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Living Room Decor Grey And Yellow

Add Interest With Patterned Floor Tiles Or A Rug

24 Grey and Yellow Living Room Ideas

Zone your seating area, and add striking, textural interest from the ground up with living room flooring ideas that include patterned floor tiles or a feature rug in yellow and gray shades. As shown here on these rug effect floor tiles, the harmonious color duo lends a current feel to a traditional design just screaming to be walked all over and admired at every glance

Wall Pops! has a wonderful variety of peel and stick floor tiles for a quick and easy update, perfect for renters that can’t commit to something more permanent.

Gray Living Room Color Schemes

While you search for style ideas for a gray living room, keep in mind that gray comes in a number of shades, and that pretty much any color will work as an accent. Gray living room walls allow you to go in almost any design direction, especially if you choose a lighter shade. Of course, you can also go for moody dark gray living room walls, which are great for making a statement in a small space. Try pairing darker shades with bold artwork and richly colored accents in teal, pink or gold. In any shade, gray and blue living rooms can be soothing spaces. For a trendy California cool look, pair navy blue walls with a modern gray couch and plenty of wooden accents. For a relaxed contemporary look, opt for a gray and brown living room, with a leather sofa, gray walls and wooden accents.

On the other hand, if you like more neutral shades, gray is also the perfect color to work with. A gray and white living room is a classic choice that works well with traditional, transitional or farmhouse styles. Try pairing light gray walls with crisp white crown molding and white living room furniture. To achieve a somewhat playful, modern look, you could go for a gray and yellow living room, with yellow accent pillows, wall art or even a mustard yellow rug.

Get Playful With Cheerful Picks

Its one of the happiest shades on the color wheel, so why not unleash your homes fun-loving, cheerful best self and perk up your laugh-and-lounge in space with yellow decor buys across walls, cushions, throws, living room storage the works.

We adore how this happy home packs sweet personality into every spot with the use of tonal yellow hues across playful picks, with retro, geometric patterns thrown in for good measure. The soft gray sofas ground the overall look, for a slice of grown-up chic.

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Go Dark For A Rich And Dramatic Look

Navy, grey and red is a harmonious color combination. Dark living room ideas, such as the deep, almost blue-black charcoal walls here, create an intimate environment for lounging. This dark rich tone also works brilliantly as a canvas against which to allow statement pieces to sing out.

Here the sculptural white hanging pendant light stands out against the dark background. And the vibrant pops of red from the coffee table, rug and cushions are made all the more vivid when seen in contrast to the dark, dense walls.

Contemporary Grey And Yellow Living Room With Yellow Ceiling

Grey and white living room with yellow and monochrome

The idea of painting the ceiling with a shade of yellow is an excellent one to consider if you already have or you want to build a contemporary style living room.

This idea is worthy to think too when you want to add more yellow in the room, but there is no other space left but the ceiling.

When your living room has more grey tones, especially the dark ones, adding a yellow hue to the ceiling is not surprisingly a good idea. This idea will make the room brighter, not to forget that it also boosts the summer feeling in the area.

As an example, you can take a look at the following picture, in which the ceiling of a contemporary living room has butter yellow tone.

As you can see from the picture above, the room is filled with some different dark shades of grey since the color exists on the custom couch, leather chair, walls, and some part of the ceiling.

The existence of yellow color on the ceiling seems to erase the dull atmosphere in there.

The designer also adds other shades of yellow in the room to make the place looks more vibrant than if it only has yellow tone for the ceiling.

Those include honey yellow from the drapes, pale yellow from the patterned pillows, and Dijon yellow from the fluffy rug.

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Stylish Grey And Yellow Living Room Dcor Ideas

Grey and yellow are one of the most popular combos for various types of décor because its refreshing, vivid and matches various décor styles. This combo looks great for all kinds of spaces, from kitchens to bedrooms, and today Id like to have a look how to rock these colors in a living room.

Living rooms in grey and yellow are very lively, refreshing and raise the mood because yellow reminds of the spring and summer, which is especially necessary in cold seasons when we lack sunlight. You can vary different shades of grey and different shades of yellow to achieve the effect you want. Choose subtle shades like dove grey or pale yellow for a calm and peaceful interior, and charcoal grey and neon yellow for daring bold interiors.

Introduce Warmth With Touchable Textures

Adding woolen soft furnishings to an understated grey living room will transform it from cold to calming in an instant.

The abundance of texture and pattern in the wool, plus the burst of bright yellow living room accents, prevent this room from looking too gloomy. Everything in the room is very tactile, from the pendant light cover to the footstool. Plus the wall-mounted sculptures add a certain je ne sais quoi.

