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Light Wood Floor Decorating Ideas

Rustic But Exclusive Wood Flooring Ideas

Choosing Hardwood Flooring | Quick Design Tips

The rustic style has been re-evaluated by many designers who have transformed it into a very particular style, destined only to persons who can appreciate it in the best way.

The wood and stone can turn back the hands of time to a world less hectic and much more genuine, to allow us to concentrate only on the essentials.

Tips For Matching Flooring Throughout Your House

Should wood floors match throughout the house? Should your laminate be the same color throughout the entryway, dining room and kitchen? Should tile match throughout the house? Yes, and also no. Should is probably the wrong question to ask in this case. If you want to design your home this way, then you absolutely can.

Here are some of our best tips for matching your flooring from one room to the next.

Be Sure To Vary Scale And Proportion

It’s important to think about scale and proportion in your room. If everything is the same, the result is boring. That can be okay. It can also be a depressing disaster. Adding variation brings interest to your space.

You’ll find this particularly valuable when you consider your focal point and what to highlight there.

Variation can be about shape, texture, or even color intensity.

Remember, too, that threes and fives make for more pleasing arrangements than even numbers.

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What Color Walls Go Best With Light Hardwood Floors

Wall color can make or break a space. When looking for the perfect paint shade to match a light hardwood floor, you must consider the vibe you wish to create. For the artsy, bold decor to steal the show, white or cream walls allow expression. For a dash of color that isnt overpowering, pale greens or muted pinks are stunning when paired with light hardwood. A boho or vintage aesthetic can easily be created with an accent wall in grey or beige. Stick to neutral color pairings when it comes to walls and light hardwood floors, then let your stylish decor take center stage.

Above, we have a stunning living room displaying white walls with a pop of color. White walls paired with white furniture, with dark wooden legs, are modern. At the same time, yellow throw pillows with light wood furniture create a bright, clean feeling. Accent your room with any color you prefer using this color scheme.

The next photo shown above is an example of a grey wall that works as an accent and pop of color in the space. The light wood and the grey wall work extremely well together and give a very professional and stylish look to the home. This example also uses a wooden coffee table that is a much darker hue than the flooring.

Our last photo shows a textured wall example to add that extra detail to your space. A textured look is quite luxurious yet modern. You can also see the white furniture palette for the couch and coffee table because the wall is the main source of color.

Dark Hardwood Floors: The Pros

Beautiful Wood Flooring

#1: Gives depth & contrast. Theres no doubt about it: dark hardwood floors give a level of richness and contrast to a room that lighter-colored wood floors just cant quite achieve. If youve chosen light colors for your interior walls, cabinetry, or furnishings, dark hardwood floors will give you that pop of contrast your room might desperately need.

#2: Help your homes resale value. In answer to the question, What color hardwood floor is best for resale? some studies have suggested that homes with dark wood floors sell for more money.

#3: Hides dark-colored debris better: If you have dark-haired pets or tend to have more dark-colored debris on your floors, dark hardwood floors will hide it better than light hardwoods.

#4: Looks better for longer: As mentioned earlier, dark hardwood floors are less prone to fade than lighter hardwood floors.

#5: Ground big spaces: In an especially large or expansive room, dark floors can help ground it and make it feel less cavernous.

#6: Flexible style: Dark hardwood floors can be used in a variety of design styles. Modern, traditional, transitional, you name ittheres most likely a dark stain and/or finish for dark hardwood floors thatll get you the look you want.

#8: Work well with light-color furnishings. Dark hardwood floors look amazing with lighter-colored rugs and furniture. It gives a balanced look to a room that might otherwise be filled with light items everywhere.

DIY ottoman, or what our fireplace USED to look like!

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Some Questions To Ask Yourself:

  • Whats the style of your home?
  • What color debris do you usually find on your floors?
  • How often do you want to clean?
  • Do you care if your floors are dirty if they dont actually show it? Or do you always want to have clean floors?
  • Whats your decor style? More casual, more elegant, or a mix of both?
  • Do you have kids? Pets? How much do you entertain and have people come into your home?
  • Are you a shoes-on or shoes-off kinda household?
  • What color are your kitchen cabinets, bath vanities, or built-in bookcases?
  • What goes best with your furniture?

For more help, see my post here about 7 Strategies for Choosing Interior Colors.

We clean our floors with this natural, healthy cleaner and love it! Its gentle and doesnt smell like youre going to inhale so many toxins that you can feel it giving you cancer as you breathe.

Laminate Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Of course, solid hardwood flooring isnt an option in every space, and thats okay. Modern laminate is near-indistinguishable from real wood while also being cheaper, easier to install, and available in a wider range of colors.

Because of the laminate flooring manufacturing process, unique styles are more common than with hardwood. Grey laminate floor planks are common in minimalist and industrial bedroom decor in place of hardwood. White and light shades are also quite popular.

Utilizing laminate in your master bedroom design follows the same rules as using hardwood. Think about your spaces color scheme and any other wood finishes present in your furniture or decor. Whether you choose to match or contrast with these wood pieces is up to you.

