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Light Blue And Silver Christmas Decorations

Silver Blue Christmas Color Combinations Winter Inspired Holiday Decor Ideas

#1023 Gorgeous Blue, White And Silver Resin Christmas Ornaments Decorations In My New Silicone Mold

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Gray and blue create beautiful color combinations. Inspired by winter, blue, gray, and silver decorations are excellent for Christmas, New Years Eve, and all winter events. Blue colors are peaceful, calming, prosperous, and very attractive. Elegant gray is neutral and sophisticated. Silver is festive, expensive, and bright. Blue and silver color schemes are the most natural winter holiday decor colors. Here are ideas for Christmas decorating with blue and silver-gray.

Christmas tree ornaments, decorative candles, sequins, vibrant ribbons in blue and silver-gray colors bring excitement into winter homes. This color combination elegantly and beautifully decorates Christmas trees, holiday tables, doors, stairs, and yards, adding a winter vibe to centerpieces and handmade accents. If you want to design a trendy Christmas tree, add gorgeous blue and festive silver colors. Blue candles look fantastic with silver candleholders, greenery, and silver Christmas balls.

To Work With The Golden Hues I Already From Previous Years I Mixed In My Blue And Silver Christmas Decorating Ideas Along With The Greenery And Gold Shimmering Garland To Make A Cohesive Look With A Strong Emphasis On My New Blue Glass Christmas Ornaments And

Blue And Silver Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas. The Christmas tree is the 65 Stratford Spruce from Balsam Hill. Dec 6 2021 Explore Jean Neuwegs board Christmas-BlueWhite and Silver on Pinterest. Blue Christmas Tree Decorations.

Refined silver and blue Christmas decor with beads silver candles in candleholders blue branches and ornaments is very refined a frozen Christmas tree decorated with blue and silver ornaments ribbons snowflakes and other plywood ornaments is a chic and cool idea. Navy and silver will also provide a more elegant look. With a mirror-like finish this artistic glass ornament will give an extra shimmery glow to your Christmas tree.

2 Best Christmas Tree Decorations Balls Blue And Silver 100Mm Reviews. Create your own silver Christmas tree hanging ornaments onto metal wire or create a tree with decorations garlands and ornaments on some frame. When working with navy Christmas decorations you can.

Classy and lively at the same time but this purple decor also gives out a rarely seen character to your house decorations. 1 What is the best christmas tree decorations balls blue and silver 100mm to buy. Maybe I should move to Canada.

A more contrasting one with navy or royal blue and white or a delicate one with tiffany blue and white. See more ideas about silver christmas themes. The blue color would look awesome on the Christmas tree and you can decide to get a snowy Christmas tree by adding chain ornaments with it.

A Blue Blue Blue Christmas Tree

Its not a secret I love all things blue and gray. So when I decided to do a blue Christmas theme for our new flocked tree this year, it didnt surprise everyone!

This Christmas Im taking you on a tour of our home that features our blue-themed Christmas tree. To work with the golden hues I already from previous years,

I mixed in my blue and silver Christmas decorating ideas along with the greenery and gold shimmering garland to make a cohesive look, with a strong emphasis on my new blue glass Christmas ornaments and blue Christmas ribbon.

Dont be afraid to use some of those older blue Christmas ball ornaments those are never outdated! It really gives a fresh look to the season when you break from tradition and go with blue white and silver Christmas decorations.

I hope you enjoy the inspiration to create your own dark or light blue Christmas tree with blue decorations and light blue Christmas ornaments!

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Playful Mantle Piece Gift Display

Sometimes it is hard to fully capture the impact of flawlessly styled and wrapped gifts when they are spread out under the tree. With this approach, however, stacking the presents for all to see shows off your crafty work and creates a beautiful piece of art. The multiple colors and textures of the blue and silver paperwork together to create a lovely Christmas collage.

Christmas Ornaments Of Different Shapes

Blue Christmas Decorating Ideas

Lets face it round ornaments are usually way easier to find than ornaments you need in a specific color like blue in a funky shape. But having those non-round Christmas ornaments can really spice things up and give your Christmas decor some visual interest.

Typically when you buy an ornament set, they come with different sizes of round ornaments which is cool, but adding some others in there wont hurt!

Sometimes finding the white ornaments or the silver ornaments in different shapes may be more accessible. So you can simply have your blue ornaments be round and be your main show. Then your sideshow can feature some various shaped ornaments that are white or silver.

Dont forget about the finish either. Have some matte, some glossy, some sparkle, some textured. Ive even had some ornaments with feathers, and those are super fun!

