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Lavender And Grey Bathroom Decor

Modern Lavender Bathroom Ideas

Mini Bathroom Decor Haul plus Shop With Me – Marshalls & Home Goods

If you want to focus on top trending décor, weve got your back! Wow your guests with your knowledge of this years style. Lavender is a great place to start, as purple is ultra-trendy for 2022. If your walls are covered in modern tile, or you dont want to repaint, you can still incorporate lavender into your space! Try a piece of lavender-themed wall art that stretches across your entire bathroom wall. You can also add lavender through fresh flowers or purple-tinted toiletry jars. Transfer your soaps and skincare into lavender, frosted glass containers. These will add a refined touch as well as the appearance of cohesion in your space. You can also add purple bathmats or other textiles. Just make sure to keep your space minimalistic and filled with earthy neutrals to maintain a modern look and offset the inherent femininity of lavender.

Cool Light Purple Vanity With White Wall

This small powder room features a custom vanity with decorative scalloped detail. The addition of pastel purple paint helps draw attention to the ornamentation. The periwinkle and white hand towel helps tie together the pale purple vanity with the textured white wallpaper, while elongated sconces create the illusion of height.

Coordinate Towels And Tiles

Two rows of pale purple accent tiles were the only significant design elements in this otherwise unassuming bathroom. Coordinating your towels, bath mats and window shade to match makes the space feel more intentional. If you want to go the extra mile, use a stencil to paint a canvas in the same hue. When you hang it up, it will look like a custom tile inset.

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Why Lavender Is The Best Bathroom Shade

Blue and green are overdone when it comes to bathroom color palettes. Not only is purple the most coveted color of the year, but lavender is the perfect soft rendition if youre after a sophisticated look. The goal is to create something unexpected without looking gaudy. Lavender is the ultimate solution! It oozes luxury without being too predictable. Paint your bathroom walls in a gorgeous, muted lavender for a foolproof, refreshing look. The beauty of lavender is that it goes with both warm and cool tones. Add bright white accents for a splash of modernism and brushed metals like bronze and gunmetal for a vintage-inspired touch. The goal is to combine classic and contemporary details to create a truly timeless space.

Teal And Gray Bathroom With Ample Storage

lavender bathroom

One thing that is true about bathrooms is that they never seem to have enough storage. Its a smaller room in the house which means large vanities and storage cabinets are not practical and take up too much space. This gorgeous teal and gray bathroom uses teal on the walls and then adds storage by using gray shelving that is both slim and practical.

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Pretty Pastel Powder Room

Even if your taste tends to more traditional design styles, you can still add subtle color to your bathroom. This small shower stall is wrapped in understated lavender tiles. While the tiles are placed horizontally on the walls, they are arranged diagonally on the ceiling. The cool purple hue complements the gray marble countertop.

Lavender And Grey Decor

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White And Light Purple Bathroom

While the walls in this sophisticated powder room may look gray, this muted violet bathroom creates a neutral and stylish look. This understated shade gives other decorative elements like wall molding and contemporary abstract art room to shine. On the topic of shine, a matte gold mirror, wall sconces, and faucet help brighten this small room.

Best Purple Bathroom Ideas

What Color to Put With Lavender Wall Paint in My Bathroom? : Colors With Interior Design

When it comes to decorating, purple is a bold and beautiful color choice that can elevate any space in your home. A purple bathroom offers an elegant look that can be soothing and stylish for a strong visual statement. If youre struggling to spruce up a limited space, a small light purple bathroom can create a luxurious and airy vibe for a more open feel. Whether you prefer lighter shades like lavender and lilac or darker tones such as mauve, violet or plum, there are several great ways to decorate a purple bathroom.

Some homeowners may want a purple and white color scheme to create a vibrant modern look, while others might want purple walls and accents to complement tiles, fixtures and a vanity for a fashionable finish. As a versatile and trendy color, you can also try purple and grey, black, blue, brown or beige to find a contrasting combination that fits your bathroom.

With so many paint colors and styles to consider, it can be a challenge choosing the perfect look. To inspire you, weve compiled a list of the best purple bathroom ideas. From light to dark, explore these beautiful purple bathrooms to find stylish decor and cute designs youll love!

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Modern Purple Farmhouse Bathroom With Gold Accents

This rustic purple bathroom comes with wood paneling that offers a unique twist with the unexpected and innovative application of mauve paint. The exposed pipes on the sleek sink have a homey feel, but the gleaming gold chrome finish on them makes them feel more contemporary and upscale. The marble counter and shower complete this chic, high-end take on a farmhouse bathroom.

French Lavender Bathroom Dcor

When you think of lavender, itd be understandable if your mind immediately wandered to the dreamy fields of Provence. The South of France is famous for its bucolic atmosphere and iconic lavender fields. Theres nothing more romantic than French lavender. Create a French countryside-inspired atmosphere in your bathroom with soft purple paint and a piece of floral wall art. Accessorize with vintage accessories. Lavender is the perfect addition to a vanity or getting-ready space. Add an antique vanity table with distressed white paint for a truly French-inspired touch.

