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Living Rooms With Hardwood Floors Decorating Ideas

A Terrific Match: Wood And Also Wicker

55 Living Room Flooring Ideas

Tones of eco-friendly, brown as well as yellow maintain this sun-filled space feeling happy. The plaid cushions, as well as arm, relaxes upgrade the wicker furniture from informal to posh. The formed drapes offer a hint of sophistication and also the hardwood floors maintain the room from feeling also stuffy.

Ending Thoughts On Using Dark Hardwood Floors

If you are redoing your home, dark wood floors make a durable, healthy and low maintenance option. Dark wood floors look striking, increase the value of your home and give the impression of quality. When adding dark wooden floors to your home, youll create a modern and atmospheric interior that family and friends will love. Use the tips in this article to guide you as you select and care for your hardwood flooring and finish off your home interiors.

Matching Vs Coordinating With Home Flooring

So youre redecorating your home. This is a fun and exciting process that lets you experiment with new colors, textures and patterns. It lets you find new ways to explore your personality and express yourself through your surroundings. There are so many different avenues to let your tastes shine when it comes to decorating from the paint and furniture to the lighting and flooring.

For the best results when decorating, youll likely need to find a theme for your tastes. After all, you might love purple, green and yellow, but if you choose all three of these colors for the walls, this might not create the most aesthetically pleasing appearance.

This is because two essential principles of any design or décor work are the ideas of matching and coordinating. While these two ideas are similar, theyre both separate principles, and they work together to help guide you towards a home thats unique and expressive of your personality without looking like a garish color explosion.

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Why Dark Wood Floors Are The Best Choice

Modern Elegance

Dark wood tends to give your living room a more elegant and modern appearance than light wood.

Showcases Wood Grain

Dark woods tend to show the grain more clearly than their lighter counterparts. This leads to a more dramatic and beautiful look.


A dark hardwood floor can be complemented with various colors seen in your furniture, curtains and rugs. When contrasted with dark floors, light colors tend to pop, which creates a striking appearance for your living room.

Living Room Floor Data

10 Stunning Hardwood Flooring Options

Living room designs employ different color schemes some are beige and cream with light woods, others are in rich reds and dark woods. Others employ bright jewel blues or greens for a bolder look. And then some incorporate area rugs for the benefit of carpet, yet still providing the aesthetic benefits of hardwood flooring. Check out our rug buying guide and carpet buying guide.

Nearly all of these living rooms follow the basic and recognizable living room design: they have sofas, chairs and coffee tables many have fireplaces and shelving units. A few have media centers and visible televisions.

Many of these rooms also share architectural details. A running theme is ceiling detail. Make sure to look for coffered ceilings, exposed beams, and crown molding.

Some of the rooms featured in this gallery are expansive, with soaring ceilings. Others are more modestly sized. Size is no object to beautiful design, and each of these rooms is an example of fantastic attention to detail, form and function.

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Stick With Less Than Three

No, we dont mean that you have to have less than three different floorings in the entire house. Rather, we mean that at any given junction of floorings, keep it to a maximum of two. Imagine an intersection in your house, such as a place where the dining room, living room and hall all join together. If each of these three spaces has their own unique flooring, there will inevitably be this place where those different floors meet.

Instead, try to stick to a meeting of only two coordinating floors. This will be less jarring to the eye and help the space look less stuffed with too many colors and textures.

Rugs For Hardwood Floors In The Living Room

This large and luxurious living room has a dark oak hardwood floor, with beautiful details of wide wood planks that make the room seem more contemporary. The size of the living room is accentuated by the large area rug placed in the middle.

The rug is a cream-colored thin cotton rug positioned underneath the furniture, thus protecting the wood from possible scratches. It covers most of the walkable area around the furniture but still allows the floor to be exposed.

The diamonds of the rug are perfectly matched with the wooden planks of the floor. They create a multilayered design that brings eccentricity to the room.

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Open Idea With Hardwood Floors In Living Room

Rich, dark woods abound in this tastefully selected house. Making use of the same dark wood for the floorings, staircases, accent wall and also ceiling trusses create a space that is both regal and also comfortable. Using cream-colored furniture to match the painted walls produces balance and enables the wood floors to shine.

Flooring Matching Vs Coordinating: Which One Is Right For Me

Open floor plan decorating ideas interior design living room

Should your flooring be the same throughout the house? This isnt something we can answer for you, because theres no right or wrong answer. Its a simple matter of taste. If you absolutely love a particular floor and want to install it throughout your entire house, theres nothing wrong with this and no one will stop you or advise against it.

On the other hand, if you like to mix things up and try for different styles of flooring, no one will bat an eye at that either. Feel free to try mixing and matching and trying different styles that coordinate with one another instead of matching.

The choice is up to you. Both matching and coordinating are great tools to have in your decorators arsenal, and both can be the right decision.