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Hardwood Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Nothing says classic luxury like a hardwood floor. Wood flooring can last a lifetime, and theres no shortage of unique stains and finishes available to match your existing decor.

One of hardwoods greatest attributes is its ability to coordinate with any decor theme. For example, light or distressed wood flooring is the perfect choice for a farmhouse-inspired bedroom. Or for an industrial theme that forgoes stone or concrete, you could go for aged hardwood floors.

Whatever style you choose to emulate in your bedroom, try to coordinate your hardwood flooring with any other natural wood in the space. This could mean using the same type and shade of wood throughout the entire room or choosing several contrasting finishes.

A Secure Flooring Ideas

DESIGN TIP – Light Wood Flooring

The floor of the room is crucial because it represents the foundation of our house. If the foundation is weak, then everything is destined to fall, but this is not the case because only the most resistant and durable wood has been chosen only.

In this case, it is harder to destroy this wood rather than an ideal.

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Adding Warmth To Light Wood Floors

Because lighter floors reflect more light, your resulting interior could mean a room that looks visually colder. Darker colours have a tendency to add a cosy vibe to a space, but you can still have a warm, inviting aesthetic with light wood floors too.

Choose plenty of texture for your space a cosy deep pile rug, knitted throws or velvet cushions will all create a feeling of warmth without having to reach for darker shades. Layer different textures on your sofa or bed for the most inviting space.

The Golden Bedroom Floor Ideas

This bedroom is designed to create an effect of golden light that reflects on the beautiful wood, polished and smoothed to allow the golden light to expand to the whole environment in the best way possible and to mix to the brown in a way that few believed possible with outstanding results from every point of view.

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Seven Interior Decorating Tips For Making Spaces Look Bigger

Did you know that there are ways to make spaces in your home look bigger without moving any walls ? These seven interior decorating tips focus on choices you can make about your flooring, color, lighting, what you hang on your walls, and more to not only make your space stand out, but also make it seem just right for you.

And, if any of this seems too overwhelming, simply reach out to our designer, Randee Slotkin. She’ll be delighted to help you.

Ideas For Decorating With Area Rugs On Hardwood Floors

Pin by Krystal Hooten on Nice Decor

Area rugs are great elements to decorate your home. They do however serve other purposes as well. One of them is to protect hardwood floors from heavy foot traffic that might cause scratches to the floor.

In addition, area rugs are also used as another layer of insulation for both cold temperatures and sound. Their rich texture and valuable technical help make them the perfect addition to hardwood floors!

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Most Popular Bedroom Flooring

Surprisingly, hardwood is the most popular flooring option for primary bedrooms. Not by much though.

49.42% of primary bedrooms have hardwood floor. We set out all the bedroom floor data below the photo gallery.

Not surprisingly, medium shade hardwood is the most popular shade for primary bedrooms. Medium shade hardwood is used in 42.18% of primary bedrooms that has hardwood.

Carpet flooring tops out at 41% of the 165,175 rooms surveyed, but combined, dark, medium, and light hardwood floors supersede it in popularity, equaling about 50% of all rooms . Other options that room owners have chosen from include concrete, coming in at fourth with 1.7% of rooms, followed by tile, laminate, vinyl, and even options like brick and cork.

Below we feature our massive and growing photo gallery of primary bedrooms with hardwood floor. Youll see wood floor of all species as well as bedrooms of all styles. Interestingly, many designs have area rugs too .

Patterned Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Laying down floor tiles or planks in a geometric pattern can elevate your bedroom design. You can choose to keep your floor one shade or emphasize the pattern with different colors.

Herringbone and chevron are two patterns that look great paired with all types of hardwood flooring. Brick-style wood flooring is an excellent option for those looking to follow the mid-century modern trend.

You can also achieve this look using wall-to-wall carpeting. Many companies offer small carpet tiles that you can mix, match, and arrange to create unique patterns.

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Grey Floor Design Ideas That Fit Any Room

Grey is a perfect color: timeless, classic and with lots of shades, it can fit any room and suit any décor style. You can find proper grey floors for modern, minimalist, rustic and other décor styles, and the good news is scratches and spots wont strike the eye on grey like it would be with polished black floors, for example. Grey floors wont make a statement but will delicately highlight the décor and make the space look airy and light. What types of grey cover can you choose? Basically, there are tiles, wood, concrete and stone, so you can easily find what you like or even mix them all in one open-plan space.

The Wood Of Life Flooring Ideas

DESIGN TIPS – Light Wood Floors

The luxury of this room is a real slap in the face to all the people who believe that wood is a second choice material because the energy that can instill in this design is incredible.

The wooden floor seems ready to turn into pure energy at any moment. The feelings that can give this room are incredible and can regenerate every person.

