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How To Style Home Decor

Escape With Designs Inspired By Distant Lands


After true global travel disappeared, we turned to our homes for more inward adventures. For 2022, our walls will transport us to faraway lands filled with leafy palms and safari animals.

Patterns of far-flung places provide a sense of escapism and make us feel relaxed as we are reminded of holidays, says Johanna Bright, head of design at Osborne & Little.

Distant landscapes and flora and fauna add a sense of drama to the wall and offer an alternative from the outside world, which we are all craving, says Designers Guilds Tricia Guild.

Mexican Dcor Ideas How To Design Mexican Style

Looking for a home improvement project or a creative way to change your home? Need Mexican decor ideas for how to decorate a new space? Want to completely redesign your house this spring?

Interior design inspired by Mexicos rich cultural history is both beautiful and unique. If youre considering Mexican style house decor, you probably know how special the country is. The rich traditions, delicious foods, and colorful customs make the country into the perfect inspiration for home design.

Here are some Mexican decor ideas to get you started on your home interior upgrade.


  • Mountain Cabin
  • Hang At Least One Mirror In Every Room

    “Mirrors can make a space feel brighter because they bounce the light around the room,” says Breining. But placing one in the wrong spot can be almost as bad as not having one at all.

    Put mirrors on walls perpendicular to windows, not directly across from them. Hanging a mirror directly opposite a window can actually bounce the light right back out the window.

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    Knowing Your Decorating Style Will Save You Time

    Too many ideas or choices leave you feeling paralyzed and not knowing where to start.

    But knowing your decorating style means that certain design elements show up in your space and others are left out.

    Now when you go to make a decorating decision, you automatically eliminate options. And less options means less overwhelm, quicker decisions, and progress toward a home you love.

    Take Design Cues From Your Closet

    50 Best Interior Design For Your Home  The WoW Style

    The first thing I recommend in learning how to choose a design style is to take design cues from your closet. Take a look at your favorite clothing and notice what colors, fabrics and patterns you turn to again and again.

    If youre familiar with my home, then its probably no surprise that I wear a lot of blue and white!

    My outfit of the day is typically white jeans with a blue or white cotton or linen shirt in the summer, and blue jeans with a white, ivory, or grey sweater in winter.

    And if you look around our home, youll see those colors and fabrics reflected in my decorating style.

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    Establish A Color Scheme

    You might think choosing a paint color for your walls or furnishings is no big deal, but color actually has a large impact on your mood and can affect your perception of a space. There are even some colors that can affect your physical state for example, reds and yellows are known to evoke feelings of hunger.

    When establishing a color scheme in a room in your home, start with an inspiration piece. Similar to Solomon suggesting to design based on your personality, choose your color based on your preferences. Maybe its your favorite throw pillow or a decorative area rug.

    Draw from your inspiration and choose a color scheme thats complementary, following the rule of three: one dominant color used for walls and carpeting, a secondary color found in fabrics and accessories, and an accent color used sparingly to add drama to a room.

    This goes beyond paint and fabrics, explains Solomon youll also want to consider the color of the stone, titles, woods, metals, etc. when styling a room.

    Gray-Plaisted suggests starting from the floor up, using an area rug as your first place to consider color and style. The last place you should add color to would be your walls. Coordinate with your furnishings to create a complete look.

    Go With Paper For Lighting

    Giant paper lanterns are a great option for lighting in the Scandinavian-themed home. Theyre square, round, long and rectangular, and come in various thickness and texture levels. They allow light to shine through while providing a whimsical design theme that brings the home together nicely.


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    French Country: How To Bring It Home

    Instead of reaching for the more primitive antiques one might employ in a country home on this side of the Atlantic, cultivate an air of oh, this old thing? My great-grandmother must have forgotten about it in the attic. In other words, focuses on pieces with Old World craftsmanship that have a je ne sais quoi of weathering and oxidation. A white matelassé coverlet like this one, in turn, is an ideal base for four seasons worth of insouciant patterned toss pillows .

    Examples Of Industrial Style Interior Design

    How to Find Your Decorating Style | 3 Steps & 8 Common Styles!

