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Large Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Primary Bedroom Dimensions And Bed Size

Easy Master Bedroom WOW DIY’s – Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The overall size of a bedroom and the size of the bed are closely linked together so you might want to get an idea of what the average dimensions for a room such as yours are before you start diving deep into its interior design.

Since the bed takes priority, theres not much room for other furniture pieces in a small bedroom. As the size of the room increases so do your design options.

How Can I Make My Master Bedroom Nicer

Keep it simple. It can be tempting to want to put all of the master bedroom decorating ideas 2021 brought into one room, but incorporating all of those ideas at once will only lead to a cluttered space that brings only stress.

Incorporating a few elements of fun and personality into your bedroom is a wonderful way to make it feel like your own personal space, but just make sure to not go overboard with it!

Wall Paneling Makes A Big Impact

The best decor doesnt just dress up your space its practical and adds storage possibilities as well!

Adding wall paneling and shelving, like in this example, gives you additional storage space and a place to show off your favorite art and decor pieces!

It also functions as a beautiful headboard and accent wall, all rolled into one!

Keep it neutral for a more relaxing room, or add a bold color to make an even bigger statement. The choice is yours!

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Create A Layered Look

A bedroom should always have a bit of coziness and one of the easiest ways to achieve that extra warmth is by adding layers. Top durable sisals with plush rugs and add throw blankets and pillows to the bed. Designer Neal Beckstedt created soft surroundings in this New York City bedroom.

Space For The Whole Family

30 Incredible Large Master Bedroom Ideas #largemasterbedroom # ...

With abundant spaces for kids to play around and sitting chairs and tables for gossiping with family this theme for the master bedroom is perfect. This will typically come with sofa sets just like a small living room area, a table and chair for work, a huge bed, and a lot of free space in the middle of the room.

Image Credit:

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Small Master Bedroom Design

Not all master bedrooms are enormous. Although most people nowadays think of the master bedroom as being huge. Often times two or three times as large as the other bedrooms and sometimes even including an additional sitting room. In the past a master bedroom was about the same size as the other bedrooms except it included a bathroom. Older homes were smaller and had a lot less wasted space. I mean, why does anyone need a 1500 sq. ft. master bedroom anyway.

Many new homes are slimming down and using a smaller master bedroom design. And they can be just as beautifully styled as their larger cousins.

Here we see neutral cream colored walls with white trim and crown molding. Checkered drapes with wall art and a plush white chair. Black bed frame with matching bed side tables. White and cream bedding with plenty of throw pillows. Hardwood floors with a light beige area rug. What a fantastic master bedroom design.

Choose The Perfect Lighting

No master bedrooms decor is complete without a statement lighting. But lighting goes beyond decor as you need to see what youre doing when getting dressed or reading a book. This chandelier with the combination of bedside lamps has created a beautiful atmosphere for doing just about anything. I can safely say that once youre in this bed with a good book, you wont want to get out anytime soon!

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Designing A Stunning Master Bedroom

While designing your own master bedroom may seem intimidating, just remember that your master bedroom is your personal space. It can be as elegant or as cozy as you would like it to be, and while other people may see it it only needs to be beautiful to you.

With that in mind, when you are looking to design your own master bedroom there are a couple of tips to try out, especially if you are new to designing a room.

First, think about the color palette you want. When in doubt, keep it light. Lighter colors are often more effective in making a room feel more spacious.

Second, always start simple start with what you already have. Looking to create a master bedroom that will impress? Start off with the pieces of furniture that you need the pieces that are functional.

Now maybe for you that only a bed and dresser, or maybe you have a vanity as well. Whatever you have, arrange it in your bedroom in a way that feels comfortable to you.

And the last tip to keep in mind is that open floor space is your friend. Open space helps us to feel less crowded and therefore helps us to relax, and really isnt that the point of a bedroom?

So, before you even think of shopping to upgrade your bedroom, consider the helpful pointers and decoration ideas above to make your space as luxurious as it can be.

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Choose Appealing Floor Covering

INTERIOR DESIGN | My Master Bedroom Makeover and Decorating Ideas

Your large master bedroom shouldnt just look appealing it must feel luxurious under your bare feet. If you choose to cover the floor with a rug, make sure you choose a soft and thick covering like an area rug or throw rug. These types of rugs soften the rooms appearance and offer a soft landing to your feet. Rustic style bedrooms can benefit from Persian or Moroccan rugs. For modern bedrooms, on the other hand, choose solid shag rugs or fluffy flokati.

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A Moody Master Bedroom With A Victorian Edge

Love the elegance of the Victorian decor, but dont want your room to feel too old-fashioned? Modernize your bedroom design with dark colors and eclectic accents.

