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Metal Art Decorative Statement Pieces

Metal Windmill Industrial Wall Art

Barbara King Statement Butterfly Metal Wall Art on QVC

This lovely rustic metal windmill wall art is the perfect farmhouse piece for your home decor. This handmade piece features an aged, distressed metal 24 inches in size bringing charm and dimension to your living space. Feature this gorgeous piece in the dining room, entryway, hallway or in any other area of your home for the perfect farmhouse finish.

Metal Wall Art In Geometric Bird Shapes

This minimal wall art set is perfect for displaying on the walls in your home. The set features geometric bird shapes made from 2mm metal and black-dyed in color. Birds represent creativity, love and peace which is why this is the perfect object to display in your home. They are also easy to hang and mounted so that the artwork looks as if its floating.

Make Your Home Unique And Chic

Vamp up your home with an extra chic and unique piece from our stunning metal wall art collection. Guaranteed to give your home added wow factor, our metal wall art can uplift and transform any spot in your home. Ideal for a stand out centre piece or making a bold statement, metal wall art is sure to brighten up and refresh bare walls. Why not experiment with decorative design and add a dash of texture to your home with one of our uniquely crafted pieces.

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Compass & Map Metal Wall Art

Compass and Map metal wall art is two of the most dramatic and statement-making versions of modern metal art. They are also two of the bestselling of this genre. Generally, they go together and are loved by travelers, free spirits, sailors or explorers of this globe of any kind.

It is a wall art that creates conversation and generally gives your room a flair and beauty. It is best displayed over a sofa or bed to create a strong focal point. Or, hang it in an entryway to welcome adventure and inspire you every day on your way in and out.

Abstract Map Metal Wall Art

Rusty Metal Love Letters From Reclaimed Roof Tile

The Best 2 Piece Metal Wall Decor Sets by Fleur De Lis Living

Display this lovely rusty metal love sign indoors or hang it outside on your front porch to welcome your visitors. The metal letters are made from reclaimed slate roof tile and secured onto a cement slab for a farmhouse, rustic decor piece. This gorgeous handmade piece would go great on your walls, shelves, mantles or tabletop. Spread the love with numerous possibilities.

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Curate A Gallery Wall

Nothing adds personality and color quite like a gallery wall. Display a collection of art or photographs, or add wall hangings and other ephemera. Opt for simple, cohesive frames or bring in an array of ornate variations to mix things up! Pro tip: Extend the gallery wall to the ceiling to create the illusion of a larger space.

Vintage Metal Wall Art

Vintage metal wall art has made a huge comeback, thanks in part to an ever-growing obsession with Mid-Century modern design. In these retro pieces, squares, lines and circles are clustered in geometrically pleasing arrangements as intricate as they are refreshingly simple. Below we see Mid-Century Vintage Metal Wall Art from The Old Cinema London, brilliant in silver- and gold-toned hues.

Next we zoom in for a close-up of Very Cool Vintage Metal Sunburst Wall Art from Etsy shop Dime Store Vintage. Brass spokes add geometry, while copper and brass geese prove that birds have always been in style

Are you familiar Curtis Jere Sculptures? If not , check out the image below. These Mid-Century pieces by Jerry Fels and Curtis Freiler are unforgettable, combining simple forms with interesting textures and materials. True collectors items!

No confirmation on whether the metal wall art in the next image is old or new, but you cant deny that it has 50s/60s flair! Plus, the gold-toned hue is perfect for rooms with a warm glow, like the glamorous interior in the next image.

Another piece without a clear time period of origin is the leafy and fabulous vintage-style selection featured below. Its ornamental, organic look is a wonderful contrast to the clean-lined modern space in which it resides.

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Metal Wall Art For The Bathroom

The bathroom has become a great place for cheeky and high impact art. As a small room, there is only space for one statement piece and metal art has become really popular to frame a bathtub or vanity.

Word metal wall art or metal signs are often the most popular as they can relate to bathing, toilet etiquette or any of the activities of the bathroom. A bit of humour and cheek go a long way in this particular form of bathroom art.

Cheers To Industrial Wall Signage

Iron Metal Flower Wall Art | Decoration 3D Wall Art | Home Decor | F.K. Metal

Celebrate your family, your home or simply bring happiness to your home with this decorative metal cheers wall sign. This sign would be great for a man cave, basement bar area, wine nook or in the kitchen. This is the perfect piece to upgrade your home decor with a cheerful accent piece.

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Galvanized Vase Farmhouse Wall Sign

Looking to add a custom farmhouse wall sign to your home? This handmade wall sign will add character and personality to your home with its family-oriented quote. It features a high-quality pine wood frame with hand-painted lettering and finished off with a galvanized wall vase perfect for housing flowers, which are included in this beautiful gallery wall sign.

Home Letter Metal Wall Decor Sign

Feature this gorgeous farmhouse style sign on the wall or displayed on a mantle. Each letter measures 12 inches by 12 inches and includes the changeable faux boxwood wreath. Think of all the possibilities you can create by swapping out the wreath during each season. The poly-resin letters are wrapped securely with foam and bubble wrap for a damage-free delivery.

