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Jcpenney Custom Decorating Window Treatments

Is Hunter Douglass High Price Tag Justified

Custom Curtains and Drapes for Large Windows | JCPenney In-Home Decorating

Choosing Hunter Douglas as a provider When you consider all of these aspects, we believe the conclusion is unambiguous: Hunter Douglas blinds are a good investment in the long run. Many advantages come with installing these blinds, and just by saving you money on your energy bills and on your furnishings, these blinds may more than pay for themselves in a short period of time.

Do You Know Whether Jcpenney Makes Bespoke Draperies As A Result

The Art of Beautiful Custom Decorating Has Been Made Simple Take advantage of our whole variety of services, which includes anything from bespoke curtains and window treatments to particularly created bedroom décor! Bespoke-made curtains and other custom window coverings are ideal for infusing a sense of individuality into any living space of any size.

When It Comes To Casement Windows What Is The Most Effective Window Treatment

When opened from the side, casement windows may be opened in either direction and are commonly controlled by turning a crank. Drapery is a common choice for dressing up these lovely window frames. The decorative panel may be installed broader and higher than the window so that when it is opened, it frames the window itself.

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Beautiful Curtains And Window Treatments To Refresh Your Home

Sometimes you enjoy the light and brilliance shining through the windows in your home. However, there are times when you need an afternoon nap or a little extra privacy. JCPenney comes through with quality window treatments and curtain panels so you can take control of your windows and room design. Check out our large selection of window coverings, curtains, and draperies to dress up your favorite rooms. We also have a variety of window blinds and other window treatments so you can find the ones that suit your needs. We have countless options, from elegant sheer curtains to modern Roman and cellular shades. If you’re into a natural look, check out our dark wood blinds.

You’ll also discover that window treatments are practical. Get creative on cutting your utility bills by choosing a set of thermal curtains. These provide the décor styling you like while keeping the warm air in during the winter and the cold air out. Blackout curtains also help regulate the temperature, but they also reduce sunlight exposure and help modulate sound levels.

Can Jcpenney Install Curtains For You

Best Window Design By Using Cool Curtains At Jcpenney 37

I found some JCPenney curtains that I really like, but I don’t know how to install them myself. Can you have JCPenney install them for you? Or can I hire someone else? Sorry for all the questions, but I’ve never done this before!

Hey Lucy,

The short answer is: Yes and No. JCPenney does install curtains for you, but ONLY if you bought one of their custom-designed curtain options through their Custom Decorating Department.

One of my friends actually bought curtains from JCPenney recently and wondered the same thing. According to their customer service department, their Custom Decorating Department is the only department that can and will install curtains for you. This means that if you bought your curtains as an individual, stand-alone item — rather than going through the process of getting a “free no-obligation in-home consultation” with one of their “decorating consultants” and buying their custom-designed window treatment afterward — then they will not send someone to your home to install them.

Hope that helps answer your question!



If you need to get in touch with their customer service team, try tweeting at them on . My friend waited 20 minutes to get a real human on the line when she called their number. But, when she tweeted at their Twitter handle, they responded within an hour.

Wrong. They do installask for an associate who knows a little more about the measure and install program.

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How Does The In

When you invite a custom window treatments designer into your home , you and the designer will be able to discuss in length the scope of your window coverings project. Your designer will assist you in choosing the perfect style, colors, and fabrics for your windows. Once youve chosen your window treatments, your designer will measure your windows and provide you with a comprehensive quote during the consultation.

If you choose to place your order, your window treatments will be fabricated to your exact window measurements and upon completion, will be sent to a local, professional installer who will reach out to you to install your window treatments.

What Types Of Window Treatments Are Offered

JCPenney In-Home Custom Window offers a wide selection of custom window treatments including cellular shades, roller and screen shades, roman shades, horizontal and vertical shadings, woven wood shades, wood and alternative wood blinds, interior shutters, vertical blinds and drapery and drapery hardware. Your designer will review these products with you and help you to select the ones just right for your home.

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First A Refresher On Treatment Types

You’re forgiven if you don’t know the difference between drapes and curtains . Here’s a brief rundown of the vocab you should arm yourself with before shopping for window treatments:

Drapes: Generally, drapes are floor-length fabric panels with a backing that gives them structure. They hang on a rod attached to the wall and create a more formal look.

Curtains: Offering a more relaxed style, curtains typically drop below a windowsill and are of a lighter fabric that can move in the breeze, though sun-blocking curtains are common as well. Like drapes, they hang from a rod.

Shades: Also made of fabric, shades are attached to a rod or frame at the top, and there’s a lifting mechanism that raises the panel to let light in. As the fabric raises, it will either roll around the rod at the top or bunch into a neat stack, depending on the style.

Blinds: Like shades, blinds are attached to a frame at the top and also have a lifting mechanism. However, instead of fabric, they’re made of hard slats or louvers that tilt to let light in. You can find them in an array of materials, such as bamboo, plastic, wood, aluminum, or vinyl.


Generally, a longer fabric panel creates a more formaland less functionallook. So consider how often you’ll be opening and closing the treatments in any given room before deciding on a length.

Is It Worthwhile To Invest In Motorised Shades

Choosing Curtains and Drapes | JCPenney Custom Decorating

Motorized blinds are one of the most technologically advanced window coverings available today. However, despite the fact that motorised blinds may be more expensive than other kinds of window treatments, they are well worth the investment since they provide a wide range of benefits that no other window treatment can match.

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What Is The Approximate Cost Of Installing Vertical Blinds

Because vertical blind installations may be time-consuming, the cost of installing vertical blinds is often greater than the cost of installing other types of window blinds. In most cases, installation will cost between $50 and $75 per window, with bigger windows and sliding doors often costing more than smaller windows.