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Tips For Matching Flooring Throughout Your House

Should wood floors match throughout the house? Should your laminate be the same color throughout the entryway, dining room and kitchen? Should tile match throughout the house? Yes, and also no. Should is probably the wrong question to ask in this case. If you want to design your home this way, then you absolutely can.

Here are some of our best tips for matching your flooring from one room to the next.

Light Vs Dark Flooring

Heres one of the biggest rules-of-thumb for creating harmony between your furniture and your flooring:

Match dark wood floors with heavy, dark furniture and light wood floors with clean, bright furniture.

Dark wood floors are visually arresting they tend to swallow up furniture thats too light. In this case, were not talking about light as in colour were talking about light as in Modern-style furniture with narrow legs and thin, clean lines.

Dark-coloured hardwood floors pair better with heavy, classic-style furniture with thick, shapely lines. Think of pieces that can hold their own visually rather than blending in.

Conversely, if youre working with a light-coloured wood floor, lighter furniture is a good fit. Modern, Scandinavian style furniture with clean, simple lines works well to create a stylish, minimalist look.

You can certainly still include dark furniture with your light floor, but make sure the furniture is visually appealing. Its going to stand out in stark contrast against the floor.

Now, to get a little more advanced, you can incorporate area rugs.

Rugs let you bend the rules a bit an area rug helps lighter furniture work in a room with dark floors, and vice versa.

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What Is The Difference Between Matching And Coordinating Floors

With this basic understanding of matching and coordinating, lets apply this concept to flooring. Based on what weve established, matching floors would be a situation where every flooring in your house was exactly the same. For example, if you had hardwood flooring in your living room, matching this flooring would mean carrying the same hardwood into the dining room, and then into the kitchen, and so on.

Coordinating floors, on the other hand, is different. Maybe this means that your living room floor is a deep, dark wood color, but your dining room can be a shade lighter that is different, but that still complements the living room shade. Maybe the hall can be carpeted, in a warm shade that harmonizes well with the earth tones in your various wood grains.

In this way, coordinating floors arent afraid to avoid perfect matches. Coordinating floors give you more freedom to explore new colors, textures and designs, all while still creating something that looks beautiful together as a whole.

Make Sure Its An Exact Match

Pin on For the Home

Theres nothing wrong with using the same flooring throughout your home. Theres nothing wrong with using different floorings. But what you dont want to do is use two that are almost the same, but not quite.

If perhaps youre trying to find a match for flooring that already exists in your house, its essential that you do find an exact match and not a close cousin. This kind of error will likely catch your eye constantly, driving you crazy as your eye is confused by the fact that it is so close to matching, but just misses the mark. Instead of creating a seamless transition from one flooring to the next, youll always see the line where the flooring changes.

You may be thinking that this isnt a huge deal, and is something no one will notice. While again, it is your choice, its incorrect to think no one will see. Little details like this are usually extremely noticeable. While you might not notice the difference between two small sample swatches, the contrast becomes much more apparent when blown up to the size of a floor. It will likely be very difficult to miss.

If you cant get an exact match, youre probably better off finding something obviously different but coordinating rather than picking a near-match.

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Consider The Color Of The Wooden Floors

The first thing to take into consideration when picking an area rug for your hardwood floors is the actual color of the wood. Since rugs come in a variety of shades, colors, motifs, patterns, and textures, it is important for all these elements to emphasize the color of the wood.

Hardwood floors come in a variety of colors and shades too. They are usually made of oak, bamboo, acacia or other types of high-quality wood. Their color, however, comes as a result of a staining process. These can be grouped into three categories: light, dark and red.

Each shade can be matched with a certain type of rug. Here are some suggestions for you.

Wood Floors In Living Room As A Neutral

Deal with timber floorings that do not have extreme yellow or red touches as a neutral, conveniently layering furnishings as well as likewise accents in your combination of alternative. In this consuming space, the charm of timber floorings is subjected by the deliberate elimination of a rug as well as additionally the lighter upholstered chairs as well as additionally an unique rattan stand table that rests on top.

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Mixed Reclaimed Hardwood Adds Depth To Room

This mixed, reclaimed hardwood floor is a combination of different woods, colors, and textures. The varied colors add depth and rustic elegance to any room and will complement any decor. Reclaimed wood retains much of the character of its original state, and will add character and warmth to your living room.

How To Keep Your Hardwood Floor Clean


What can you use to clean hardwood floor?

Keeping the floor clean means regularly mopping it. How often you clean it depends on the foot traffic the floor receives. If it doesnt get dirty much, cleaning it once a week might be enough. Otherwise, youll have to clean it 2-3 times a week.

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Lets Look Into Some Interesting Details About Dark Wood Floors

Not everything about dark colors is so easy though, as youre risking making smaller spaces heavier than necessary. A chic and sophisticated room will still be possible if you overcome this risk with the appropriate balancing of colors and light.

Wall colors for dark wood floors, therefore, need to create an airy feeling. Paint colors for dark wood floors, therefore, should be light or neutral in order to add contrast.

