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Is There An App For Interior Decorating

The Best Interior Design Apps

Made with PowerApps: Add Mixed Reality Features to an Interior Decorating App

As technology progresses, we see the invention of many things that can assist us with epic home design. Namely, a bunch of great interior design apps for your smartphone, device or computer so you can incorporate hot décor trends on the go and keep much needed information in the one place.

These interior design apps are a must have for any home décor enthusiast whether youre a professional or hobbyist or just doing up one room for the fun of it.

Artfully Walls Try On Wall

Available for iOS and Android free

Settling on art for your home may not always be as easy as buying what you love. Online art destination Artfully Walls helps you decide on an arrangement with its Try on Wall app, which uses augmented reality to display a preview of art you’re considering hanging on your own walls.

Home Design Apps To Redecorate Like A Pro

Redecorating, remodeling, and interior design can quickly go from a fun project to a logistical nightmare. Paint samples, chair measurements, mood boards . . . its a wonder anyone gets a home-decor project done with their sanity intact.

Lucky for us, weekend warriors can now approach their projects with an ace up their sleeve: home-design apps. Now, even the most inexperienced DIYer can plan, decorate, and rearrange with the best of them. Tools that were once available only to professionals are cheap or free and take only a few minutes to use.

This is due in large part to better visual technology. Visual AI and AR possibilities are faster, lighter, and more user-friendly than they were before not to mention more accurate. This futuristic tech is what drives all of the apps on this home-design app list.

From creating to-scale blueprints to digitally painting your walls without touching a paintbrush, here are 18 home-design apps that will help you get the job done with a fraction of the hassle.

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Design And Decorate Using Easy Apps On Your Phone

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The apps listed below can help you through every part of the decorating process. Theyll also give you a glimpse of the power you often hold in your hand. Your phone, and, in particular, an iPhone, gives you access to a relatively new set of apps that let you see, virtually, how an item might affect the look of a room.

Our list begins with apps that let you explore alternatives, moves to apps that help you organize your concepts, continues with apps to help you find perfect pieces, and concludes with apps that let you map out each exquisite detail.

  • Great place to begin your decorating journey

What We Dont Like

  • Quantity of options may overwhelm

If you like to look at designs, you can spend hours browsing the photo-filled pages of the free Houzz app for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. Youll find not only photos and products, but also professionals who can help you design and build the home you want.

  • Room idea photos with tags overlaid on items you can purchase

What We Dont Like

  • Cant always easily filter by some criteria

With Wayfair, you can take a photo of a room, then search the site for similar items. Of course, the app offers a traditional keyword search, too. With millions of items and many sales, youll likely find at least a few objects you want to save to your list to look at later. The app is free.

What We Dont Like

What We Dont Like

What We Dont Like

Chairish Furniture & Decor

best home interior design app

Chairish app is a one-stop-shop for buying or selling chic, antique, and vintage decor pieces. It observes upwards of 1,000 new arrivals daily, so the options are literally never-ending. Expect to find brands like Herman Miller, Knoll, Christian Liaigre, amongst others.

With the View In Your Space feature, you can instantly visualize how it will look in your home. Most importantly, Chairishs curators review all submissions, and only the worthy makes the cut.

Price: Free

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Floor Plan Creator App

The Floor Plan creator app is available on both platforms. It allows you to take your fingers and move furniture around as well as draw out the size of the walls and perimeters. You can go to 3D tour mode to see your entire project and you can have multiple floors with rooms of any shape. It will automatically calculate the room and wall area so you dont have to do the math. You can synchronize your work to the Cloud to automatically back up whats finished. For this, you have a 3-day free trial then you must subscribe. But the app itself is free. It is rated E for everyone.


  • Symbol library: doors, windows, furniture, electrical, fire survey.
  • User defined dimension lines to show and modify distances and sizes.
  • Cloud synchronization to automatically backup and share plans between devices .
  • Edit cloud uploaded plans on https://floorplancreator.net on a computer or any mobile device.
  • Export as image, PDF with print to scale, DXF, SVG .
  • Supports metric and imperial units.
  • Supports Bosch GLM, Bosch PLR , Leica Disto, Stabila and CEM iLDM-150 Bluetooth laser meters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvuGwnt-8u4

Price: Freemium/Free trial

iOS |

Best Interior Design Apps In 2022

By Tani Adams 4 days ago, Apps and Software

Would you like to see what your interior design ideas will look like before realizing them? Then you absolutely need to install an interior design app.

There are plenty of apps available for smartphones and tablets to help you with design, planning, purchasing, as well as provide professional advice whether it is a complete renovation of the room or repainting the walls.

