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In Mold Decoration Film Suppliers

What Are The Disadvantages Of The In

In-Mold Decoration (IMD) with In-Mold Labeling (IML) Decoration

The disadvantages of the In-molding roller are as below: The printed pattern layer is only a few microns thick on the surface of the product. After using the product for a period of time, the printed pattern layer will wear away and fade easily. In addition, the development cycle of new products is long, the development cost is high, and the pattern color cannot be changed flexibly in small batches.

What Are The Disadvantages Of In

The disadvantages of in-mold rollers are as follows:

Surface of the product has only a few microns of printed pattern. After the product is used for a period of time, the printed pattern layer is easy to wear and fade.

In addition, the new product development cycle is long, the development cost is high, and the pattern color cannot be flexibly changed in small batches.

What Are The Application Advantages Of Uv Curable Inks In

Automatic printing with high production efficiency UV ink curing only a few seconds or more than ten seconds, curing speed is very fast It can screen printing more fine lines, high resolution, and thin ink layer, printing area Before injection molding, UV ink imprinting if not coated, will not produce imprinting ink flying oil phenomenon. The entire operating system is easy to control, UV ink because the amount of solvent is less, it does not need to long evaporation or drying solvent process, thus, when injection, ink heating will not produce flying oil phenomenon.

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In Mold Decoration Plastics Suppliers


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In Mold Decoration Parts

Worldwide In Mold Decoration Film SuppliersSENTIEN

In-mold decoration refers to the process of opening the mold, decorating the part, embedding graphics on the part, and completing the printing/decoration molding and transfer process. This process has been widely used in some industries. Holly would like to show you some pictures of our samples.

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What Are The Main Points Of Injection Molding

  • The shorter the run, the better. Heat flow is the best.
  • The gate area can be increased or multi-point gates can be used.
  • Selection of injection materials: the higher the fluidity, the lower the injection temperature, the better
  • In the gate position, you can choose to prevent ink staining.
  • Try not to choose the highest stretch position of the projectile intersection.

What Are The Drawbacks In

The in-mold decoration is not suitable for low volume or bulk unstable products. There is always a long development cycle, especially when you meet the matching process changes or problems change feasibility. The cycle often leads to the procrastination of the whole project schedule. The relatively high development cost is difficult to control the cost of raw materials. Rework, repair, and bad products can only be discarded. It is a high production cost of failure.

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Everyone On The Same Page And On The Same Team

It all comes down to hitting the launch window with qualified product and a robust process. Each supplier has a distinct role to play and its own areas of experience and expertise on which to draw. Each supplier also must be a proactive contributing member of the develop-and-launch team.

That means everyone is at the design review table together. It means listening to and understanding the individual challenges of the other members of the supply team. It means looking at a collection of innovative techniques and best practices to potentially eliminate another suppliers hurdle. Instead of operating exclusively in a silo and concentrating on a specific deliverable, pay careful attention to the other suppliers questions and assumptions. Try to see the project from the perspective of the other supply partners.

Because of the nature of the IMD beast, a successful launch requires far more than building to spec. The film supplier can simply print and cut to the exact measurements supplied. The tool shop can design and build the mold to the database and print. The molder can create the production cell environment using the equipment appropriately sized for the scope of the project.

However, if they proactively collaborate well and forecast challenges to each other, they can use their combined experiences and problem-solving skills and have Plans B and C at the ready.

John Berg

Qualification Of An Imd Process

In-Mold Decoration (IMD) Perfect quality surface decoration for high volumes

Allowances must be made for the likelihood of significantly more set-up time during sampling and qualification stages. Because of the presence of the film, an IMD sampling event will most assuredly take considerably longer than a traditional mold functional sample. The basic goals of ensuring water circuits are sound, the ejection system functions properly, tool actions and shut-offs behave as expected are still there. However, molders also hope to see the decisions they made in the steel hold true for molded part dimensions.

