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Large Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

Glamorous Mirrored Table With Metallic Accent Art

How to Decorate a Coffee Table | Interior Design

This is a coffee table fit for a diva. First of all: disco balls. A handful of these beauties in a pretty pink bowl is all you need. The gold chainlink starburst is the perfect structural element that manages not to compete with the disco shimmer. Finish with a unique flower vase and something in Tiffany blue.

The Number One Best Coffee Table Accessories You Can Collect Are Trays

A tray works like magic to corral all the other accessories you will put on your coffee table! And it gives the things you will put on your table some boundaries.

Trays are usually inexpensive and having a few different types of trays will give you lots of variety when you style a coffee table!

Yes, you can style a coffee table without a tray, but a tray adds so much texture and our eyes love trays!

What To Put On A Coffee Table

If your coffee table seems bare and you dont have anything that seems useful, really anything of interest goes. Whether thats a tarnished silver platter from goodwill, milk pitcher full of pussy willows, or wooden shoe from your trip to Holland, all that matters is that it looks good and has a cool story.

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Giant Clamshell Feature Vessel With White Peony Bouquet

This living room got modern traditional just right! Traditional decor schemes can feel dark, heavy and full, but when you lighten up and minimize the clutter youre left with something really fresh. The chair in this room is traditional, the table has traditional elements but more modern lines, and the bright blues and nautical elements pull it all together.

Throw In Unexpected Objects

59 Simple DIY Coffe Table Decor Ideas

Do you have family memories or souvenirs you want to display? While we tend to save those types of objects for bookcases or console tables, the interesting objects can actually have more impact on a coffee table, where people congregate, so don’t be afraid of throwing in a few unexpected itemsespecially ones with interesting backstories.

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Coffee Table Decor Idea #4 Book Toppers

Along with some stacked coffee table books, I always add a book topper or two. These can be just about anything from the large gold wishbone I used on my fabric covered book above to a decorative magnifying glass like one of or a small piece of coral like ):

Wood bead garlands or sea glass bead necklaces like are other favorite toppers:

Here are a few other ideas for fun book toppers :

How To Decorate A Coffee Table

A coffee table is the centerpiece of any living room, but it can be a challenge to decorate.

Its hard to know what to put on your coffee table, how many accessories you should use and how to arrange them so they look good.

All while finding ways to decorate it that make it look unique.

To help get your creative juices flowing, Im sharing my favorite coffee table styling ideas and tips.

Even better? You dont need a big budget to make these work.

A Note On Pinning: Most of the following images are not mine. Please visit the original, linked site to pin the images.

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Double Decker Display Of Geometric Art And Natural Accents

When your overall palette is neutral, you can use your coffee table as a frame to add in color. In this case, the table itself is consistent with the warm neutrals throughout the room. The woven basket keeps the various elements nicely clustered together. Everything adds up to the simple greenery really standing out.

Redwood Large Coffee Table

Coffee Table Decorating Ideas | Interior Design

This absolutely stunning redwood coffee table has a juniper base. You can also get this beautiful design made with other types of wood. The most beautiful part of this large coffee table we found on Houzz is that the pieces are put together in such a way that they simulate the banks of a river. Its clearly an artistic statement piece.

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Mix And Match Coffee Tables To Create An Enticing Design

Minimalist wall decor and a low-profile couch allow you to play with the conventions of living room furniture. Get two coffee tables of disparate sizes one large and square with a simple geometric base and one small and round with a more complex geometric base and max out your potential decor space.

Flowers Plants And Natural Element

Add life to your coffee table and room by adding something natural to your coffee table vignette!

Here are a few natural elements to add to your coffee table design

  • cut flowers


I love to add flowers to my vignette! If you dont want the maintenance try a faux plant or flower. Or if you dont want to baby a real plant look for an easy-care real one!

There is always something organic, live or faux, in my coffee table decor! Its just pretty! And we all love pretty, dont we?

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Large Soft Coffee Table

We found this awesome coffee table on Wayfair and it comes in two different colors beige or gray. The tufted creation will work as both a coffee table and a comfortable seat, should you need it. Also, it can double as an ottoman. As far as how it was made, it is upholstered with fabric, has a solid wood base, and looks like something we want in our room.

Beachy Monochromatic Shell And Orchid Display

Image result for farmhouse coffee table Chunky

The light, airy ocean environment is perfectly captured in this tabletop arrangement. Using an oversized clamshell instead of a glass or ceramic container is a really nice touch that holds a collection of seashells. Polished silver candlesticks and a tall, elegant glass vase evoke the shimmer of the sun on the ocean waves. The simple white orchid adds some life.

