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Large Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Solid Pine Wall Shelves

5 Best Kitchen Decorating Ideas

This wall shelf has a lovely rustic design and can be used to decorate your kitchen wall. You can choose to keep plates on it alongside flower vases, or you can place small farmhouse decor items on it. Either way, these wall shelves are a great way to double the already existing beauty in your rustic style kitchen.

For this rustic kitchen wall decor idea, two stand-alone cabinets are placed in the corner of the kitchen wall. These cabinets can differ from the original cabinets in the kitchen you can also decide to use these cabinets as the only cabinets in your kitchen. Either way, theyll look great.

How To Design Your Own Kitchen Cabinets

Solid wood is often considered the best cabinet material because it offers the most natural beauty and durability. It is also available in a variety of colors and styles, so you have some design freedom to express your individual taste. Depending on the type of wood chosen, there is a price range for wooden cabinets.

Dining room table centerpiece ideasHow do you decorate a dining room table? Decorate with fruits. Use fresh fruit to add color to your dining table. Place apples, oranges, lemons and other fruits you like in clear glass containers and make them a decoration for the dining table. The beauty of this idea is that you can have fruit for dessert, so it’s not just a decoration.How to decorate a dining

Contrast A Neutral Scheme With Bold Color

‘Vivid hues and lively tones work well in rooms that are made for entertaining or see a lot of activity, such as kitchens,’ says Ruth Mottershead, Little Greene‘s Creative Director. ‘A pop of bright, rich contrasting color is a great way add impact and an element of surprise to an otherwise muted scheme.’

The bold painted wall in this green kitchen Sage and Onions by Little Greene adds a welcome touch of vibrancy to an otherwise neutral scheme. You don’t necessarily have to paint a large space in a strong shade either. Even just a small section of wall in a contrasting color is enough to give a space a welcome lift.

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Modern Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Rooms

Sharp neutrals, bold metallics, and minimalist pieces are all you need for a well-designed modern living room wall. Colors like white, navy, and slate gray instantly modernize a space and provide the perfect backdrop for other decor, whether you incorporate color or go neutral all the way. This design style can easily slip from sleek to sterile, so warm up the room with engaging art prints in understated frames.

Simplicity is key when it comes to modern design, so stick to sleek, minimal decor to avoid cluttering the space. Floating shelves create extra storage, and you can arrange them in many ways, offering an opportunity for functional decor. Other decorations like metal wall art or an oversized clock can fill empty space and add character to your living room.

How To Decorate Your Kitchen With Red Accent Colors

15 Ideas of Large Wall Art for Kitchen

Red accents in the design and furnishings of modern kitchens, carpets in white and red stripes, bedspreads and aprons in shades of red. A touch of bright red. The red items should match what you already have in your kitchen: appliances, kitchen cabinets, fixtures, small decorations, tiles, and light fixtures.

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What Are The Best Colors For Kitchen Design And Decor

Keep your kitchen design and furnishings simple and stylish in red. The bold and bold reds in the kitchen create a warm and inviting interior and decor. Red kitchen accessories are a great way to add personality to your kitchen design and decor. A little red paint will help brighten up any kitchen design.

Studio decor ideasWhat are the best ideas for Studio Decor? But if you like this style, there are tons of studio layout options. Elegant design and compactness: Mid-century modern furniture embodies the concept of “less is more”. An open space with an armchair, lamp and bedside table looks more organized than a room with the best of Ikea.How can I make the most of my studio apartment’s space?Give your den a new look with her tips on ho

Add Cheer With Simple Artwork

Image credit: Jon Day

Theres no saying the artwork has to be ornately framed to hold a presence. Here, a simple poster adds a nostalgic touch to a corner of the kitchen. The zesty lime print helps pack a punch when it comes to adding accent colours. It ties in with the coloured kitchen accessories too, which helps to lift the brilliant white kitchen.

This unusual kitchen splashback idea is also like a work of art in itself decorative yet practical.

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Three Hanging Wildflower Filled Ball Jars

Wildflowers are a great addition to any farmhouse motif, and these hanging mason jars are part of the allure that makes a regular home into a rustic farmhouse feel that you will adore. Hanging these with a few strong pieces of twine, and if you want, you can even leave longer stems on the flowers to see through the jar.

Authentic Antique Outdoor Advertising Billboard


This type of outdoor advertising billboard can be a great way to make your dining area look even more rustic, especially if the signs are authentic. The table seen here is worn quite a bit, but the paint chips make it look even more antique. You can even create a chandelier with a design to match your farmhouse motif.

