blue aqua hue adds light without making the room too bright. You can use it in a bedroom with white accents or wood tones for a calm and relaxing feel.

About This Term: Primary Bedroom

How To Decorate Mid Century Modern

Many real estate associations as well as the Real Estate Standards Organization have classified the term “Master Bedroom” as potentially discriminatory. “Primary Bedroom” is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

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    Design: Emily Henderson/ Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    This living room, designed by Emily Henderson, is a midcentury dream come true. The space displays midcentury mainstays like linear accents and furniture pieces from the period, but it showcases farmhouse elements with its abundance of wood and windows that open up to the scenery. In your rustic home, experiment with using sleek, sharp lines in the design for a nod to midcentury.

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    When some people picture midcentury homes, they might envision severe designs, metallic materials, and uncomfortable furniture. On the contrary, midcentury, when brought together with rustic accents, can be quite comfy and relaxed. This room, created by COTTAGE+SEA, is the embodiment of cozy with soft textiles, a functioning fireplace, and plush midcentury style furniture.

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    Throwing In Some Curves

    The classic modern design calls for straight-edged, sleek design to give it the clean, minimalistic aesthetic its known for. To transition your modern living room to mid-century modern, you can add a few pieces or elements that have curved lines or rounded edges to break up the straight edges. You can use curves in your living room by looking for kidney or boomerang-shaped pieces, couches with a slight curve to them, or coffee tables that are more rounded rather than a table with sharp corners and edges.

    If youre looking for the perfect piece to start converting your home, check out these 5 mid-century modern accent chairs.

    A Mantel Ready For Entertaining & Showcasing

    Not everyone decorates their mantle for each season or whim they have. If thats your case, you can still think of fun solutions to decor your fireplace- like for special events or when you have guests coming over. A colorful spring display using moss eggs, bright vases, and blossoming branches can create an adorable focal point that can be quite useful during your party. You can even use this space to add drinks, snacks, or other useful items like additional cups and plates. When the party’s over, you can still leave some of the vases and branches as a decorative element.

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    After Considerable Thought And Rumination I Came To The Conclusion I Like Having A Mantle But Not That Mantle

    Mid century modern mantel decor. Whimsical Wooden Trees Set of 4 Wooden Mid Century Decor Mantel Decor Wooden Shelf Decor Cabin Decor Rustic Home Decor alvinandgray 5 out of 5. If you love mid-century interior design then these mid-century modern bedroom decor ideas will surely inspire you. From warm wood furniture to retro chic decorations there are lots of key ways to decorate a bedroom in the mid-century modern style.

    We are here to guide you through this design process with the most inspirational photos. See more ideas about modern fireplace fireplace fireplace makeover. Frequently referred to as both mid-century and mid-century modern this well-recognized style includes Eichler ranches and split-level homes.

    It would be nice if the mantle were beefier more to the scale of the bigger stones in the fireplace4 inches or so thick You might also consider putting some wood trim at top where the stones meet the ceiling also to scale w the bricksAfter that almost anything would look nicekeep it simple a nice clock on one side and beefy candle sticks on the otheror a favorite. Find the best Mid-Century Modern Clocks for your home in 2021 with the carefully curated selection available to shop at Houzz. Mid-century architecture has long and low rooflines large windows entry courtyards and an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living.

    34 Best Modern Farmhouse Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas Thelatestdailynews

    Mid Century Modern Mantel Decor


    The sleek distinctive style is beloved and has seen a major revival in past years and we love the look. Rare Vintage Art Deco Mid Century Modern Orange Brass Metal Batavier Mantel Clock Germany 1950s Post Modern Design Horologist CrashBangRetro 5 out of 5 stars 164.

    Pin By Patricia Arce S Blog On Home Scandinavian Fireplace Modern Electric Fireplace Fireplace Design

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    Retro Colors For Modern Interior Design

    Living room mid century interior design with pops of color by designer, Aldrin C.

    Mid-century modern interior decorators and designers surely embraced color. Surprisingly, the retro color spectrum is vast. This wheel ranges from neutral to bright and bold, and even feature stark contrasts of black and white. However, we associate pastels, mustardy yellows, and blush with vintage interiors. The good news is that neutrals are timeless so they will always be your safest bet.

