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Interior Decorating On A Budget

Mix And Match: Pattern And Texture

Interior Design Before & After Bedroom On A Budget

Bedroom interior design by designer, Joyce T.

Patterns and textures are precious tools in your affordable interior design toolkit. First, they add depth to a surface and therefore they will do wonders in updating your existing furniture . But thats not all that they can do. Patterns and textures are able to create a vibe in the space.

Soft textures and muted patterns will immediately give a sense of coziness, whereas bold bright patterns and shiny textures will bring a more refreshing feel. So start by asking yourself which vibe you want your home to have. Then, use patterns and textures to achieve that and of course remember that you can go for different vibes in different areas of your home!

Create Some Focal Points With Your Walls

Entryway design by affordable interior decorator, Michelle B.

Walls are one of the biggest surfaces in a room and have the potential to make a big difference in a design. Painting them is great, but it is really only the first option when it comes to decorating a wall. There are plenty of inexpensive alternatives like removable wallpaper and decals. Theyre easy to install and remove and the effect is impressive. Sticky tiles are also an option and can be used in every room, including wet areas like backsplashes.

Also, dont forget the power of a big bold artwork! There exist many budget-friendly options out there, but you may also decide to DIY your own art piece with colors, scrap fabrics or papers. Whatever method you choose to dress your walls up, remember that a good wall décor will immediately add character to the space and create a beautiful feature, so it may be all you need to spruce up a room.

Easy Affordable Interior Design Updates

Do you know the saying Small details make a big difference? This is totally true and its also one of the best interior design tips! For example, a small thing like swapping the knobs of your kitchen cabinets can transform the look of the entire room from average to wow!. Another small change that will elevate the look of your home is changing the handles of your doors to something that complements your style. And what about light switches and sockets? Updating or embellishing those plates will immediately make your home more stylish. All these may seem irrelevant things at first but we guarantee that if you implement one or two of those, youll already see a tremendous improvement in your home!

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Pay Attention To Details

Your furniture and appliance choices might be the first things people notice, but giving details special attention makes it seem like you spent even more time and money creating your space. Switching out small fixtures and hardware in the home for more thoughtful pieces can make the design of the home feel more intentional, which, in turn, makes it feel more expensive, says designer Justina Blakenly, founder of . Replace a dated flush mount light with a modern style, or swap plastic wall plates for metal, she suggests. Flip out over these new faucets.

Let Your Personality Do The Talking

Home Interior Kitchen in 2020

This is a basic décor tip to achieve a stylish home, but it also turns out to be one of the most effective to contain the budget. And it applies to virtually everything. By mixing different styles you will achieve the one that really reflects you. Mixing expensive pieces with inexpensive finds, you will make the most of your budget and create your unique combinations. By mixing new and vintage youll create an interesting layered effect that will add character to your home. And by mixing things you already own in different ways you may see them in a new light. In general, mixing things up opens new possibilities, and you never know what treasures you can find there!

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Furniture Can Be Affordable

While many people feel that investing in expensive couches is not within their budget, buying cheaper furniture could cost you more in the end. They tend to look cheap and be put together poorly, which means they fall apart quicker. If you want to have an elegant piece of furniture in your home, check out secondhand stores, estate sales, and consignment shops for quality pieces at a more affordable price. You may want to have the furniture reupholstered to match your décor. The savings on the furniture still allows you room in the budget to get the items reupholstered, giving you a high-end designer look at a fraction of the cost. Frank Herfort/Getty ImagesShop These Products Now: Center TableSingle SofaAccent Chair

Home Decor Idea #: Splurge On Statement Pieces

Dining room tables, stand-out rugs, chandeliers, and sofas all have the ability to upgrade a homes sense of luxury. Identify a few key pieces that you see and use often and decide if it makes sense to budget for a splurge. If you decide its a go, choose colors and fabrics that are easily cleaned and not easily stained or destroyed. This chandelier would add an element of luxury to any home decor ideas for living room or dining room.

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Home Decor Idea #: Treat Each Room As A Blank Slate

Take note of the preexisting features in your home you can highlight for house decorating ideas. Architectural details such as crown molding, wooden beams, hardwood floors, built-in bookshelves, and mosaic-tile backsplashes are all worth focusing on. These details dont just look expensive they are expensive. Make them as prominent as possiblekeep them clean, clutter-free, and the focal point of the room. For example, dont splurge on an expensive painting just to have it compete with a showstopping fireplace. For ways to make your home shine, here are 15 chemical-free ways to clean your home.

Neaten Up With Pretty Storage Boxes

Interior Design Pretty Kitchen Makeover On A Budget

Image credit: Future Plc/Sussie Bell

Anyone who loves interiors knows that storage is their friend. Make a feature of your storage with cute trunks or pretty floral cardboard boxes not only will they give you extra space to store things in a calm and uncluttered way, but theyll look pretty fab, too.

