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Kitchen Ideas Decorating Small Kitchen

Turn An Awkward Corner Into Clever Storage

Interior Design: How To Make A Small Kitchen Feel Grand

Image credit: Future PLC/David Parmiter

A small kitchen requires you to make use of every inch of storage space you have. If you have a small boxy kitchen, rather than cramming all your pots and pans into a deep cupboard that is going to become a nightmare when you need to find a particular frying pan, consider swapping a cupboard for a drawer.

Choose a clever pullout drawer to maximise space and make finding your favourite frying pan easy-peasy.

Small Kitchen Ideas And Designs

Many homes in the UK have small kitchens or galley kitchens, but how do you make the most out of that space without spending lots of money building an extension? Be inspired with these small kitchen ideas, to help transform yours into something you can be proud of.

Making the most of your kitchen is particularly important when it is small. A kitchen isnt a kitchen without the essentials like a fridge, stove and sink so at the very least, your small kitchen needs to have those. Purchase and install integrated appliances or slimline/compact versions to conserve space. When every little bit of extra space makes a difference, this one tip can really help. When it comes to choosing your sink, instead of going for a double sink, why not just have the one butler sink which is not only more practical in a small kitchen, but also very stylish.

Although many kitchens these days opt for an island, depending on the size of the room, this might not be practical. In a smaller kitchen, space is restricted so its more important to make sure the essential kitchen features are included in the design first.

Other ways to make your small kitchen seem bigger is to use mirrored and reflective surfaces. The more light you can get into the room, especially natural light, the more spacious a room feels. Glass tiles, high gloss surfaces and mirrors can help to do this.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make The Most Of A Tiny Space

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Small apartments and homes offer plenty of charm, but they tend to be lacking when it comes to kitchen space. Luckily, there are tons of small kitchen ideas that maximize storage and efficiency. By thinking creatively about how to make the most of your tiny kitchen floor plan and utilizing whatever countertop and wall real estate you have, you can make even the tiniest of kitchens a space you enjoy cookingand hanging outin. Ahead, weve gathered 51 small kitchen design tips to help you maximize your space, be it a petite galley kitchen or just a single wall in an open-plan apartment. Whether youre renovating and starting from scratch or just looking to refresh your existing space, read on to get your small kitchen in tip-top shape.

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Try A Moveable Option

When space is tight, an island unit can become more of an obstacle than asset.

In this 3.6m wide kitchen, interior designer Robert Rhodes felt a permanent island, even a narrow one, would have made the space on either side feel small and compromised. Instead, a freestanding vintage table provides extra prep space when needed and can be moved out of the way when entertaining.

Going for a freestanding piece can prove much more flexible and also offers a more relaxed, laidback look than fitted units, says Robert.

Compact Small Kitchen Ideas

90 Beautiful Small Kitchen Design Ideas (19)

When working with an ultra-compact space, maximizing your storage space is essential. Take advantage of all available cabinets and pantry space to avoid cluttered countertops.

If you need more counter space than your current kitchen provides, a tall table or rolling counter are a couple of small kitchen island ideas that might do the trick. For kitchens with an L- or U-shaped counter, use barstools to turn one end into a casual dining area.

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Bring Your Storage To The Ceiling

Storage can be a challenge in a small kitchen, but there’s one space that’s often overlooked: the top of kitchen cabinets. Whether you’re building in more cupboards to extend all the way to the ceiling or simply displaying larger items on the top shelves, use that vertical space to your advantage.

If you have many beautiful pieces and are generally tidy, glass cabinets will also make your space seem larger.

Wooden Peninsula And White Colors In The Small Modern Kitchen

This minimalist u-shaped kitchen uses intimate colors . The kitchen and living room communicate with each other, but storage volumes made up of white cabinets change material and classify spaces. The white backsplash continues with the white quartz kitchen countertop. The wooden countertop creates a peninsula with barstools. Wooden countertops are warm and great for food preparation and eating. The wide window provides daylight, while the wooden shelf and brown wooden floor add naturalness.

ID# 113654 | Credit |

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Freestanding Kitchen Appliances = The Way Forward

While a small fitted kitchen can be an efficient use of space, if you like a more relaxed look you can still go for a freestanding kitchen.

Just pick pieces that are as functional as they are good looking go for a mix of open and closed storage and mix up the materials you choose to stop anything look too solid and blocky, as this will make your kitchen feel even smaller.

Wooden Elements And Gray Colors In Contemporary Small Kitchen

Small Apartment Kitchen Ideas: How to Make a Tiny Kitchen Stylish

This small contemporary kitchen has a calm and dark interior with wooden elements. Gray kitchen cabinets create a flawless look, while wooden cabinets and wooden backsplash warm up with their natural look. Wooden kitchen countertops create a wonderful, cozy kitchen for food preparation. The round wooden table frees up floor space and accommodates more people. A sense of comfort is provided by using wood texture on the floor, gray tones and yellow light in the metal chandelier on the dining table.

