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Locker Style Prism Led Light Decoration Gold White

The Five Small Space Rules


1. Add Softness! Dorm rooms are hard, prison-like spaces due to the liberal use of cinderblock and having to be so durable. Adding textiles in the form of rugs, pillows, tapestries, and bedding will soften and warm the space tremendously.

2. Add Lights! Lighting is not only practical, but it also adds warmth and liveliness to an empty, drab room. How many? Three lights to any room, and keep them all at eye level and belowthe lower and closer to where YOU are the better. Twinkle lights are awesome in a dorm room. Use them a lot.

3. Bed is Main. With only a little space, your bed is the main event, so this is the place to make most cozy and bigat least to the eye. After a long day of struggling to keep up with your homework, a lovely bed is what you want to welcome you home. It is your retreat space, so bring nice bedding from home, insert a plush mattress pad to deal with the awful mattress, and build yourself a headboard whenever possible. Its fun and easy.

4. Add Plants! Plants are the easiest way to bring extra life into a dorm room that might feel stale. Small pots on your windowsill or a small tree on your floorany which way you do it, youll appreciate the difference it makes in the FEELING of your room.

Locker Dcor Is Getting Fancy Your Teen Will Flip For These 7 Stylish Pieces

By Lauren Tippetts

A good sized shelf is a must for any locker. It gives students an extra layer of storage so their books arent just tossed in a pile.

A magnetic mirror is great for quick teeth checks and hair fixes. Stick one to the locker door for fast access. Who knows whats stuck in your teeth after lunch!

Fill the inside of your teens locker with pictures of their favorite people! Friends, family, even Fido and Whiskers deserve a spot on the wall. These magnets are sturdy, and the clips make sure the photos stay in place.

Ok, so apparently your teen needs a locker rug?! Lay it out on the base for a super homey feel. Beats that boring metal bottom, doesnt it?

Magnetic Wood Storage Bin, $12.95

The pencil cup just got a super chic makeover! This wood storage bin is a functional and pretty part of locker décor. It sticks to the walls so its not taking up important real estate on the bottom, or on the shelf!

Shed some light on the subject! What could be more fun than a locker chandelier! This one is super chic and modern.

4 Panels Magnetic Locker Wallpaper, $39.99

Whatever the inside of the locker is colored, we can guarantee its not as fun as this! Locker wallpaper lets your teen totally customize this school space. It sticks via magnetic backing, so its easy on, easy off! This pack comes with four panels to cover every surface.

Back To School Locker Decorating Accessories

Summer isnt over just yet, but it is prime time for back-to-school shopping. Of course, when you head to the store, youll have to make sure you check off all of the usual necessities, like pens and pencils, notebooks, and folders. But, once you get all of that stuff, you can start thinking about how youll keep it organized in your locker. And, once you start thinking about your locker, you may as well consider how you can furnish it. After all, your locker is your home base throughout the school year, so its worth it to not only make sure its well-organized and stocked with back-to-school basics, but also that it reflects your personality and style, and is set up to accommodate the fun, not-so-basics, too.

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Locker Style Prism Led Light Decoration

Home and Kitchen

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Who Says Lockers Have To Be Boring 32 Cute Decor Items To Give Your Child’s Locker Personality

Magnetic Led Locker Prism Light

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When I was in middle school and high school, a shelf, door mirror, or photo tacked up with a magnet on your metal locker door was about as far as “locker decor” went. Now, because everything is so much cuter than when we were kids, your tweens and teens can really make their lockers their own. Whether your child can’t wait to go back to school, is going to be adjusting to going to middle school for the first time, or isn’t stoked on heading back to class, you can help to make them feel at home while they’re at school thanks to the cutest locker decor items.

Scroll through to see some of our favorite pieces .

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