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Linear Drain Floor And Decor

Install Tar Paper And Wire Lath

Quick Tile Design Tips: How to Design with Tile-In Linear Drains

Use a utility knife to cut tar paper so that it can cover the plywood subfloor. Make sure that it also covers the corners and the base of the shower walls. This tar paper layer will prevent the plywood floor from absorbing any moisture from the shower pan mortar mix.

You can also cut a sheet of wire lath with a set of wire cutters so that it can lay on top of the tar paper and help provide stability for the shower pan mortar mixture.

Why Do I Need To Know The Waterproofing

The type of waterproofing can help determine which linear drain series to specify. If using a traditional type of waterproofing, the professional will typically build a shower pan with PVC, Vinyl, Lead, Hot Mop, Copper or Fiberglass material. If using a modern type of waterproofing such as liquid or a fabric install, the professional can waterproof over a greater floor area to build a barrier free or zero threshold installation.

Most often, plumbers will install a linear with a clamping floor drain to be used with traditional waterproofing.

Most often, tile setters will install a linear with modern type of waterproofing.

Note: Some areas in the US require specific types of waterproofing. Be sure to check with your installation professional about the waterproofing method being used before selecting a drain.

Should The Shower Drain Be Flush With The Tile

Yes, the shower floors drain should be flush with the tile around it at the point where the two meet. However, according to experts, point or center drains in tile require a 1/4-inch slope per square foot from all four sides of the drain. A linear drain only requires the shower floor to slope in the direction of the drain. In any case, the drain should be at the lowest point of the shower but still flush with the tile at the drain and tile meeting point.

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Why Choose A Linear Drain

Also called a trough or trench drain, a linear drain is a rectangular-shaped drain that allows for the use of larger format floor tile and the ability to pitch the floor in one direction. This offers an advantage from the traditional center drain installation, where the floor must slope in four directions in order to drain the water properly.

Benefits of a linear drain installation include:

  • No limitation on tile size or slab material
  • Can be placed as a threshold or curb
  • Meets ADA requirements for handicap shower entry
  • No boundaries on design because of the drain location
  • Drains water more efficiently

Seal The Drain And Place The Grate Cover

800Mm 1000Mm Linear Floor Drains Stainless Steel Long Shower Drains ...

With the shower installation finished, the last step is to seal the joint between the tiled floor and the drain with a bead of silicone caulk, then add the linear drain floor grate cover. If done correctly, the 1/16-inch height difference should be made up with the installation of the grate cover, giving you a perfectly level shower floor.

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Barrier Free Shower Pans

Redi Free® Barrier Free shower pans, including ADA shower pan models, provide a walk-in or roll-in entrance, creating an environment that is inherently accessible to people both with and without mobility concerns.

Cant everyone benefit from a barrier free shower entrance? Of course! That is why we have the industrys widest variety of barrier free styles including Redi Trench®, Redi Base®, and Bathtub Replacement models.

Shower Floors And Pebbles

Jessa Madosky states,

We are having an issue with our shower floor it is pebbles and the installer claims that they had to grout up and over most of the pebble for it to stay in place. Some of the pebbles are completely covered in grout. Others are 1/10th visible, a few are more visible. The pebbles were 1-3 inches originally, but now most are an inch or less and there is more grout than pebble on the floor. The grout is also not all the same shade and there are areas where the water cant drain and just sits in low spots. Is this how it is supposed to be installed? It doesnt look anything like any install of pebble floor Ive ever seen. Thanks for any insight!

Scott explains,

Pebblestone installations can be challenging for the installer. There is no location on the side of the pebble indicating where the grout is to stop as would be the case when grouting regular tiles. Without this guideline on the side of the tile, or in this case, the pebbles, it can be difficult to keep the thickness of the grout uniform. Low spots can occur, but it is the installers job to ensure there are no low spots where water can collect. Depending on the thickness of the pebbles, normally, the grout would extend up about 1/3 of the height of the stone.

With mosaic tiles the grout does help in securing the tile, but it is not intended to be up and over the pebbles.

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Large Tiles Or Small Tiles

The most significant change that comes from choosing a linear drain is that you are able to use larger tiles on the shower floor. Because the entire floor is evenly sloped in one direction, any size tile can be installed on the floor. If you want small tiles thats fine, but you can also use larger tiles. Many homeowners like this option because they can use the same tiles on the shower floor as they have in the rest of the bathroom. From a design perspective it creates a more seamless look and can help make small spaces seem larger.

