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Make Your Own Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas Deer Made Of Logs Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

How to make your own holiday yard decorations

Were nowhere near the end of our list, but this ones definitely special! Its a large outdoor Christmas decoration that might require some help from your friends or family members if youre by yourself.

All you need are some logs , brown spray paint, black spray paint, white construction paper, a hot glue gun with glue sticks, and scissors.

Just make sure that your logs are cut into equal lengths before you begin working on them because itll make things a whole lot easier plus itll save you a ton of time in the long run!

Start off by painting all of your logs either solid brown or black first depending on what color scheme you want to go for. Once those dry completely, take your scissors and cut out little white trees.

Then, take your hot glue gun with glue sticks along with the white trees and begin gluing them onto the logs wherever you want.

Once youre finished with that, all thats left for you to do is to put it outside! We suggest putting it near the top of a hill so everyone can see it clearly.

Alternatively, you could use the example photo above for inspiration and craft a reindeer out of two relatively thick logs , 5 thinner ones , and some branches to serve as antlers.

This large outdoor Christmas decoration will be loved by anyone who loves rustic designs .

Advantages Of Giant Christmas Ornaments

Each ball ornament is shatterproof, festive, and potentially unique .

You can complement these oversized ornaments with holiday lights , oversized candy canes, giant lollipops, or other traditional holiday yard décor.

With these DIY ornaments, you have a lot of latitude to create your own holiday style!

Large Christmas Candy Decorations

While visions of sugar plums dance in your head, imagine yourself creating these DIY Christmas candies to decorate the lawn or porch.

This is also a repurposing project, which I absolutely adore, and your yard will look great with these huge candies strewn around.

A few pool noodles, which you can grab for a steal right now, and some crafty cutting and wrapping and youre all set to decorate your lawn.

Tutorial: theseasonalhome

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Lighted Reindeer And Santa Sleigh

Thisreindeer and Santa sleigh turned out so cute! The whole thing is made from plywood and a couple strings of lights.

The full tutorial will show you exactly how to make your own Santa sleigh decoration it even shows how to suspend it in the air using your front porch.

If you have been wanting reindeer and a sleigh for your yard but dont want to spend the money, this is the perfect holiday yard decoration on a budget. It was made for less than $20.

And, if you already have the plywood, then all youll need are the lights.

Charming Wooden Lantern With Mason Jar Light

Make Your Own Christmas Light Balls for a Stunning Outdoor Effect ...

Heres a new way to style your decorative lantern this winter. Turn an unused mason jar upside down and fill it with lights to create a new and interesting holiday decoration. You may choose to drape the remaining lights as a garland along your mantel or neatly wrap them around the exterior of your lantern. Its always a good idea to add some lighted pieces into your holiday decor to bring some warmth into the cool winter scene.

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Use An Outdoor Christmas Tree Made Of Wire

Incorporating fake trees outside during the holiday season has become increasingly popular. Its a unique take on the idea and instantly upgrades your yard for the season.

If youre looking for something that can handle cold weather, snow, and rain, try finding a fake tree that is made of wire. Theyre simple, match the style of any house, and can withstand the weather.

Theyre typically already integrated with lights, which means all you have to do is set them up in the yard and, youre done.

Using fake trees in the yard is a low-maintenance and cost-efficient option for your home this holiday season.

You can also use old Christmas trees that you plan to toss out and set them up on the front porch or yard to have a more traditional option.

Christmas Yard Decoration Ideas That Will Wow Your Neighbors

Maybe youve never done outdoor Christmas decorations before, or maybe youve done them for years but youve always dont the same thing and want to change things up a bit.

Whatever the case may be, it can feel like a very overwhelming task. These ideas will change it all! Theyre creative, fun, and most importantly, easy to make!

In fact, weve found so many easy ideas that you dont even need to choose just one! If you like two or three of the Christmas yard decoration ideas, you can make them all. And wed love to hear and see them, too!

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Outdoor Diy Christmas Decorations

Giant Christmas Wreath DIY from Sweet Pickins Furniture

Candy Cane Lollipops Foam Discs + Wood Dowels + Glitter Red Acrylic Paint

Giant Silver Bells from Smart School House

$2 Large Silver Balls $2 Plastic Balls + Silver Spray Paint + Red Ribbon And Bows

Hanging Santa Suit Christmas Lights + Santa Suit

DIY Log Snowman from Felt Magnet

Wood Block Candles Wood Blocks + Red and White Paint. + Drill with Large Drill Bit + Battery Operated LED Tealight Candle + Twine + Christmas Pick + Painters Tape

Pallet Christmas Tree from Jolenes CraftingYou can gets pallets free if you dont already have one.People give them away on all the time and if you ask, many businesses will let you have one for free as well.