Why Should I Use A Professional Designer And Installer

Choosing and installing window treatments can be a daunting task. Our designers will ensure the window treatments you choose for your home are both stylish and functional, while also fitting your windows exact measurements. Your installer will make certain that once your window treatments arrive, they are installed perfectly and function properly.

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What Does A Decent Set Of Blinds Cost

There are many various types of blinds to pick from, including basic one-inch blinds that cost $10 or less and sophisticated imitation wood blinds that may cost as much as $80-$100 per pair, among other options. The materials used in a window blinds installation are by far the most expensive part of the project.

Jcp Custom Decorating: Come Home To A Style All Your Own

Window Decor Made Easy â Style by JCPenney
General Info
Make an appointment today for your free in-home consultation! Whether you’re looking to add custom window treatments or to update your entire room, we have everything you need. Simply make an appointment for a complimentary consultation, and one of our Decorator Consultants will visit you in the convenience of your home. Make your dream home a reality. Our full range of services include: draperies, valances, mini blinds, wood blinds, cornices, pillows, window seats, shutters, vertical blinds, cellular shades, bedspreads, table rounds and area rugs. We’ll take all the measurements and implement the design with professional installation. View an array of JCPenney Custom Decorating examples. Add the finishing touches for a polished look. Coordinating pillows, a covered headboard, or cellular shades – we’ll help you make the perfect statement.

TollFree: 518-1456

JCPenney offers national, private and exclusive brands which reflect the commitment to providing customers with style and quality at a smart price.
Payment method
no credit cards, master card, visa, all major credit cards

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Does Jcpenney Do Custom Drapes


You will learn how to pick curtains and drapes for big windows in your house from the experts of JCPenneys in-home custom decorating service. Allow the specialists to come to you for bespoke window coverings for big windows, since choosing curtains for large windows may be intimidating.

What Is The Best Way To Build Window Treatments

Simply following these basic design standards can transform those drab windows into eye-catching focal points. DO: Make sure your curtains are hung high and wide. DO NOT: Hang them directly over a window sill. DO: Use many layers of window treatments. DONT: Jump from a cliff. DO: Bring the curtains down to the floor. DO NOT: Come to a halt on the Windowsill. DO: Use blinds or shutters with wide slats instead of vertical blinds.

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Should The Blinds Be Installed Within Or Outside The Window Frame

Mounts on the inside Because the blinds or shades are recessed and confined inside the window frame, they provide a clean, completed appearance to the room. If you have a window frame that is not very deep, inside-mounted window coverings are not the ideal option for you. It is possible that recessed shades will extend beyond the window frame if your window is not installed deeply enough.

Dont: Opt For A Different New Look In Every Room

How to Measure For Curtains and Drapes: Custom Window Treatments | JCPenney

While you dont want every room to look the same, Baker notes that consistency is important for a home to feel cohesive.

We like to use similar window treatments throughout the home, playing them up or down depending on the room, she explains. For example, we love doing natural woven shades throughout the house for continuity, but then in more formal areas like living rooms and dining rooms, we will add side drapery panels in soft linens or faux silks to dress the rooms up.

This thinking extends to the color scheme as well The window treatments need to fit the overall look and feel of the home.

Were always thinking about the atmosphere were trying to establish and then maintain through each room and every space, she says. And so, the color of the window treatments is incredibly important in terms of being consistent throughout the home. Its surprising how much that consistently adds to the feelings of comfort and ease we have in our homes.

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What Is The Source Of The High Cost Of Bespoke Drapes

There are a variety of factors that contribute to the greater cost of custom-made draperies. The quality of the craftsmanship that goes into handmade draperies is the most significant cost factor. When anything is custom-made, the price is much greater than it would otherwise be owing to the possibility to tailor every element of your purchase.

How Can I Pay For My Window Treatments

Because our window coverings are custom-made, your designer will ask for payment when you place your order. We accept all major credit cards and personal checks.

In-Home or Virtual Design Service Experience

Products and services may vary by location. If you are outside of our service range, you will be notified if the service can be offered, or if a service charge applies.

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Do: Install Blinds When The Architecture Calls For It

Sometimes, the shape of a space dictates what window treatments you should use. If the architecture of a building doesn’t allow for a rod to be hung across the wallfor instance, the room has dormer windows or slanted ceilings, or there’s a group of windows around one cornerblinds are typically the best choice.

Baker adds that they may also simply be an aesthetic choice. Most often, we find ourselves using blinds in rooms where we want to play with light and shadows, she says. In a study, thick wood slatted louvers allow for beautiful shadows to fall across the rooms surfaces it makes for a very dramatic look and adds so much to the mood in the room.


What Is The Source Of The High Cost Of Blinds

Custom Window Treatments, Custom Made Curtains &  Drapes, Window ...

Shades may be much less costly and significantly more expensive than blinds. A simple roller shade may be purchased for as low as $20 per window, but a roman shade with a high-quality fabric and motorised lift might cost several hundred dollars or more per window. Because blinds offer fewer personalised possibilities than other window treatments, you may get a high-end aesthetic for a lower cost.

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Do: Use Sheer Fabrics To Add Layers

On their own, sheer drapes or curtains add lightness to a room, allowing sunlight to gently filter through a space. But if you need privacy or shade, sheer fabrics are best when paired with a slightly heavier drape.

When our goal is to filter light on windows that are getting a lot of bright light, sheers are the perfect way for us to go, says Baker. And then we also love to use them in other roomslike for bathrooms or bedrooms, and for a different reasonwhen you still want light but also would like a bit more privacy.

Layers also let you easily change the style and function of a room close the full set for movie night in the family room, or just pull the sheer drapes closed to set the mood for a casual Sunday brunch.

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