Because of the funnel required for a point drain, smaller tiles have to be used on the shower floor. In most cases it is not recommended to use anything much larger than 4 x 4 tiles with a point drain. The tiles need to sit flat on the floor and you cant put a large flat tile across a floor that has more than one slope. Many people prefer to accent the shower floor with smaller tiles and make it look different than the rest of the bathroom, so the point drain makes a good choice.

Waterproofing In The Shower

How To Install Linear Shower Drains – The Tile Shop

Waterproofing remains the cornerstone of your showers durability. Water and vapor penetrate through the grout joints , mortar, and backing materials in shower walls and floors, allowing moisture to collect in the wall cavity or floor structure, which is the primary cause of mold growth. KERDI-LINE and the Schluter®-Shower System offer an integrated moisture management solution that eliminates leaks and mold growth, and ensures the lasting beauty of your tiled shower.

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Linear Floor Drain Best Budget

Best Budget

Next on the list, weve got yet another s product that manages to win our hearts. Its the Linear Floor Drain and its widely considered as one of the best budget linear floordrain you can buy. The linear floor drain is easy to remove shower drain grate and hair strainer for easy cleaning. The shower drains body is made 304 stainless steel. The drain body use a new blast coating process, finished protect against corrosion & rust. Finally, the linear floor drain is suitable for more scenarios, such as kitchens, bathrooms, garages, basements and toilets.

About The Importance Of This Topic

Saul Carmona states,

There is a very important topic about installing showers, most of the time plumbers install the liner pan not being concerned about having a pre-slope under the liner pan, people think that just because there is a liner pan in it its not going to leak, that the water is going to run towards the drain when is not, home builders all they care is to get the house finished and sell it and then if leaks blame the tile installer. There is a lack of pay fairness because installers lots times end up doing right without pay to avoid future problems.

Scott answers as follows:

Each shower detail in the 2018 edition of the TCNA Handbook that uses a clamping ring drain, requires sloped fill under the shower pan membrane.

You are correct that many times this is not provided by the plumber however, it is part of the installation requirements which makes sense. In order to get the water in the system to the drain and evacuated, it must slope downhill. While it may not leak when installed flat on the subfloor , this trapped and stagnant water will eventually emit an odor that is offensive.

Additionally, if the tile installer encounters a shower completed by the plumber that does not have a pre-slope, it is the responsibility of the installer to provide it. While this is not fair to the tile installer, completing the shower without it is also wrong, it must be there.

Informing the builder of the plumbers error would do two things.

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Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

Unlike a traditional shower drain, which requires a four-sided slope and is only applicable if you havesmall tiles, a linear shower drain, if placed against the wall only needs a one-sided slope and can be used with large format tiles. Thanks to the invention of the linear shower drain, you have maximum freedom in designing your barrier free bathroom. A drainage system can be installed in different ways find out what the best linear shower drain is for your project.

Create A Sloping Floor


This process starts with the pre-pan mortar mix. Use a bucket and a shovel to mix the mortar, or consider using a mixing paddle to make the job easier. Add the mortar on top of the tar paper and wire lath, but do not cover the base drain.

Level the pre-pan mix, keeping in mind that for the water to properly drain from the shower, it’s important to create a floor that slopes on a gradient of about 1 to 2 degrees or a slope of about ¼-inch per foot towards the drain. Use a bubble level to make sure that the gradient is correct.

When the pre-pan mortar is flat and leveled appropriately, leave the mortar to set for about 24 hours.

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How To Install A Shower Drain In Concrete Floor

You may need to replace a drain if youre moving into an older property with an unappealing shower drain or if your shower drain has a leaky gasket. Because the drain is simply screwed onto the pipe stub coming up out of the slab, the method of removing and replacing a shower drain is the same whether youre working with a concrete slab or a plastic shower pan. All you need are some essential tools and safety equipment, such as goggles and a dust mask, to repair a shower drain in a concrete slab quickly and easily.

There are several possibilities when it comes to selecting a shower drain for your built-in water base system. Your choice is determined by your situation and the type of water tub you have. Additionally, the type of pipe you have at home, as well as the retailers recommendations for both the water pan and drainage, can help you decide which drain unit to buy.

Slope Shower Ledges Rims Sills Seats And Thresholds

Its not just the floor that you need to consider for sloping in showers.

According to the ANSI standard A108.01-3.6.4,

All horizontal ledges/rims shall have a slope such that any fluid on their surfaces flows toward the drain.

Additionally, the Tile Council of North America Handbook, all bathtub and stall shower details contain this note,

All horizontal surfaces, for example, shower seats, sills, curbs, etc., must slope towards a drain or other surface sloped toward the drain. Where present, waterproofing also must be sloped.