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Metal Wall Art And Sculptures

Install metal wall art and sculptures on the walls of your room to make a style statement. Metal wall art and sculptures offer an exclusive look to the walls of your room and leave an everlasting impression to every guests mind. Either you can use them for indoor or outdoor decoration. Copper metal art just offer a brilliant look to the walls of your room as it can change its color naturally. Metal wall art and sculptures are available in large or small sizes but you can choose according to the wall from where it will hang. For a unique style, you can collect various small metal art pieces and make a large piece.

Geometric Metal Deer Head Wall Art

The Best 2 Piece Metal Wall Decor Sets by Fleur De Lis Living

Made of wrought iron and measuring approximately 20 inches tall and 15 inches wide, this beautiful handmade geometric deer head would make the perfect conversational piece for any wall of your home. It would make a great focal point in your living room, dining area or even a nursery for a nature-inspired theme. Since this piece is made to order, you can choose from a variety of colors if gold doesnt fit your existing decor.

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Metal Art Animal Designs

Animal design modern metal wall art is one of the most popular of the genre. From statement lion heads to bees to more charming pet inspired dog and cat art, there is something for everyone.

Abstract animal metal wall art is a perfect statement to hang over a bed, sofa or desk. This style also works really well in the reception of a design or non-corporate minimalist office. This is because they are more dramatic and serious in style. These often have a statement animal such as a lion or majestic animal. They have gravitas, style and drama.

On the other hand, there are more fun-loving metal signs for animal owners that can be incorporated into a warmer, friendlier decor. Metal art such as ‘dog mama’ or a certain type or breed of favourite pet is really popular these days. This type of animal metal wall art is perfect for kitchens, boot rooms, laundry rooms and areas that are less formal but still need some great wall decor.

Metal Wall Art That Makes A Statement

by Kate Simmons

Metal wall art. Why is it so scary to commit to a substantial piece? Dont get us wrong: we LOVE metal wall art! The right piece can bring a rare element to an interior. Can you think of 10 friends who have metal wall art hanging in their homes? Neither can we. Thats the point! But how do you wade through the mass-produced, over-designed selections to find the good ones?

First of all, finding a piece you actually like is important. Often we buy art because we think we should appreciate it, or because we cant find anything we truly connect with, so we purchase something thats good enough. The bottom line: buy a piece you LOVE, and your design dilemma will be solved. To increase the chances that youll find a piece you cant live without, weve put together a collection of images that reflect todays top metal art trends. Go simple and modern, go with letter-inspired selections, or go vintage. Just a few ideas for you to ponder Enjoy browsing!

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Darling Metal Moon Wall Sign

Show your love in style with this charming metal moon wall sign. This darling sign is perfect for any industrial styled home to display on the wall of a nursery or even on the wall beside the bed of a loved one. Wherever you choose to hang it, youre sure to show off all your love in a classic, chic and modern way.

White And Black Lady Face Wall Art

Barbara King Statement Butterfly Metal Wall Art on QVC

This wall arts modular design, coupled with the timeless black and white colour scheme, is sure to stand out no matter where you hang it. Whether youre constructing a minimalist bedroom or a chic living room, this wall art will look great. What we like about this metal wall art piece is that it can simply be combined with other pieces to tell a story.

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About Unique Metal Wall Art

Unique metal art as the name suggests is a unique combination of designs, colour and shape put together to bring out a statement piece. Unique art includes designs like metal plates, shells, stone metal art, 3D designs and much more, after all there is no end to unique creativity.

Ancient Greek art emphasizes human accomplishments. It is a very ancient form of art and holds a great significance in portraying the development and uniqueness of human race. It also honours the Gods and portrays excellence.

On the other hand, shells are a symbol of birth, good fortune and resurrection. Shells are a beautiful and unique part of nature. Shells are the best way to decorate and enhance the an otherwise simple space.

Mirrors imply reflections and light. Mirrors are always a good form of décor as they can be a décor as well as a constant reminder of how beautiful we all are as we look into it. Mirror reflects the world around us and also signifies beauty in whatever it reflects.

A lot of metal art forms are seen to have green colour. Green colour is a symbol of growth and harmony. Green colour is spiritually known to create a sense of peace and hope.

Rainbow flowers indicates the individuality on how each colour brings out its own significance yet when combined together reflects a harmony. It is very attractive visually and also soothing mentally.

Asteroids on the other hand indicate wisdom, wellness, healing and spirituality. Green asteroid is a sign of mental and physical wellness.

Rustic Landmark Wall Hanging

This brown rustic metal art piece with an abstract pattern will freshen up any interior space such as a corridor, a foyer, or even your office cabin. We appreciate work that leaves room for interpretation, and this artwork accomplishes just that. Does it represent nature or travel? It is indeed difficult to accurately define an abstract composition.

