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Joanna Gaines Mantel Decor Ideas

Fireplace Makeovers On A Budget

How To Decorate Like Joanna Gaines / Fixer Upper

If you are an indoor plant lover, your revamped huge fireplace with all the serene white look and a classy traditional wood mantle will be the best place to brag your indoor plants collection! It will be like your own statement of a fireplace!

All these white brick fireplace ideas can be an easy and appealing DIY project for both summers and winters look! As your fireplace is not going to walk away for the summers, but you can make them look even brightened up and toned by painting minimalism with all this white paint! Redo your decor in a reasonable budget!

Use A Large Oversized Centerpiece To Make A Statement

If we learned anything from the free the nipple trend, its that 2021 is all about making a statement. The best way to bring this energy into your mantles vignette is by selecting a large, oversized mirror or grandiose piece of artwork. First, however, you want to make sure that whatever you choose is big enough to act as a centerpiece. Rule of thumb, if youre placing one large piece above your mantel, it should be approximately two-thirds the length of the mantel, says designer Jen Dulac of Trim Design Co.

Upcycled Frame And Wreath

When it comes to decorating your house in a style inspired by Fixer Upper, simple but rustic is often best, at least we think that is what Joanna Gaines would approve of. This crafty wall art idea belongs in the DIY home decor mix when you are decoration your little farmhouse, even if that farmhouse is your city slicker apartment DIY this cool frame and wreath for a few dollars. A sweet way to decorate the mantle, a shelf on a blank wall that needs some love or as a standalone piece on your bedroom or kitchen wall, this pretty wall decor will make you smile whenever you see it.

Have you seen these for sale in stores, and what they are charging for them? Id rather spend my money on a nice dinner out or more craft supplies, thank you. Why buy something like this when you can make it at home instead and for only a few dollars instead of 5 to 10 times as much. This wooden DIY garland is one of those home decor accessories that decorators love, Joanna Gaines included. Add one of these to your Magnolia inspired farmhouse today.

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Go Edgy Cottagecore With Antique Finishes

If youre not big on bold color, but youre still looking for a pop of, uh, somethingbring in some antique, patina details. Not only does this create depth and dimension without overwhelming the space, but it can give your whimsical cottagecore-style mantle a cozy vintage edge for fall. If you want to make a statement, go for an aged patina mirror or framed set of artwork. Or, if youre just looking to add a subtle hint of rustic glam, try adding some antique candlesticks, picture frames or weathered-looking .

Vintage And Antique Pieces

6 Tricks to Decorate a Mantel like Joanna Gaines

Rustic decor is not matchy-matchy. It includes all kinds of furniture that arent part of a store-bought set, but thoughtfully curated to complement and coordinate with each other. You can mix-and-match patterns and colors in the same family, include vintage pieces and antiques. You want a cohesive look so it doesnt look like youre just hoarding, but rustic decor doesnt necessarily have that modern, store-bought feel.

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Christmas Mantel Decoration Ideas: Lets Get Creative

It is officially the holiday season, and one of our favorite things is to get creative with our decorations! If you arent quite feeling in the holiday mood, there is something about getting crafty and putting together some decorations that can get you feeling festive!

Best of all, putting together some decorations is a great activity that you can share with your friends and family. Are your kids home from school? This is a great, fun way to get them involved, and the end result is some beautiful decorations!

One area of the home we feel is often overlooked when decorating is the mantel! This is typically found right in the heart of your home, and we believe it is deserving of some decorations as well! You might hang your stockings below it, but the mantel itself deserves some love as well.

If you typically stop decorating once you put up your Christmas tree, why not try decorating your mantel as well this year? It can make a big impact and really make your house feel festive and inviting!

Need some ideas? No problem! Here are some great Christmas mantel decoration ideas, and best of all, you can make these all yourself! Lets get creative!

The Dining Room After The Renovation

As seen on Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna have updated the dining room with a new redwood mantel, farm table, dark metal chandelier and black accents that offer a contrast against the white brick.

Want to recreate this room at home? Here are 3 tips to get the look.

Add Architectural Interest

You dont need a large-scale art piece to make a big impact. Head to a salvage yard to find an old architectural piece, like the window frame on this wall, for the rooms focal point. I love how this windows weathered wood stands out in contrast to the freshly-painted wall. The window and wreath add dimension to the wall, which makes the room more warm and inviting.

Add Color, Naturally

We kept this rooms palette neutral, adding color through natural accents. We added texture and greenery on the wall with a faux magnolia wreath, filled a white vase with flowers on the mantel and added a pop of color on the table with a wooden tray covered in bright green pears.