    Here Is How You Can Style Your Mantel With A Television

    Dont be surprised that our first suggestion is a bit different from what you may have expected. We love a practical design solution and in many homes, mounting a TV over the fireplace is just that. A fireplace creates a natural focal point in the room, and mounting the TV over a fireplace not only frees up floor space for other items but helps keep the focus on a beautiful accent in the room. Jazz up this option with decorative trees to balance height, baskets with throw blankets, or candle holders next to the fireplaces bottom. If you are concerned about how high a mantle may be for mounting your television comfortably, consider measuring it. A comfortable viewing angle for a TV above the fireplace is about 60-70″ from the ground. If you have to tilt your neck up too high, the TV is too high and you may want to consider an alternative placement.

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    Create A Modern Mantel With Few Pieces

    Instead of over-filling the area over your fireplace, consider this simple modern spring styling idea. The retro botanical posters will work as the center of attention as you build around this statement art set. You can add potted greenery and succulents to the sides to add more color and make the area look more warm and welcoming. You can always substitute the botanical theme for family photos, bright flowers, or plants if that suits your home decor better. The idea is to keep it simple and straightforward and to create a focal point with enough wow-factor.

    A Fireplace Mantel Is An Easy Project To Undertake And It Will Drastically Change The Character Of Your Room

    Mid-Century Modern Home Remodel for $81K | Flip or Flop | HGTV

    Mid century modern mantel decor. Create a midcentury modern design that doesnt feel forced by blending the style with vintage decor and classic silhouettes. Sawn White Oak Mid Century Modern Mantel ByrdAndCoDesigns 5 out of 5 stars 3. The Urban Fireplace A Cast stone fireplace mantel design that encompasses both mid-century modern and chic.

    Our challenge is that we needed a mantel larger than the common 60- and 72-inch kits. Retro Vintage Home Decor Mid-Century Modern SweetPeaVintageTwo. We wanted a simple elegant mid-century-esk fireplace mantel.

    The timeless design is functional and can easily impact a rooms overall design. The sleek distinctive style is beloved and has seen a major revival in past years and we love the look. The perfect accessory to pull together any Mid-Century.

    5 out of 5 stars 105. The mantle we had was too fussy for the fireplace and the house. Existing sunroom 1958 conversion into functional 4-season mid century modern living space.

    Like low console under fireplace jhmm_macivor. Aug 10 2016 Explore Do Re Me Creatives board Interior. And I love an excuse to get my saws out.

    Traditional sunburst clocks in gold and. After considerable thought and rumination I came to the conclusion I like having a mantle but not THAT mantle. The furniture and decor mainly consists of recycled reclaimed and refurbished material from various location such as the Re-Store Habitat for Humanity garage sales vintage stores and flea markets.

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    Mid Century Mantle Decor

    What Are The Characteristics Of Mid

    Mid-century modern furniture is characterized by its clean and simple design. It often reflects the style of other decor trends such as Scandinavian, Shaker, French country, or Bauhaus styles. Some of the more common features include:

    • Straight lines and angles – this gives furniture a sleek, modern appearance.
    • Use of wood veneers, solid surfaces, and steel or aluminum framing. These materials are often reflective which can add to the minimalist feel.
    • A focus on function over form. Mid-century furniture is often comfortable and practical, rather than ornate.
    • Pastel colors – these were popular in the 1950s and 1960s but have made a comeback as decorators return to the more simple and stylish decor of this period.
    • Abstract designs- this decor style often uses geometric designs to create visual interest.

    Horatio Computer Desk by Signature Design by Ashley.

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    If Boho Is Your Style Here Is How To Style Your Mantelcreate A Timeless Boho Display

    While unconventional, wall baskets can be a more permanent backdrop for your fireplace wall. These handcrafted Wall Baskets from West Elm can instantly glam up your mantel without having to worry about mix and matching different decor accessories. You can always add a vase with or without florals and family photos to the mantel to complete the look. Boho fireplaces really come together by focusing on adding natural textures and pops of natural greenery.

    Your Personal Art Gallery

    Mantel Decorating Tips and Ideas

    You know all of that art youve been diligently collecting for years? This is a great solution to display that art and add a great decorative touch to the room. A simple wooden shelf fixed over the wall can add a significant impact to the design. Either display just a few statement art pieces there or layer it with frames of different sizes. Want to enhance the design further? Dress up the rest of the room by adding in a cozy nook for reading, intimate conversations, or for when you crave some alone time to gather your thoughts.

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