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I Want To Decorate My Bedroom

Carefully Choose Your Bedroom Furniture

DIY decorating my BOHO BEDROOM without buying ANYTHING!

Well, that leads us on nicely to how to choose furniture when decorating your bedroom. Once you have chosen the style you are going for with your furniture, next to think about is size. Draw up a floorplan of your space and make a list of what you want to include. The bed is likely going to be the most dominant piece of furniture, so really think about what size and shape is going to work in your room.

‘A bed is the dominant feature of any bedroom, it is the focal point and acts as a base to center the rest of your scheme around.’ says Jen & Marr from Interior Fox . ‘ An upholstered headboard is an easy way of injecting color and texture into your bedroom, especially when designing within a smaller space. For a luxurious look, introduce plush velvets in rich earthy tones, these work well against a neutral backdrop while keeping the space light and airy. Add contemporary piping in a contrasting color to the edge of your headboard, this instantly adds a twist to any standard headboard and broadens the color scheme.’

As well as picking the perfect bed, you’ll need bedroom storage too. You might not think of something as practical as storage as being decoration, but check out this bedroom and how the storage picks add style to the room as well as a place to hide away clutter. As well as your closet, add small storage pieces that will double up as decoration like a vintage trunk, stylish rattan baskets and luxurious-looking ottomans.

What Color Is Best For A Bedroom

The best colors for a bedroom will mostly come down to your personal style and the overall vibe you want to create in your space. For a serene, neutral bedroom opt for lighter colors like whites, creams, and pale grays. Layer them up in different tones so that despite the limited color palette there’s still lots of interest and texture going on.

You could of course go the other way and opt for a dark bedroom color scheme. Darker colors may seem like a bold choice, but they’re one of the best bedroom ideas because you often get that cozy, cocooning feel, especially if you go dark on all four walls and add in some soft lighting.

And then there are the brights. Bright colors can work in a bedroom, but you don’t want to overwhelm the space too much as you still want it to feel relaxing. We would recommend bringing in brighter colors in the form of accessories like throw pillows, blankets, and artwork.

Layer Up The Textures

The main thing you want from your bedroom decor is for it to create a comfy and cozy space. No matter what your style super modern or lived-in like this boho bedroom, the easiest way to achieve this is to layer up the textures. Pile up throw pillow and blankets on the bed and keep things soft underfoot with a large area rug and small rug layered on top. Our guide to the best duvet covers and bedding sets brings you our favorite tried and tested bed linen for combining style and comfort.

‘In our hectic age of constant connectivity creating a calm, beautiful bedroom where we can retreat and sleep well, is vital.’ explains Chrissie Rucker, founder of The White Company . ‘The bed is always the main feature, so styling it beautifully is important and which bedspread, throw, or cushions we choose can transform the way the room looks. Take time and enjoy the pleasure of making it a really special space, because we spend 1/3 of our lives here too.’

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Reasons To Remodel Your Bedroom

When revamping a house, most people focus on other sections like the bathroom, living room, and kitchen remodel and forget their bedrooms. An average adult spends about 30% of their lifetime in the bedroom.

Thus, its vital to ensure the guest room, kids bedroom and master bedrooms are comfortable. Quality sleep is essential for every human being. It increases energy levels and ensures you are fit to face the next day.

Lack of sleep can contribute to physical illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure. It can also contribute to mental conditions like depression and anxiety.

Therefore, you want to create an environment that promotes sleep.

Add Pattern With An Upholstered Headboard

Decorating Tips

Choosing a pattern can help soften this often cumbersome-looking object! Because, particularly if yours is dated, a solid headboard can often dominate the entire space. A really easy DIY headboard idea is to cover it up with a playful patterned fabric.

All you need for this DIY project is the fabric of your choice enough to cover your headboard and a staple gun. Lay the fabric flat on the floor, then remove the headboard and lay it over the fabric. Get someone to help you stretch the fabric over the front of your headboard and then secure it with a staple gun to the back. It doesn’t matter if it looks a bit messy at the back of the headboard because no one will ever see it.

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Decide On Large Furniture Pieces

Before you get much further with your bedroom plans, its a good idea to decide on your large furniture pieces since theyre typically your biggest investment in the space. For my ORC space, I chose a daybed in a warm gray finish. Personally, I always choose neutral furniture pieces because if I want to change up the look of my space in the future, I can do that with a simple, inexpensive change of bedding vs. having to replace a bed or dresser. Weve also moved around a lot and I love that by keeping our furniture neutral, a piece that we used in our bedroom in one house can be right at home in the foyer of the next one! But while neutrals are what works for me, if youre a true color lover and are certain that youre going to love that purple tufted headboard as much in ten years as you do today, go for it!