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Dont Over Look Consignment Shops For Budget Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

Whether youre looking to get rid of pieces you own or buy new ones local Goodwill and thrift shops are a great design source.

Find out the day of the week when they receive new items so you can be the first to peruse the shipment.

Ive seen everything from a beautiful dining table to vintage area rugs at these shops.

Some shops will even negotiate the price, it never hurts to ask!

Is It Cheaper To Use An Interior Designer

Believe it or not, hiring an interior designer can save you money. Using a professional will help you avoid costly trial and error mistakes while ensuring you get the look you desire. Additionally, some design services even pass on furniture and decor discounts not typically available to the public.

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Choose Your Style & Color Palette First

Rustic modern kitchen design by interior designer Mary L.

The number one thing that makes a home beautiful is the feeling of cohesion throughout the rooms. It shows youve put some thinking into the décor of the space as a whole and its a sure way to achieve a high-end feel. So before you go any further, set a direction for yourself. Look through different interior design styles and choose the one that you like the most. Create a new Pinterest board and collect pictures of rooms and objects you love. Then select the color palette you will use, choosing colors you like and you will not get bored of. In other words, you need to decide what you want your home to look like. This may seem obvious, but thinking through it upfront and collecting some examples will give you a visual reference and help you make the right decision whenever youll be in doubt during the remodel!

Add Visual Space With A Mirror Or Two

8 Budget Interior Design Ideas

Your eyesand potential buyers eyeswill be tricked into thinking a space is larger than it actually is with some sneaky mirror placement. Large mirrors will reflect the room back, making it appear more spaciouseven twice its actual size. Its also one of 15 ideas to make a small room look bigger.

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Brighten Up The Laundry Room

Dont ignore design in your laundry room just because you dont love spending time there. Laundry rooms are a great room to paint a fun color that you may be scared to use other places, says Bowry. Rugs and artwork also make the room more inviting. She recommends parents hang their kids artwork there. Your little ones will feel special with their art displayed proudly, but you can keep your pricier pieces in the rooms guests see.

Small Living Room Ideas On A Budget

It should go without saying that knocking out a wall isnt a great idea for those redecorating on a budget. You can still make a big difference in how large your small living room feels with just a few changes, though.

One of the best ways to save on space without impacting your living rooms functionality is by switching to a smaller coffee table. For maximum floor space, you might even consider doing away with a center table altogether. Many ottomans also offer hidden storage inside and can, more or less, take the place of a traditional coffee table.

With limited square footage, youll need to think vertically. Wall-mounted decor is a given experiment with placement to make your walls feel as tall as possible. Shelves are also an excellent way to add usable surfaces without cutting into your limited floor space.

When choosing additional decor, such as potted plants or a floor lamp, go for items that are tall rather than broad. Not only will these items take up less physical space, but they can also create an optical illusion that makes your ceilings seem higher.

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Window Treatments A Must

Its simplea home without window treatments will look unfinished and cheap. Fortunately, window treatments are one of the most budget-friendly ways to add some elegance to your home, as well as much-needed privacy. When selecting window treatments you want to make smart choices. For instance, choosing unlined flimsy materials look terribly cheap, even if they are the least expensive option. It is recommended that you avoid see-through materials. This does not mean that you cant buy off-the-rack curtains. A lot of chain stores offer lined draperies that appear elegant and expensive even though the price is right. When it comes to window treatments stick with elegant materials such as natural silk, linen, and cotton . If draperies are not for you, then try woven bamboo shades or wood blinds. Just be sure to dress your windowsthey ensure your home looks elegant and well-designed. Tara Moore/Getty ImagesShop These Products Now: CurtainsFlower PotCurtain Bar

Upcycle Furniture Thats Past Its Best

Celebrity Homes & Interior Decorating On A Budget

Image credit: Future Plc/Colin Poole

If youre thinking about throwing out a piece of well-worn furniture, stop. Take another look and see if you might be able to upcycle it. This wardrobe has been given a new look with remnants of wallpaper on the glass panels. A coat of paint or varnish, or new upholstery, are other easy ways to give an unloved piece another go.

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Use Visual Tricks To Raise The Ceiling

If your ceilings are on the low side, paint them white to make the room feel less claustrophobic. Hang curtains higher than the windows, suggests Allen-Brett, to trick your eye into thinking the room is taller. Most standard curtain panels measure 84 or 96 inches, allowing you to go about 3 inches above the window casing before the length gets too short.

If you want to hang them higher, you’ll have to order custom drapes. Love patterned panels? Try vertical stripes the lines visually elongate your walls. Leaning a large mirror against a wall can also make a room seem taller.