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Homestyler Interior Design And Decorating Ideas App

Known as the virtual fitting room, the HomeStyler app allows users to try different looks on the snapshots of their room. The furniture, fixtures, and other decorative items are available in 3-D formats so you have a better understanding how everything will look before you start renovating. A Design Gallery is also available where you can see how others are redecorating as well as share your ideas. This is one of the best interior design apps and you can install it on your Android and iOS devices.

Essential Apps That Will Help You Redecorate Or Redesign Your House

Houzz Interior Design App Review – Google Play Awards Winner

If you’re like me, you’re clueless when it comes to interior design.

Maybe have no idea what’s trendy and what’s tacky, what’s stylish and what’s ugly, what dimensions work within a space and which ones don’t. Maybe you just need some inspiration.

Thankfully, as it is with pretty much everything, the internet is here to help.

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Various home decor apps are available to download onto your phone or tablet that’ll allow you to see home decor the way an interior designer would. Or, at least close anyway?

Develop and hone your decorative skills, buy things, and even see how an item will look in your own home by checking out the home decor apps listed below.

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Welcome To The Future Of Decorating

No matter what project youre tackling in your room, home, or apartment, theres a home-design app to help you out. These are fun and functional leaps and bounds ahead of cutting out pages of magazines and taking measurements of couches in-store. We hope you find some inspiration in these apps and dive into decorating with all this sophisticated AI and AR tech to make your project a success.

Architoniciphone 249 Android 291

Also available with the iPad. Aimed at architects and designers, this resource catalogues everything from sanitary ware via garden furnishings to a multitude of different door handles plus portfolios of finished projects. Also publishes a host of free guides such as Best Italian Design Brands to Best Sofa & Armchair Design.

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Terry Fabrics Window Planner

Home furnishings retailer Terrys Fabrics have created an app Terrys Fabrics Window Planner that incorporated innovative imaging technology to showcase over 2,000 product and material variations of blinds to their customers.

The free of charge app works by simply directing the customer to take a photograph of their chosen window before adding the measurements of the window to the app. The app will then virtually showcase the thousands of variations of blinds that are available on site, and how they will look within the interiors of the customers home. Consumers have the opportunity to flick between their potential styles, before choosing the item they are ready to purchase.

This technology allows the customer to see for themselves how the products will look within their current home style, without having to wait for samples to arrive. The retailer believes that virtual reality is the future of online interior shopping as it allows customers to try before they buy in a way like never before. They also believe that customer satisfaction should shoot through the roof, as more and more customers will be confident in their purchases before they even arrive. The Terrys Fabrics Window Planner is available to download through the iOS store on all apple devices.

Only available in iOS.

The Best Apps For Professional Interior Designers: 2021 Edition

10+ Genius Interior Design Apps

The best interior design apps let the pros do great work on the go, which is useful when youre heading from appointment to appointment . Thanks to mobile technology, its now possible to visit a project site and put together a quick floor plan and 3D rendering in the moment, or to assemble a beautiful mood board with real furniture selections, all with your mobile device. The following is a list of the best apps for interior designers to use in 2021, and is an update to our 2019 edition. These apps will make your life easier and help you take your business to new heights.

New to Design Manager? Try it free today:

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Allow The App To Distribute Ideas

Let your audience share their thoughts on the platform as you begin to develop your application. Allow the app to save and organize the unique decoration ideas in a shop book.

The app shouldn’t be just for discussing new interior decoration ideas it should also include solutions to problems that have arisen. Allow users to contribute their home improvement ideas through the app as well.

Magicplan Create Home Plans Easily

Are your measurements always inaccurate? Do you fear getting stuck outside with furniture that wont fit through the front door? Worry not! The MagicPlan takes the stress away from you and computes distances within a space simply by analyzing the snapshot. Just upload photos of the room in different angles and the app will do all the dirty work for you including taking the height of the ceiling or the width of the hallway.

These were just some of the interior design apps that can be used for a better understanding of the interior decorating task. With these apps in your palm, we are sure you wont have any trouble beautifying your home. Good luck and do share your home images with us!

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It Needs Improvement But Still Amazing

So it definitely needs improvement!! Ive had this app for around 2 mounths now and overall its quite enjoyable! I love all the furniture options and also EVERYTHING is FREE!! Yea no $80 chair and no $20 diamond pack!! You dont have to work for money, meaning no dumb match games, which I love. But, I have had soooo many GLITCHES!!! Currently I cant even design rooms because there is no furniture showing up in the catalog! And a few weeks ago I was not getting and notifications or new designs on the community center!! I do love how they host weekly design challenges but how can I do them if I cant even design?!! Ive rescheduled out to home styler and they have not responded, and I dont think they will!! So its a amazing app to express your iner designer, but be warned there are some bugs and glitches to get through!! And this is all coming from a 10 year old!! good luck!!