Create A Rustic Ambience With Natural Elements

Knopfler says: The bedroom should be as serene as it is stylish, and one trend Ive noticed is the use of natural elements in decor. Wood, marble, and greenery are commonly used throughout our homes. We added a jute flush mount to our collection this year that is perfect for a rustic bedroom look.

Laura Mooney, owner and head of creative, The Mohicans Treehouse Resort & Wedding Venue , talks us through this beautiful guest bedroom design in The Manor : The walls are made from the original wood. They are not square nor level but really capture the essence of the old, rustic spirit of the home. It is important not to over-repair when an element is not in the best shape. Instead, work with it the way it is. By highlighting the natural wear and tear, you will invoke a charm from times past, one deeply embedded in our country’s origins.

Featuring the natural wood is also a seamless way to bring the outside in. The Manor is surrounded by beautiful wooded groves and rolling hills that the Mohican Valley is known for, so it was important to incorporate this natural landscape into the overall aesthetic of the entire cabin. I was thinking with the choice of materials and colors so as to not disrupt the flow of the vintage design.

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Go For A Clean Fresh Look In Your Bedroom

We are not sure how realistic this Ikea bedroom idea above actually is, but we LOVE it and we are sure you can copy some elements from this space. Maybe not the ‘nothing else in your bedroom but a bed and tree’ part, but you could create a very relaxed, clean vibe. Give the walls a fresh coat of white paint, pick out some new white bedding and hey, you could even add the tree. We love the added texture of the rattan stool too.

Decorate With Finishing Touches

How I Decorated My SMALL Bedroom | Room Tour

The last step is also the one most of us look forward to: Adding in the finishing touches. If your furniture is mostly neutral, you can easily bring color and texture to your space by curating thoughtful finishing touches. These usually consist of small decor touches like art, pillows, baskets, trays, rugs, and unique items that will light up a room.

No matter your space, be it your home office or a guest bedroom, opt for finishing touches that can easily be swapped out over time or seasonally. For example, you can liven up an all-white bedroom in the spring with bright patterned pillows and wall art, but you can also just as easily warm up the room in the winter with a few silver throws and graphic black-and-white pillows that dont veer away from your palette.

Most importantly, remember to stay true to your style. Your completed room should reflect your personal style and design aesthetic!

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Strip Back On Furniture For Minimal Bedroom Ideas

Obviously, there are some pieces that are essential to a bedroom, ie. a bed and some form of storage but don’t clutter up the space with too much furniture. If you want to create a lovely, calming, minimalist space, less is probably more so really think about what you are bringing into the space.

Furnish your bedroom only with the essentials a bed, a couple of bedside tables, and a dresser with a chair if you need one. If you have a closet keep all your clothes storage in there to free up floor space in the bedroom.

Employ the best bedroom organizers to help you on your quest for calm and zzz-zen…

Pick Bedroom Furniture That Plays With Scale

What does this mean exactly? Well, it can mean three things. First, and importantly, you dont want to put a king-sized bed in a small bedroom. So, furniture kept in scale within the room is much more likely to make it feel larger.

Next: don’t over-clutter a small bedroom with too much furniture. Doing so will again take up space visually .

Lastly, pick a tall headboard like this one. Doing so will make the room feel taller and give it great focus. Patterns and prints on the bed and headboard like this fab design from KDLoves are great for distracting the eye and for keeping the bed as the focal point too.

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Work With The Alcoves In Your Space

Working with your bedroom design is a must in all decorating schemes. And, if you want to be bold in your color choices, particularly if you love dark interior design ideas, painting an alcove is a great way to work this into your space. This room still looks bright and fresh but the dark wall, along with the matching bedding, adds a more dramatic feel.

Create Ambience And Intimacy With Layered Lighting

Want to know, âwhat is my decorating style?â? Take Havenlyâs Interior ...

Nailing the perfect bedroom lighting ideas is essential to setting the optimum mood and ambiance in your sleep recovery room.

Sheva Knopfler, co-founder and creative director, , says: When you start thinking about bedroom lighting, you should think about the function of each light in that space. Do you need task lighting for your desk? Perhaps vanity lighting for your makeup? An accent light over your dressing area? It is always necessary to layer light fixtures based on the functionality of your space.