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Or Choose A Statement Yellow Sofa

Add impactful wow-factor with a go big and STAY home yellow sofa. We are seeing a growing number of the best couches upholstered in this vibrant hue with loads of shades to choose from.

Keep your remainder scheme in shades of gray to enhance the dramatic contrast, and let your sofa upholstery dazzle while taking center stage.

Creative Uses Of Furniture

[Daily Decor] Grey Black and Yellow Living Room

These suggestions are a bit bolder than simply using accent pieces to create the yellow and grey color scheme. Instead, furniture becomes the element of focus. While furniture pieces are more permanent than less costly and easily replaceable accent pieces, using furniture is a great way to continue experimenting with the color scheme without making any significant changes.

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Allow The Shades To Take On A Scandi Vibe

Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore

In their palest forms grey and yellow can be used in harmony to create a tranquil space. This Scandi scheme has turned the tables and used yellow as the primary colour and grey to accent. Soft lemon walls highlight a curved and comfortable sofa upholstered in the coolest shade of grey while crisp white storage keeps the look bright and fresh.

Now all you need are characterful details to make this living room space stylish and interesting a yellow geometric rug is cheerful and modern, pale wood furniture adds subtle warmth feel and finally floral cushions with just a hint of plum is pretty and sophisticated.

Graceful Grey And Yellow Living Room

A fine taste of furniture holds the key to realizing a graceful living room regardless of color pairing. This living room shows us gentle curves as seen on the couch, the coffee tables and the chair mostly contribute to the rooms elegant look.

The living space takes out the same shade of both grey and yellow. Neither dark not bright, the colors support the graceful area. One exception applies to the yellow flowers that seem bright. This living room feels more formal to casual with proper ornaments.

The cute, glass-made coffee table and the small paintings add extra refreshments.

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French Grey Pale Little Greene

Absolute Matt Emulsion / $65.54 / £52 per 2.5L: A greenish-gray is a warming neutral shade that lends towards a stone or putty shade in tone. This versatile gray adds warmth to a calming neutral color scheme. Thanks to the depth of tone this gray is ideal for pairing with punchy accent tones of pink or deep greens.

Dulux’s ‘Bright Skies’

The latest interior design trend of cooling shades indicates that blue tones are big news for living room paint colors this year. Fresh and uplifting to offer calming qualities, these hues create a sense of calm in the room where you want to relax and unwind.

The Dulux ‘Color of the Year 2022’ Bright Skies was thoughtfully chosen by the paint experts to fulfill a desire for an airy and fresh tone that breaths new life into any space, especially busy living spaces.

Speaking about the shade of pale blue Marianne tells that “people want to feel revitalized and enjoy the freedoms that are returning to them, to look out and bring in new ideas.

“What better inspiration can we take than the endless skies around us? It is widely known that nature makes us feel better and taking steps to bring the outside in enhances our sense of wellbeing,” she continues. “So whether we are working or relaxing, creating or exercising, it is essential to have a space that reflects the optimism and desire for a fresh, new start.” The thinking is that a dreamy shade of sky blue can help to enrich the soul and make homes feel more hopeful for 2022.

Create Depth With Greys In Different Tones

This particular %%KEYWORD%% is genuinely an exceptional style ...

Pick a plump sofa for lounging. This charcoal grey number adds elegance and interest to a minimal room.

Explore the many depths of a grey color palette by layering tones to create a living room color scheme that looks cohesive. By using the same color, but in both its palest and deepest incarnations, you can create a rich, contrasting look that is co-ordinated. A glass coffee table and side table add a glamorous note here.

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Grey And Yellow Living Room With Mustard Chairs

The first idea to try is the combo between grey and mustard yellow in living room area. This combination is the one you can see in the picture above.

This contemporary living room has grey color as the most dominant tone. It also has mustard yellow as the secondary tone as shown in the upholstered chairs, pillows, and wall painting.

In a grey-dominated room like this, mustard yellow color can liven up the summer mood without being too much or too bright. It can even still manage the calm atmosphere in the room properly.

With this shade of yellow, you do not need too many decorations since the room becomes livelier with the secondary color addition only.

If you want to add some adornments, you can keep it simple such as by placing decorative mustard pillows on the couch or chairs in the room or by hanging a wall painting with a touch of mustard shade in it as exemplified in the picture.

Mustard yellow tone like this is not too bright. Combining this tone with a less-bright shade of grey is excellent. In the picture above, the grey tones meant earlier come from the couch, the armchair, the window shade, and the patterned area rug.

The wall is actually in a grey shade too, but it has a somewhat bright tone. However, as you can see in the pic, it still looks good when paired with the mustard yellow tone. Probably, the reason is that grey itself is a neutral shade.