Best Interior Design Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2021

Houzz interior design App review for iPhone

Visualizing or designing a space might be an easy task, but converting the vision into reality is a tough nut to crack. A lot can go wrong like tables do not fit, colors dont look right, rugs dont match with the sofa, etc. However, these best interior design apps for iPhone and iPad can help from inspirations, 3D modeling, color selection to buying the right furniture, they are here to sort you out.

  • Design Home: House Renovation
  • It might look good in our mind, but does it translate that well on paper? Sketches help you, and the client understands the bigger picture. And while AutoCAD is the go-to app for many professionals, it is not as versatile and user-friendly as these apps.

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    Have A Feature Called Ideabooks

    An Ideabook is a significant feature that has helped it become so successful. This feature will be comparable to that of Houzz in your application. Professionals will be able to share their stories and solutions on the platform and store them.

    This function will be similar to your home notebook, where you can keep and refer to your ideas.

    Best Interior Design Apps For 2021

    Interior design has undergone a radical expansion in the past few years. Its now easier than ever before for nonprofessionals to get involved in the interior design process, from curating mood boards to finding a perfect piece to finish their homes aesthetic. And thanks to technology, implementing the features of this years biggest trends is as simple as making a few clicks.

    Home decor enthusiasts can find help with ease by downloading the latest interior design apps, many of which cost little or nothing. Using the latest technology, these apps allow you to shop, design and view furniture or fixtures directly in your home in real time. For everything from simple layout changes to bigger home improvement projects, the following 19 interior design apps are made for the new generation of homeowners.

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    Apartment Design Apps: Your Ultimate List

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    Apartment design apps can help you with everything from picking wall art to creating a mood board. If you need help picking flooring for your kitchen renovation or selecting a color palette for your new apartment, these apartment design apps are for you. Lets start making your interior design vision a reality!

    Brightnest Home Organization Tips And Maintenance App

    The Best Interior Design Apps You Can Find On Stores Right Now

    The digital personal assistant at BrightNest is great for two things one is to help you stay organized during the whole renovating process and the second is to advise you on the decisions you make regarding the house decor project. In short, the BrightNest app is a life-saver through the hectic ordeal you are facing. You can download it on your iOS and Android device.

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    Which Is The Best Home Design App For Computers

    It can be interesting and exciting to create a house from the initial concept, but it can also be scary. However, with todays technology, its a homeowners dream come true not only in their toolbox, so they have to work with every home improvement project the software. Anyway, apps will provide ideas for architecture, budgeting, construction calculation, DIY training, redesign concepts and much more.

    They also allow you to save time and reduce costs and work more effectively. Here is an overview of the best applications to launch your next interior design project and to make your mobile the best tool in your kit. Get excited, schedule and create today!

    Here is a list of the 10 best home design apps for professionals in 2022:

  • Sketchup
  • Houzz Home Design & Remodel

    Whether remodeling or building your home, Houzz can be a great source of inspiration. It boasts over 20 million high-resolution photos around home interiors and exteriors. And you can skim through them as per style, location, or room size.

    A handy sketch feature enables you to annotate and draw on selected photos. Furthermore, with over 10 million products in the offering, Houzz doubles as a shopping app.

    Price: Free

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    Best Free Interior Design Software In 2022

    Interior design tools are everywhere but if youre just starting and you want to show your client a mock-up of your thoughts then where should you begin?

    Ive compiled a quick list of 10 interior design apps and software that you will be able to virtually pick up and use instantly without a large learning curve.

    It doesnt matter if the client is looking to remodel their kitchen or just restyle their living space. These tools can communicate your design ideas quickly with a high level of precision with high-quality room design software.

    Take a look at some of my best software picks for interior designers

    Roomstyler 3d Home Planner

    Interior Design – Android App

    Theres a lot to like about Roomstyler. Like HomeByMe, its very easy to use. In fact, its so intuitive that theres almost no need for the tutorial videos available. Which is another plus for this software. Of all the home design tools, this one has a tutorial video available for every question you might have about the tool.

    The greatest perk about this software is that you can create a custom room in a matter of minutes. This app also allows you to furnish your space using products from real brands, meaning youll be decorating your plans with items you can purchase when youre ready for your design to materialise.

    You’ll often find that some of your favourite brands and retailers have their own room 3D room planners online, which offers even more scope to visualise your space, and enables you to ‘try before you buy’. Take a look at our top picks below…

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