Peter Bowles, founder and managing director, Original BTC , says: Bedrooms are practical as well as relaxation spaces, so plan your lighting accordingly. Use a mixture of task, mood, and accent lighting to create a layered scheme that will work at any time of day and across the seasons cozy in winter, light and airy in summer.

Most people forget that the bedroom is supposed to be as calm as it is functional. While bright lights are necessary for our outfit changes and morning routines, we need ambient lighting for winding down at night. I highly recommend installing dimmers for all lights in the bedroom. You can fully customize how bright you need the light and, in some cases, how low you need it. Not only is this beneficial for overhead lighting, but accent lighting should also be dimmable to your liking.

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Albert Einstein Bobblehead Cool Bedroom Accessories For Guys

This is the best ever ornament you can find for your room if youre a hardcore Physics fan. This carries the same features as the previous bobblehead we mentioned. But instead of Donald Trump, this portrays a lifelike image of Albert Einstein. It is 8 inches tall and is only a bit expensive than $15..View On Ebay

Pick Out Artwork For Your Bedroom Decor

Artwork, whether that be a band poster you’ve had since your teens that you can’t let go of or a painting you bought at auction, is a great way to bring some personality into your bedroom decor.

The gallery wall trend has stood the test of time, and they always look beautiful displayed above a bed or to spruce up a boring wall. And you can really tailor them to suit your tastes if you like a minimal look pick a symmetrical layout and pick a clear color theme, and more a more laid-back look don’t stick to such a rigid format and mismatch your frames.

You could alternatively choose a single, oversized print to hang on your main wall. You could even use it as the basis for your whole bedroom, weaving the same colors throughout the room and really making the artwork the focus.

Check out our gallery wall ideas feature if you need any more tips on curate the artwork in your bedroom.

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Fast Diy Bedroom Decor Paint Your Bedroom Walls

The most common way to change your walls of course, is to simply paint them. And it doesnt really matter if you paint them a new color, or simply put a fresh coat on both will make major differences in how the room feels. Photo by BHG.

If you want to make a fast impression in any bedroom decor, then paint. Did we say that already? 0 This room was done by HGTV viewer CvilleJanice. This simple bedroom idea is simple and sweet, and its because of that awesome blue on the walls! Ok, her DIY headboards and pretty quilts are also major players. But can you see how easy it is to makeover a bedroom, just with paint?

Another option is to build this gorgeous board & batten accent wall with this tutorial from Simply Beautiful By Angela. They break this whole bedroom wall idea down into simple steps with lots of how to photos. This accent wall looks like it belongs in a high end custom home, yet it was a DIY!

Remember That Minimal Doesnt Mean Boring

Refreshing my bedroom! Simple bedroom decor

Fill the space with a few coveted pieces that speak for themselves. Cue this dreamy scalloped bed frame in Laura Harriers pink L.A. pad. By adding stand-alone pieces to your room, like an interesting nightstand or a not-so-typical light fixture, you can bring in personality and charm without steering away from an understated vibe.

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How To Train Your Dragon Pillow

Remember Hiccups Toothless from Berk? Well, this is him now. How to train your dragon is a movie which we all love, and the cute Toothless is what made that story even more interesting to watch. This soft plush pillow pet looks exactly like toothless and will definitely give a facelift to your room.

Add Symmetry For A Luxurious Look

The quickest way to give your traditional bedroom decor an upgrade to a hotel feel is to keep things symmetrical. Match your bedside tables, the bedside lights, and the cushions too, just double up on everything making this one of the easiest bedroom ideas. This will add a sense of balance to your room, plus it all just feels fancier.

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Pick A Cohesive Color Scheme

If you are after a more cohesive bedroom idea, sticking to a limited color palette is a good look to go for. We love this pink and green scheme, and how the pink covers all four walls and the ceiling too a great hack to make a small bedroom feel bigger. The touches of white and black provide some contrast and stop the room from feeling too 2D.

If you’re a smitten kitten with this pink bedroom look, take your space to the playful side and be inspired further to – the color trend that’s set to stay.

Redesign Your Bedroom With A New Color Scheme

Say a prayer for me today, guys. Iâm starting stroller boot camp with ...

If you want a completely new look, a different bedroom color scheme could be a great place to start. You might not need to change up too much either, especially if your walls are already painted quite a neutral color.

Uber fresh, light, and airy, this sunny yellow bedroom scheme is a sure-fire winner to lighten and brighten up a dark room and create the illusion of space.

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