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Latest Trends Wedding Reception Decorations

Bold And Bright Colorsand More Of Them

Latest Wedding Decoration Ideas 2021 /Stylish and Royal Wedding Decorations /Elegant Reception Decor

When it comes to the hot color scheme for 2022, theres a bit of a dichotomy between bold brights and earthy neutrals. What is consistent, however, is the idea that color schemes are loose and flexiblecouples are choosing a wider, more malleable palette of six to 10 hues, rather than picking two or three Pantone chips and never straying. And with the supply chain issues of late, flexibility and a focus on seasonal, sustainable choices are key, says Amy Shack Egan.

Many wedding pros are predicting a return to bright colors, particularly in the realm of floral decor. Expect to see bold pinks, purples, reds, and orangesand lots of mixing and matchingthroughout weddings in 2022. Color is back and is becoming not only a wildly sought-after design element but an emotional metaphor for breaking free of the chaos that was wedding planning in 2020 and 2021, says Rice Couples are increasingly walking into a color expression like we haven’t seen for over a decade. Get those sunglasses on!

Adds Andi Schilawski of Musa Weddings in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania: I think we will see lots of bold colors in the coming weddings, people want to celebrate big and that also usually comes with bright and bold color palettes to showcase the couple’s personalities.

Ott Floral Wedding Stage Decor

Image Courtesy: Chandni Events

Nothing catches attention like sparkly, shiny and shimmery details. If you are anything but subtle, glamorous and shiny elements – such as lamps, chandeliers, candles – with creative use of flowers and drapes will help you create magic. To balance the engaging look, keep your furniture to a minimum on the stage – or go all out because it is YOUR wedding after all.

Drones For Photography And Videography

In recent years, the use of drones has become popular in photography and videography given how the device encapsulates a picturesque, overhead view of a location. This surge in demand for drones happens to include weddings, especially destination weddings. Couples can lie down on a sandy beach or pose at the balcony of a home by the mountains as the drone takes photos and footages. If handled by a skilled photographer, the results will be awe-inspiring. Any location, after all, adds to the beauty and drama of wedding footage when its most compelling features are captured.

With this, drones will figure not just in weddings, but also in engagement shoots and even proposals. This leads to extra-dramatic videos that couples will surely appreciate.

The Use of Drones Trend Takeaways

  • Drones impart the beauty of an environment to wedding photos and videos.
  • Drones are ideal for outdoor and destination weddings.
  • Skilled photographers or videographers are necessary to pilot the drones.
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    Destination Wedding Styling At Home

    With many couples still hesitant to plan destination weddings due to the uncertainty around Covid-19, you’ll be glad to hear that you can create the look and feel of a wedding abroad in a venue close to home! From chic and rustic, Tuscany-inspired outdoor ceremonies to Moroccan-inspired lounges and Ibiza-style, ultra-glam receptions, couples are recreating the experience of a destination wedding with authentic and immersive additions like travel-inspired menus, music, scents, and blooms.

    Photo by Fawcett Photography via Lizzie Art

    Vintage Furniture And Nods To Nostalgia

    wedding chandelier decorations

    After numerous pandemic-related curveballs, most brides have given up on the idea of planning *the perfect wedding.* Instead, were seeing more sentimental decor and furniture that speaks to finding beauty in lifes imperfections. The standing tradition of something old is taking on new life. It now feels frivolous to fill an event’s design or a wardrobe with all things new, new, new, writes HarpersBAZAAR.coms Weddings and Travel Director, Carrie Goldberg. . As a result, bringing in a one-of-a-kind table or vintage bar cart from the 20s allows couples to celebrate the unprecedented times were living in, in a way that feels personal and authentic to them.

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    But Still Keeping It Personal

    At the same time, when it comes to decor and style, couples are eschewing tradition and making decisions based on their own personal taste. The trend we’re seeing unfold is one of artistic freedom, says Kristy Rice. Many couples have postponed, changed, rearranged their lives and finances to finally celebrate their dreams, so they are no longer making as many concessions for family expectations and demands. And what is coming out of this trend? Some of the most aesthetically courageous events we’ve seen in years! This means adding personal touches to stationery, including illustrations of pets, favorite foods, beloved vacation spots, and more.

    Traditional Wedding Stage With Lamps

    Nobody ever gets tired of seeing beautiful flowers adorning the wedding venue and flower decoration is always appreciated! Having a huge floral background wall fills up the entire venue with its sweet fragrance and looks absolutely stunning in pictures. With this idea, you can mix and match and pick flowers that you both love the most. The lamps will just add to the oomph.

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    Awesome New Years Eve Wedding Ideas

    Planning on hosting your wedding on the last day of the year? Here are a few New Years Eve-worthy ideas for you.

    New Years Eve soirees are awesome, but do you know whats even better? A New Years Eve wedding. It gives you an excuse to really go wild and take your party to the next level. Speaking of which, weve got a few suggestions for you. From New Years Eve wedding reception decorations and dress suggestions to wedding stationery designs and menu tips, youll find it all here.