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The Secret To Fall Mantel Decor Ideas

Did you find any ideas that you will try to copy? I hope so! If you want to create your own ideas, there are just a few things you need to remember: balance, colors, and texture.

Create a centerpiece and then balance it on either side equally. If there are too many things on one side and not another, just move things around.

Try to limit your mantel to just a few colors. The most admirable mantels will have just one main color and a few accent colors around them.

An easy way to do it is to add a variety of textures: leaves, different fabrics, and layers of picture frames.

No matter what, if it makes you happy, then do it!

Play Off Of The Colors In Your Artwork Selections

Joanna gaines New House 59 Best Home Decorating Ideas Inside Joanna Gaines New House Video

One of the easiest ways to establish your mantles color palette is by playing off of the colors that are already there. All you have to do is take a look at your piece and decide which colors jump out at you. Then, opt for decor in complementary shades. The best part about this trick? You can do it with one, large piece of artwork or a few pieces stacked on top of each other.

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Green And White Christmas Mantel

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Just to make life interesting just kidding

I try and change up my Christmas mantel every year.

Last year, our tree was in the living room and I added lots of pops of red.

Well, this year is all about the green!

Green and White Christmas Mantel with Boxwood Wreath and Pine Garland

Taking a cue from the gorgeous boxwood wreath I picked up at Trader Joes for $11 I decided to keep things simple and neutral in here.

So excited about my boxwood wreath and feeling a little tired from all the Thankgiving leftovers I had been eating, I ran to Giant and picked up some fresh pine garland to go with it.

After a good 15 minutes wrestling this very long pine garland onto our living room mantel and wondering if it would have been easier to just add fresh pine boughs from our yard and make my own I was greeted with a wow, that garland looks great by my husband, Jason.

Smiling from ear to ear that he actually approved of my last minute purchase I started to walk away in search of more coffee when I heardit def looks better than it would have if you tried to make one yourself.

Ha, I guess he was reading my mind.

Well a few more items I didnt make and look great on my Christmas mantel are my new faux candles, candlesticks and boxwood topiaries from Balsam Hill along with my favorite zinc house from Terrain.

and an O Holy Night sign to remind our family what Christmas is all about.

Diy Fixer Upper Cathedral Window Frame

Of all the Fixer Upper DIY projects Ive seen this year, I must admit I think this one is the prettiest. In a home that does not yet have much decor, Ive seen a friend add this and transform the look of the room completely, just by adding this one thing. Make a cathedral window frame for yourself, the tutorial is really well done, easy to follow instructions, and sort of fun, too. I love adding a whitewash looking finish to pretty much anything and think you will to. This is an art project as much as it is anything. No woodworking skills required since you get the cathedral frame from a cheap source like Etsy and then finish it yourself. Dont pay Magnolia market prices, but yet make your mantle decor awesome this Christmas.

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Beautiful Green And White Christmas Mantel Ideas

Some of the most AMAZING Christmas rooms start with a fabulously decked out fireplace Christmas mantel.

Its a fact!

So today, I am sharing all the details of my beautiful green and white Christmas mantel you can DIY in less than 30 minutes while blasting Christmas music with pictures.

And the best part is that I am sharing my Green and White Christmas Mantel along with 17 of my blogging friends.

Thanks so much to Krista from The Happy Housie for hosting this fun Christmas mantel hop!

Simply Hang A Wreath On Top Of Your Existing Decor

Hgtv Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Rather than taking down everything you currently have up to redo your entire mantel for Christmas, work with what you already in place. Simply adding a seasonal wreath on top of your existing mirror, like did, plus a few additional accessories, will make your Christmas mantel come alivewithout all the extra hassle.

Even if you dont want to fill your entire fireplace with small cut logs like did, you can still give your Christmas mantel some farmhouse flair by incorporating lots of rustic accents.

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Sprinkle In Sophistication With Baroque Details

Nothing says old-world elegance like a baroque accent. If you can afford it, Anthropologies Primrose mirror basically oozes sophistication. Its gilded finish offers a modern-classic look thats perfect for elevating more traditional or intricately embellished mantles. If that style isnt for you, try hanging a few tiny ornate mirrors on the wall or framing artwork in black, silver and gold baroque frames for some dimension.

Styling A Rustic Style Mantel

Break out all things glass – funnel mouthed storage bottles, coir edged glass holders, terrarium bowls, and a whole lot of fresh florals and colorful wreaths to amp up the farmhouse vibe. This style makes a bold statement, so channel the same feeling throughout the room. This seasonal style adds a statement touch to the space. Use fresh flowers to add a spring scent throughout the room or faux blooms for less maintenance. To really bring this style to life, make sure to add in rustic wood accents and contrasting bronze or black metal pieces. This will add the Joanna Gaines touch, that so many people desire.