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Faith Family And Friends Metal Word Art

Made of recycled 14-gauge steel, this metal word art sign is perfect for inside or outside your home. Since this is a custom, hand-crafted design, its also available in other options such as different colors, designs, size, font and even garden stake options for displaying in the ground. The rust finish gives this metal art the perfect aged look to compliment your home decor.

Marvellous Metal Wall Art Design That Express Your Home

Antiqued Metal Medallion Wall Art is a statement piece for your home ...

Whether in the form of metal abstract artwork or metal wall sculptures, quality, metal wall art is an easy way to make a stylish and distinctive decorating statement in your home. Metal wall art is one of the most versatile forms of wall art. Because most of it is either metal abstract artwork or metal wall sculptures that depict simple nature designs, such as vines, leaves and sunbursts, the decorating schemes you can use a given piece with are almost endless.

Metal wall art goes with just any style of decor: Traditional, Contemporary, Formal, Modern, Indian, Western, French and on and on. And some metal wall art designs will match with some styles better than others. For example, a bright coloured collage of metal abstract artwork is best suited to modern and contemporary decor.

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Rustic Wooden Framed Stacked Tile

This rustic farmhouse wall art frame features a wooden frame and metal ceiling tile sheets. Choose between brown, white, grey or black metal tiles to customize your order to fit your own unique design style. This framed wall art is 24 inches in height and 36 inches in width. Where would you hang this gorgeous metal wall art?

Metal Wall Art Design Ideas

Much of the metal wall art though lends itself to a wide array of decorating choices. And you can change the effect immediately by placing it at a different angle or arranging it with other pieces. Here are few budget-friendly samples of metal wall sculptures and metal abstract artwork decor which one can easily have in their home.

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Galvanized Set Of Metal Wall Planters

This gorgeous set of wall sconces are made from galvanized metal and used as wall planters. For this listing, you can customize it to fit your interior design needs by choosing fall leaves, wispy boxwood or cotton stems so they are perfect for all-year around decor. These are sure to add character and charm to your home.

Choosing A Metal Wall Art For Living Spaces

Barbara King Statement Butterfly Metal Wall Art on QVC

In modern days, wall decorations serve for the appearance with no particular hidden meaning. And a large classification of wall art is in metal form.

There are a lot of people who have been inspired by seeing beautiful metal wall art. As some limitless themes and designs come in different shapes and sizes, both in-store and online, it is not a surprise that it is preferred by a huge number of people. But, on the other hand, a handful of people find utilizing metal wall art in living spaces quite tacky.

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Metal Wall Art Reviews

If youre looking for modern wall art by Jon Allen for your home or office, then look no further! Our metal wall art collection includes a variety of colors, shapes, and designs to fit any style of decor. Our metal wall sculptures range from small metal wall decor accent pieces to metal art panels for larger spaces. We feature all silver metal wall art for an ultra contemporary look, as well as abstract metal wall art paintings that make a colorful metal wall art statement piece. If youre looking to add some dimension to your design space, we also have unique 3D metal wall art sculptures.With modern, abstract, contemporary, and tropical styles to choose from, we have the perfect wall metal decoration to suit your aesthetic. Select pieces can also be displayed as outdoor metal artwork for your courtyard or patio wall. We can also create custom metal wall artwork to suit your preferred dimensions, colors, and design.

What kind of metal is used in Jons artwork?

You can bet that all of our all natural silver wall decor metal pieces are excellent choices for outdoor display in rain, snow, or sunshine. Silver Plumage, Static and Vortex are just some examples of our foolproof, simple to display outdoor pieces that are readily available.

Statements2000 Silver Metal Wall Art Decor 5 Piece Set Of Contemporary Wall Art By Jon Allen Metal Art 5 Easy Pieces

  • This eye catching, all natural silver wall accent, 5 Easy Pieces by Jon Allen, is the perfect complement for your contemporary, modern, or traditional home décor. Original metal artwork comes to life in natural light or under gallery / track lighting for dramatic effect.
  • This is a five piece set of hand-etched metal wall art. Each piece measures 24 in x 6 in x 2 in . You can arrange this metal wall accent in a number of distinctive and attractive configurations.
  • The art arrives ready to hang with pre-installed brackets for simple installation. The aluminum artwork is lighter than other metal artwork you may have handled before.
  • Each handmade piece is signed by American artist Jon Allen and includes a certificate of authenticity. This silver wall décor will enhance any nook in your home with a sophisticated, elegant look. This is an original handcrafted art piece. Jons love of all things abstract with influences like Chihuly are present in many of his compositions. Youll also notice his love of clean, balanced, modern design and similar to elements of Frank Lloyd Wrights architecture.
  • With fast and careful shipping, FREE SHIPPING within the Continental US, excellent customer service, and a truly great value for original handmade art made with the highest quality materials, order with confidence today! Please dont hesitate to contact us for a number of other sizes, options, colors, and styles of metallic wall hangings, wall art, paintings and décor.


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