Explore lavender bathroom sets > >

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Gorgeous Dark Purple Color

From the marble floors to the claw foot bathtub and crown molding, this gorgeous bathroom boasts several extravagant features but its the deep aubergine wall color that truly amps up the drama. The addition of wall sconces with black lampshades plays up the wall to its best advantage. They cast enough light to add dimension to the space while seamlessly blending into the wall.

Subtle And Stylish Light Lavender Decor Concept

Purple and Gray Bathroom

This chic bathroom comes with multiple shades of gray on the painted wood vanity, chevron floor tiles and silver fixtures. Although the walls also appear to be gray, this bathroom uses a soft pale lavender color that is soothing and beautiful. A subtle shade like this can be a great way to introduce color into a neutral space.

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All About The Lighting

The light teal walls paired with the dark gray and black in this bathroom make for a fantastic duality as far as color goes. Placing lighting at the top of the walls is an excellent addition to their design, and it brings the decor in this bathroom to the next level. This would be a comfortable room to relax in.

Lilac And White Bathroom

With its antique light fixtures and repurposed vintage vanity, this bathroom has a distinctly French Provincial feel. The pale purple wall paint adds a subtle brightness to the small space, while the deeper hues in the wall art and vase of flowers bring in some richness. The half tile wall is finished with a wainscoting-like detail, which enhances the elevated elegance of the space.

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Chic Master Bathroom With Light Purple Accents

This master suite features a large cased opening that leads directly from the bedroom into the bathroom. With no door to separate the spaces, its important to have a cohesive color story tying them together. The bedroom has periwinkle-painted walls, while the bathroom boasts wallpaper striped with silver and the same purple shade. Rich grape-hued decorative accents add dimension.

Ps: Expert Dcor Advice

What Color to Paint a Pink & Gray Bathroom? : Inspiring Home Looks

Check out these professional design tips from our expert article all about adding a touch of lavender to your home:

Purple is super stylish this year, and there are unlimited ways to incorporate this effortlessly chic shade. Borrow design inspiration from Provençal lavender fields, where cobblestone boulevards meet fragrant florals. Fairytale villages sit on picturesque European cliff sides. Mix the iconic French je ne sais quoi with a trendy, purple look. Add lavender-scented self-case products to your bathroom for a fragrant treat, and place dried lavender in a vase on your counter. Emrbace the at-home spa look with lavender bath salts and matching towels and textiles. You want your bathroom to look feminine and fresh, and to celebrate the art of pampering yourself.

Discover lavender decor for bathrooms > >

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Beautiful Light Purple Decor

For a spa-like experience at home, consider converting a bedroom into a spacious bathroom. This space is ample enough to contain a large, clawfoot tub complete with elegant silver chrome accents and fixtures. A feature wall with damask wallpaper adds visual interest, while the crystal chandelier adds to the rococo style.

Purple Walls With White Decor

This fashionable powder room uses a limited color palette and simple geometry to make a big style statement. The deep mauve walls are broken up by crisp white strips of wood that are reminiscent of a chair rail. That bright white color also shows up in the wood-framed window and single vanity. The gray half-tiled wall behind the vanity is comprised of the same glass tiles you might expect to be used in a smaller backsplash.

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Mix Patterns And Colors For A Creative Look

This one-of-a-kind restroom cleverly combines multiple patterns and colors. The tiles are a mix of simple squares on the walls, gray triangles in the shower, and three-dimensional cubes on the floor. Neutral decorative elements like the artwork and the wooden cabinet pulls contrast with the violet walls.

Cute Purple Wall Decor

Pin by Carolyn Gifford

If youre stylistically adventurous, dont be afraid to mix and match patterns in your decor. Patterned purple and white grasscloth wallpaper adds texture and visual interest to this bold bathroom. It also contrasts nicely against the sleek, diamond-patterned floor tile. A large vanity in a neutral tone helps break up the eye and create space between the competing patterns.

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Metallic And Monochromatic Purple Decor

Monochromatic rooms dont often feel layered and romantic. This chic powder room is the exception to the rule. The room features multiple patterns in multiple finishes, from the damask floral wallpaper to the ornate metallic mirror to the engraved satin-finished vanity. Keeping the color scheme to pink mauve shades keeps these elements from feeling too overwhelming. Displays of dried flowers add contrast and texture to the decor.

Lavender And Grey Bathroom Decor

PS: Expert Décor Advice

Speaking of mixing purple with neutrals, consider combining purple and grey using this expert design tip from our blog:

Lavender and grey is a stunning color combo for a fun AND serene space. Pantones Color of 2022, Very Peri, is the perfect example of an ethereal purple hue thats taking the design world by storm. Add a lighter version of periwinkle to your bathroom, and pair it with a cool, contemporary grey for the ideal modern balance.

