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Merry Products Tudor Decorative Rabbit Hutch

Best Rabbit Hutches In 2021

5 Best Rabbit Hutches in 2022

The following is a list of the hutches that can be purchased on Chewy.com or Amazon.com. We reviewed these products and ranked them based on ability to meet your rabbits needs, ease of cleaning, and stability.

1. Trixie Small Animal Hutch

This hutch is our number one pick because its accessible, has an outdoor run for exercise, and amazing shelter space. The shelter space is where this product shines the most. It has multiple ways to reach inside, a pullout tray for cleaning, and a part wire and part solid enclosure.

The outdoor run is also a remarkable feature that allows your rabbit to get quality exercise. This hutch is perfect for dwarf rabbits and smaller rabbits. It can also be used for guinea pigs.

2. Trixie Natura Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof

This hutch comes in small and medium sizes. The best part about this hutch is that its not only functional but decorative! It also comes in three different colors which can allow you to match it with your home.

It has an outdoor run, which is a wonderful feature, but it doesnt provide enough space for your rabbit to hop more than three times depending on their size. It is, however, easy to clean and has a two-part shelter which your rabbit will be happy to hide in.

3. Merry Products Tudor Decorative Rabbit Hutch

It also has two removable trays which make cleaning easy and stress-free. The size of this makes it a contender for the best rabbit hutch for 2 rabbits.

4. Trixie Rabbit Hutch with Peaked Roof

What Else Should You Put In Your Rabbits Hutch Or Cage

The most important things to put in the hutch or cage is a food bowl and a water sipper or bowl.

Make sure that the bowls are heavy so that its difficult to tip them over.

If you have more than one rabbit put in the equivalent number of food bowls and water sippers so that the rabbits all get their fair share of food and water.

It is a good idea to change the water every day so that it is fresh. You can put some toys in the hutch or cage. You could even make your own toys.

Perhaps take a cardboard box and fill it with shredded paper and hay.

They will enjoy nibbling at the hay. You can also buy toys and we have found this great tunnel for your rabbits to play in.

Flooring And Hutch Features

The flooring and the ability to clean the hutch are also paramount to their overall health. Rabbits need to live in a clean space, but they also need to be protected from injury.

  • While wire flooring with a pull out pan makes the hutch easier to clean, the wire can also injure your rabbits feet. Its also uncomfortable for them to hop around on which could reduce the amount of exercise they get.
  • Solid flooring is harder to clean, but you can also set up a litter box in the hutch which will give them a designated space to eat and use the bathroom.

To remedy the cons of these types of flooring, make sure to invest in some great bedding.

Training a rabbit to use a litter box is fairly easy and your rabbit will enjoy a clean, dedicated space to eat and relieve themselves. In fact, rabbits like to do both at once, so a litter box is a perfect way to keep both you and your rabbit happy.

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Oxbow Pet Products Ecostraw Bedding For Pets

These pellets are completely natural and are composed of 100% wheat straw.

It is safe for your rabbits to eat this and it is high in fiber which will keep their digestive systems working well.

The pellets are very absorbent and can in fact absorb 300% of their weight in moisture. This straw can easily be cleaned as the pellets expand and clump together.

All you have to do is scoop out the clumps and leave the rest. This means that the litter lasts longer. It is eco-friendly, compostable and biodegradable.

All the different beddings can be used inside or out, but the hemp and straw pellets are a good bet for outside as your rabbits can snuggle up in the bedding and can get completely covered for warmth.

If you use the fleece bedding we mentioned that might be best indoors as it only covers part of the cage.

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Merry Products Tudor Rabbit Hutch &  Reviews

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Made from sturdy Canadian Hemlock, and is water resistant perfect for outside.

  • Weight Capacity of 30 lbs

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Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnels Play Tube For Small Pets

Your rabbits will love playing in this fun tunnel. This encourages them to play with each other by running and hiding.

It has an interesting accordion design and you can make it into all sorts of shapes, so alleviating boredom.

It is 30 inches long and is made out of strong plastic. Why not get two so your bunnies have more fun.

There are also balls made especially for rabbits and other small animals which they will enjoy nibbling at and playing with.

I found these and think that they are perfect for bunnies to play with.

Emptor’s Guide: Quam Eligere Optimum Rabbit Hutch

Nunc vidistis bonos, malos, deformes cum ad leporis casae electiones in foro, tempus est angustare quo quis tibi maxime sapit. Quamvis res multae sint quae optimam tugurium in eligendo ingrediuntur, res essentiales recordari sunt sanitatem et salutem leporum tuorum. Hic sunt alia quaedam critica, quae considerare juvabit optimum leporis tugurium velle

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Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor And Outdoor Bunny Cage

This rabbit hutch has a house for your rabbits to snooze in and an enormous play area reached by a ramp.