But IMD brings many new goals and challenges to this stage. Is the film being effectively transported to and is it staying in the mold? Is the film maintaining its position during injection? Is the molded and decorated part meeting the aesthetic requirements? When molders are ready to trial the system, they will need to set up their manufacturing cell to an as near-to-production environment as possible.

Depending on the customer and application of the final product, meticulous aesthetics may be required even during the qualification stage as these parts often are used as marketing samples. A comprehensive validation phase and a long-term debugging mindset are necessities prior to production launch.

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More Questions You May Ask

IMD is a complicated, highly specialized process.

there are challenges at every phase of the development process from concept to production release.

In mold decoration is a one-step process compared to a multi-step process of post-molding decoration. so the mold design is the critical factor.

Pre-position the in-mold labels in the label box.

With the opening of the mold, the front and back labels are sucked up by a robot. 3.

Labels printed face inward and solid adhesive face outward are placed in both sides of the mold, and the vacuum holes in the mold attach the labels securely to the mold.

When the raw material of the plastic container is heated and sagged into a hose, the mold with the label quickly closed, the air is blown into the hose, so that it is close to the mold wall, when the temperature in the entire mold is still relatively high, the label immediately adjacent to the prototype container solid adhesive began to melt and bond with the plastic container.

When the mold is opened, the plastic container is formed and the label and container become integrated.

  • Enhance the anti-counterfeiting function of the products, which is more in line with the brand protection needs of high-standard enterprises.
  • in-mold labeling is beautifully printed, which greatly improves the packaging grade.
  • Improve the health and safety of the packaged products, to prevent environmental pollution from secondary printing and labeling.
  • In Mold Decoration Film

    Get elegant in mold decoration film options in a variety of textures, sizes, and colors at in mold decoration film appropriate for furniture, windows, and glass walls are available. Upgrade your surroundings at an economical price with in mold decoration film. Whether you want to add a metallic sheen or wooden grace to the interiors, you will find products that fit the bill.

    in mold decoration film at are well-suited for residential and commercial purposes. The highlights of the products are self-adhesive, anti-scratch, waterproof, explosion-proof, and oil-proof. The thickness ranges from 0.15 mm to 0.50 mm. in mold decoration film can be used for wooden doors, windows, cupboards, glass partitions, kitchen tops, walls, ceilings, etc. Just stick the sheets to a smooth surface, be it natural stone or glass. in mold decoration film are easy to install, clean, and replace. The products dont fade and can be pasted repeatedly without tears or creases. They do not leave behind any marks.

    Grab unmissable in mold decoration film offers at If you are a in mold decoration film supplier, you will benefit from the extensive product range at reasonable prices. Buy now, and dont miss out.

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    Design Freedom For Your Product

    You can decorate your components with detailed images, by integrating them during the production phase. In-mold decoration is a technique that can, if performed correctly, give your products long-lasting, vibrant graphics, without the need for adhesives or post-production printing.For years, Rosti have researched and experimented with different materials and processes, to refine our IMD technique. As a result, we can now offer a reliable, cost-effective service at our sites throughout the world. The Rosti approach streamlines your production process and reduces operational costs, while delivering outstanding image quality.

    Identifying Areas Of Study

    Worldwide In Mold Decoration Film SuppliersSENTIEN

    Start by identifying and defining every step in the total process before breaking it into manageable action plans. Rather than simply assuming each person or supplier is responsible for the delivery of their piece, create a platform where the goals of the individual are understood in relation to the goals of the group. The individual components of an IMD project cannot be designed, developed and created in isolation. Every design decision made early on will impact successive phases.

    What confirmed or non-negotiable information can be proactively shared among the team? This requires an open and communicative original equipment manufacturer /brand owner. Design concessions are inevitable once engineers begin digging. At the tool shop, all the standard considerations are still present: steel selection, gating, cooling and ejection but these decisions now must account for the presence of the decorative film. At the molder, all the standard considerations are still present: press size, cycle time, materials procurement, part handling and packaging ejection but these decisions now must account for the presence of the decorative film.

