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Interior Decorator Before And After

Amys Contemporary Living Room With A Conversational Layout

Before and After Interior Design NYC Bedroom

The design dilemma: With their sons headed to college, Amy and her husband decided it was time to replace their collection of hand-me-down furniture with all new pieces. But they needed help designing a conversational layout and cozy TV-viewing space that also worked with the rooms unique Spanish-revival-style architecture.

The solution: Amys Modsy designer utilized a subtle, neutral color scheme and contemporary style foundational furniture for a minimal and stylish look that wouldnt distract from the rooms architecture. Instead of a coffee table, they used a storage ottoman to minimize any clutter and floated an oversized sofa in the space for maximum comfort while watching TV. Her designer also added two armchairs opposite the sofa with an additional ottoman for the conversational layout.

What Amy had to say: Modsy was able to create a beautiful and doable design for our living room makeover. My designer took the stress out of redecorating and online furniture shopping by filling my space with beautiful items at affordable prices. The whole process was fast, easy, and stress-free.

Design To Your Routine

With a few key furniture pieces and accessories, you can make your daily arrival and departure sequence a breeze. Typically, it’s not a huge space, so you’re working with a limited number of pieces, said Mr. Ford. If youre the kind of person who likes to drop everything when you walk in the door, a console with drawers is great, because its a nice place to hide your keys and mail, Mr. Ford said. Or, in the absence of drawers, a bowl, tray or other sculptural container can serve as a catchall to help keep things organized.

A bench or a stool or two that slide under the console can provide a place to sit while lacing up shoes while taking up minimal floor space.

Another helpful element is a wall-mounted mirror, said Mr. Ford. It gives you one last chance to check yourself before you walk out the door.

Before: A Lacklustre Living Room

Connecticut-based Charlotte Smith has been described as a ‘DIY Diva’. The mum-of-five has grown from being a self-confessed DIY amateur into a well-known TV personality offering home renovation advice. She documented her living room makeover on her blog, At Charlotte’s House applying her ‘fun, frugal repurposed and eclectic’ approach to great effect. In this picture, we can see that although the room is large, bright and in good shape, it’s cluttered and feels cramped, with mismatched furniture and no real over-arching design.

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You Should Work With A Designer If You Have A Reasonable Budget

You dont need a super high budget to work with a designer. In fact, they can help keep you on budget, explains Rienne. A designer has a dossier of secrets, these secrets will save you time and money everything from discounts to hidden gems, to understanding what pieces are worth the investment the wealth of knowledge is invaluable.

One thing that some people do not realize is that designers pay trade pricing on most everything, passing the deal onto their clients. They also know where to cut corners and when spending extra makes the most sense . So, using a designer can essentially pay for itself.

You Should Work With A Designer When Moving Into A New Home

before &  after â Area Interior Design

Moving into a new home can be overwhelming. According to Rodgers, a designer can help you improve upon overarching elements that are in need of updating, such as paint colors, lighting, window treatments, and floor plans. You can also enlist their services to simply help you decide which pieces from your former home to keep and their ideal placements, and what new pieces are needed to fill out the space in both a cohesive and beautiful way that suits your taste and the way you want to use your space, she says.

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Before: An Orange Wood Cabin

Alison Allen has been blogging about her small property portfolio on her blog Deuce Cities Henhouse since 2009. Her now established blog has featured the loving fix-up journeys which include a 110-year-old Minneapolis home, her current home and more recently this amazing but old-fashioned A-frame style cabin in the heart of Western Wisconsin.

Modern Contemporary Interior Design Result

Modern contemporary interior design for a sleek dining room 3D rendering

The result of new modern contemporary interior design is stunning! The designer took up each space and implemented different treatments. For instance, in the open living and dining room, she focused on a white, grey and blue color palette and allowed the stone wall to take all the attention. Furthermore, the feature wall stands out as a statement piece while the rest of the room was designed around it. The designer selected furniture in hues of grey that picked up tones from the stoned wall. In addition, she used different textures and upholstery to bring an element of tactile interest to space.

Modern contemporary interior design for a master bedroom suite 3D rendering

For the bedroom, the designer wanted to push her limits that added oomph to the room. She selected textured wallpaper which is certainly minimal yet chic. Furthermore, the poster bed with its metallic finish makes the room glamorous. In this contemporary design interior space, the designer used clean lines and straight shapes. As a finishing touch, the pendant bedside lamps make the room look even more sophisticated.

mood board for a contemporary home interior

Contemporary home decor for a trendy home office 3D rendering

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How To Add Extra Rooms And Levels To Houses

As you advance further in the career you’ll be able to add rooms and levels to homes. Adding rooms will enable you to change the internal walls to split or add rooms. Adding a level will allow you to add either an extra upper level or a basement, which one will be specified in the gig information.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the process.