Santa Logs from Smart Girls DIY

Ho Ho Ho Pallet Pallet Wood + Nails & Hammer + Large Wood Letters + Red Spray Paint + White Acrylic Paint + Black Felt + Cardboard + Mod Podge + Gold Glitter

Shutter Door Snowmen Slatted Closet Doors + Black and White Spray Paint + Burlap Ribbon + Christmas Pick + Wood Chip + Orange Acrylic PaintAt Habitat for Humanity, you can get the doors for less than $10.

Joy Pallet Sign from Golden Boys and Me

Candy Cane Fence Wood + Painters Tape + Red and White Paint

Snowman Pallet

Happy Lighted Snowman from

Christmas Porch Presents from The Seasonal Home

Christmas Light with Greenery evergreen clippings + berry sprigs + floral wire

Festive Porch Light from Thrifty Decor Chick

Rustic Christmas Lamp Burlap Ribbon + Pinecones

Frosty Mason Jar Lanterns

Make Your Own DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Have you ever thought of using Epsom salt in your Christmas decoration? Weird, right? Although Epsom salt might not have any aesthetic value as such, if you pair it up with a little bit of creativity and mason jars, youll know the real deal.

Switch to these offbeat metallic leaves that will embellish your backyard, front yard, garden, and patio. They might seem to be a bit fancy to you but nothing seems too much during Christmas after all.

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Dried Orange Garland Simple Outdoor Christmas Decorations

This next project is perfect for those who want quick and easy outdoor Christmas decorations that dont cost much if any, money at all!

For this piece, youll need three to four oranges , some scissors or a knife , fishing line or string, and a glue gun with hot glue sticks.

First things first remove the top of the oranges. If you decide to use scissors for this step, make sure theyre sharp enough so you can avoid creating rough edges around their opening.

Now cut the oranges into thin slices , so you could attach them to your garland. Youll want to leave a bit of orange flesh so that the slices are not see-through.

Now heres the tricky part: you should dry your oranges in the oven, in a food dehydrator, or with a heat gun before you go to the next step. The way you want to go with this is entirely up to you.

The following step now requires you to either use fishing line or warm up your glue gun! You should create holes in each orange slice so you could drive the thread through them without significant effort. Alternatively, you could use a sewing or knitting needle .

This is where youll thread the fishing line through to create that garland effect dont worry if things arent perfectly straight, you can always fix that later.

Now its time to display your outdoor Christmas decorations! Use double-sided tape or pushpins to put them up in a grassy area near your home around the holidays.

Best Outdoor Diy Christmas Decorations

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Make your home the most festive on the block with these creative Outdoor DIY Christmas Decorations! From front porch Christmas decorations to Christmas decorations for the yard, there are plenty of outdoor DIY Christmas decor ideas to choose from.

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Lighted Cut Out Reindeer And Sleigh

And what to your wondering eyes should appear, but this cut out lighted sleigh with two tiny reindeer. As your porch seems bare from the lack of hanging baskets, fill this space with Santas sleigh and a few reindeer. The trimming of white lights makes it really come to life on your front porch after the sun goes down.

Make A Festive Wreath With Fabric Scraps

20+ Most Beautiful Outdoor Decoration Ideas for Christmas

Quilters and Sewing Lovers: Do you have some holiday-themed fabric scraps hanging around? Before you throw them in the garbage, heres a great way that you can put them to use to add some festive cheer to your front door. All you need in addition to your pile of scraps is a wire wreath form from the dollar store. Cut your scraps into long strips. One at a time, take a strip of fabric and tie it onto the wreath form, pushing them close together to fit as many strips of fabric in as you can. This will give you a full wreath and prevent anyone from seeing the wreath form from peeking through. Add a personal touch with a festive message, some holiday ornaments, or a large decorative bow.

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Tis The Season For Spectacular Outdoor Decor

What is Christmas without bright lights and gorgeous displays adorning your front door, porch, and yard? Seriously, is it even Christmas without them? Well, sure, but outdoor decor makes the holidays a lot more festive and fun. In fact, decorating is one of the best parts of the season, and it often becomes an annual Christmas tradition with the family. Not sure where to start? Weve got plenty of outdoor Christmas decoration ideas for you to make the perfect seasonal statement.

One way to figure out how to decorate the outside of your home for the holidays is to first decide what youll do inside. Take some inspiration from the best Christmas tree ideas and DIY Christmas ornaments to get a feel for what you want your homes vibe to be, whether its rustic, modern, whimsical, or traditional. You can also incorporate DIY Christmas decorations outdoors, just like you do indoors. The bottom line: Make it funand make it you!

Diy Outdoor Giant Christmas Ornaments

Homemade DIY giant Christmas ornaments that you can display outside are a fun and easy way to make your home stand out this holiday season. Whether youre displaying homemade giant ornaments from a tree on your front lawn or from your porch or balcony, this idea is sure to get you into the holiday spirit. Here are 15 of our favorite DIY outdoor giant Christmas ornament ideas and tutorials.