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Light Hardwood Floors In Interior Design Color Scheme Options

The general appearance of the room is largely dependent on the color of the wood. It is important that the floor fits into the overall concept of the interior. When designing an interior, it is very important to choose the right colors for walls, ceilings and floors. They can either harmonize or contrast with each other. This allows you to create the most relaxed atmosphere in the room or to focus on individual elements. The choice of color significantly affects the visual perception of space. Therefore, light flooring becomes the best option for small or poorly lit rooms. In addition it looks great in different styles and there is a great choice of colors white, beige, sandy and light gray shades, etc.

The most popular wood species for manufacturing light hardwood floors are oak, maple, ash and beech. Modern wood processing technology allows manufacturers to introduce and offer a wide variety of light colors. A high-quality floor board retains the shade that it had at the time of purchase for a long time. But, like any material, it is subject to external influences and with time it darkens slightly. The greatest danger to the color of flooring of any shade, dark or light, is direct sunlight. High-quality finishes protect the floor to some extent, but do not exclude changes in shade. This is a consideration that homeowners should keep in mind.

Carpeted Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Carpet is the go-to flooring option for most modern bedrooms. After all, no one wants to step out of bed in the morning, only to feel a cold, clammy floor underfoot.

First, forget about your parents dull, beige carpet. There are countless exciting options out there, ranging from subtle to in-your-face. With the right color and pattern, your bedroom carpeting could end up being the centerpiece of the entire space.

Whichever style you choose, wall-to-wall carpet is an investment. It requires regular upkeep to stay looking its best. High-pile carpeting is plush and cozy, but its also harder to clean than low-pile varieties. Insteadespecially if shag-inspired carpet is a must-haveopt for a removable area rug to go over your more practical carpeting.

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Consider The Color Of The Wooden Floors

The first thing to take into consideration when picking an area rug for your hardwood floors is the actual color of the wood. Since rugs come in a variety of shades, colors, motifs, patterns, and textures, it is important for all these elements to emphasize the color of the wood.

Hardwood floors come in a variety of colors and shades too. They are usually made of oak, bamboo, acacia or other types of high-quality wood. Their color, however, comes as a result of a staining process. These can be grouped into three categories: light, dark and red.

Each shade can be matched with a certain type of rug. Here are some suggestions for you.

Wood Flooring Color Trends

11 light hardwood floors

In 2022, were moving toward the lighter end of the color spectrum. The lights are getting even more extreme with more white-washed, beachy looks.

But youll see some warmer, middle-of-the-road hardwood flooring ideas sneaking in, as well. Homeowners are increasingly using flooring to set the tone or feel of their home. That means, we need more options! Therefore, manufacturers are responding with more beautiful colors than ever before.

Here are the most popular wood floor colors to stay trendy in 2022.

Oak Hardwood is still the king of kitchen flooring. The number one thing we are seeing is a throwback to lighter colored hardwood. Gone are the days of dark wood floors, now we are seeing lighter brown tones close to fruitwood. Our clients are asking for brown and gray tones over the reddish hues of the 1990s. With the popularity of modern and transitional styles in kitchen cabinets, adding textures to the floor like borders have come back in style with chevron and herringbone patterns being the two most popular. Bryan Sebring, Sebring Design

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Should You Use Wood Furniture On Hardwood Floors

This question tends to come up the most when asking about furnishing for a hardwood floor. Wood on wood can go either very well or very badly. We recommend choosing a different shade of wood if you are going to try this out for yourself. Wood trimmed pieces or wooden-legged pieces will go better than entire wood pieces with your hardwood floors.

Above, you can see an ultra-stylish, gold-accented glass coffee table. A vase with flowers will also add a pop of color to your neutral-toned space. There are also entirely glass tables you can choose from if the wood finish is not your style.

This TV stand is a great wooden example for those who would like to incorporate contrasting tones onto a light hardwood floor.

Above, you can see a vibrant blue sofa that can add a pop of color to your space. Sometimes a brighter couch or accent chair can tie an entire room together while maintaining cohesiveness. This specific sofas legs are wooden, giving a nice contrast to your flooring while using the same material.

Avoiding wood furniture and opting for a glass coffee or side table will really wow guests. A silver or gold accent table also creates that elegant pop of color while complimenting your hardwood floors.

Take Pictures Or A Sample

Matching a floor that already exists in your house can be tricky. Ideally, it will be a floor you installed yourself only a few years ago, so you can go back to the same manufacturer or sales company and order more of the same. Unfortunately, this isnt always the case. Sometimes its a floor thats been discontinued since you installed it years ago, or perhaps its a floor that someone else installed into a house youre just now moving into. In all these cases, you dont have the luxury of just placing another order with the same company.

For these situations, try taking a sample of the old floor with you, so that you can match it as closely as you can. If this isnt possible, the next best thing is to take a picture. Pictures can often be unreliable though, due to poor lighting, shadows, dirt or reflections. Try to take the picture in bright, natural daylight, and clean the floor first. This way, you have the best chance of getting an accurate match.

Often, the reverse is possible, as many flooring companies will provide samples for you to take home to compare against your existing flooring. This is usually the best solution, and one that you should absolutely take advantage of if it is offered.

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