Grey Walls And Furniture Color Faqs

A darker shade of furniture can go quite well with grey walls, especially if the walls are a lighter shade of grey. Both cool and warm color grey paint go well with dark brown or dark blue furniture. In fact, this pairing is one of the more sophisticated grey living room ideas, especially when the interior design plan includes shiny metal, glass, or mirrored accents.

The best shade of wood for your gray wall color scheme depends on the grey paints color and value. If the room with grey walls has a wood floor, that will also influence what color wood furniture looks best.

Keep in mind that dark wood furniture and floors will make your grey walls look lighter, while light shades of wood will make the grey paint color appear darker. If your wall color has warm undertones, go with a warm color wood such as cherry, chestnut, cedar, red oak, or walnut. If your grey walls have a cooler undertone, go with cool color wood such as ash, birch, hickory, poplar, or pine.

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How Do You Decorate A Light Yellow Living Room

A light yellow living room is best decorated with neutrals and naturals so that the space feels calm, sunny and interesting.

‘For a calming effect, opt for lighter tones offset by natural finishes,’ say interior designers Jenna Choate and Mariana Ugarte, Co-Founders of Interior Fox.

This means introducing whites or creams on woodwork and ceilings, and on furniture, too, then introducing pale woods and natural textures such as bamboo and wicker, basketwork and sisal with which to accessorize and dress the space.

Pale Grey And Cool Blues Are A Heavenly Pairing

Grey with Yellow Living Room Plush Shag Area rug with Dimensional Design By Rug Addiction

A soft pale grey is a chic choice for a smart living room with a modern classic feel. Here it has been paired to great effect with a set of monochrome map prints and a metal and glass coffee table.

The upholstery and rug underfoot in a mix of pale greys and soft blues all combine to create a cohesive feeling scheme.

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Is It Time To Update Your Windows

More often than not, homeowners tend to forget their windows whenever they try to attempt an update in the living room. This item is sometimes pushed off in the list to make way for other things but your windows might ruin the whole remodeling project if they wont go with the entire interior plan. To make sure that this will not be a problem, always include the windows in the list even if it will be left untouched. Once the windows are listed in your remodeling plan, you can actually revisit the option of adding new ones, when your living room lacks the presence of natural light in it.

However, when you think it will be too much to add new windows, updating your existing ones can also do the trick. Drafty windows can sometimes be the cause of why the natural lights are being blocked. Give them a new life by replacing them with newer ones. This will be way cheaper than adding a few more windows. Discuss the possible options with professionals because window replacement jobs can sometimes get a little bit complicated.

Lesson No 5use White To Freshen Things Up

Mele is a huge proponent of painting things white, especially furniture. I think white modernizes and freshens, he says. People are afraid of their old grandmothers found furniture, but their forms are so fabulous and remain timeless. White just gives furniture a contemporary personality, I think. A fresh youthful spirit. To strike the right color balance in the homes formal dining room, Mele had the dining chairs bleached white from the original brown.

The fabric Mele and the homeowner fell in love with for the master bedroom is Jules et Jim by Clarence House.

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Blend In Richer Tones

A lovely way to tone down the contrast between grey and yellow is to bring in some richer, warmer shades like browns, oranges and terracotta tones. In the living room of this colorful London townhouse the blues, yellows and greys are softened with the deep oranges of the furniture and cushions and the rug, which contains all of these shades, ties the palette together perfectly.

Team Dark Charcoal With Bold Yellows

Grey and yellow living room accessories awesome modern gray white ...

For a really dramatic look go for high contrast the darkest of grey walls with a strong bold yellow. It’s a brave combination but in the right space, it can really work, particularly in small living rooms as darker walls can actually blur the boundaries of the room and trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger.

Tone down the contrast by bringing in a clean white on the ceilings or woodwork and soften the room with plenty of textures. As you can see in this yellow and grey living room, despite the dramatic shades it feels fresh and light, and livable.

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Highlight A Standout Feature With Grey

If the rest of your room is a little on the pale side, use a deeper shade of grey to highlight your favorite feature.

In this mid-century inspired apartment living room, a smokey yet pale grey can be seen on the built-in cabinet doors, thus enhancing rather than detracting from this rather interesting architectural detail.

Freshen Up Your Entrance

Aside from just deciding on repainting it into a gray and yellow living room, another way to create something grand for this room is reinventing the entrance. Do not take this tip literally by building a new door especially when the room is small, what you can do is to create a fresh way how the living room welcomes everyone. Rearrange the furniture and make sure that it will create a pleasant impression for your guests. Once your walls are painted and new curtains are installed, you can try arranging the furniture in different ways and walk into the room to check the impression it gives off.

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