The bed and mirror in this bedroom are both old, but the cowhide rug and a throw pillow with a picture of a person make the room feel modern and fun. Plus, the gray walls and floors make the room feel larger.

All About The Hardwood

Its pretty clear that the main focal point of this room is the hardwood flooring. This beautiful multi-colored hardwood is beyond stunning. It gives the room a nice glow and works well with all of the brown furnishings. The cool thing about this room is that they left enough space for a desk over by the window while not looking crowded. This room is about as modern and traditional as it gets.

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Innovative And Contemporary Bedroom Design

Theres a lot going on in this room. The innovative matchings of the colors make it look like theres a ton of design applied to the room whereas the only point eye-catching is one complete wall with the design.

Apart from the aforementioned trending master bedrooms, there are some more master bedroom designs that kinda fit into the same categories however some particular features stand them out from the common categorization.

Image Credit:

Overfill Your Throw Pillows

Bedroom Ideas: How to Decorate a Large Bedroom Photos

This idea goes hand in hand with the previous one. Throw pillows can tend to deflate over time, as the stuffing in them gets matted down with use. To prevent this, and keep your throw pillows looking new and oh so comfortable, add a little extra stuffing to them.

This will also make your pillows firmer and easier to arrange on your bed!

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Paint The Window Trim Black

If your walls are a light color, like white or cool grey, painting your window trim black can create a very elegant and eye-catching looking contrast.

This is an especially good idea if your walls are relatively un-decorated. With just a small can of paint and a little bit of time, you can give your walls a classy intrigue thatll catch the attention of anyone who comes over.

Bold And Beautiful Master Bedroom

Not every master bedroom has to feel calm and relaxing. If neutrals are not your style and you want something a little more flashy, dress up your space with bold colors and patterns, like in this stylish example!

The royal blue and Fuschia combination gives this room youthful energy, but the gold accents dress it up and keep it from feeling too casual.

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Large Master Bedroom Design With 2 Tone Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceilings look great in a larger master bedroom too. Theyre only way to truly have a floor to ceiling design. Here we see a 2 tone color scheme. White dropped beams with light tan coffers. Matching light tan walls with white trim.

What you get when you put this color tan with all that white is a beautiful cream colored room. And I love that cream is finally coming back in style. Its actually one of the hotter kitchen cabinet trends at the moment and a long time staple of luxury kitchen design. The warmth and timeless beauty of cream colors is just as nice in a bedroom as it is in the kitchen. Warm rooms feel more soothing and thats exactly what you want in the bedroom.

Throw in some custom wood work and wall paneling, a fireplace with wood and stone mantle, and a beautiful stained wood king size bed with cream bedding and you end up with one fantastic master bedroom design.

Of all the pictures throughout the article this is one of my favorite master bedroom design ideas. Although I would definitely need a bit more storage.

Keep It In Bright Colors

Master Bedroom Suite Renovation in 1 Week! | Brother vs. Brother | HGTV

Creating an all-white primary bedroom, especially if your bedroom is a unique part of the home like the attic, can be a great way to create a really calming retreat.

Putting this look together does not take much effort because you will be using bedding, interiors, decorating accessories, and other elements in the same color.

If you want to deviate a little bit from the white, you can sneak in hints of the color black through wall fixtures, lighting fixtures, and even the bed frame. If you have windows in the room, be sure to accentuate the brightness by setting up light color curtains as well.

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Modern Master Bedroom Designs

Learn More

I love the black and white look. There is just something about those two colors that make a room look so elegant. This particular room features a black leather headboard, black desk, black and white nightstands, and a black shag area rug. This room, especially with the completely random accent pieces, is extremely modern and simple to do yourself.

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+ Serene And Elegant Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Your master bedroom should have a sense of calm, designed in a soothing color palette complimented by decor that is serene and elegant. It should be a relaxing respite at the end of a busy day, uncluttered and surrounded by things that you love. The problem is, how do you get there? Storage is a big issue, especially in smaller bedrooms. If you have functional furnishings, you can hide the clutter to create a peaceful oasis.

We have put together a collection of photos that will offer you plenty of direction. With fresh design ideas that will make you want to get cozy and be inspired. We have also included resources whenever possible below each of the images, along with who designed each of these beautiful spaces. Readers, dont forget to let us know which of these bedroom design ideas you found most inspiring and why in the Comments below!

1. The bed is designed by Michael Weiss for Vanguard Furniture, fabric is Vivacious Stone. Wall art above bed are a trio of framed amethyst minerals. Silver leaf nightstands Bernhardt Interiors in their Salon collection, while the cloud lamps are from Global Views. Chandelier is from Circa Antiques in Westport CT. Wall paint color is Intense White OC-51 | Benjamin Moore, while the trim and moldings are Bancroft White DC-01 | Benjamin Moore, semi-gloss. Wallpaper on the tray ceiling is a crushed mica shell, ROMO. Grounding the space is an area rug by Silver Creek carpets called Wicket in Platinum.

