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Large Kitchen Island Decorating Ideas

Storage Spaces For Your Kitchen Island

Oversized Kitchen Island | Decorate With Me | HomeGoods Haul

Another big reason people build kitchen islands is to function as a secondary storage space to the kitchen cabinets.

However, the kind of base cabinets that will fit into your kitchen island depends on the purpose of the island, itself. So if your island will have a hob, the drawers can be crafted to hold spices, cooking utensils and cooking hardware like the best nonstick pans you own.

And if itll house the washing-up sink, itll be wise to have the dishwasher and waste bins in the kitchen island. Spaces for storing detergents and dishcloths can also be designed on the island.

Stunning Kitchen Island Ideas

If you’re dreaming of a renovation and kitchen island ideas keep popping up in your head, we don’t blame you. The way we see it, the kitchen island is the real MVP of the home. From cooking prep to casual dining to storage, these workhorses do it all . We’ve gathered 64 of the best kitchen island ideas in a variety of styles. Find inspiration for your future remodeling project in these stunning kitchens by top architects and designers. Whether you dream of creating a spot for nightly homework, gourmet meals, or morning coffee, a practical and beautiful island will be the most used area in the house.

White Kitchen With A Gray Island

If you are invested in your beautiful white cabinetry, you dont necessarily have to have a white island to match. Adding a darker neutral tone such as gray can give depth where there previously was none at all. Plus, you can enjoy the sense of cool and calm that a gray space can give.


This Mediterranean home in California features an unbelievable gray kitchen islanddrawers!


Pretty blue beadboard kitchen island in a light blue color.


Clean, classic transitional white kitchen with gray island. Tons of great storage and lots of counter space.


This gray island feels just a little softerperfect for this New York beach style kitchen.


This farmhouse kitchen wonderfully coordinates the beadboard on the wall with the beadboard on the kitchen island.


This open, airy kitchen features a great shiplap kitchen islandperfect for fun party conversations. The metal range hood and metal pendant lights are great complements to this modern farmhouse kitchen. Pretty wood floors too!

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Create A Social Space With A Big Kitchen Island

If you spend a lot of time socializing in the kitchen, use a large kitchen island to create an instant hub. A place in your kitchen that becomes even more of a social space than your dining table. Ensure there’s an easy flow around it, comfortable spots to perch can at a height that’s suitable to lean against, or eat and drink from. Add a hob to one end so you can be cooking while your guests gather around the other. A large kitchen island is a great excuse to ensure your kitchen always feels like the heart of your home.

‘An island or kitchen breakfast bar can work as both a storage area and a place for dining, says Sinead Trainor, Kitchen Category Manager at LochAnna Kitchens. ‘While from first glance an iconic design element has been created for the home, the cupboards that fit beneath the island are also a useful place to keep pots, pans, or food. Larger islands or breakfast bars also mean that a hob or sink can be fitted in as well, again utilizing every inch of surface space.’

Pick A Material That Matches Your Home’s Fabric

Fantastic large kitchen island design ideas for You

If your kitchen is dominated by a particular feature that’s part of your home’s architecture whether a marble fire surround or aged wooden beams, as in the cottage kitchen above picking a material for your kitchen island that complements or mimics it will create a look that’s streamlined, sleek and calm.

However, it is important to work at least one element of contrast into the room here, the rough plaster of the white walls offers the relief.

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Echo The Proportions Of The Room

The dimensions of the right kitchen island are often already outlined by your home’s architecture. If you can afford to, be generous with the sizing of the island as far as you can, minimizing the amount of ‘dead’ space that can often be found at the ends of an island.

In this design by Chicago-based Summer Thornton Design , for example, an extra long island stretches across the width of this open concept living space. By extending the full length of the kitchen, the island provides ample seating, but also provides a clear divide from the living area, while still offering a comfortable walkway around the kitchen.

As a kitchen idea, choosing for the island to span the entire space gives this scheme a brilliant sense of luxury that a smaller island just wouldn’t.

Display Other Natural Elements

By no means are flowers and branches the only natural components you can display on your island. “We love to add driftwood, succulents, crystals, and sand in long containers,” Wilbratte explains. “Whether your island is marble or metal, the warmth of the wood and greenery will compliment it.”

Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

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Minimalist Large Kitchen Island

Minimalist concepts apply for this image. Both the main kitchen and kitchen island, you can feel they put minimalism into practice for refreshed and modern ambiance. This kitchen island uses white marble as the table.

In this kitchen island, you can see a sink and some cute chairs. That shows the kitchen island serves as a sink area and mini dining set. You can wash dirty dishes or clean up dishes that are not used for a quite long time before using them again.