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Coffee Table Decor Ideas: How To Decorate A Coffee Table In 7 Steps

Coffee table styling is one of my favorite home topics to discuss. Whether Im thinking about an upcoming change of seasons or have a sudden urge to get creative, its an easy space to refresh at a moments notice. Not to mention, a well-designed coffee table can have huge returns with regard to how cohesive and welcoming your space feels for very little effortsomething we can all get on board with!

There are countless ways to style a coffee table centerpiece, whether youre working with a square glass table like me or a decorative chest, oval tabletop, or circular piece. It would be nearly impossible to cover all the ways to style a coffee table, so Im sharing one go-to decorating formula that you can try right away in your own home.

Follow the 7 steps to style your coffee table in a way that is eye-catching yet functional. At the bottom of the post, I include a list of my favorite coffee table decor essentials under $100 in case you realize you need to fill in a gap as you work through the DIY steps below.

Stick To Your Color Palette

Stick to the color palette in the room when choosing your coffee table decor. This helps the coffee table arrangement feel thoughtful and cohesive. This rule can apply to any interior design style. If it helps, keep a list or a photo of your living rooms color scheme on your phone, so its always handy while youre shopping.

Alternatively, you could use a color palette generator and take a screenshot of your rooms colors for quick reference.

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Fresh Flowers Are Your Friend

This is the number one thing I heard from designers when it comes to coffee tables. According to Abbe Fenimore, an age-old styling trick is to add fresh flowers. They will instantly add life and soften up the area, she notes. Fresh flowers also appeal to all five senses and can be changed with the seasons. Peddicord suggests to create a foraged look for fall.

Photo by Cary Hazlegrove Design by Holly Lydick for H. H. Lydick Interiors.

Coffee Tables Styling Idea 1 Classic With Contrast


Because my coffee table is quite large, I want to make sure I have at lease a large piece that can ground the space.

In this look, I placed a big hurricane glass that I use as a vase, and with a bunch of tulips inside. I recently got a bouquet of tulips from Trader Joes for only $11 and It looks so pretty.

I love the cream color with light pink stripes on the petals, which resonate with those white ceramic pieces on books.

The vase is quite large, so to balance that out I stack two coffee books together. Sometimes a stack of books can lay flat, so I added some smaller decor to bring up the height and also add more shapes.

Because the books are a rectangle shape, Im trying to add round shapes by adding some candle holders I made. I practice pottery in my spare time so I have a lot of rounded ceramic pieces to work with.

Then I felt like I needed something to connect those pieces together, so Im using this black beads but Im twisting them a little bit to form an interesting movement.

I also added a candlefrom my favorite candle brand Cire Trudon. I think the dark color of the candle and black beads really talk to each other , and just work so well together.

One decoration tip: when you style with dark colors but still want to have a light and bright look, just use them on small pieces.

However, if you look at the right grouping, I am using 3 things book, candle, beads because they create a nice harmony in this case.

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Coffee Table Decor Ideas: Shopping Guide Under $100

I browse Pinterest a lot for home decor, decorating ideas, and inspiration for our homes mood board, and one thing Ive noticed that all beautiful family rooms have in common is that their coffee tables are simple, carefully curated, and layered.

In my quest for coffee table design ideas I always find myself asking Where did they get that?, and honestly, it can take hours to find just one unique knick-knack, natural element, and or book that you absolutely love.

To help get you started, I curated a list of some of my favorite coffee table books, focal points , candles, and decorative objects from Amazon, Etsy, and other accessible shopping spots. All the pieces are under $100I hope they give you a head start in your coffee table styling journey!

Ice Blue Glass Accented With Gold And A Hand

When you have a barely there coffee table like this, continuing the look with minimalist glass vessels and a few key accents is stunning. The cone-shaped bowl that holds the glass globes is a unique shape that looks like an extension of the table itself. A big bold candle pillar is just right, and bright standout flowers finish the collection.

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Cross Legged Large Coffee Table

Found on Wayfair, this solid wood coffee table will hold everything you want and then some. Its a perfect pick for any home, especially those looking for a rustic aesthetic. The table is made out of wood and metal and the legs are X-shaped. The black color on the legs contrasts perfectly with the light-colored wood. Since this is natural wood grain, each table is slightly different.

Glass And Gold Tray Display On A Marble

Modern Comfort Modular Large Square Cocktail Table ...

Wood + marble + glass = gorgeous every time. We love how the gold dipped candle holders reflect light the same way the round vase filled with water does. Theres a really nice symmetry there. A bell jar is a classy way to show off a focal point, and everything is neat and structured in the simple wooden tray.