    Design for manufacturing evaluation is especially important due to surface attributes both visual and dimensional. Comprehensive process simulation is a valuable tool in forecasting challenges with regard to flatness, hot spots, cooling, flow and more.

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    In Mould Labelling And In Mold Decoration Supplier

    What is In Mould Labelling ?

    It is a technology which allows the realization and decoration of directly during the injection stage. Multi Box is an IML supplier for over 30 years.

    A is inserted inside the mould before the injection of plastic in the cavity. In the next stage of injection, the melted material covers up the film making it a part of the item.

    MULTI BOX is a IML supplier which undertakes this process with fully automized stations: a special robot retrieves the film directly from the storeroom and sets it inside the mould. The stages of extraction of the final good and of the pallettization are also automized.

    Why In Mold Labelling ?

    • Because it is an alternative to other decorating techniques such as silk-printing, pad printing, adhesive labels, etc.
    • Because it guarantees higher quality and accuracy
    • Because it ensures an indelible decoration
    • Because it has lower costs
    • Because it has a higher productivity.

    ApplicationsThe reliability of the process and the new techniques of realization of the film have extended the application from packaging to durable goods.The IML company MULTI BOX satisfies the needs of clients in different sectors:

    • technical: electrical engineering, car industry and electro-medical
    • merchandising: packaging, stands, gadgets, toys.

    What Are The Advantages Of The Imr Process

    1)Integrated Molding, simplified production process, reduce production/inventory costs and man-power, Shorten product manufacturing cycle, improve production efficiency. 2)All Kinds of reliability testing are the highest level of the industry to ensure the stability and durability of products. 3)High automatic production ensures a stable production of high-quality products. 4)Automatic printing and environment-friendly ink are adapted to meet the requirements of environmental protection. 5)Multicolor printing, wood grain, carbon fiber, metal color system, etc. Product surface texture and pit grain can be colored at the same time.

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    Advantages Of Imd & Iml

    The in-mold decorating and in-mold labeling technology enables design flexibility and productivity advantages over traditional post-molding labeling and decorating technologies, including use of multiple colors, effects and textures in a single operation, long-lasting and durable graphics, and overall labeling and decorating cost reductions.

    With in-mold labeling and in-mold decorating , labeling and decorating are complete in the plastic injection molded process, so no secondary operations are required, eliminating post-molding labeling and decorating labor and equipment costs and time. In addition, design and graphic variations are easily achieved by simply changing to different label films or graphic inserts in the same part run.

    The use of in-mold decorating and in-mold labeling results in high quality and visually impressive graphics and finished parts. The graphics and labeling are also very durable and long lasting, since they are encapsulated in the resin as part of the finished molded plastic part. In fact, the graphics are essentially impossible to remove without destroying the plastic part. With the right films and coatings, in-mold decorated and in-mold labeled graphics will not fade and remain vibrant for the life of the molded plastic part.

    In-mold decorating and in-mold labeling advantages include:

    EVCO Plastics in-mold labeling and in-mold decorating can be employed on parts molded in our Class 100,000 clean room.

    What Affects The In

    IMD In-Mold-Decoration Thermoforming

    The effects of In-Mold Decoration process parameters are as below

    1) The Work Piece Design

    2) The Selection of sheet materials

    3) The Dosage of diluent/Hardener

    4) The dryness of the INK

    5) The Time Between Printing and injection molding

    6) The Injection port

    8) The Selection of thermoplastic materials

    9) The Thermoplastic

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    It Prevents Counterfeit Products

    In-mold labeling requires the use of uniquely designed molds. Manufacturing molds for in-mold labeling requires a lot of expertise and high capital. The expertise and high cost involved in manufacturing molds greatly reduce the tendency of fraud. The variations in mold design, film printing, and label formation processes make it almost impossible to copy. This helps to preserve brands.