The hutch is made of 100% natural fir wood which is very durable. It also has waterproof paint and an asphalt roof.

The play area is surrounded by heavy-duty wire which will keep the predators out. Your bunnies will have plenty of fresh air and light while they are playing.

It is easy to clean as it has a slide-out bottom tray and there are also 4 doors which you can open to clean out the hutch.

This hutch comes with a couple of free gifts which is a lovely touch. There is a chew toy for your rabbits to play with and there is also a metal feeder. It is a great hutch for multiple rabbits.

Trixie Small Rabbit Hutch Best Overall

Guinea Pig Christmas Themed Cage Tour | December 2014

At the top of our list is the Trixie Small Animal Hutch. This hutch comes complete with an outdoor run and would work for guinea pigs and rabbits. Two of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a rabbit hutch are safety and space. You want to make sure your rabbit has plenty of space to move, play, eat, and sleep and that they are protected from other creatures. The Trixie provides a perfect balance between all of these things.

The glazed pine finish provides a nice finishing touch and makes this hutch virtually maintenance-free for several years. When you need to get into the hutch, you have access from the roof, and above the run are with a hinged door.

The ramp is a unique non-slip ramp that will give your rabbit easy access to the upper level of the hutch. The ramp will also provide some exercise as the rabbit travels up and down the two stories. Even with all of these benefits and space, the Trixie Small Animal Hutch is still offered at a very fair price.

All in all, we think that this is the best rabbit hutch of 2021.

If the Trixie Small Animal Hutch was still priced a bit high for you, the Petsfit Wooden Rabbit Hutch could be a great hit. This is the best rabbit hutch for the money. Although this model is a little smaller than the Trixie, it still has some great features that you and your rabbit will benefit from.

The Pawhut is a bit more expensive than some of the other choices, and we had hoped for the price it would be a better build.

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Midwest Wabbitat Rabbit Home

This rabbit cage comes in two sizes, small and large so if you have multiple rabbits you would do best choosing the large one so theres plenty of room for them to play.

It doesnt need any tools to construct so is an easy option. This cage is also easy to get to your bunnies as there is access from both the top and front slide doors.

It is simple to clean as all you have to do is slide out the floor.

Merry Products Tudor Decorative Rabbit Hutch

  • Versatile design provides both a rabbit coop and run to accommodate up to four bunnies.
  • Beautifully designed with pitched roof, embellished doorway, decorative half-timbering and exposed woodwork.
  • Protects bunnies from the weather and predators outdoors, and keeps them cozy indoors.
  • Includes large removable tray and two bottom doors that open wide for easy cleaning.
  • Attic compartment offers extra storage space to keep all your bunny care essentials.

Provide your bunny with a safe and comfy home of his own with the Merry Products Tudor Decorative Rabbit Hutch. Beautifully designed in the 16th century Tudor style with its pitched roof, embellished doorway, decorative half-timbering and exposed woodwork, this hutch houses up to four dapper bunnies. Its not only cute, but it also provides protection from the weather and even predators, so your bunnies can be stress-free and thriving, whether indoors or outdoors. Its both a comfy coop and spacious run for any rabbit breed. Plus, keeping things clean and tidy is almost effortless with a large removable tray and two bottom doors that open wide for easy access. And when you need extra storage, the attic provides convenient stow-away space for your bunny essentials.


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My Bunny Loves His Tudor

So Cute! I have it in the family room, it is adorable to see my little guy go running up the ramp where he chills and watches TV. He is free to go about the house as he pleases, but everytime I go to check on him..He’s IN his Tudor! He loves it!! He is rapidly “modifying” it by chewing. I wouldn’t use this outdoors, the Raccoons would look at it like a Lunch Box. It definitely needs some type of flooring over the metal tray, even with a thick layer of litter my boy has slipped on it. The style is really cute and it’s small so it doesn’t look obtrusive indoors. Best part is, my Boy is loving having his very own house!

Yesterdays News Original Formula Cat Litter

Merry Products Tudor Rabbit Hutch

This product is made of recycled paper which is good for the environment.

It absorbs both odors and moisture well and is 99.7% dust free which makes for happier rabbits.

It has a low tracking formula which stops your rabbits from leaving traces all over the house and is also odor free.