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Classic Christmas With A Little Sparkle

Sometimes for Christmas, you want it all the simple charm of being home for the holidays but also the vivacity that the Christmas season inspires. This fireplace display is the perfect balance of both worlds. Juxtaposed in perfect harmony, these shimmery metallic trees paired next to antlers, candles, and natural greenery truly create a look that has something for everyone.

Midnight Blue And Golden Oh Holy Night

Although this print is available in multiple colors, the dark blue and gold version of this 11×14 canvas decor works perfectly together and will add an atmosphere of Christmas cheer to your home. The midnight blue captures the essence of night, while the rich gold emphasizes the importance and splendor of this most beloved holiday.

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What Colors Go With Blue On A Christmas Tree

The next question on everyones mind is, what colors go with blue on a Christmas tree? This is going to largely depend on what kind of blue you decide to use.

If you have a navy blue Christmas tree, adding a color like silver or white is going to really make things pop. Navy and silver will also provide a more elegant look.

Adding another deep hue like a peacock green could be a nice contrast to navy blue but will give it some contrasting color.

When working with navy Christmas decorations, you can make this a more dramatic or romantic feel. I love that it works even if you have a family with young kiddos who love all things light and bright.

Kids dont mean the end of romance, my friends!

If you have a middle-of-the-line, regular royal blue, you might be able to pair this with some colors too, depending on how youre feeling.

You cant go wrong with silver and white as complementary colors to light blue Christmas decorations. Silver and white are traditional for the holiday season, plus they make any shade of blue look bright and cheery. Having a lighter shade of blue can really be beautiful for a more coastal, calm feel.

Absolutely Adorable Vintage Cart

DECORATE CHRISTMAS TREE WITH US 2018! (Feathery, Light blue& Silver)

Mini-trees are a great way to spruce up any holiday decor, but sometimes it can be hard to decide where to place them. This antique toy mini-trailer is the perfect answer to this problem and creates a charming look. The addition of a strand of lights ties everything together in this make-you-smile display.

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Welcome To Our Third Annual Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop

If you are looking for Christmas Tree decorating ideas, you are in the right place. We are sharing 40 of the most beautifully decorated Christmas Trees from some of your favorite home decor bloggers.

This is the third year that Ive hosted the Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop and I look forward to it every year. You will find holiday inspiration for just about every Christmas tree style.

The fun started yesterday with 18 gorgeous Christmas trees and continues today with another 20 stunning trees. All of the links are shared below, so you dont miss any.

Other Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Before you go

This post is part of the 4th annual Christmas tree blog hop hosted by Michelle at Our Crafty Mom.

This is where a bunch of my blogging friends get together and share all of their gorgeous Christmas trees.

Which means theres 27 other trees to look at, with lots of decorating inspiration!

So be sure to visit all the other bloggers below for gorgeous holiday decorating ideas for your Christmas tree.

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Blue And Silver Decorations

This year I decided to go with shades of navy blue and aqua, as I knew these colors would pop against the flocked tree and I couldnt be happier with how it looks!

I picked up navy blue velvet ribbon, aqua deco mesh ribbon and simple shades of blue, white and silver ornaments for the tree.

Next, I added silver stems that Ive used in previous years, along with handpainted chinoiserie ornaments:

Elegant Flocked Christmas Tree

23 Best Blue Christmas Decor Ideas and Designs for 2020

If you follow me on you may have seen the amazing flocked Christmas tree I received from King of Christmas:

My living room is not very large and this 6 Prince Flock Tree fits perfectly in this space. The tree is so pretty even without decorations!

Ive been talking about getting a flocked Christmas tree for a few years now, so I was thrilled to partner with King of Christmas this year.

Not only is the tree covered with warm LED lights, but it literally took me only about ten minutes to set up. It comes in three pieces and includes a convenient on/off foot pedal so I dont have to deal with unplugging it each night.

I have great news for you. King of Christmas is offering Our Crafty Mom readers 10% off with code OURCRAFTYMOM. You can check out all of their gorgeous Christmas trees and decorations here.

Each year I decorate my tree in a different theme. To keep costs down, I tend to choose colors that coordinate easily with other colors, like silver and gold.

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All Natural Friendly Winter Wreath

With all the beauty and elegance of a winter wedding bouquet, this DIY foliage wreath, featuring a perfect pop of blue, makes for a classy Christmas display. Be sure when selecting your foliage to choose hearty plants that will do well without water, and consider occasionally replenishing your wreath with fresh springs.

Snowy Pillar Candle Display

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When we are speaking of blue Christmas table decorations, we should always stick to the glittery accent!

The glitter makes the holiday decoration brighter and more inviting without a doubt. Also, a bit of greenery wont hurt anyone, dont you think?