    What Are The Advantages Of In

    The advantages of products decorated within Mold are as below:

    1) Because the ink is between the sheet material and the injection plastic material, the nice decorative picture, the sign is hidden. They do not suffer from friction or chemical corrosion and disappear. 2) Graphics, text, logo, and color design can be changed at any time without changing the mold. 3) The printing accuracy of 3d shape products is accurate with an error of + 0.05mm. It can provide text, logo backlight, and high light transmittance window effect. 4) The function key bulges evenly, feels well, life can reach more than 1 million times. 5) Three-dimensional change can increase the designers freedom in product design. 6) The colors are bright.

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    In Mold Decoration Film Panel

    China Cheap IML Film In Mould Label Films Manufacturers And Suppliers ...

    Film panel is an international popular text mark and trademark which combines decoration and function. In PVC, PC, PET and other flexible plastic materials printed on the established graphics, text description, transparent window, paste different types of double-sided adhesive, made of plastic products for marking and protection. The film panel has beautiful appearance, clear graphics and text and good sealing performance. in mold decoration film panel has the characteristics of waterproof, anti deformation, pollution prevention, high temperature resistance and strong adhesion. Widely used in intelligent electronic measuring instruments, medical instruments, computer control, CNC machine tools, electronic weighing, telecommunications, copiers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric fans, washing machine, electronic game machine and other kinds of industrial and household appliances field.

    IMD is to insert the printed film in the mould cavities during molding the plastic parts. In this way, the printed content can be well protected from friction or scuff. As it is inserted molding, the shape and size can keep stable, thus easy for assembling. So In Mold Decoration molding technology is extended applied in the automotive industry, communication, electronics, electronic appliances, instruments, instrument panel industry.

    Electric Cooker Panel

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    What Are The Technical Characteristics Of The In

    The technical characteristics of the In-Mold Labeling are as below: The surface is a layer of hardened transparent film, the middle is the printing pattern layer, the back is the plastic layer, because the ink is sandwiched in the middle, the product can prevent the surface from being scratched and abrasion-resistant, and It can keep the color bright and not fade for a long time.

    Where Can I Apply In

    Home Appliances: Rice Cookers, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other control decorative panels

    Electronics: MP3, MP4, Calculator, VCD, DVD, Electronic Notepad, digital cameras, and other decorative shells, color shell and signs

    Automobile Industry: Instrument Panel, Air Conditioning Panel, interior parts, lamp housing, signs, etc. Computer industry: keyboard, mouse, face shell Communications: Mobile Phone Keys, mobile phone lenses, mobile phone color shell, PHS and fixed phone panels, windows lenses Other Industries: Medical Devices, cosmetic boxes, decorative boxes, toys, sports and recreational supplies, and so on.

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    Mold Construction Of In

    Mold construction is critical to the success of in-mold decoration.

    To successfully construct a mold for efficient in-mold decoration, you need to have a detailed and accurate mold design.

    Having a proper mold design helps you to eliminate errors during construction and increases the precision of the mold. It helps to construct the mold quickly, thus increasing productivity.

    Most important, constructing accurate mold will help you to produce quality in-mold decorated parts.

    During mold design, you need to have a holistic view of all the in-mold decoration process. The requirements of the plastic part you want to mold and decorate should be considered and factored into your design.

    Depending on the specifications of your intended plastic part, you need to use the right dimensions for your mold design and construction. Specifications like tolerance, thickness, size, weight, etc. should be carefully outlined in your design. The position of all mold parts should be precisely illustrated in your mold design.

    Most important, the position of the mold gate should be rightly incorporated in the design. This is because the position of the gate affects the flow of the molten plastic into the mold cavity. The gate position also affects the way the liquid plastic flows over the film and bonds to it. The right positioning of the gate also ensures structural stability.

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