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I Want To Become An Interior Decorator

How To Become An Interior Designer

How To Become An Interior Designer [Without a Degree or Going Back to School]

With more and more people focusing on improving the quality of their indoor lives, the need for more beautiful and functional homes is increasing. This, in turn, is leading to a need for interior designers who have an eye for converting a space into a more functional and aesthetically pleasing one. Creating beautiful homes has an art and science behind it and thats where an experienced interior designer steps in.

Interior designers have the ability to enhance the beauty of a space and create an ambient and functional environment so that the area becomes useful and purposeful. They conceptualize, manage, coordinate, research, and develop projects to create amazing living spaces. They need to learn all about design theory and the design process to offer their design services optimally.

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Understand Interior Designer Descriptions And Responsibilities

Interior designers design and create living and working spaces for a variety of clients, either as freelancers or as part of a design firm. They usually have their sense of decorating rooms and arranging furniture and have an innate flair for color, spatial arrangements, architecture and textiles.

Interior designers are in charge of space planning and product research, coordinating with project stakeholders and establishing timelines, and finally overseeing construction and executing the design.

What Does An Interior Designer Do

An interior designer is in charge of a lot of design elements and responsibilities which include:

  • Listening to the clients needs, goals, space, interest, & budget for the desired project
  • Creates a sketched design plan of the layout keeping in mind how many people will be using the space
  • Uses computer software to finalize design plans
  • Calculates estimated cost for projects
  • Creates a timeline for the project and project completion
  • Face-to-face meetings with clients to ensure the satisfaction of a project
  • Seeks out any potential clients & makes offers on new projects

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What Is The Job Outlook For Interior Decorators

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics is the definitive source for occupational information in the United States. Because the BLS lacks a separate entry for interior decorators, it isn’t possible to cite official statistics relating to job growth. Instead we’ll look at the job outlook for interior design, as the BLS description of the field strongly overlaps with the job description for interior decorating.

The BLS estimates the interior design sector will experience a 5% decline between 2019-2029. The trend is likely to affect interior decoration and other related professions. In fact, the art and design field is expected to decline by 4%, according to the BLS. Improving your skills will increase your prospects of securing interior decoration jobs. Your ability to network and sell yourself will matter as the industry becomes increasingly competitive.

Out Into The Real World

What Are The Requirements To Become An Interior Designer

Interior design is a practical craft. It is not enough to sit behind the desk or on your bed and keep practicing with no results. You need to start looking for potential clients and offer your design services. You can even propose some design plans and showcase your portfolio to prove that you are a professional-level interior designer.

For the most part, clients are always looking for an accredited interior designer with some work experience. But you cant get that experience till you go out there and start implementing your design services. Having an interior design degree can help you pitch yourself as a qualified interior designer, but it wont happen by itself.

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Master The Skills Needed To Be An Interior Designer

Theres more to being an interior designer than creativity, impeccable taste, and a keen designers eye. Effective communication goes a long way in every aspect of a designers life, from landing the interview to getting the job and being promoted throughout your career, Headley offers. The art of storytelling is critical when it comes to explaining a concept or showcasing the design in the earliest stages. That is something that needs to start in class when students are presenting their projects.

Organizational, time management, project management, and communication skills are all prerequisites for the job, as is some very specific technical knowledge. While mastery of drawing and perspective are fundamental for every interior designer, computer-aided design now is as well. CAD technologyin the form of computer software such as Autodesk AutoCAD, CorelCAD, SmartDraw, ARCHICAD, DraftSight, and CAD Pro, among othersallows you to render your design ideas in 2D and 3D models with proper dimensions, colors, texture, and other design details.

Create An Interior Design Portfolio

Anyone who wants to become an interior designer needs an interior design portfolio. If youre fresh out of school and dont have examples of paid client work, use student work, internship experiences, non-client, self-initiated work, and side projects to help illustrate your design capabilities. David Sprouls, president of NYSID, says, We evaluate many portfolios at the New York School of Interior Design, and there are a few characteristics that make some stand out. First and foremost, we like to see a portfolio that demonstrates design thinking We want to see that designers understand process. He notes that a portfolio should demonstrate more than merely the finished project: It should also weave a narrative that showcases how you interpret the clients preferences, project goals, and challenges through the execution of beautiful designs.