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Pay Attention To Wall Texture

Consider the addition of wall textures to transform your average master bedroom into an extraordinary space. Wall texture is a representative of your interior style and its the perfect solution for a classic bedroom. Be sure to choose matching patterns or colors to pair the wall with your overall rooms decor. Another idea is to opt for exposed brick walls or painted natural stone to coordinate with your bedding or drapes. How about leather walls? Why not! This picture of a modern master bedrooms decor is a great example of how far you can go with wall texture. The skys the limit!

Primary Bedroom Layout Ideas

Pin by Kiana Marie on Bedroom

One of the first things you do when designing or remodeling a bedroom is choosing a layout. This will determine how the room will be organized and how the furniture and decorations will be arranged. Base your decision on the size of the room, your needs and personal preferences. Heres a few ideas that you might like to try:

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Add Benches Or Stools At The Foot Of The Bed

If space allows, we find benches and stools are among our clients favorite things on a large master bedroom remodeling project. If you are pet owner, and your pets sleep with you, stools and benches can be a step ladder into the bed My little Leo, our DKOR HOME Chief of Security is a BIG fan of stools and benches.

Royal Gold Primary Bedroom Ideas

A royal gold bedroom is an especially perfect design idea for a huge bedroom in a mansion. This room will look gorgeous because of all the space, wall art, and furniture you can play with.

Put together this beautiful look by incorporating gold throughout wall moldings, ceiling art, and even hardware like curtain rods and knobs.

Match the touches of gold with other neutral colors such as tan curtains and a dark brown or beige end of the bed bench.

With lots of thought into personalized elements, you can create a really sophisticated space that is simply dazzling.

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Large Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas That Visually Stand Out

Whether you want to decorate your master bedroom in a casual or formal style, this is the room you spend most of your time in, so its only natural that it should be your favorite space in your home. If youre lucky to have a large master bedroom, youll have tons of decorating options.

To turn your bedroom into a beautiful retreat, take a look at my 23 large master bedroom decorating ideas with pictures below.

Modern Bedroom Design And Decorating Ideas

40 Incredible Large Master Bedroom Ideas

A wood canopy bed adds a modern coastal touch to this light and airy bedroom design from Pure Salt Interiors:

Love the soft neutral tones, layered textures, and soothing artwork in this beautiful bedroom from Chrissy Marie Blog:

White bedding and neutral tones bring a calm and serene feeling to this chic bedroom design with two beds, from Pure Salt Interiors:

Classic blue brings a fresh touch to this beautiful bedroom from Salt Design Co.:

Love the calm feeling in this stylish bedroom design from Leclair Decor:

Gorgeous neutral tones and layers upon layers of soft bedding create a calm and restful bedroom retreat. From The Heart and Haven.

Love the modern beach house feeling in this beautiful room from Pure Salt Interiors:

How to decorate a bedroom with blush , from Kelley Nan:

I love the calm feeling of this modern bedroom from Style by Emily Henderson:

This dreamy primary bedroom features a rattan nightstand, black chandelier, and lovely soft tones of blue and blush. From Design Loves Detail:

A gorgeous ode to blue, from Cortney Bishop Design :

I love the slipcovered bed idea in this beautiful bedroom from Amber Interior Design:

A cane bed, lovely artwork, and earth-toned rug create a gorgeous modern bedroom, from :

This beautiful modern coastal bedroom features soft neutral decor and furniture for a calming touch. From Pure Salt Interiors:

I love the crocheted coverlet and wood bench in this serene bedroom from Jenni Kayne:

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Large Room Large Style

A large master bedroom can be a great bonus in a home. It allows for a ton of options for decorating and some fun additions beyond the typical bed and dresser. Use the tips and tricks shown above to make your large master a space worthy of becoming your favorite place in your home.

If Large Master bedrooms are already on your list maybe Designing Small Master Bedrooms would be a good choice to be added on that list of yours.

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Colorful Walls With Matching Drapes

If you like the color blue, then this master bedroom design may be for you. This traditional bedroom features blue walls with matching darker blue drapes. There are tons of different shades of blue to choose from but what these designers did is use the same shade. They just darkened it a bit to create some contrast between the walls and drapes.

White trim with crown molding creates a nice separation between the walls, floor and ceiling.

Medium dark hardwood floors with a light patterned area rug helps brighten up the room along with the white bedding.

Black wood bedside tables with lamps provide plenty of light for reading with help from the center chandelier and recessed lighting.

Some small, simple plants bring just the right amount of green to the bedroom.

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