We recommend you to be brave, and consider all those amazing dark hardwood floor decorating ideas. It may be an intimidating process at first, but it will eventually become the easiest décor solution and design concept for setting an inviting mood and tone in your living room.

+ Gorgeous Ideas Of Dark Wood Floors That Look Amazing

Looking for ideas of dark wood floors for your next home renovation? Thats a great choice, and here over 35 gorgeous ideas for your inspiration.

Natural wood is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful flooring materials available. A durable, dark hardwood floor is not only practical, but aesthetically pleasing, particularly when combined with accessories, area rugs, and furnishings in appropriate colors.

And while hardwood can be used in just about any room of the house, it reveals its beauty mostly in living rooms. Indeed, as you will soon see, especially dark hardwood floors create such a wonderful contrast and they make a great setup for a gorgeous decor. Check out over 35 truly stunning ideas with dark wood floors.

What’s Inside?

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Idea #: Match Aspects Of Your Furniture To The Floor

Some homeowners will match the look of their dark hardwood floor in aspects of their furniture. Using a similarly-colored fabric pattern or getting furniture accessorized with a similar wood is unifying within the context of the room. For some, this can be too much. Its a delicate trick. When in doubt, go light in color. This is one of the simpler and more common ways to create balance.

Living Space With Timber Floors And Also Spanish Aspects

49+ Awesome Living Room Floor Ideas You Wish To See ...

This living-room has traditional Spanish aspects, incorporated with more modern finishes. The floors have a soft gold tone, mainly because of the strong fruit timber flooring, and also the light lotion painted wall surfaces. Furnishings pieces are slip-covered armchairs and sofas, paired turned wood information on revealed wooden legs seen on the coffee table. The ceiling also has actually revealed wood beams as well as trusses in antiqued wengue coating, completing the rustic look of the space.

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Riveting Living Rooms With Dark Wood Floors

A gallery featuring 21 living rooms in different styles, each with a different dark hardwood floor. Check out herringbone patterns, bamboo flooring, and wide and thin planks.

Welcome to our gallery featuring a large selection of living rooms featuring beautiful dark hardwood flooring.

There is a long-standing argument between supporters of carpet and hardwood. Carpet is by far cheaper than hardwood to install, but doesnt last as long and is prone to holding pet stains and dander. For allergy sufferers, hardwood is often the best way to relieve indoor symptoms.

While hardwood is certainly beautiful and durable, one of the main complaints against it is that in the winter hardwood can be very cold to walk on. This is true, and the reason why in many of the following designs youll see area rugs of varying sizes, colors, and styles.

This gallery features dark hardwood flooring, which is typically associated with contemporary and traditionally styled homes and favored for the contrast with a neutral color palette. Even the darkest floors have a warm undertone that complements more colorful accents. In the above dual-sided living room, the dark hardwood floors allow the two rooms to flow together while still maintaining distinct seating areas marked by area rugs.

We hope youll love this varied gallery of large and small living rooms as much as we do!

While many dark wood floors tend to have little variation in color, these have an almost gray and featherlike woodgrain.

Beautiful Living Rooms With Hardwood Floors

This gallery features beautiful living rooms with hardwood floors. Living rooms shown include a variety of styles such as Mediterranean, rustic, craftsman, transitional, Spanish, Asian, modern, contemporary and traditional.

Solid hardwood is gorgeous and durable. Since it is milled from a single piece of wood it can be repeatedly sanded and last for decades. Engineered hardwood offers an inner core of wood with an outer layer of hardwood veneer. With an engineered hardwood, one can get the same look and beauty without all of the cost. In addition engineered hardwood is more resistant to heat and moisture than solid hardwood flooring.

In the picture above the rustic solid European oak wood floors gives this Mediterranean home a more relaxed country vibe. Paired with other neutral colors and a touch of turquoise as accent, this home definitely looks really relaxing. Walls are plain white, and ceiling have accent wooden beams in dark wengue finish. Furniture pieces are mostly upholstered in a light cream color, combined with dark wood stain and some touch of blues on the pillows.

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Choose The Right Living Room Colours

Colour will play a big role in how you decorate a living room with wood floors. Based on how calm or bold you want your living space to appear, you can choose an undertone that rhymes with your wall colours and the rooms overall design, from yellow to red, and even ash gray. If you are unsure what colour to use in your living room, go for a neutral paint shade because it pairs well with all wood undertones.

Neutral walls also allow you to use different tones in the rugs, curtains or any other accessories you may want to use. You get to personalize your living space without having to worry about colour clashing. If you love colour, spice up the room by choosing an equivalent wall colour with similar undertones to the wooden floor.

For example, complement golden-toned wood with butter-yellow walls. For wood with red undertones, choose wine or burgundy painted walls. Wall colours that contrast with the wooden floors are ideal for dramatic decorations. To get the right fit, start by determining the woods undertone, then search for a shade thats the complete opposite.

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