I know that some of you might look to buy some affordable blue and silver Christmas tree decorations you can use an old picture frame.

But why dont you just repurpose the old Christmas tree ornaments and transform them into an eye-catching festive mantel decor ?

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Christmas Wreath With Bright And Bold Blues

When you decide to go for blue Christmas decor, you can play with the tones and colors to mix your favorite hues into a single, cohesive icy piece. This wreath takes natural pines and adds a pop of sparkle and shine by mixing and matching ornaments of all sizes and textures. Add a bow for the final holiday touch.

Decorative Ribbon Wreath In Blue And Silver

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree! Blue Silver & White Christmas Tree Decorating!
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While you are looking for some blue and silver Christmas tree decorations ideas, take into consideration this beautiful handmade ribbon door wreath as it will surely be a quirky addition to your festive home decor.

The turquoise and silver ribbon gives the wreath a glossy luxurious look.

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Bright Christmas Blue Through And Through

This bold and delightful blue is great for a family looking to have fun and enliven their décor. Perfectly matching the hue of bright blue LED lights, you can use this color theme throughout your home. Incorporating multiple elements such as stockings, bulbs, trees, and wreaths gives interest to this fun and festive look.

Icy Crystal Blue Candle Decor

Why pay a premium for a decorative candle that may or may not match your theme when you can easily create your own at home? This makes a great gift for a friend or a dazzling piece of holiday decor. If you use at home, choose your own glitter and accents to make this piece a great fit for your own blue Christmas decor.

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Christmas Rhinestones Ornaments In Aqua Blue

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These elegant Aqua blue ornaments are hand-made, with a unique rhinestones design, perfect for your home decor!

This year, I suggest you put aside the traditional color combination for Christmas decoration and try some of the lovely blue and silver Christmas tree decorations ideas I just showed you. Did you feel the low-key and relaxed vibes they exude even on a picture?

Hope you truly liked the DIY projects just showed! I am dying to know your silver and blue Christmas decorations ideas!

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Vibrant Marbled Diy Paint Ornaments

Flocked Christmas Tree Decor: Blue, Silver + Gold ...

This fun and easy craft is great for the whole family and creates stunning ornaments. Using just a lovely dark blue nail polish and white glass ornaments, you can create this look in no more than a few minutes. Another similar option is to fill clear ornaments with a few acrylic paint colors and shake them until the insides are coated with a gorgeous marbling effect.

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Cute Stockings In Blue And White

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These light blue stockings are very fun and will create total excitement on Christmas morning.

You simply need to cut two stocking silhouettes from felt. Then sew together and turn inside out. Hook up contrasting cuff at the top. Create a cute decorative snowflake with a wire form. Slip-stitch to attach, and then fill the stockings with gifts!

Silver And Light Blue Christmas Decorations

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Religious Meanings Of Blue White And Silver Decorations

In Christian tradition, blue is a color that has long been associated with Jesus blessed mother, Mary. And Blue Christmas isnt just the name of an Elvis song, its a name given to the longest day of the Advent Season, on which various Christian denominations hold special services.

In the Jewish faith, silver and blue decorations have become very popular as Hanukkah décor, because they reflect the blue and white Israeli flag. Its also a combination that lends itself well to a glistening Star of David. And children love to see bright white bulbs light up on a menorah in celebration of the Festival of Lights.

Star of David Pole Mount, Happy Hannukah Sign, Star of David LED Sign

Mix Winter Whites With Blue For Snow And Ice Decorations


For those celebrating from a secular point of view, blue and white are traditional symbols of winter weather, perfect for pairing with non-religious displays featuring snowmen, snowflakes, icicles,polar bears and other fun characters. Ironically, we always see a lot of snow-themed blue and white Christmas decorations in warm climate areas. Many people dream of a white Christmas, but they live in a snow-free area. Its no problem when you can create your own snowy illusion with Christmas decorations! Think of decking the halls with snowfall tubes, LED snowflake displays and foldable spheres.

Blue and white Christmas lights are a fantastic departure from the traditional combinations of red, green and gold. We think they give a Christmas displays a modern look that make your home stand out from the more traditional-décor houses on your street. Combine the icy colors with cool animations, such as dripping icicle lights, for an extra special effect.

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Welcome To The 2nd Annual Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop

We have 24 talented bloggers joining up to share their decorated Christmas Trees with us! I cant wait to show you my blue and silver Christmas tree for the living room. So grab a cup of your favorite beverage and get comfortable, because you are going to love the beautiful Christmas Tree Decor shared over the next two days. We cant thank our sweet friend Michelle of Our Crafty Mom for hosting this fabulous hop!

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