    This industrial style loft features exposed brick columns and large metal framed windows as its focal point. The furniture and accessories are kept simple and include warm tones and lots of metal and wood materials.

    Exposed concrete walls and ceiling along with exposed air ducts set the stage for a lighter color palette in this industrial house design. The windows are left wide open, and the furniture and accessories are kept to a minimum.

    Lots of exposed beams, wires, and pipes against tall exposed brick walls give this loft an updated industrial design style. The leather sofas anchor the space and the plants add softness to the hard and rough edges typical of industrial style.

    Even if you dont live in an industrial style house you can bring in industrial style in your furnishings and accessories by including materials like wood, concrete, pipe, metal, and salvaged finds.

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    Move Stuff Between Different Rooms

    Were used to the logic of moving things around in the same room and it doesnt naturally occur to move things from room to room. Doing so provides a fresh way of rearranging furniture and layouts. Also many things might look better in a new space or might serve a better function. When theres no time or budget to go shopping, this is the fastest solution to freshen up every room in your house.

    Mid Century Modern Interior Design Style

    Design by online interior designer, Michelle B.

    Next, we have a classic that seems to stay relevant no matter the decade. Mid-century interiors started in the 1950s and 60s in post-war America. During this time the design industry was trying to break out of its traditional barriers and dive into the modern era. As a testament to this styles timeless quality, there are still so many popular mid-century modern furniture pieces that are still used in our homes today. Keep an eye out for versions of iconic furniture such as the Eames lounger, the egg chair, or the wishbone chair.

    Mid century modern living room design by online interior designer, Sarah M.

    Mid-century modern homes have a breezy and seamless flow. Theyve always encouraged indoor-outdoor living. For this reason, sliding doors and picture windows are left bare to emphasize the connection to nature. Rich and luxurious woods such as teak, rosewood, and walnut are regularly used. In addition, accents of mustard yellow, chartreuse, or avocado are used for a pop of color. The mid-century revival were seeing in todays design industry makes this popular interior design style more achievable than ever.

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    Design To Your Routine

    With a few key furniture pieces and accessories, you can make your daily arrival and departure sequence a breeze. Typically, it’s not a huge space, so you’re working with a limited number of pieces, said Mr. Ford. If youre the kind of person who likes to drop everything when you walk in the door, a console with drawers is great, because its a nice place to hide your keys and mail, Mr. Ford said. Or, in the absence of drawers, a bowl, tray or other sculptural container can serve as a catchall to help keep things organized.

    A bench or a stool or two that slide under the console can provide a place to sit while lacing up shoes while taking up minimal floor space.

    Another helpful element is a wall-mounted mirror, said Mr. Ford. It gives you one last chance to check yourself before you walk out the door.

    What Are The Most Popular Home Decor Styles

    DIY Home decors and design

    Popular interior design styles are always fluctuatingso theres no one style thats been the most popular forever. However, right now its fair to say that there are a few design styles dominating the trend landscape . Namely: Mid-Century Modern, Rustic Farmhouse, and Eclectic Bohemian, which are some of the most popular styles out there at the moment.

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    Minimalist Design Tip #: Declutter And Edit

    Keep the bare minimum on surfaces

    Having a minimalist interior design means you need to say goodbye to clutter. And to do that, youll have to edit what you display on shelves and tables. Stick to essentials only and store the rest in cabinets. This kitchen shows how only a few well-chosen elements have made it to the counters. Also, the choice of a white kitchen with a pop of wine red gives the impression of a lot more space while staying stylish.

    Anchor Rugs Under Furniture Feet

    Follow these basic rules for an area rug: “In a living room, all four legs of the sofa and chairs in a furniture grouping should fit on it the rug should define the seating area,” says Breining. “At the very least, the front two legs of the sofa and chairs should rest on it,” he adds.

    Even living rooms with less than generous proportions usually require an 8-by-10-foot or a 9-by-12-foot rug to properly accommodate a seating area. Go too small with the rug size and everything looks out of scale.

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    Treat The Front Door The Same As The Indoor

    The first impression you create about your home should not be overlooked, even if you live in an apartment building. Treating the outside of the entrance with the same attention as the inside is a great way to add style to your home.