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Reason To Choose Linear Drain

The linear format of this Stainless Steel Tile Insert Linear 24,28,32,36,40,48,60 inch Grid Shower Drain offers a decorative solution to standard shower plumbing fixtures. With a sleek, sophisticated profile that maximizes both form and function, the long rectangular drain format removes water from the shower pan with ease. A removable strainer basket prevents pipes from clogging while the versatile drain configuration can be installed with a square grid pattern panel or without. The industrial-inspired design provides a seamless transition from drain to shower floor to create the ultimate at-home spa experience. A tile-in option allows for an integrated shower floor design that coordinates beautifully with modern floors, including large format decorative tile and natural stone as well as mesh-mounted mosaics.

Installation Easy to install is a hallmark of exact sized linear drains. To be more technical, they require the shower floor to be sloped in one direction toward the drain, instead of the center drain requires sloping the floor in four different ways toward the drain.

Barrier Free Using linear drains removes the traditional step over the curb in a traditional tub or shower, so that to have a barrier free entrance to the shower. This is an easy transition from the dry area to the wet one now can be in your home.

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What Is A Linear Shower Drain

How to Install Schluter®-KERDI-LINE linear drain

To the uninitiated, it may seem as though all shower drains are the same. After all, how complicated can something that takes water away from your home be, right? Well, there are several different types of drains that are suitable based on your home and the terrain on which it is constructed.

A linear drain is a water egress or exit that is an elongated rectilinear form of drain. Basically, it captures the water flow and moves it towards a single exit point. The goal ultimately is to create an efficient delivery method for liquid moving away from your shower basin.

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Do You Ensure That Your Tile Work Slopes To The Drain

What situations have you encountered where tile work didnt slope properly? How did you address the situation?

If you havent already, consider becoming a Certified Tile Installer . As a CTI, you set yourself apart from the crowd and know how to anticipate tile installation problems before they occur.

Do it right the first time and get paid accordingly.

Thanks for reading.

Benefits Of Linear Shower Drain

Appearance Linear drains have a sleek and slim appearance, a subtle eye-catcher that fits in a large variety of shower floors.

Maintenance Linear drains offer easy maintenance and efficient water drainage. Who doesnt love an easy-to-clean shower drain?

Flexibility Linear drains can be placed almost anywhere in your barrier-free bathroom. Giving you the flexibility to create the perfect bathroom layout.

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Does Your Tile Slope To The Drain

When you install tile in wet areas, do you ensure that everything slopes to the drain? If not, please read below.

Lets consider showers. Showers can be a beautiful part of the bathroom especially when the tile is part of the finished product. The beauty, though, will not be long-lasting if the installation standards and best practices for tile installation are not followed.

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What Is A Tile Insert Frame

beautiful shower drains

The Tile Insert Frame allows the drain to truly disappear into the shower floor. Flooring material is set into the tray and a minimally sized, yet sufficient, gap provides the necessary drainage to evacuate water efficiently. This grate style provides the illusion of an extension of your shower floor over the drain. The Tile Insert Frame is constructed of 12 gauge or 16 gauge, 304L stainless steel.

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Advantages Of A Walk In Shower

Walk-in or barrier-free showers are growing in popularity and more frequently used in the modern bathroom. These popular showers are mostly installed in combination with a linear shower drain, which offers several benefits like easy cleaning, use of large format tiles and one way sloping towards the drain.

Measure And Mark The Drain Location

The first step in the process is to use a tape measure to measure the location for the drain and mark where you want it to be installed. Typically, linear shower drains are installed in four different ways, including one-sided wall-mounted, three-sided wall-mounted, free floor-mounted, and shower entrance floor-mounted.

  • One-sided wall-mounted is the most common option. It refers to the drain running along one side of the back wall in the shower. The ends of the drain do not extend all the way to the side walls of the shower.
  • Three-sided wall-mounted drains are the same as the one-side wall-mounted drain except that the ends of the drain do extend to the side walls of the shower, coming into contact on three sides instead of just one.
  • Free floor-mounted linear drains are positioned in the middle of the shower, instead of touching any walls.
  • Shower entrance floor-mounted linear shower drains run across the shower entrance between the two shower walls, as indicated by the name.
  • Depending on your selected style, you may need to relocate the current drain lines. Keep in mind that floor-mounted drains do not have as much support as wall-mounted drains.

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    Why Choose Our Shower Drain

    Because it offers the following benefits:

    • Rapid and swift draining with no pooling
    • Lustrous design to complement all décor and design styles
    • Crafted of high-quality materials with solid, well-built construction

    As a professional Floor Drain manufacturer in China, we enhance your customers shower experience with our superior shower drain, designed for maximum drainage fast.

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