A few points to keep in mind when creating your interior design portfolio:

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What Is The Difference Between Interior Design And Home Staging

Home staging is meant to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. Interior design, on the other hand, answers to the specific aesthetics of an individual or family. … An interior designer works to the homeowner’s final decisions but when it comes to home staging, it’s the professional stager who makes the call.

Attend Conferences & Events


If you are looking for ways to meet other designers and experts in the industry, attend conferences and events. Find out what the latest events are this will help you get a strong insight into the industrys latest news and updates. Conferences and events are also great places to meet experienced designers and clients.

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Develop The Right Skills

You dont necessarily need a degree to become an interior decorator. With the right skills and an attractive portfolio, you can land many clients in this career. Some of the many important skills you should develop include:

  • Organizational skills Quite a bit of organization will go into a project like this. As an interior decorator, you will need to stay very organized or it will look like total chaos for your clients.
  • Creative skills This is a career for a creative person. You will want to develop your knowledge with texture, color, using light, and other creative skills that apply to decorating.
  • Communicationskills Working with people requires excellent communication skills. You will need to communicate with clients and with vendors. Its important to know how to clearly communicate with those you work with and for.

Develop these skills and youll be in a better place to become an interior decorator.

How To Become An Interior Decorator: Skills Education Salaries And Outlook

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

Interior decorators have an eye for color and can improve the aesthetics and functionality of interior spaces. These professionals play a vital role in the home construction and remodeling industry, where they use their creative skills to improve living and working spaces.

In this article, we discuss how you can become an interior decorator and provide information on both the skills and education required by the job as well as salaries and the job outlook in the field of interior design.

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Components Of A Successful Interior Design Career: Skills Credentials Tools And Technology

Interior Design Skills

In addition to an innate sense of style and creativity when selecting design elements for clients, the most important skill interior designers can possess is the ability to communicate and listen well. At the core of their role, designers must be able to understand their clients’ desires and translate those to design teams, engineers and other professionals working on the project. Designers should be able to look at any space and visualize how different components will come together. The free flow of ideas is essential, as they may need to pitch numerous designs before landing on the winner. Strong problem-solving skills go a long way when keeping projects within the stated budget and timeline.

Interior Design Credentials

The National Council for Interior Design Qualification is the most recognized certification of interior designers. Operating in a similar fashion as the legal profession’s bar exam, in many states this qualification is required before students can begin practicing interior design. Students considering this career should research their state’s regulations fully.

Other bodies offering designation include the American Society of Interior Designers and Certified Interior Designers . While prestigious, these do not meet the same regulatory requirements as the NCIDQ.

Many organizations also offer specialty designations in areas such as healthcare, residential kitchen and bath, remodeling and green building.

  • Adobe Illustrator

Make Sure You Have The Right Kind Of Skills For The Job

How To Become An Interior Designer After 10Th

As we have said before, interior design requires passion and intuition. Formal education with a degree program and accreditation from the National Council will only go so far as to teach you the basics and get potential clients through the door. But you must also have the right design concepts and a sense of style, accessibility, and functionality when it comes to designing the interior spaces.

The bureau of labor statistics shows that most interior designers who have completed their coursework diligently and acquired accredited interior design certifications, still fail to impress clients on a regular basis.

This is simply because they treat interior decorating as a regular job. But the field of interior design is much more delicate and demanding. It is a form of art and you cannot rush art. You need to take the time to understand the requirements of your interior design projects and formulate design ideas with significant accessibility and functionality.

Not only do you need to provide excellent interior decorating design services to fit the clients goals, but you also need to ensure that your design ideas complement each other. The art of interior design is extremely delicate work. You must do your due diligence in order to find success in your career path.

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How To Become An Interior Designer In 4 Steps

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

An interior designer decorates living spaces and workspaces for a variety of clients. These professionals are creative and artistic, with an understanding of how to work with decor and furnishings to design a space. In this article, we explain what an interior designer does, the skills they need to succeed, the difference between an interior designer and interior decorator, and the steps you can take to become an interior designer.

What Abilities Are Needed To Be An Interior Decorator Or Designer

Your innate sense of style is invaluable in fields like interior decorating and interior design, but it can only take you so far. You need other skill sets, including creative and technical skill sets, to excel in the interior design field. Through your interior design degree program, you can build up the skills you already have and learn brand new skills, both of which you can refine as you gain practical experience in your area of study.