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Dont Forget To Entertain Yourself

Do you want to hold a movie night with your family? You can do it in your own living room instead of going to the theatre. A large coffee table has an enough space to put some disks and popcorn.

You can also make your table into a relaxing place. Put a vintage Jenga board, chess board, and dominos in your table. You will not realize how the times flew when you begin to play!

A large square Coffee Table is a great place to express your desire. You can also make your impression using your design. Examine every angle while decor the table and you will find that happiness is just around the corner.

Funky Asymmetric Table With Geometric

Tribal, retro, and southwestern? Sign us up! This wild and diverse grouping is all tied together through a simple neutral palette. The retro-shaped table is chic and minimalist. That spectacular wire basket is a work of art that holds a few simple organic decorative elements. Finally, an oversized tribal print candle and ceramic jug finish off the collection.

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Use The Rule Of Three For Effortless

Yanic SimardThe Rule of 3Alvhem Mäkleri & InteriörAlvhem Mäkleri & InteriörpairBartone InteriorsHow to Incorporate the Rule of 3Use books as a base. Haven Design and ConstructionCircles and squares. Haven Design and ConstructionKate Jackson DesignPlay with heights. Kate JacksonmyhomeCandles and flowers. Madeleine SaltinEasy being green. Simon Mack ArchitectureSimple asymmetry. Simon Mack ArchitectureInterior Design Journey Pte LtdInterior Design JourneyElizabeth Bolognino Interiors LLCElizabeth BologninoElizabeth Bolognino Interiors LLCSquare tables. Toronto Interior Design GroupGlass Tables. Park and Oak DesignTwo-shelf tables. Park and Oak DesignAlvhem Mäkleri & InteriörUnusually shaped tables. Davies Design BuildUpholstered tables. Davies Design Build

Modular Coffee Table Pair With Extra Storage Space

Christmas Coffee Table Decor Challenge | Coffee Table Decorating Ideas | Christmas Decor 2018

Modular coffee tables are wonderful because theyre so versatile. They can turn into side tables in a snap, so your decor should look good whether the tables are together or apart. This kitschy, eclectic collection is perfect for a few bright books, unique ceramics, and a muted neon tray holding the white ceramic candlesticks and vase. Plus flowers, obvi!

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Elegant Solid Wood Topped Table With Turned Wood Candlesticks

Sometimes you just know that a bunch of stuff is going to wind up on top of your coffee table, so simple elegance is the way to go! This pretty wooden table has three large carved candlesticks holding pillar candles. Follow the rule of 3 for simple groupings like these candles and youll never go wrong.

Coffee Tables Styling Idea 3 Boho Collected & Anthropologie Inspired

Now move on to the 3rd look, which Ill describe as a boho and collected look. Maybe something you see in Anthropologie stores as their store display.

Its another variation from look no.1 some similar decor, but different vibe and composition.

Im replacing the tulips with some greeneries. I clipped those seeded eucalyptus around where I live. Unlike flowers, these eucalyptus branches give a whimsical and relaxed vibe.

I have used books twice, so this time I replaced them with an upcycledcigar box.

I have a DIY tutorial with video on this DIY that you can check out here.

For this look, Im aiming to create three groupings. So for the third pile, I used the candle set. It is in a dark green color, so I think it played well with the greenery and black beads.

On top of the box, I draped over the chain of beads to add more textures. I also like how contrasting things are in this look.

Then I feel like the top is missing something round. So I added this little bud vase from my handmade pottery collections, and clipped some flowers from my backyard and placed them in.

I think this is probably the most eclectic look of all three, because of the amount of textures and shapes in this look. And I really love it!

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How To Decorate A Coffee Table Like A Pro

Lets talk about how to decorate a coffee table and do it as seamlessly as the pros! Its all about creating a small vignette that can be a mini focal point in your room! All you need are a few items and these savvy tips!

This post contains affiliate links.

I used to feel so out of my element when I tried to style a coffee table! It never looked like the fuzzy, but beautiful image of the styled coffee table I had in my mind!

Im all about finding easy ways to reproduce something over and over. My mantra in so many area of my life is


So I started to pour over coffee table vignettes to see if I could find common elements that made easy and attractive ways to decorate a coffee table. And guess what, I did. I found 5 things that make up most of the most appealing coffee table!

And Im sharing these 5 things in a recipe for how to decorate a fabulous coffee table every single time!

Please remember this, decorating your coffee table is not rocket science. There is really not one way to do it correctly. Its using these 5 easy tips and then getting a bit inspired and creative to add your own personality to your coffee table!

Look around your home and start a collection of coffee table accessories that show off your personality and style!

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