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Mid Century Modern Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Is Coming These Modern Tree Ideas Will Help You Deck The Halls And Keep It Chic

Mid-Century Modern Inspired Christmas Decorations | Where to Find Vintage Inspired Decorations

Don’t sacrifice style for cheer.

By Caitlin Clark

For those who prefer a more streamlined aesthetic, decorating for the holidays can present a challenge. How do you deck the halls in a way thats festive without going over the top? Can there be lots of cheer without red-and-green everything? The answer is yes, of course. Festive is in the eye of the beholder, but given that most Christmas trees are decked to the nines, it can be hard to discover a more contemporary look. So in an effort to speak to the modern aesthetic, we culled the best modern Christmas tree decoration ideas.

And since modern can be vague, we set out to find a variety of unique inspirations. From streamlined ornaments and a completely contemporary take on the Christmas tree to a more natural, woodland-inspired approach, we have your chic halls covered.

The Mid Century 1950s Christmas Acessories

Those are really enormous-looking mid century Christmas decor! you can just literary jump out to the retro atmosphere just by sitting there.

There are some other decor elements that you should consider to be included in the decor. Check out some bubble lights.

They would make a perfect addition to the garland on the fireplace mantle.

Meanwhile, do not leave the sideboard or table empty. You can add a mini Christmas tree. It becomes a great centerpiece for the cofee table.

Besides, the sputnik design element is a mid-century themed item that can draw attention. It can be the mirror, wall clock, chandelier, and tree decoration.

Further, there are many other kinds like this to add which include terrarium, pillows, blankets, wall decor, and so on.

Mid Century Modern Christmas Living Room

My living room is my favorite space to decorate for Christmas. While I didnt go all out with a mid century modern Christmas tree, I did enjoy incorporating some modern elements into my decor. I love the look of a sparse Charlie brown tree to bring in that Scandinavian element, but I cant resist a full tree if I have the chance!

My goal for my Christmas living room was to be able to keep it simple while creating a cozy environment. Since many mid century modern Christmas decorations are very simple, I just kept the theme of simplicity in mind as I styled this space.

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The Mid Century Front

A hanging wreath on the front door seems to be a must during Christmas time. For a mid century christmas decor, you should think about things in the 60s or 70s.

That is the time this style should refer to. There are a lot of ideas when it comes to Christmas wreaths.

Things from a tree or plants are the popular components of a wreath.

Also, a tinsel wreath is a great idea as a mid-century modern decor. You can simply make it by picking up some packs of tinsel garland.

Then, glue it around the circular frame. Finish with a tie-up ribbon.

Additionally, this mid century Christmas wreath is similar to the aluminum tree. This is a great way to have matching Christmas decor for this holiday.

There Are Some Fantastic Photographs Showing The Tree In The Stahl House Could You Tell Us A Bit More About How This Happened

My Mid

This was a dream come true. I wanted to film the tree in the perfect venue and I reached out to the Stahls and told them about my Grandpa and his trees. They had dealt with Alzheimers in their family. I love how the tree holds its own in that amazing house! We were also lucky enough to be able to photograph the tree inside Charles Deatons 1963 Sleeper House in Colorado.

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Some Mid Century Christmas Decor Ideas

It is time for some inspiration in decorating the house for Christmas. These decor ideas would make everything very clear.

Hence, you will find out how mid-century Christmas decor is supposed to be.

The season is approaching. So, you would better be prepared for a classic and festive Christmas experience.

Sputnik And Tinsel Combination

The combination of two popular mid-century items is going to be a great way to design the house for Christmas.

This picture shows you an open door that has a wreath and a chandelier inside the house. Those two elements welcome the guest in mid-century style.

Check out the bright orange color of the front door. It contrasts with white paint for the entire interior.

The white wreath becomes a stunning focal point in front of the door. It becomes the highlight of the exterior.

Let us talk about that sputnik chandelier. It is surely a statement-making piece in mid-century style.

The gold color on the structure is making a bit of connection with the door. I am not talking about the color.

Cant you see the handles and the keyhole?

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Could You Tell Us More About The Mid

My grandfather, Lawrence Bud Stoecker, was an engineer and had his own business building A-frame cabins throughout the Colorado Rockies. He liked to make things and the triangle shape of an A-frame cabin was familiar. This led him to create the first Modern Christmas Tree in 1965. This first tree was made out of cardboard. He then migrated to masonite board and finally Plexiglas.

Midcentury Modern Christmas Decor

Mid-Century Modern Christmas Decor & Ideas

Give your Christmas decorations a little 1950s flair with atomic-age ornaments, stockings and decorations. The best part about most of these midcentury modern christmas decor items: you know that youll use them all well past the holidays for other entertaining occasions and everyday décor!

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The Stockings: Retro Felt And Lit Up

The stockings represent drama, anticipation, and a little mischief if youre doing them right. Start hiding treats in the stockings before the big day, and include some surprises from Santa.

Sometimes I also like to give coal candy to whichever family member has wronged me the worst that year.