ID# 113613 | Credit |

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White Island Bench Elegance In Modern Small Kitchen

This small modern kitchen balances the elegance of white and maintains the visual link with other spaces. White cabinets are a stylish, maximized storage space. Consisting of white quartz kitchen countertops, the kitchen island works as a partition between the kitchen and dining / living areas. This island bench extends into the dining and living areas, with a beautiful expanse of wooden floors. A long white modern pendant lamp highlights this small and functionality-maximizing space.

ID# 113634 | Credit |

Pay Attention To Details

Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles

If youre designing a new kitchen to make your small space more useable, dont overlook the finer details. Small details, such as the use of materials, is key when designing a small kitchen, says Tom Howley. Lighter wood finishes and paint colours work well to expand the perceived space of your kitchen.

However, whites and creams are less popular at the moment, so a great compromise is a smoky grey scheme, using a smoked oak wood paired with a matte grey paint. Pair these tones with very light coloured countertops, and your kitchen will look spacious and airy.

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Cooking Tool Wall Storage

Get inspiration from some of the busiest restaurant kitchens, which use industrial wall hardware and racks for utensil storage. Some ideas for storing utensils and tools on the wall:

  • Hang racks for utensils. A simple bar with some hooks can hold tools with a loop or hole in them. There are baskets that can be hung on the rack to hold smaller items
  • Paint and hang a pegboard, and use it to hang your tools. Keep the items organized by color or use.
  • Use wall magnets to store knives and spice jars.

Work With What You Have For A Lovely Kitchen Feel

30 Best Small Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas for 2021

This homeowner started with what may have been a nightmare for some. Instead of cabinets, they were stuck with shelves, in addition to an exposed exhaust vent. However, instead of trying to conceal these aspects, they worked with them in their small kitchen design. They adorned the shelves with glassware, books and knick-knacks to give the space some personality. Instead of attempting to conceal the exhaust vent, they hung delicate lights from the pipe. This gorgeous design is both chic and deconstructed, giving it an incredibly modern and urban feel.

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Diy A Small Kitchen Island

Most of us with a tiny kitchen need a kitchen island the trick is, finding a tutorial for a small kitchen island. I mean, the idea is not to make the kitchen so crowded you cant move around! So we love this first tutorial from Reality Daydream. Talk about double duty furniture to create more kitchen space! This kitchen island is gorgeous, comes with a ton of storage, and its on wheels, so its portable too. Full tutorial, just follow the link at their site. We also love that this gets that pesky microwave off the kitchen counter and frees up precious prep space.

Little Glass Jar took a worn down Target bookcase and turned it into this cute kitchen island. It has storage, it has prep space you could even pull a stool up to it and use it as a breakfast bar! Did we mention how cute it is? Pop on over and find out how to make this.

You can build this small kitchen island yourself with these free plans from Ana White. It not only has wheels so it can be moved around easily, it also has a built in compost bin for saving the planet while you cook. Or kitchen trash, if you prefer. Its also the perfect size for even the tiniest kitchen.

Stretch Cabinets Up High

Storage is clearly king when it comes to the small kitchen and this is where bespoke, made-to-measure designs as part of the layout really come into their own. The flexibility of having non-standard door sizes, clever corner cabinets and tailor-made carcasses at your fingertips is a huge plus point for small kitchen layouts.

One way to max out storage possibilities in a small kitchen is to stretch cabinets all the way to the ceiling this will also eliminate that awkward space on top of cabinets that collect dust. Use high-up storage for items you use infrequently such as party platters and seasonal gadgets like ice-cream makers and slow cookers.

Here, glazed and closed storage covers a whole wall from floor to ceiling, explains Helen Parker, creative director of deVOL . We usually like to stick to our standard-sized cupboards to keep costs down for our customers, but there is always the option of a special bespoke piece, made and fitted for an awkward space or alcove to maximize storage, and thats just what was needed here.

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Cover Ugly Appliances With Cafe Curtains

This hack is great for any kitchen but works particularly well in smaller kitchens.

If you don’t have integrated appliances that can really stand out in a small space and become the focus, so covering them up with a café curtain is a cheap solution that looks lovely.

All you need to do it’s secure a net curtain wire across the gap and hang a curtain from it you might need to get a bit crafty and shorted the curtain.

Colorful Small Kitchen Ideas

DIY KITCHEN MAKEOVER ON A BUDGET | Small Kitchen Design Ideas, Renter Friendly!