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Wood Pallet And Cotton Art

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A proven way to make an interior more welcoming is to include plants and flowers in it. When that is down to a wall, it can be represented by a wreath, a basket with a bouquet or something similar.

This idea features a small pallet-like background, left weathered. Against it, a bouquet of cotton twigs and lavender cuts pop out. They are tied at the bottom with a large old-fashioned ribbon.

Inject Personality With Photos

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

Adding a personal touch, such as family photos, is also a welcome way to make any room feel comforting. This kitchen wall in bold blue provides the perfect backdrop for displaying a simple string of printed pictures. The people and places that hold fond memories of fun times and travel offer an ideal conversation starter.

To add further decoration and colour, the same wall is decorated with colourful cookbooks, retro soup cans upcycled into plant pots, slogan artwork and curios from beach-combing. This is a great DIY kitchen idea that doesnt cost the earth and offers a montage of memories.

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Large Kitchen Islands With Seating

This gallery features large kitchen islands with seating. An eat-in kitchen island is a great way to bring the family closer together during meal times as well as provide an amazing spot for entertaining guests.

Kitchen islands come in different styles such as breakfast bars with an elevated counter top, or an island with a counter overhang to accommodate diners. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes from curved, semi-circle designs, custom shapes, square or rectangular designs. Below are some gorgeous kitchens with islands big enough to offer space for seating and eat-in dining.

In the picture above generous use of beautiful Bianco Carrara marble can be seen on the breakfast bar-island as well as the kitchen counter top and back splash. The traditional style of the kitchen is even seen on the elegant styling of the range hood, with stone tile cladding and stylish light fixtures. The counter stools as well as the base of the breakfast bar-island uses a rich mahogany that gives some warmth to the space. Wood treatment can also be seen on the exposed ceiling beams as well as the wooden floor boards.

  • White quartz kitchen island with dark cabinet
  • Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas To Add Personal Touch

    45+ Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas and Designs for 2021

    If you are one of those people that spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing and enjoying meals, you will surely agree that the interior of this room is as important as its functionality is.

    The key to a stylish and appealing kitchen is the appropriate wall decoration. It will give the room a personal touch and a unique vibe welcoming the family for tasteful meals and jolly time.

    The wall décor of the kitchen will help to make the room cozy, vivid and personalized. Another function it could have is to zone the space, to amend imperfections or hide mistakes in the interior.

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    And while the wall décor options are quite limited when we speak about bedroom or bathroom, for example, the kitchen wall décor is a universal canvas for a wide variety of interesting and unique accents.

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    Central Avenue Meets Middle Of Nowhere

    Wooden figures, pictures, clocks, benches, wicker baskets, and hand sewn pillows can all be found on Central Ave. When you create a farmhouse décor in your home, using items like these near your stairs or entrance way can make the area look more rustic, especially if you are able to add items on the floor like benches and baskets.

    Washing Board Backed Wire Organizers

    Wire organizers are a great way to tackle a bit of clutter in your home, and they can even be hung on the wall with ease. In this design, a washboard is used for the back of the unit, and there are plants in the front. The second basket is filled with pillows, which are handmade using burlap and twine.

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    Whats For Dinner Kitchen Hub

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    A kitchen wall accommodates a rustic dark-colored set. It consists of a chalkboard menu with sections for every day of the week and an additional compartment for inspiring notes.

    The wooden vertical eat sign easily sets the mood for eating and the clock at the top helps everything happens on time.

    Cursive Coffee Sign Wall Decor

    Wall decor ideas for large wall

    This Coffee wall sign is perfect for anyone looking for small kitchen wall decor. It features the word Coffee in a modern cursive script. Its bold black design works beautifully on lighter colored tiles or painted walls creating a contrasting look.

    If you wanted a more rustic look for use in a farmhouse kitchen, the sign can be left outside and exposed to the elements which will allow it to rust giving it a vintage look.

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    Fun Wash Your Hands Bathroom Sign

    There is nothing like reminding people of the importance of hygiene than with a cute sign. This one, in particular, wont look off-putting in a farmhouse-styled bathroom either thanks to the nice wooden frame that comes in different colors. There are five sizes available too so you can get the right one for your wall.

    Kitchen Wall Decor Tips

    Here are some quick decorating tips anyone can apply in their home. Youve probably seen the latest design magazines one time or another when it comes to kitchen decorating and design.

    You then most likely sighed wistfully, knowing full well that you dont have the budget and time to remodel the place in your home where culinary magic happens. Dont fret! You dont need to take out a bank loan any longer in order to get that remodeling job. Instead, you need to get creative to improve your kitchen presentation in an eye-pleasing fashion.