    Storytelling Through Individual Servings

    2020 Wedding Trends | TOP Ideas for Planning your Wedding


    Wedding trends of 2021 saw the rise of individual servings, like tiny charcuterie boards, mini wedding cakes and canned cocktails. The biggest direction in 2022 catering trends is the notion of “leveled-up individualized foods,” says Jacobs. “Individual servings will remain a mainstay as 2022 weddings and events strive to serve guests safely,” she explains. “But watch out for cool new spins on these catering touches: caviar tastings, sushi flights, enhanced serving trays with elegant cloches, branded lucite covers, dessert ⦠servings for one will have style.”

    “We’re seeing an emergence of thoughtful and unique personal touches added to the overall design to truly celebrate their love story,” adds event planner Ashley Tangerini of Mavinhouse Events based in New England. “This includes a menu planned around a couple’s favorite foods or a late-night food truck that serves dishes from the first date.” Some couples are crafting entire wedding menus around their love story, starting with the wine they enjoyed before their first kiss or the first dish they made together at home.

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    Wedding Photography And Videography

    No matter what happens with weddings in 2022, wedding photography will still continue to be extremely important. Almost every single wedding has a photographer. The memories are too important to miss.

    In 2022, with the trend of smaller weddings and elopements, there might be even more money put toward wedding photography and videography. When you arent paying to feed 200 guests, you save a large chunk of cash. With this extra money, couples will probably splurge on a videographer and do something more interesting like a photoshoot at a national park.

    Recent Wedding Event Decor

    Were always creating something new and exciting at Yanni Design Studio. Stay up-to-date on the latest upscale wedding decor photos and images of high-end floral trends from our recent Chicago events and destination weddings. Our event design professionals are always incorporating the newest and top wedding trends that are timeless and are loved by our modern and fashionable Chicago brides. We can create the trendiest Jewish Chuppah design, the most gorgeous Indian Mandap of the year, and the dreamiest ceremony arch any chic bride could want for their wedding ceremony. Event and wedding reception designs are always changing but our flawless décor will always stay current. We are wedding and event experts that can transform any venue in the Midwest and across the country. In these wedding decoration galleries, you will find wedding photos and event images of our most expensive weddings and over-the-top events as well as celebrity ceremony and reception decor. Be sure to visit us over on our Instagram and Facebook for more wedding design pictures, corporate décor images, and recent upscale events in Chicago.

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    Wedding Decor And Flower Trends

    Most of us thought that by 2021 weddings would be back to normal. While many things have returned, some people are still very concerned about Covid-19. Im not sure if 2022 will be the same, but some people still might base their setup around making people feel safe.

    Some couples will choose to create different areas so people can stay separated like a lounge or outside area. They could also create a different room for the reception or spread the tables further apart.

    With this seating situation, it is important to have a seating chart, but how can you make it different and not boring? There are lots of options for customized seating charts like a board with photos of each guest in the appropriate seat or a hand painted sign to match your wedding style.

    One trend coming 2022 is creating free-flowing, organic-style floral arrangements with large centerpieces. Organic style includes a focus on natural materials like hanging florals and vines, which are used to increase the feeling of spaciousness when decorating indoors and outdoors.

    Another upcoming design is geometric arches. These are great for entryways and ceremony arches. Geometric design is popular because its a cleaner, more modern style that can be used with any color palette or theme and goes well with the natural look of organic flowers.

    When it comes to cake, floral designs are in. Flowers that form the base of the cake table, or create a ring around the cake have become popular.

    The Little White Dress

    The Hottest New Wedding Trends for 2016 BridalGuide

    Between elopements, two-part weddings, micro weddings and casual-chic civil ceremonies, the format of weddings has been forever changed by Covid-19. One huge advantage of this is the opportunity for more than one bridal look, which, as you can imagine, we’re very much on board with! Short wedding dresses, otherwise known as the little white dress, were hugely popular in the 1960s, and at intimate civil ceremonies and small weddings throughout the decades. In 2022, we’re expecting to see more short bridal hemlines than ever before, at multi-part weddings, rescheduled evening receptions and intimate celebrations. The best part? A LWD is so versatile, you can rewear it long after the wedding ends!

    Styling by Kristine Hayes | Photo by Studio Brown

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    A Greater Reliance On Techlike Portrait Paintings

    Imagine an outdoor wedding where, in the distance, over the lake or ocean where the gazebo with flowers shaped like a heart looks upon a pristine cerulean blue expanse as the sun sets in such a locale imagine a hundred drones put on a brilliant light show of the bride and groom. Something like this could take place during the ceremony, or it could be a feature of the reception.

    Drone technology has gotten to the point where such machines aligned via programming remotely can be used to paint pictures in the sky. Generally, this is best done at night, but there are a lot of creative applications of the DIY variety which could be fun in the late afternoon as wellor even in broad daylight. Think: streamers.