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Things To Consider When Buying A Rabbit Hutch

Rabbits are a joy to own, but it takes experience and knowledge to know exactly how to keep them healthy and happy. Thats why choosing the right habitat for your rabbit is vital to their health. Explore the following tips for choosing the best rabbit hutch and then check out our top picks.

Your rabbit will be most happy in a hutch that offers them space and protection. Explore the following tips for selecting the best rabbit hutch design for your rabbit.

Living World Deluxe Rabbit Habitat

This is a very stylish rabbit hutch as it has white-wired sides and a red-wired top.

The wire is both strong and secure so your bunnies wont be able to chew their way out of the cage. Its really easy to clean as it has a plastic bottom.

It comes with a drip-proof water bottle and a hay guard, both attached to the cage so your rabbits have more room inside.

There is a ramp leading up to a balcony where a food dish is secured. Your rabbits can nap underneath the balcony.

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Advantek The White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch With Connected Run

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING: Christmas Decorations for Rabbit Rooms and Hamster Cage | Shop With Me ð?°ð?¹ð

This is another rabbit hutch which I really love. It can house 2 or 3 rabbits easily. The indoor space has been made to look like a house.

It has a white picket fence and a front yard where your rabbits can play to their hearts content.

A ramp leads from the house to the front courtyard. The house is made out of rot-resistant and insect resistant fir wood.

It is painted auburn and white and looks very attractive. There is a hinged roof on the house and the top of the wire cage lifts for easy cleaning. There is also a pull out tray in the front yard.

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Merryproductstudorrabbithutch 42 Lx 24wx 56 H

MerryProductsTudorRabbitHutch – CharmingRabbitHutchesGiveyourrabbitsacharminghomewiththeMerryProductsTudorRabbitHutch. ThisTudor-inspireddesignprovidesyourpreciousbunnieswithroomtoplayandplentyofcozyspacetorestandrelax.Ityouwanttokeepyourrabbitssafeandhappy, thenrabbitcagesorhutchescanbeabighelp. Rabbitcagesandhutchessecureyourrabbitandalsopreventpetsorotheranimalsfromdisturbingyourlong-earedfriends.TheMerryProductsTudorRabbitHutchisnotlikeotherrabbitcagesandhutches. Withitscolorfulpointedroof, paintedatticanddelightfullydesignedwindows, thishutchalmostlookslikeacountrycottage. Thebottomfloorcanfunctionasasmallrabbit … Read more

Tags: pet supplies > small animals > houses & habitats > cages

Petsfit Wood Rabbit Cage With Deeper Removable Tray

This cage can easily house two rabbits as its 38.2 L x 19.5 W x 33.8 H. It has two compartments.

One is made from wood and is enclosed apart from the entrance. This would make a great place for your rabbits to sleep.

The other compartment is a wire cage where your rabbits can play and use their litter tray.

It is simple to clean. The roof on the wooden side lifts up and on the cage side the tray is removable.

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Super Cute But Not As Functional

Overall I like this rabbit pen and am not sorry that I bought it. Having said that…we had to put a tray from our dog crate underneath it to keep it inside. I don’t think the wood it is made from would be long-lasting enough for outdoor use. It was easy to assemble and all the pieces were included. Overall I like this rabbit pen and am not sorry that I bought it. Having said that…we had to put a tray from our dog crate underneath it to keep it inside. I don’t think the wood it is made from would be long-lasting enough for outdoor use. It was easy to assemble and all the pieces were included. It took a day or 2 for my rabbit to go upstairs, but she uses all the spaces now. It smells weird and took about a week to air out. It’s smaller than you might think because the dimensions are for the wide roof. The actual footage for your pet is a bit smaller. You can’t beat the cuteness factor though.

Buyers Guide: How To Choose The Best Rabbit Hutch

Shop Merry Products Tudor Rabbit Hutch

Now that you have seen the good, bad, and the ugly when it comes to the rabbit hutch choices on the market, its time to narrow down which one makes the most sense for you. Although there are a lot of factors that go into choosing the best hutch, the essential things to remember are the health and the safety of your rabbits. Here are some other critical things to consider that will help you choose the best rabbit hutch:

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Kaytee Aspen Small Animal Bedding

This product is made out of completely natural aspen shavings which get rid of dust and wood debris. This can be a problem with some wood beddings.

The shavings are made out of hardwood and dont contain any aromatic oils which can be harmful for your rabbits.

It is biodegradable and doesnt contain artificial colors or chemicals so is totally eco-friendly.

It is absorbent and eliminates odors which is what you want.

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