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Metal Wall Decor With Lights

Popular Wall Decor Pieces

Metal art Modern wall decor LED RGB light reflective hand made artwork Original by Lubo Naydenov

The multi-purpose Long Horn Geometric Animal Head is a striking piece of modern metal wall decor that is sure to be a conversation starter. This geometric wall hanging can even serve as a coat hook, though itâs doubtful you’d want to cover it up.

Designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra, Algue Elements / 25 Pack is a great way to bring the outdoors in and add texture to your walls. Each piece has a branch-like appearance and they can be configured into a variety of sculptures suitable for wall hanging or many other applications. You can even purchase several packs in different colors and combine them for a truly unique piece of art.

No matter if you’re looking for modern wall décor for your living room, removable wall decals, modern decor for a small space or any combination of them all, YLighting has everything you’re looking for. With a huge selection of modern decor, YLighting can accommodate a variety of budgets, preferences, and styles, making it easy to find everything you need to make your house a home.

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  • We source authentic modern design from 325+ top brands around the globe

  • Embellish Your Walls With Stunning Artwork

    Metal wall art is one of the many ways to decorate your walls and showcase yourself through art. Wall art is a great way to tie a room together. Typically, wall art is chosen last, after discovering what furniture is wanted in the room. The wall art will tie in some colors from around the room and really bring it all together.

    There are many options for metal wall art and it comes in many different styles. Some may assume that metal wall decor only goes well with an industrial style space, but it can go well with a variety of styles.

    Metal Letter With Lights

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    Metal Wall Arts Within The Wall Decor Range Of Wooden Street

    Wooden Street has instigated a splendid collection of metal wall hangings. This decor range is flooded with creativity within it. Examples of it are elaborated below:

    Metal Wall Hangings For The Ritual Believers

    For those people who are always a believer of god and wish that everything can spread the faith they want many metal wall decor accessories are inspired with the same. The artistic approach over the murals of the lord makes such metal wall arts adorable.

    Exemplary of such a metal wall hanging is Playful Krishna Wall Hanging from Wooden Street.

    Metal Wall Hangings For The Nature Lovers

    The beauty of nature is something that can never go outdated. Therefore, nailing a metal wall hanging derived from the beauty of nature gives a contemporary look for the wall decor. Whether it be flower wall hanging, tree wall hanging, or anything depicting nature, it is gorgeous in every form.

    Wooden Street has Banyan Tree Wall Hanging, Broad Leaves Wall Hanging etc. which can quote natural wall hangings in the best form.

    Abstract Metal Wall Hangings

    Turn it left or right some metal wall arts can showcase its meaning from every direction. This is the glam of metal wall hangings as abstract forging makes it fair enough from every direction.

    One such perfect example of such a metal wall art is Butterfly Plates Wall Hanging from Wooden Street.

    Vintage Metal Wall Hangings

    Contemporary Yet Colorful Metal Wall Hangings

    Metal Wall Words With Lights

    15 Best Collection of Metal Wall Art Decor 3d Mural

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    Metal Wall Art And Decor Is Back

    Your home may consist of four walls, but its unique personality comes from the details within. Want a great way to give your space that individual sense of pizzazz? Dress the it with metal art and decor. This trendy look hearkens back to retro-inspired mid-century style, often utilizing repetitive images like sunbursts or flying birds to dramatic effect. Our selection of metal art extends to the far ends of the style scale, from abstract patterns to homespun flora and fauna designs. While many of our designs are finished in classic metallic like gold, silver, bronze and rust, there is actually quite a wide range of colors available. Don’t be fooled by its durable appearance however. Most metal wall art is designed with weight in mind too, so that it can be hung just like any other artwork without the aid of special brackets. Easy to hang and 100% on trend. Browse our selection to find a new look for your home today.

    Determining A Budget And Available Space

    When choosing wall art, it is important to keep in mind a budget and available space in a room. With metal wall art, it can be very tempting to buy a few pieces at once. It can be difficult to narrow it down without knowing a specific budget and without knowing exactly how much space is available in a specific room. Some opt for only decorating one wall, while others focus on each wall in a room. It is important to know what style of decorating you are going to do before you start buying metal wall art.

    After knowing the plan for decorating the space, setting a budget in place is the next important step to getting the best metal wall art for your space. Knowing a budget and available space will also keep you from buying large metal wall art when you do not have the space for it.

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    Metal Wall Art With Lights

    Exterior Metal Wall Lights

    Metal Marquee Sun Wall Art with Solar LED Lights on QVC

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    Metal Wall Arts: To Create A Picture

    When it comes to making your home a happening place, what can be better than initiating with a playful wall?

    Therefore, metal wall arts are among the most simplistic yet among the most artistic ways to embellish the interior of the home. Wooden Street has thus commenced an extraordinary collection of metal wall arts with ecstatic designs.

    Lets have a brief over some of such metal wall decor items that Wooden Street has to showcase.

    Types Of Metal Wall Art

    There is a large variety of metal wall art to choose from. There are options that range from geometric art to animal sculptures. Metal wall art comes in the same styles that other wall art tends to come in. There are also a variety of metals that are used in metal art, like iron, tin, copper and bronze. In some art, there may be a combination of metals. Many different metals are a good medium for various types of metal wall decor, with certain metals working best for different styles of metal wall art.

    One important decision that you have to make when choosing metal wall art is the dimension of the art. Metal wall art is typically three-dimensional, but not all spaces have enough room for bulky art coming off of the walls. Two-dimensional metal wall art is flat, similar to a painting or print. Similar to certain styles of paintings, there is added texture that comes from working with metal that brings out extra personality that is not necessarily there in other flat art forms.

    Metal wall art, whether two- or three-dimensional, is a great way to spice up outdoor or indoor spaces. There is art that works well on both inside and outside spaces, as well as metal art that works well only inside.

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    How To Choose Metal Wall Art

    When choosing metal wall art, keep in mind budget and space. It is always best to go smaller than you originally think to keep yourself from buying something that will not fit on the wall or in that space. After deciding the amount of art that you can manage in that space, deciding on a style is the next important step. It is good to know what style of metal wall art will work best with the room it is going in. In a very floral and pastel room, floral metal wall art will work better than geometric black and gold wall decor.

    There are so many options to choose from when it comes to metal wall art and it is easy to find something that fits every style. Metal wall art can really bring a room together and help tie in elements from other furniture throughout the room.

    Why Should You Include Modern Wall Decor Into Your Home


    Empty walls are full of possibilities, especially in a new home or in a small space. Regardless of your taste in decor, budget, or a limited amount of space to work with, there are a variety of modern wall decor items that can help breathe new life into your room. Whether you enjoy collecting mid-century modern wall decor are or youâre just looking to freshen up your space, walls are the easiest place to start.

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    Why Wooden Street

    Premium Quality Of Material: Every metal wall art online in the collection of Wooden Street is made with premium quality. The sturdiness of metal ensures the longevity and durability of this decorative accessory.

    This is among another significant reason to buy metal wall arts online from Wooden Street. Stupendous quality and reasonable prices make it a decorative worth bringing home.

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