Repair In Small Bedroom

Interior Design Before & After: Small Kitchen & Bathroom Makeover

Minimalism is the ideal solution for the interior of a small room. The same color for walls and ceiling, painted white parquet and gray textiles create a uniform image.

Tip: Replace the handles on the cabinets with a push mechanism to open the doors, as in the presented photo. Laconic facades almost merged with the wall and the room seems bigger.

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Before: A Wasted Outdoor Space

Blogging couple Sherry and John from Richmond, Virginia have renovated three homes together, sharing countless DIY projects on Young House Love. Besides writing a few best-selling books in the process, they’ve posted about the wonderful back yard renovation of their latest project, a clapboard duplex in the historic old town of Cape Charles.

After: A Modern Metro

The tiny bathroom has been transformed from an uninspiring and dark problem room into a luxurious, hotel-style sanctuary. By covering the entirity of the angled wall with gleaming white metro tiles, Emily managed to bounce light into every corner and made the space feel much more uniform. To amp up the glamour, luxurious gold fixtures and that Osborne & Little Derwent Wallpaper in Charcoal are perfectly positioned.

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To Get Started Consider Sales

Decorators often work in the interior sales industry, touting wares to local home stores for a commission. More experienced salespeople often garner a salary also. If you would rather work from home and set your own hours, consider starting a home-based home decor business. This can also be a great way to network!

Lisas Eclectic Living Room Centered Around Mid

From Average to ASID Award

The Design Dilemma: Lisa and her family had lived with the same furniture for 18 yearspreferring pieces that were strictly functional and sturdy enough for the occasionally chaotic life of raising kids. But when two of their children moved to college, they decided it was time for a style upgrade. However, Lisa didnt know what style of decor would work best for thier space or how to integrate the family heirlooms she wanted to keep.

The Solution: Lisas designer selected Mid-Century Modern foundational furniture for her living room, which turned out to be the perfect style for her eclectic home. The warm wood tones of the furniture complemented her heirloom belongings, while the sleek modern silhouettes of each piece didnt distract from her keepsakes.

What Lisa Had to Say: The whole Modsy experience helped me tap into my own creativity and bring more of my own vision and personality into my living room design. I literally bought everything I needed for the space in a single day! Lisa

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Hosting The Big Reveal Event

Once your photos are taken you need to You can do this by using your phone or the career options on your sim or the lot. Simply select‘call clients to lot’ and they’ll swiftly appear.

You’ll then need to and select the option to reveal the renovation, triggering the reveal event.

If you want to skip, the dramatics you can but where’s the fun in that? Hit yes and the first thing you should see is your montage of before and after images. Sometimes this may glitch out and not show. If this happens don’t worry, it won’t affectyour client reactions.

Once this is over you’ll go back into the lot and your clients follow you in, covering their eyes.They will path through to the renovated room and then start to look at the changes. You’ll see a new event box in the top left corner to guide you through the process.

Chatting with clients as you go helps complete the event but some of this task will be completed by showing them objects and asking their opinions.

They will wander around for a little while before you’ll see the option to ‘check this out’ appear on new furniture that you click.

Using this interaction allows you to show off objects and then once again you’ll need to let your clients wander before they gain a tick on a clipboard icon above their head. This indicates that they are ready to give you a final verdict.

Reach Out To Other Decorators

This is a competitive field, but it’s rare to meet a designer who isn’t willing to share information, advice, and tools of the trade. Overall, it’s a friendly bunch and people want to help others in the field as much as possible. Of course, always be willing to pay forward or back any kindness shown to you.

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Interior Design Examples Before And After Or Why We Need A Designer

Home»Interior Design Examples Before and After or Why We Need a Designer

To renovate the room, we just need to pick up the wall finishing materials , floor and ceiling finishing , choose the furniture, come up with its arrangement, think about screens, mirrors, and other interior elements, and not forget about the successful color scheme before blending this all together. Not so easy, right? And what about the electrical scheme in the room, not mentioning the sewage, plumbing, air conditioning, or installing the fireplace? And what about the mistakes if we just miscalculated when planning the amount of some finishing material? It often leads to extra spending. In some cases, it can entail a complete remake of work already done. Therefore, we decided to know more about interior design examples before and after or why we need a designer.


Its important: we dont promote the work of professional designers by this article in any case. Conversely, is strong in the conviction that many decorative options you can DIY. At the same time, we can run a couple of miles to work every day. But the majority of people opt to buy a car instead.