After that, present the dishes to the table as meals and drinks are ready for enjoyment for family members.

Kitchen Island With Seating For Three

Clever Ideas for a DIY Kitchen Island

Heres our gallery of kitchen islands with eat in dining for three guests.

White granite counter island with seating for three diners

The long mosaic tile back splash of this Neo-traditional kitchen design goes exceedingly well with the Blizzard granite used on the kitchen counter and the breakfast bar island counter top. The white paneled cabinetry and crown moldings seem to complement the sleek styles of the kitchen island pendant lights, stainless steel surfaces of the kitchen appliances, and modern look and upholstery of the leather breakfast bar seats. This is a good example of modern and traditional mixed together.

Transitional kitchen island with gray cabinet and white granite

The square proportions of this gray kitchen really give this room a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. The breakfast bar island uses a River White granite surface that goes well with the patterned tile back splashes used for the kitchen counters. The gray porcelain tiles of the floor complement the plain gray paint treatment of the walls and ceiling. Ample lighting is provided by the single-hung windows, contemporary pendant lights, and various pin lights on the ceiling. The Rasmussen bar stool with cushion is also a sleek furniture choice for this space.

White marble kitchen island with white leather bar stool seating

Stainless steel kitchen island with rattan bar stools

Dark brown kitchen island with gray countertop

Mediterranean kitchen island with brown granite

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Kitchen Island With Wood Top

High ceiling and large picture windows offers this space not only a great view, but also gives it a bright atmosphere, despite its use of dark wood floors. The kitchen island, with its dark gray painted base seems to blend onto the floors, while its solid red woodblock counter top appear floating amidst the dark finishes.

Solid wood pieces combined with metal accents create an authentic rustic look in this kitchen. The main kitchen cabinets uses solid weathered wood with beige granite counter top, giving it an earthy and rustic feel. The kitchen island on the other hand, has a very unique design. The base is somewhat basic, with antiqued black paint finish on vertically paneled base with limestone counter top. What makes it very unique however, is the use of vintage wine barrel to create a base for the bar counter connected on the kitchen island. Around 1/2 of the barrel was cut-out and attached onto the island, and then topped with salvaged circular solid wood.

A classic rustic kitchen with solid oak wood kitchen cabinets gives it that solid and timeless appeal. There is a massive kitchen island in the middle accentuated with iron chandelier. This kitchen island is topped with solid wood, the same finish as the base and has a built-in under mount sink.

Visit our gallery of kitchen island ideas for more design styles for inspiration.

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Luxury Kitchen Island Designs

Welcome to out gallery of kitchen island designs. These kitchen pictures feature a variety of different layouts, and styles. Youll find contemporary, country, transitional and traditional kitchens. The islands offer an assortment of countertops such as marble, jewel tone granite, and natural wood butcher block. The addition of an island is a great way to maximize your cooking area for maximum effectiveness. We hope these images give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for your own kitchen projects.

This open concept kitchen is an excellent example of an elegant transitional style design. With light gray walls and clean white kitchen cabinets, it is able to combine the simplicity of modern design & the elegant flowing lines of traditional kitchen designs. In the middle of the kitchen is a large kitchen island which is a good size and proportion for the available space. Just like the main cabinets, it has a white traditional style base and topped with gorgeous Juparana granite counter top, adding a natural pattern to the space.

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Styling A Large Island Versus A Small One

Below, the pros will share more details on decorating a small island versus a large one, but designer Eilyn Jimenez offers a few simple words of wisdom to keep in mind. “If a space is small, I always say less is more.” And with regard to a large island, “Itâs important to space out your items to help anchor the space,” designer Sonia Damberg says.

Display Your Favorite Wines

45+ Fantastic large kitchen island design ideas for You

If youre a big wine drinker, use your island space to display some of your favorite vintages. This wine rack from Urban Outfitters comes in silver or gold and will display up to three bottles.

You can surround the wine rack with wine glasses or add some greenery underneath. If you like a simple look, make the wine rack your only decor.

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Use Mixed Materials For An Interesting Finish

When choosing the right sized island, do consider the impact is has on the countertop installation. Joints can be really obvious on island units that are centrally positioned and designed to be noticed, says Graeme Smith, head of retail design, Life Kitchens . Islands longer than 11.5ft usually require two slabs of stone or quartz. Adding timber elements such as chopping blocks or breakfast bars is a good way to mix materials while disguising joints, he adds.

Mix And Match Your Storage Options

If storage space is at a premium in your kitchen, adding an island into the mix opens up a wealth of possibilities. Incorporate a mixture of cabinets and drawers to allow effortless storage for table and cookware of all shapes and sizes. You can also consider adding open shelving to display some of your most characterful kitchen essentials.