    Imagine drones flying a message via banner high in the sky in a way more affordable than hiring a plane to do the same. Also, imagine augmented reality or IoT décor which can be nebulous enough to shift based on guest proximity. Expensive decoration, certainly but as these things become more tangible in the mainstream, theyll be applied more often.

    A great example of tech options of this kind changing wedding plans is this series of portrait paintings. If youre going to turn wedding photos into luxurious paintings, you want to get pictures in a way conducive to later enhancement. Lighting, angles, focusthese things will come into play. Expect tech to play a bigger part in 2022s wedding events during and after.

    Applying The 2020 Wedding Trends

    This years biggest wedding trends are centered on honesty and individualism, so the trick is to not force the issue. Add a generous slice of yourself and your partner to the proceedings, from the food choices to the attire, down to the choice of color schemes and ornaments. But before that, take time to sit down with your partner and discuss your vision for the wedding. Think of it as throwing a massive party rather than a formal celebration so as to keep things light.

    Of course, some of the trends might not exactly conform to your taste. But the rationale behind all of them is to customize the celebration to reflect your actual selves as a couple. Going by that, you can add some of the aforesaid elements to your wedding and come up with other ones that fully represent your romantic journey. Who knows, your wedding might actually launch trends for the following year.

    What were saying here is, you can take inspiration from Meghan Markle or Hailey Bieber, but at the end of the day, you are the Duke or Duchess of your own household and community. This years trends suggest that you celebrate yourself for being who you are and make it the centerpiece of your wedding celebration.


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    New Decor Trends From Top Wedding Designers

    What do green ferns, white clouds, plump poufs and fresh fruits have in common? They are all trending this wedding season when it comes to decor! Indias leading wedding decor designers and planners share some of the hottest trends that are likely to be seen at venues this year.

    Ombré IndulgenceCouples today are exploring creative ways to personalize their wedding day and want themes that are not limiting. One trend that is becoming increasingly popular is the usage of ombré shades because of its broad scope. Ombré shades do a wonderful job of breaking the monotony of traditional Indian wedding decor colors and add a spark of freshness. They can be used to create a setup that has an Indian touch as well as a contemporary vibe. This trend is versatile and can be incorporated in all sorts of elements, be it drapes, florals or invitation cards. It creates a smooth, minimalistic look and almost never clashes with any of the existing decor elements. Devika Sakhuja of Devika Sakhuja Designs

    Click here to browse through top decor trends from some of the leading wedding designers and stylists./images/wedding-images/

    Looking For Our 2021 Wedding Trends See The Rest Of Our Expert Trends:

    Latest Kenyan trends in wedding decor
    • Looking for ways to jazz up your virtual wedding? These backdrops for Zoom will do the trick in just a few seconds.
    • Trends & TipsWhether you’ve opted for a home wedding due to a postponement or it was your plan all along, check out these creative ideas for an even-more special backyard celebration.
    • Trends & TipsWhether you’re getting married in your hometown or far away, you can personalize your big day with nods to the state you love most. Here’s how.
    • Trends & TipsA wedding send-off is a great way to cap off an already amazing evening. But turns out there’s more that goes into a picture-perfect send-off than meets the eye. Here’s some must-know advice.
    • Trends & Tips

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    Wedding Decor Trend 2 / Boho Chic

    Laid back, edgy and dreamy are the essence of a boho-chic bride.

    Warm earthy tones and pampas grass decor create a soft and feminine look. For your wedding styling, choose furniture made of natural materials, like bamboo, rattan and wood. The sense of tact from the uneven surfaces complements the visual appeal of grain variation, knots and lines.

    Cake and cupcake tables in yellows photography: Boho chic weddings cakes: Cakes by Yolk styling: L27

    Rattan chairs on the beach Provenance Rentals photography: Dearly Beloved Photo

    For a wedding backdrop, macrame knits add a retro, 70s look. Hung over a metal frame and decorated with flowers, these backdrops are an investment piece that can be reused in your home and remind you of your beautiful day.

    Macrame chairs macrame: Savannah in the Wild styling and photography: Mascara Events

    Add playful elements with tipee tents, areas for children to play with, or using bouquet hoops instead of traditional flower arrangements. Whether for bridesmaids and bride, or to hang as ceiling and wall decoration, these ever so popular items look beautiful using dried flowers, with dried flowers and grass taking the centre stage in both home and wedding decor.

    Bouquet of dried flowers on a hoop The Lost Orangery

    This is how, creative director and founder of styling agency Anemone, expects this trend will evolve:

    Foliage & Pampas On Wedding Stage

    Foliage is the new flora! The pampas grass and greens make the whole rustic vibe bloom at its best. With the suspended lanterns from the tree above and the smoke that is set up behind the wedding stage area, your whole rustic wedding vibe is going to be at its peak. Moreover, the cane bench adds to your overall aesthetic. Oh, we’re also completely in love with the floral cushions and how!

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