#1 DIY Giant Outdoor Christmas Ornaments #2 Colorful Oversized Christmas Lawn Ornaments #3 Giant Bouncy Ball Ornaments #4 Oversized Solar Powered Christmas Ornaments #5 Cheap and Easy Giant Christmas Ornaments

#6 DIY Giant Christmas Bell Ornaments #7 Quick and Easy Jumbo Christmas Lawn Ornaments #8 Upcycled Tire Ornaments #9 Giant Jingle Bells #10 Giant Tire Candy Ornament

#11 DIY Oversized Christmas Ornament Topiary #12 DIY Lighted Jumbo Christmas Ornaments #13 Giant Silver Bells #14 DIY Oversized Porch Ornaments #15 DIY Jumbo Wood Light Bulb Christmas Ornaments

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Simple And Sweet Wooden Tree With Lights

Sometimes less is more, so why not create this adorable little wooden tree? Slap on some green to make the tree come to life with the color of the season and add a strand of colored lights to complete the look. You can prop this up in the corner of your porch or use it inside your window for all passersby to see. It would make a nice gift for some of your dear friends during a small holiday gift exchange as well.

Make Lighted Pvc Presents

How to Make Christmas Light Yard Decorations

We already talked about making decorative presents using a block of wood, but what about presents that light up and add a festive glow to your outdoor space. To begin, build a box shape out of lengths of PVC piping and 3-way PVC fittings. This will determine the size of your finished present, so keep that in mind when selecting and cutting your supplies. Take a strip of LED Christmas lights and attach them to one side of your box. You can run the lights along the PVC for a lighting effect that glows specifically around the edges or string them back and forth across the middle for a more uniform lighting solution.

When your lights are all in place, wrap your box using a thin fabric or PVC film. This is where you will incorporate some color or holiday patterns into your design. Secure this wrapping along the sides of your present and avoid overlapping it as that will interfere with the ability of the lights to shine through. Finish off your presents by wrapping and tying a bright ribbon with a large bow.

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Consider Electricity Costs And Wiring Options

If you plan to cover your yard this year, you may need to set aside a small budget for the increase in your electric bill.

Running power to lights, inflatables, and other items will run up the bill, so you may want items with a timer or save up throughout the year to combat the high bill.

Youll also want to consider options for running power outside. Some inflatables or lights that draw a ton of energy need specific extension cords or power plugs.

Try to plan ahead and prepare with the right wiring options and cords that youll need to last a whole season without tripping a breaker or overheating any items.

Diy Outdoor Christmas Tree Ideas

We are in love with this DIY Christmas tree with lights from Houseful of Handmade! They made this with inexpensive 2×4s, and they share a complete tutorial with step by step photos. You could wrap this outdoor Christmas decor in white lights as well for a completely different look. This will last for years. Forest of trees, anyone? We would love to make a bunch of these!

Make this wood DIY outdoor Christmas tree with these instructions from Outdoor Theme Easy and cheap Christmas yard decoration, not to mention, its up-cycling!

From HGTV, this pallet wood outdoor Christmas tree was created from reclaimed barn siding cut in different lengths and attached to a 10-foot 4 x 4 with wood screws. Then they added the little globe style mini lights. Love the burlap wrapped presents!

Kristys Corner created these DIY outdoor Christmas trees This is just what I need to go with my deer and pond!

There is no tutorial for this pallet tree, but we though with the other instructions it could inspire you! Wood Christmas trees are perfect DIY outdoor Christmas decorations! From Wheatland Avenue Designs.

Finally, if you still have lights to hang, our friends at DIY Network have a great tutorial that covers it all! Looking for more DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations? Check out this post on Creative Outdoor Christmas Lights or Outdoor Christmas Yard Decorations.

Note: This post has been updated with fresh projects.

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Diy Pallet Christmas Tree

You know how much I love pallet projects. This one is really simple, although it does require a bit of cutting. Just draw out your tree shape on the pallet and then cut it out.

You can paint it if you want and then drill holes for your lights to show through. This is the perfect Christmas tree for the front porch or you could have a couple of them in the yard, too.

Tutorial: jolenescrafting

Hang Strings Of Christmas Lights

30+ Amazing DIY Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

One of the first things that come to mind when you hear outdoor Christmas decorations is probably string lights.

Hanging these lights will brighten up your house and increase holiday cheer. Its a simple way to prepare for the holidays and frames out your beautiful house.

You can wrap string lights around trees in the front yard, around front porch railings, and of course, along your roofline.

The kids will love going outside at night to see the lights, and they can even help with short trees or bushes.

Use white lights to add a traditional and classic touch to your home, or switch it up with colored lights.

You can even mix and match by using white lights on the house and colored lights on your trees or the bushes. If you dont have a preference, let the kids decide!

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