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Mantel Ideas From Hgtv And Joanna Gaines

In the master bedroom of the Gaines home is a traditional mantel with a giant clock that hangs year-round. But on the mantel are five tall candlesticks of varying heights two on one side, three on the other, pine garland, colorful ornaments and two glass vases filled with smaller ornaments. Thats an easy one to, ahem, borrow for your own mantel.

Another white mantel, sans the fireplace, is graced with pine boughs and red flowers, vintage brass bells, and glass vases with the same red blossoms and eucalyptus leaves. Heres a quick visual tutorial about how to style your mantel from Joanna suggesting an anchor over the mantel, the importance of layering and the beauty of asymmetry.

HGTV offers another 28 designs for adorning the mantel around your fireplace. Pick one and get busy!

Unique Joanna Gaines Fireplace Mantel Top Search

Decorating New House 60 Home Decorating Ideas Inside Joanna Gaines New House

Your fireplace should be designed be placed in area will be absolutely the most favorable in receiving the heat it creates. Especially in the event the fireplace can be in your space or youre the sole guests that day. Gas fireplaces can be found in many sizes and shapes. Generally a gas fireplace is fairly convenient since the flame is usually wholly controlled and incredibly safe indoors. Ventless gas fireplaces are made to be secure indoors with no ventilation.

The fireplace is a focus of the room and when you select the stone and design style you will need to think about the major use of the room. It serves as an area divider also. Now, there are natural gas fireplaces which may be inserted into the mouth of a conventional fireplace.

The different styles will help you choose the perfect one. The architectural design of your house can help narrow your choices. You may also seeA Contemporary Fireplace Designs Cultured stones offer precisely the same rustic and rugged look of all-organic stones. Stone fireplace styles supply the traditional fireplace setup look and the typical warm country feel. The mood can be set by them of rooms and influence the design of furniture you choose for that room. Youll be able to also choose the neat and polished stone fireplace design if you need a very simple and modern-day fireplace.

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All It Takes Is A Garland

Sometimes you dont have the time or the budget to create this elaborate mantel design. To transform your fireplace in seconds and without much effort, we suggest using a floral garland. While it might feel like cheating a little bit, throwing a flower garland over your mantel will magically transform your room. It adds an organic feeling in and it’s been proven that greenery helps improve your mood . You can always add other decorative accessories like a tabletop letter block or a set of flameless candles to complete the look.

How To Decorate Your Mantel For Spring

Whether it is for the holidays, spring, or fall, the urge to redecorate your mantle becomes quite irresistible. Its an easy-to-do project that offers a place to showcase eye-catching pieces and decorative statement items that you have collected. Adding a seasonal twist to your room is a great way to keep your space fresh for yourself, family, and friends. Since Spring has arrived and re-decorating is on our minds, were here to provide mantel decor ideas for you.

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Use Artwork To Pull Everything Together

If your room feels like its lacking something that ties the space together, how you prop out your mantel can be a gamechanger. What you place there should reflect the same personality as the rest of the space, explains Maggie Griffin of Maggie Griffin Design. Instead of a bunch of bitsy tchotchkes, try a statement-making piece of art to fill the space above your mantel that incorporates accent colors found throughout the room.

Antique Books As Place Mats

News and Stories from Joanna Gaines

As seen on Fixer Upper, Joanna used antique books to serve as placements for this table setting to tie in the antique, rustic feel that she has created throughout the house.

Try Unexpected Place Settings

Elevate the rooms design by creating custom place settings you can pull out when friends and family are on the way. We topped distressed white wooden chargers with aged books and white plates adding subtle texture.

See more photos of this gorgeous makeover here:

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Here Is How You Can Style Your Mantel With A Television

Dont be surprised that our first suggestion is a bit different from what you may have expected. We love a practical design solution and in many homes, mounting a TV over the fireplace is just that. A fireplace creates a natural focal point in the room, and mounting the TV over a fireplace not only frees up floor space for other items but helps keep the focus on a beautiful accent in the room. Jazz up this option with decorative trees to balance height, baskets with throw blankets, or candle holders next to the fireplaces bottom. If you are concerned about how high a mantle may be for mounting your television comfortably, consider measuring it. A comfortable viewing angle for a TV above the fireplace is about 60-70″ from the ground. If you have to tilt your neck up too high, the TV is too high and you may want to consider an alternative placement.

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