After years of neutral colors dominating the home decor market, bold palettes are finally making a comeback. Choose a single standout shade and keep the rest of the space neutral. In a room like a kitchen, your walls and cabinets are the two best canvasses.

Before coating your kitchen in the brightest paint you can find, think about how this color will coordinate with your home decor as a whole. If your kitchen is separate from the rest of your home picture a galley-style kitchen, for example the possibilities are nearly endless. But if you have an open-concept kitchen, stop and take a look at the big picture first.

If you have the skills, time, and resources, painting over existing cabinetry will almost always be more affordable than buying brand new cabinets. This also gives you far more freedom when it comes to color selection since most cabinets come in very few shades.

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How Can You Plan A Small Kitchen Layout

If you are remodeling from scratch a kitchen designer or architect can help you create the best plan for your specific space. However, if you are just in the planning stages and want some options, there are some great apps out there that can help you test out different configurations. Or just go old school with a pencil and some graph paper.

Soft Feminine And Sunny Tiny Kitchen

Home decor doesnt have to be about modern architecture and fashion-forward design accents. Theres nothing wrong with sticking with a classic, feminine design scheme. This homeowner chose to create an accent wall, adorned with a lovely soft green floral wallpaper. It works beautifully with the rest of the space, which is a simple but bright white. The hideaway breakfast bar on the accent wall is a great idea for anyone who wants a kitchen table but simply doesnt have the space. Stools can be stored in a nearby coat or supply closet and retrieved as needed. This is a lovely use of a small space that isnt too overwhelming or overpowering.

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Anza Concrete Espresso Machine

People who frequently cook want to maintain something visually appealing. For one clienta New York City lawyer who has eaten at virtually every major restaurant in downtown Manhattanit wasnt about being a show kitchen, but a foodies kitchen. Its very utilitarianhe wanted a heavy-duty Wolf stoveyet we took care in the selection of the finishes. The white cabinets are glass, and the gray cabinets are lacquerthey really play with materiality. This way, its not too precious or too utilitarian, said designer Goto. For those not in the market for a whole new range, consider a striking espresso machine, like this Brutalism-inspired one by Anza, instead.

How Do You Declutter A Small Kitchen

Modern Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Small House

One way to declutter a small kitchen is through the use of cabinetry. A plain slab door with push-touch or recessed handles will look sleeker than a framed door with protruding hardware.

Likewise, a breakfast cupboard with bi-folding or tambour doors can be used to hide away countertop appliances, including the coffee machine and toaster. A boiling water tap takes the kettle out of the equation and can be combined with your regular hot and cold supply in one neat unit.

Larders always sound like a luxury exclusive to large kitchens, but they utilise the rooms height, so offer impressive volumes of storage. Hang a small set of steps on the inside of the larder door for easy access to the top shelves.

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Small Modern Kitchen With Brown Cabinets And White Quartz Peninsula

With its plain colors and design, this small kitchen is quite stylish! Brown handle-free cabinets bring a sense of earthiness and minimalism. White quartz kitchen countertop and white backsplash create a beautiful transition between browns. With the LED lighting of the cabinet, the whites shine extra. The ceramic beige floor continues with the white quartz peninsula. The peninsula provides extra bench space for daily dinners or morning coffee. Long lighting and black barstools make use of the extra dining area.

ID# 113639 | Credit |

Narrow Small Kitchen Ideas

Working within the limitations of a small kitchen isnt always about size. It can also be about shape. Shallow cabinets and countertops can make up for some of the lost space in a narrow kitchen. Be sure to offset appliances wherever possible to save yourself some headaches in the future.

You can also opt for a single-wall kitchen, keeping all of the cabinets and working space to one side. Placing a small dining table along the opposite wall not only offers a spot for quick meals but can also double as additional counter space when needed.

While its convenient to have all of your appliances within arms reach, pushing your refrigerator, sink, or oven further out can make a huge difference in a small kitchen. Stacked appliances are another option, but they wont fit in every space.

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What Appliances Are Best For Small Kitchens

Multifunctional appliances are best for small kitchens, like a combi-microwave or combi-steam oven, which are essentially two cooking methods in one.

You can also get single ovens that can be split to cook at different temperatures like a double oven but in a smaller footprint. Built-in, compact appliances are 45cm-high, instead of 60cm, and can be stacked neatly. Induction hobs with built-in extraction can also save space overhead but do check how much cupboard space youll lose below for the motor unit.

Slimline dishwashers are 45cm-wide, which can make all the difference if youre counting every cm. Under-mounted drawer-style refrigeration comes with impressive capacities.

Do think very carefully about the appliances you need, or you could end up with nowhere to store crockery. Could a wine fridge fit in the dining room for example?

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