Some of the skills needed for interior designers and decorators include creativity and artistic ability, visualization skills, technical skills, project management skills and problem-solving skills.

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Do I Need A Degree To Be An Interior Decorator

  • Highest Paying Science Careers
  • Do people commonly compliment the style and decor of your home? Are you the go-to friend for brainstorming redecorating ideas? Do you find yourself wistfully binge-watching design shows by Chip and Joanna Gaines and a plethora of other HGTV shows on house hunting and remodeling?

    If so, you might have pondered becoming an interior designer or an interior decorator. Depending on which of these two distinct career fields you decide to pursue interior decorating or interior designing a college degree may be mandatory or merely helpful to have.

    What Types Of Careers Can I Work Towards As An Interior Decorator

    How To Become A (Self-Taught) Interior Designer / Decorator / Creative Professional

    While you can certainly remain working as an interior decorator, you can also use these same skills for a few other careers. Home staging is a popular option. You will work with real estate agents and firms to make their homes look better for listing pictures in this career.

    You can also go into professional organizing. This type of career allows you to help people with decluttering and re-organizing. You might also help with decorating the space once the organizing has been done.

    Another career you can go into is one as a color consultant. This type of career will allow you to help clients choose the right paint colors. You will likely work in the commercial sector helping businesses choose the right colors for their interior areas.

    If you want to become an interior decorator, you will want to use the steps above. There isnt a clear-cut path for this career. You might need a degree or you may enter into this field without any formal education.

    As an interior decorator, there are so many things you can do to help your clients. You can work for yourself or you can work for an agency. This type of career can be very rewarding. Make sure you understand how to become an interior decorator if you think this is the right career for you.

    Jordan Fabel

    Covering different ‘paths’ that people’s lives can take. Creative, foster parent, ticket dismissal, you get the idea. Exploring the requirements, certifications, exams, and obviously, approved courses along each path.

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    Find Relevant Interior Decorator Jobs And Apply It

    If you plan to organize a successful job interview, you must prepare your resume and portfolio at length before. Here are some instructive suggestions for you.

    After you finish the step above, you can apply for jobs. Competition is high, so a high paying, professional job may not be easy to find. However, you can get started by working in a furniture store, design center, or local department store. When you have done some jobs which are related to decorating and visual merchandising will add to your experience and portfolio. And then this will help you find another job and broaden your career path inversely.

    There is a wide range of career opportunities in the design field. The majority of decorators are residential designers, but many work in the commercial field, such as the hotel or restaurant industry. If you would like to specialize in these industries, you’d better consider additional education or experience.

    Is Interior Decorating A Good Career

    That depends Do you consider the chance to put your eye for design to good use on a daily basis a good career? How about making a lucrative income while playing a fundamental role in your clients homes? Do you thrive best when youre able to tap into your creativity?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, guess what? You should definitely start a career as an interior decorator and youre going to absolutely LOVE it!

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    Interior Designers Vs Interior Decorators

    Despite the similarities between the two roles, there are some significant differences between them. An interior decorator only works on redecorating pre-existing rooms or spaces, and neither a degree nor a license are required for them to practice. The work of an interior designer, which does call for a college education, extends far beyond simple decoration and may even involve building the room or space from scratch.

    Go To School And Earn An Associate Or Bachelors Degree In Interior Design

    5 Things To Know Before Becoming An Interior Designer

    Interior designers must be creative, technically proficient, and business-savvy in order to be truly successful. Lucky for you, there are several options to get your interior design education, from the associate level all the way to a doctorate.

    The most traditional way to learn the skills you will need is through a bachelors degree program at a university or college. But if youre unsure if interior design is the career path you want to take, or arent ready to fully commit to a bachelors degree program, an associates degree is a good way to start and get your foot in the door.

    If you are a creative person or have some sort of artistic ability, and someone who is particularly intrigued by interior design, an associates degree program might be the perfect way to learn the fundamentals. From here, you can continue your education if you decide an interior design career is the career path you want to take. In most cases, you can later transfer your earned credits into a bachelors degree program.

    You can go in several different directions with an associates degree program. If you want to start working in the professional world as soon as possible, you should consider an Associate of Applied Science degree as an assistant interior designer. But if you find that you want to continue your education in interior design and earn your bachelors degree, you should go for an Associate of Arts.

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