Browse lavender decorations for bathrooms > >

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Fan Shaped Teal Tiles

Renovating your bathroom with tiles is already outside the norm when you use the teal and gray color scheme that is becoming more popular but what if you could step outside the box a tad bit more? You can when you use tiles that are shaped like fans opened to full position! Swap out the gold detailing for stainless steel or sterling silver and you are in business for a bathroom renovation for the ages!

Lavender And Light Purple

DIY Luxury Purple Spa Bathroom Makeover!! 2021ðâ?¤

Lavender and light purples are welcome to make your space tender, delicate and soft, these are ideal for girlish and just romantic spaces. The walls can be done in such shades, you may also go for a lavender bathtub, sink and even textiles choose floral ones for a delicate touch.

an eclectic bathroom with purple walls, a wooden vanity with a livign edge, a crystal chandelier and a lavender vessel sink

a romantic bathroom with lavender paneling and a mirror, a wooden mat and a vase plus purple towels

a romantic bathroom with a lavender vanity, a white stone countertop, metallic touches is a beautiful space

a delicate lavender and gold bathroom with a floating marble vanity and an abstract artwork

a cozy vintage-inspired bathroom with purple walls and white subway tiles plus a chic clawfoot bathtub

a cozy purple bathroom with stone inspired tiles and countertops, whites and chic wall lamps

a chic vintage-inspired bathroom with purple walls, a gorgeous comfy bathtub and an elegant chandelier

a beautiful purple and white bathroom with printed wallpaper, gilded touches and lamps and an orchid

a whimsical purple bathroom with an elegant vintage chair, a beaded curtain, bubble pendant lamps and a floating sink

a whimsy purple bathroom with a floor done with patterned tiles, purple vessel sinks and a purple clad tub

a lavender, purple and white bathroom with mosaic edging, an oversized planter with a plant, floating shelves

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Shower Curtain Bathmat Combo

Its no surprise that many decorators go with teal and blue when designing a bathroom, which is likely because its the room where we use the most water, except for the kitchen, maybe. This teal/blue design adds a great deal of dimension to this all-white bathroom, which needed that splash of color.

Purple And Brown Elements

A bigger bathroom can feel cramped thanks to outdated decorative elements like a wood-wrapped bathtub and mottled brown tiles. If you cant afford a full remodel, you can still update the space with a fresh coat of paint. The sponge-painting technique on the walls helps tie in the texture of the floor tiles.

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Deep And Bright Purple

Deeper shades of purple are amazing for creating trendy moody spaces, go sleek for a minimalist look or prefer super elegant purple decor paired with black or dark chocolate touches. Bright purple shades are great to create a bold space contemporary, modern farmhouse, modern or even vintage. You may pair purples with any shades you like but white and off-white are usually used to refresh the space. if you dont feel like rocking too much purple, add a statement wall in purple, a bathtub, a vessel sink or an artwork.

a dramatic and moody purple bathroom with dark furniture, a vintage clawfoot bathtub and a statement wall with printed wallpaper

a bright contemporary bathroom done in purple, with an oversized mirror and a floatign sink plus printed shades

a whimsy lavender bathroom with a Mediterranean feel, unique pendant lamps, a zebra print chair and a catchy glass etagere

a bright contemporary bathroom with a purple part and a grey shower space, a floatign wooden vanity and a catchy-shaped mirror

a chic purple bathroom, a floating vanity, metallic touches, a vessel sink and sliding doors

a minimalist bathroom with purple walls, a wooden floor and white appliances and a catchy shaped mirror

a moody modern farmhouse bathroom with purple walls, white paneling, a free-standing sink and vintage shelves

a moody rustic bathroom done in deep purple, with a metal tub, vintage shelves and a chair plus plaid curtains

After: Pretty Lavender Bathroom

Purple and Grey Bathroom Ideas Awesome Plum and Grey Bathroom Ideas in ...

Anyhow, in just over three months, my master bathroom is now fresh, clean, and it feels amazing when I walk into it!

Im very partial to lavenders and pinks for small bathroom makeovers and laundry rooms because it makes them feel like a private oasis, evoking a sense of calm, well-being, and serenity.

Plus, if you knew me in real life, youd know that Im a big tomboy!

Although I love getting dirty and doing traditional manly things, there is a raging girly-girl inside of me that absolutely loves anything soft, pretty, romantic, and feminine! So youll notice that many of my room makeovers take on that vibe.

The color was perfect: Behr Mulberry Stain!

Since there is a lot to share with you about this master bathroom makeover, Ive broken it up into sections. Feel free to click and jump around to read more about each element in this room!

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Purple And Grey Bathroom Decor

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