Refresh Instead Of Replacing

A fresh coat of paint isnt the only DIY you can use to liven up a drab space. Staining your kitchen cabinets will give them a whole new look and wont set your budget back by much, says interior designer Blima Ehrentreu, CEO of The Designers Group. We often like to two-tone our kitchen design, she says. It adds a unique quality to the cabinetry. Check out these 5 brilliant IKEA hacks.

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When Do You Hope To Start And Complete Your Project

Create an ideal schedule for your interior design project to keep you organized and on track, and be prepared to adapt as needed. And do remain flexible in your approach as you never know how long something could take when issues arise that are out of your control. And if youre decorating on your own, remember that bringing a home to life wont happen in one fell swoop, in fact, it could take a while to get right, so think of it as a slow process to ensure a well-judged feel.

Hollywood Regency Interior Design

10 Creative Ideas for Interior Design on a Budget ...

An endlessly popular interior design style that rose to prominence during the 40s through the 60s thats been back on-trend since the mid 90s, Hollywood Regency interior design is one of the most timeless design styles out there thats full of personality to boot. Hollywood Regency interior design gracefully combines Art-Deco inspired elements and silhouettes with a grown-up sense of high-polished cool thats relaxed enough to help you create a comforting feel in your home. Think a mix of period French furnishings, clean lines, vibrant hits of color, and ultra-glam notes brought in via crystal, mirror, and high-shine surfaces and finishes. Though it can be considered a go-to for traditional style interior design, theres nothing old-world in spirit about Hollywood Regency interior design styles as to us, it always boasts a modern, upbeat energy.

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Artwork For Decorating On A Budget

Adding artwork is also oone of the best and simplest ways to personalise a room when decorating on a budget. Unfortunately, most artwork is not cheap, and it can cost quite a bit of money to add art around your home. But there are plenty of ways to incorporate art on a budget. You can find posters and prints at reasonable prices, or bust out any old ones you have rolled up in the closet. Either attach them directly to the wall or find simple, cheap frames to hang them.

Patterned fabric also makes for great hanging art. You can stretch it around a canvas, place it in a frame, or hang it directly onto the wall like a tapestry. You can also do this with any curtains you have that arent being used. Your own craft and art projects also make for interesting art decor. Frame jigsaw puzzles, intricate colouring pages, or paint-by-numbers. Not only will these give your home a new look, but theyll also show off your talents and interests.

Mix Up Your Bedroom Set

The easiest option wont always pack the biggest punch. If you have a dresser in a bedroom with a matching mirror, it makes the room much more interesting if you hang a different mirror over the dresser, says Myrf Bowry, interior designer and cofounder of . No need to throw that matching mirror out, she says just hang it in another room.

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Modern Farm House Decor

If youre looking to lend spaces in your home warmth, practicality, comfort, and inviting interior design with a relaxed yet pulled together spirit, modern farmhouse decor is a timeless and universally appealing route to consider for your home. Warm and comforting, modern farmhouse interior design is inspired by a provincial feel for the ultimate in everyday luxury that boasts a heady mix of high & low contrasts that will be sure to work especially well for a growing family since many of its elements already boast a timeworn, distressed feel. Think rustic country elements elevated for the today via a rich mix with hints of the industrial, minimal, and the Scandinavian to help you create unique spaces while taking full advantage of each architectural element in a space flawed or not.

Housekeeping A Clean Uncluttered Home Is A Must

Thrifting for Mid-Century Modern Home Decor // Interior Design on a Budget!

Surprisingly, one of the most affordable ways to make your home look elegant on a budget is actually free. All you need to do is clean and . Weekly dusting and vacuuming can actually make your home feel high-end. Secondly, cleaning allows you to take care of stains and spots on area rugs quickly, keeping them from being damaged and shabby-looking. The same is true for your furniture. Clean your windows, tooit allows natural light to readily fill the room, making it appear bright and welcoming. Lastly, regular cleaning allows you to avoid clutter in your home. Not only do you feel better about your home, but it allows the other elements pillows, accessories, paint, lighting, and flooring to really stand out. Frank Herfort/Getty ImagesShop These Products Now: Sectional SofaCenter TableTripod Floor Lamp

As you have discovered, there are several ways you can make your home look elegant on a budget. Choosing the right paint colors, avoiding cheap, poor quality items, and shopping wisely is the best tricks interior designers use to create high-end designs. Take the time to create a budget for each section of your home, thinking about the savings you can find by shopping at smaller stores, such as secondhand shops, consignment shops, and even flea markets. You may be surprised at what you will find, and how easily it is for you to create an elegant looking feeling home even on a tight budget.

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