Modsy Customer Living Room Before And Afters

Interior Design Before & After: Fun Design Ideas For Small Rooms

Everybody loves a good before-and-after home makeover story. Think about it: whether youre watching Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines or you want to Double Down with the Property Brothers, there is just something so rewarding about seeing a space transform before your eyes.

Before and after photos and stories are also a great way to get interior design tips and inspiration and to vet new interior design services. Particularly helpful to see are living room before and aftersperhaps because they are spaces with so many possibilities. With that in mind, weve compiled some of our favorite before and after living room transformations of Modsy customers.

Keep reading for a round-up of our favorite living room makeovers, get living room design ideas, and maybe even be able to get started on a living room checklist for your personal design project!

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A Portfolio Is A Must

A business card is great a website is a huge bonus. But one thing you absolutely need is a portfolio. Your website can be your portfolioand if you have a website, it probably should bebut people want to see your work, even if it is limited. If you havent had much hands-on experience, start with your own home or family members. Most people will be happy to chip in some money for supplies if you are willing to redo a room for free.

Interior Decorator Vs Interior Designer

As you think about working with an interior designer or interior decorator, the most important thing to consider is what you need. To help you determine which professional is right for you, here are a few questions you can ask yourself.

  • Do you need someone to manage the entire project for you and assist with the build out and aesthetics? Consider hiring an interior designer.
  • Are you hoping to update one room in your home and looking for someone to make your design visions come to life? Perhaps working with an interior decorator is the best choice.
  • Does your project involve making functional or structural changes that may be difficult to solve when things pop up unexpectedly? This may be a project for an interior designer.
  • Do you need help determining your distinct vision and creating a space that celebrates your homes character in a modern way? This could be a design project for an interior decorator or an interior designer. Both can help you!

Understanding what kind of design assistance you need helps you select the right professional for your project.

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Before: A Drab And Dark Hallway

The lauded interior designer, Sophie Robinson loves to inject colour and personality into every space she touches something that this plain and dimly lit hallway clearly could benefit from. With a low, beamed ceiling and tony windows buffeted by heavy curtains, there were some quick wins to be had but no one could have anticipated just how different the end result would be…

After: Contemporary Color Story

before &  after â Area Interior Design

Designers brighten the space by painting the walls white and bringing in sun-bleached hardwood floors. The removal of the walnut-framed interior windows and doors, brings a better flow to this living space. Bold white sofas, dip-dyed floor lamps and a marble console table create a contemporary, luxurious living room in this bayfront home.

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Luxury Bathroom Design And Supporting Quarters

Luxury bathroom design 3D rendering

A contrasting color scheme fits the luxury bathroom design perfectly. Moody gray tiles with a marble effect make an impressive backdrop for the slim fixtures and neat architectural lines. Globe pendants also provide a warm glow to balance the space.

Washroom and butlers bar online interior design

Lastly, a fully kitted washroom and butlers bar will ensure the clients staff can do their tasks effectively. Neat storage units and arranged items, like glasses and linen bins, make it easy to organize and clean.

After: Plush Window Seat

Designer Ashley Ausland reimagines the space and accounts for the homeowners growing family with a custom window bench and cabinet storage. The stylish nook offers additional seating for friends and family during movie night, and the cabinet and drawers keep the distracting clutter out of sight.

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After: Layered With Warmth

Interior designer Marie Flanigan layers neutral hues and lavish textures to create a cozy, inviting family living room. The once barren space is now abundant with depth and dimension thanks to snowy shiplap walls and a sophisticated, pillow-clad sofa. Flanigan enhances the light, neutral furniture with warm elements like the cognac hide rug and jute lamp. Subdued shades of plum and olive bring personality into the design without overpowering the space.

Design Your Own Contemporary Living Room

Living Room Makeover | Interior Design Decor Ideas | Before and After

Certainly, this new home design online successfully embraces the contemporary style the clients were searching for while creating a dramatic before and after. Are you ready to design your dream home with the help of professional online interior designers? Learn more about your options and Schedule your Free Interior Design Consultation today!

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Do Interior Decorators Need Specific Credentials

You dont have to have formal certification. However, there are many programs and courses available to decorators that help with them hone their craft. They cover topics like selecting colors, furniture layouts, and understanding furniture styles. There are decorators who chose to pursue certifications from organizations like Certified Interior Decorators International .

Take Before And After Photos

A vital part of the job of an interior designer is to take before and after photos. It’s easy to forget this, especially if the Sim has only recently started working in this area.

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Before the Sims make any changes to the client’s home and the player opens the build mode, they should take in-game pictures to be able to show the changes they made. For the same reason, the Sims should also take after photos in order to compare the before and after photos in a slideshow.

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