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    Vintage Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

    All too often, people confuse vintage with rustic. This is not correct. While you could have a vintage and rustic kitchen, you could also have a vintage and mid-century, French provincial, or Victorian-inspired kitchen.

    When choosing your vintage kitchen wall decor, consider the theme you want to create. Try not to mix different design themes, or youll create a confusing and cluttered kitchen that starves for an identity.

    Rustic Family Names Wall Crossword Puzzle

    45+ Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas and Designs for 2021

    If you and your family enjoy word games like Scrabble, then creating a wooden board on your wall with each family members name is a great décor idea that you can use in your home. In fact, you can even put pictures of your loved ones amongst their names if youd like to add a bit more to the design.

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    Diy Chalkboard Dinner Menu Project

    Keep your workplace a productive place with the ever-changing chalkboard menu. Display the daily special with a little extra attention to detail. Offer weekly advances into whats cooking in the kitchen. This hardwood border calls attention to the white-on-black wording, keeping it visually appealing for your guests.

    Kitchen Wall Painting Decor Ideas

    Hanging a painting adds color and style to your kitchen. Whether its a small painting or a large scale one, this one of a kind art will make a statement. So say goodbye to your white walls and hang a painting.

    When choosing your painting, look for one with a color palette that will complement your kitchen. It should also blend with your kitchens style. An abstract piece will look beautiful in a minimalist or modern kitchen. A realism piece would look right at home in a classic or traditional kitchen. Your farmhouse or rustic kitchen will look beautiful with a painterly piece.

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    How To Decorate Your Kitchen With Red Colors

    Use red sparingly when designing and decorating your kitchen. A striking accent wall with red tiles, red paint, kitchen cabinets or modern wallpaper in shades of red will look bright and effective. Red accents are combined with neutral toned kitchen cabinets, floor and ceiling to create a cozy and inviting kitchen.

    Black And White Kitchen Wall Decor

    DIY Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

    Sometimes the simplest designs are those with two colors. A black and white kitchen wall decor can decrease the appearance of clutter in your kitchen and it will simplify the process when you are out shopping for your wall decor!

    Accentuate your black and white cutlery with black and white wall art. If you like the look of a wall gallery, this can be a great way to use black, white, and hints of silver picture frames to display photos or artwork too. Dont underestimate this simple wall decor idea.

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    Introduce Artwork Into An Open Plan Space

    Open plan kitchens can often be difficult spaces to decorate with a cohesive scheme. They need to be multifunctional and spacious, yet with clearly defined zones to give each area a different feel.

    As dining spaces are still part of the kitchen in an open plan space, try adding a bold piece of artwork to the walls beside the table. Not only will this draw the eye over to the dining area, it will add color and texture to the entire scheme while keeping the artwork far from any possible humidity or damage if hung nearer the kitchen.

    Diy Chalkboard Dinner Menu

    Heres another wall decor that will fit into any empty wall space in your rustic kitchen. In this DIY project, you will learn how to make this chalkboard dinner menu.

    This window wall accent adds a rustic charm to your kitchen space. Pallet wood is used to make the wall decor. It does not come off easily. I think this is a great way to design the wall area in your kitchen.

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    Bask In The Luxury Of Metals

    Luxurious backsplash tiles put momentum into kitchen wall designs. Copper, stainless steel, or brass are a magnificent way of adding sophistication and visual impact to your room. Metallic stone wall tiles have that autumnal flair that will add texture and emotion regardless of the kitchen size. Consider these unique Celtic Tree of Life handmade tiles. These make a unique, original, and exceptionally stunning piece of kitchen wall art display.

    Open Shelving And The Latest Kitchen Dcor Trends

    My gallery wall in our kitchen. I

    Once youve come up with a focal point or wall then updated your kitchen with fresh, fashion-forward colors, now its time to add trends to it. Decors should come in layers that contribute to the overall look, like in the case of decorating a Christmas tree properly so that all the decorations end up with a unifying look.

    The latest trend in the 2010s is upper-cabinet-free kitchens that are open-shelf. This look creates visual space and is functionally practical to boot.

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    Happiness Is Homemade Farmhouse Kitchen Sign

    This oblong white sign is trimmed with a thin, rustic wooden frame to give it an appealing modern farmhouse look. Its simplistic design makes the message really stand out as it proclaims, happiness is homemade. On top of your cabinets or resting on your buffet, this white sign is understated, but not overlooked.

    Welcome To Our Beautiful Chaos Display

    With this hand-painted wooden sign, you can elevate the decorations on your wall to create something impactful and meaningful for your family. The custom frame is stained with your choice of coloring as there are more than a dozen to pick from. Since its handmade, every piece winds up being unique.

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