To get the mid-century stocking style, go for red felt. You can turn it into a family project. Let everyone customize their stocking with the Christmas stencils in this easy DIY Christmas stocking tutorial.

Once your stockings are ready, evenly space them out on the mantle or banister. Write or print a name tag for each stocking and tie them together with a pretty curled ribbon.

Complete the look with a string of lights and garlandanything from retro popcorn to classic pine to shiny tinsel. If theres no outlet nearby, a battery-powered string light is your friend.

And its not really a mid-century Christmas unless you stuff those stockings with some of Grandmas old-fashioned hard candy.

Mid Century Christmas Decorations

When decorating your mantel in a Mid-Century motif color and contrast will keep the look authentic and celebratory. Modern Nativity Art Print Modern Christmas Decor Modern Nativity Mid Century Modern Christmas Mid Century Modern Nativity BrooklynSwenson 5 out of 5 stars 291 1600 FREE shipping Add to Favorites Previous page Next page Previous page.

My Holiday Family Room A Bit Vintage Boho And Midcentury Mod Christmas Decorations Living Room Mid Century Modern Christmas Modern Christmas Decor

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Subscribe to my newsletter with tips and updates PLUS get my Five Days to a 1950s-style Gracious and Elegant Life mini-course. Once subscribed, I will send you a newsletter with midcentury lessons for subscribers only. You also get access to a private Facebook group for subscribers only. How great is that?

Success! I have received your subscription request.But, there is one more step. I need you to confirm your subscription–check your email– so that I can start your mini ecourse on living a more gracious and elegant life.

Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe Cards

My Retro Christmas Tree

After drinking my fair share of Apple Pie Moonshine, I always package some up to give away to friends and family. Print the recipe so your friends can recreate it themselves next year.

Parabo is incredibly easy to work with. This is actually my second order with them so you know I like the final product. A word of caution for color matching, I had no issues with the color on a myriad of photos or the recipe card and succulent care cards. That being said, the tree did come back with some funky colors. After following up with Parabos customer service, it looks like I should have uploaded a CMYK color file where as mine was RGB. They were incredibly helpful and really seem like they would do whatever it takes to get your prints right. So just be sure to upload that CMYK next time!

What do you guys think? Are you a small space decorator or do you have the room to really spread out with a full tree?

Right now, in anticipation of Black Friday, Parabo is offering $15 off any purchase until Nov. 24th at midnight. Use the coupon code: 15ANY.

You can also use our Parabo coupon code: TRIED to get 30% off any order. Or, gather those soon-to-be-taken holiday photos to order a free soft cover bookagain, just pay shipping. Their holiday cut off before rush shipping sets in is December 6th, so get your photos together quickly to get your order in on time.

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Shop Christmas And Living Room Sources

I hope you enjoyed a little tour of my mid century modern Christmas decorations this year! Make sure to check out all of my Christmas decor ideas this season, starting with some of my favorites below!

And, if youre looking for decor sources, you can find the shoppable links for items like these oversized ornament candles, below!

My Christmas pillows are all from With Lavender and Grace! You can use code GRACE15 for 15% off her beautiful handmade pillows.

The Perfect Tree For A Mid

Modern Christmas Trees X Mid-Century Home

When he was a child, holiday seasons at Matthew Bliss family house in Denver were always traditional, except for a very important detail: the christmas tree.

Instead of pine taken from nature, a high design futuristic cone striked his memory so heavily that the entrepreneur decided, five years ago, to divide his experience with other families.

Modern Christmas Trees was born to celebrate the legacy of Lawrence Bud Stoecker, Bliss grandfather. A former engineer of Nasa and creator of Delta Vacation Homes , Stoecker invented, in 1966, a different christmas tree that enchanted children and grandchildren for decades.

It was made of concentric rings, suspended from the ceiling and filled with ornaments. The first one was made out of cardboard, and the next, masonite board. Then Stoecker tried the plexiglas a pure design statement that allured the most demanding ones. I can remember having my head under the tree looking up with my brothers doing the same on either side of me. What a view!

Then my grandpa would slowly rotate the tree and blow our minds! It was like looking through the worlds biggest caleidoscope, remembers Bliss.

Stoecker changed the tree every year different colors of light bulbs and garlands. He registered every detail in a book, so he would not repeat anything each new year.

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How To Decorate Your Aluminum Christmas Tree

When you first make the switch from pine to aluminum, you might wonder how in the world to decorate this tree. It doesnt hold lights in any attractive sort of way.

The sparse, modern shape calls for a simpler decorating style than that of the pine tree.

What to do? Start with a color wheel. This will turn your tree from silver and bare into a 1960s rainbow dream.

From there, you can add one or two ornaments per branch. It helps to use wire hooks, so you can hang them at different points along each branch.

Some years I stick to a color scheme, like red and green or wintery blue. Other years I go for the full color spectrum, like with these candy-colored Shiny Brite ornaments.

Spend a fun day searching your local antique shops, or get the basic tree decorations online. Look for a color wheel, retro ornaments and a mid-century modern tree skirt.