To add a homely touch, opt for an integrated island book-end, says Smith. This will free up countertop space and allow for the most loved cookbooks to be put on display for an extra layer of personality.

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Optimize On Storage With A Large Kitchen Island

Entirely functional, large kitchen islands are great at offering alternative storage opportunities, the ends can be used to store and display cookbooks whilst drawers and typical cabinetry can make the body of the island. It also provides often much-needed additional work surface area, this can be used for preparation, entertaining, or add a kitchen island with seating and you have a dining space too.

‘With a larger island, it is possible to add appliances and sinks, streamlining the look and maximizing the potential of the kitchen,’ says Graeme Smith, Head of Retail and Commercial Design at Life Kitchens . ‘Alternatively, a freestanding island is a compact solution that offers storage and work surface space that can be moved freely around the room creating added flexibility.’

Small Kitchens Diy Kitchen Island

Double Island Kitchen: 5 Best ideas for your new home

Who says having a small space is a yardstick for not having a glamorous kitchen island grace your space?

There are so many designs and practical solutions to give your kitchen an island thatll be functional and also elevate the ambiance of the nook.

This small island has got two cabinets and two extra spaces for storing other little cookware. This style makes your kitchen neat, uncluttered, and a bit spacious.

This second small island is narrower with an acceptable height. Plus its got two shelves to store wine and whatnot.

This next one uses reclaimed wood and features hardware for towels plus some spaces for pots, pans, and plates.

And this next idea from Mama Sarahs costs less than $50 and is basically a little table with an open shelf.

You can also upcycle an old piece of furniture like this reused desk.

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Clear Large Kitchen Island

Another coffee bar-inspired idea as planned large kitchen island for your kitchen. This time around, the island seems clear thanks to the white marble that becomes the table of the island.

Besides, the kitchen island uses a white stand and applies white and brown for the cute, small chairs. The design hopes to produce minimalist and pure feelings for this minimalist kitchen.

The island houses a sink and mini dining set that allows you all for interacting with each other while washing dirty dishes or hands.

Add In A Wine Cabinet

A few years ago, wine cabinets were considered a luxury appliance, available only to those with big budgets and big kitchens to match. These days however, as prices and sizes have reduced, theres something to suit every scheme and size.

Wine coolers built into a kitchen island are a great investment, as they will free-up space in the refrigerator as well as the worktop while keeping your wine in optimum condition.

If you enjoy entertaining, friends and family can help themselves to a glass while you get on with the cooking. As our kitchens become more like theaters, with island cooking becoming more popular, it makes sense to have a wine cabinet to complete the performance.

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Work Two Kitchen Islands Into A Larger Space

If space allows, two kitchen islands is always better than one. Double island kitchens have become the last word in luxury, and theyll maximize usable countertop area compared to a super-sized single island.

Consider the functions of each island when youre planning the design: one might be for cooking while the other provides seating, for example.

Upgrade A Kitchen Table To An Island

Fantastic large kitchen island design ideas for You

A reason people often decide against having an island is that there is simply not enough space however it can also be the solution for lack of space. Islands can provide seating and essentially a dining room in miniature too. Good kitchen tables will normally take up quite a lot of space, and if you dont have that space or dont want to waste it, dining at your island is not a bad idea.

We are always keen to keep the design of our islands simple and try not to cram too much into this one all-encompassing piece of furniture. The beauty is you can have a kitchen sink and dishwasher in an island, so if you dont have the perfect kitchen window in the perfect spot for your sink then you can opt for an island. Many people who have big open plan spaces with seating and views out into the garden can locate their sink or cooker into an island and face the action.

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Simple Tips For Styling Your Kitchen Island

The kitchen island can be somewhat daunting to style, especially if its larger in size and also due to the fact that your styling needs to work from all angles since typically you will be viewing it from all sides. And I know there are hundreds, if not thousands of ways to style the all mighty kitchen island but since this task can be somewhat overwhelming to some, Ive decided to share just 3 simple tips today to make life a little easier in regard accessorizing the coveted island.

Pick The Right Bar Stools

Although its not exactly an item you can place on top of the counter, choosing the right bar stools for your island or peninsula can make a huge difference.

Of course, youll want to make sure theyre comfortable and functional for your space, but choosing some that will fit the aesthetic of your space can completely transform the room.

Keep your style in mind when choosing the bar stools, using wooden stools for a farmhouse or rustic home, elegant chairs for a traditional home, and unique glass or metal chairs for a contemporary or industrial-style home.

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