If you cant find a Christmas tree skirt that you love, go the DIY route. This felt tree skirt is easy to make with a sew or no-sew option.

The Front Door: Adorned With A Tinsel Wreath

Mid-Century Modern Inspired Christmas Decorations | Where to Find Vintage Inspired Decorations

I wasnt sure what kinds of wreaths were common in the 1960s, so I turned to an expert: my mother-in-law. She said many people had the timeless holly berry wreaths, as well as rag tie wreaths.

She also mentioned computer punch card wreaths.

Back in the 60s, my father-in-law had leftover punch cards piling up from his college classes. And people all across the country were dealing with this surplus of punch cards, so a trend was born.

They folded the cards and attached them to a wreath form in a circle pattern like this. A little bit of red spray paint turned a few dozen punch cards into a giant poinsettia for the door.

But I dont have any punch cards, so I opted for a mod tinsel wreath to match my tree.

This is a quick and easy wreath to make.

Pick up several packs of tinsel garland, glue it around a wreath form, and tie up your wreath with a festive ribbon.

You could also make a DIY Sputnik card wreath, or pick up a modern ornament wreath.

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Tips For Mid Century Christmas Decor

From other sources, you might find a lot of tips to design with a mid-century modern style. Well, we will take you to a different route.

The main concept is to combine this style with minimalism. This is what blogger Jenny James of Suburban Pop did in her house located in California.

Indeed, the combination of mid-century and minimalist style becomes the perfect mix for getting a clean mid century modern house ornament.

Jenny wanted to go with a vintage mid century Christmas decor with a minimal look for her Christmas decor. As a result, she managed to apply it in a very old and cheerful method.

The classic aluminum tree is a must. She decorated the room with all the vintage items. It is not about what you have as your decor but it is more about the way you use them.

Moreover, make sure each of them makes a big impact. It can be achieved by adding decorations such as bonsai plants or orchid flowers.

There are three things you can do to achieve the true mid century decor for Christmas. First, you have to curate the color scheme.

It is important to decide on at least five colors for your house. The second one is starting slow. It means you should get things slowly, not everything at once.

The last thing is to look past Christmas.

It is better to think about that can double as a Christmas decoration. For example, you can purchase a green blanket and a red chair. It goes all year long.

How To Decorate Mid

Inspired by the bold silhouettes and bright color palette of the era, a Mid-Century Modern Christmas is anything but subtle. This design theme embraces straight lines and geometric shapes that are offset by warm metallic tones and earthy accents to reflect the joy of the holiday season. As the record player spins tunes of holiday cheer, deck the halls with tinsel trees, wreathes, and festive baubles. Read on for more Mid-Century Modern Christmas inspiration.

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Mid Century Modern Christmas Decorations

When decorating your mantel in a Mid-Century motif color and contrast will keep the look authentic and celebratory. 1232020 Since many mid century modern Christmas decorations are very simple I just kept the theme of simplicity in mind as I styled this space.

Low Carb Friends Retro Christmas Decorations Modern Christmas Mid Century Modern Christmas

Mid Century Modern Christmas Tree Ornaments

MID CENTURY MODERN Christmas tree.

It is quite a popular choice to fill up the sideboard. As you can see, this interior scene looks so colorful and ornamental.

Meanwhile, there is a bunch of ceramic Christmas trees on top of the cabinet. This side of the house becomes a defining picture by itself.

All the trees are gathered in one place. Also, it is full of ornaments and colors.

Additionally, the wall is very crowded with colorful paintings. White seems to be the perfect background to highlight all the artworks.

The wooden sideboard which comes in brown color offers the needed elegance to maintain the ambiance.

Besides, it blends with the other furniture inside the room. With this setup, you do not need any other decor items on another side of the room.

This mid-century Christmas decor is both impressive and attractive.

After the holiday is over, you can keep them all in storage and place them back on the spot the next year.

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The Best Retro Christmas Decorations You Can Still Buy

December 3, 2021 By Lisa Sharp

This post may contain affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. for full disclosure and privacy policy.

Love the retro Christmas decorations look but dont want to hunt down the real thing? These mid-century inspired holiday decor items are perfect.

I love retro decorations all year long but retro Christmas decorations has a special place in my heart. I have trouble resisting mercury glass ornaments. I love them so much!

I have vintage red and turquoise mercury glass ornaments on my main Christmas tree and I have mercury glass ornaments in different dishes and containers all over my house. My collection is always growing.

While my favorite retro Christmas decor is the true vintage stuff, thats not always easy to find and can be pricey. It seemed like after Mad Men everything mid-century got even more popular and expensive. However, it does also mean more reproductions are coming out. This is easier to find.

Be sure to check your locally owned stores because mercury glass especially has become popular. Ive found some great little mercury glass candle holders at local stores. I love supporting local stores. Also, check out your thrift stores if you want to the real thing, thats your best bet for more affordable decor. I also like to search Etsy for mercury glass ornaments and other vintage goodies.

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