    Put something from the inside of your house , hang a seasonal wreath or decorations, or update your house number sign. Plants are always a great idea, as long as they get sufficient light.

    How To Style Your Home Like An Interior Designer

    Find Your Interior Design Style | Home Decor

    Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means we receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended. Please check out our disclosure policy for more details.

    Interior designers make styling a home look so simple, but in reality theyre using a strategy a formula that combines the right amount of color and pattern with the perfect furniture, flooring and accessories.

    We interviewed interior designers to get the inside scoop on how you can use their methods to style your home like a professional.

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    But Which Style To Choose

    What if I told you, you dont have to choose just one style?

    While specific styles can provide inspiration, not every aspect of a style is going to work for you. You might love the look of industrial-inspired open shelving, with rough-hewn wood shelves and pipes as support, but do you really want to be staring at the clutter of that shelf, every day?

    Or maybe minimalism appeals to you, but youre not ready to part with so much stuff, let alone clean every day to better showcase the look.

    Its possible to define the perfect style for you by mixing the things you like. Ill show you how.

    Warm Up With A Smoked Eggplant Color Palette

    A smoky purple is the ideal accent against the now popular earthy neutrals like clay and stone. It comes alive when paired with natural hues such as tawny brown or ochre.

    If you want to create a stronger impression, team this hue with a punchier violet or magenta, either way this elegant shade will allow to create a scheme you can snuggle into.

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    Always Have Books On The Coffee Table

    Books instantly add style and make for great entertainment moments with guests. Make sure to include what you love most and a couple of different genres, so everyone is pleased. You can have only books stacked in low piles or a mix of magazines, photo books and table books. This is a perfect setting to apply the rule of three and mix books with decorative elements and small objects.

    Can The Quiz Combine Different Design Styles

    Which home decor style works best for you?

    Definitely! We often have customers who are looking to design their space with a roommate or significant other. And that means combining design styles! With our style quiz, you can go through the images together and both identify your likes and dislikes. Well see how your styles compare and deliver you a unique result that blends them both together in a seamless and stylish way.

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    Purchase An Anchor Design Piece

    Find one object, such as a centerpiece bowl, lamp, frameeven a small piece of furniture that you just love. Use it as your design anchor, and style the rest of the room off of that one piece. That way, you have something you truly enjoy to reference back to as you explore other ideas for your home.

    Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Style

    Modern farmhouse style kitchen designed by interior designer, Kimber P.

    Our list of house décor styles wouldnt be complete without modern farmhouse interior design. Joanna Gaines has earned the title as farmhouse queen, but even she is blending her farmhouse style into a more modern, and collected space. Modern farmhouse interiors have many characteristics of what we know as traditional farmhouse design. On the other hand, things become more simplified and clean without losing their character. Shiplap isnt going anywhere and we still want to see barn doors galore. Modern updates like wide plank floors, open concept living, and sleek lighting are a few common identifiers of the modern farmhouse decorating style.

    Modern farmhouse interior design by online interior designer, Lane B.W.

    Farmhouse interiors are also known for mixing metals. From gold to black to nickel, contrast is your friend. In addition, we love that this unique design style takes its connection to nature seriously. Its essential to have raw wood elements and greenery that can be found in every room. Consequently, color palettes in modern farmhouse interiors are always on the neutral side. When you want to add that extra pop of color its important to pull from nature. For example, try adding deep navy, sage green, or burnt orange.

    Modern farmhouse style living room design

    Click here and master all things Modern Farmhouse Interior Design here.

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    Mediterranean: How To Bring It Home

    Pair humble materials like these ceiling timbers and knotty floors with deep-hued wood furniture that delights in detail. Dark-stained pieces like these are especially dramatic against pale walls and bed linens, and art is altogether unnecessary choose intricate area rugs in sand and clay tones and turn in for the night.

    Contemporary: How To Bring It Home

    How To Mix Decor Styles In Your Home

    First question: How low can you go? The dimensions of the sectional and coffee table in this room leave decidedly 21st-century breathing room for the sculpture and six-piece panel functioning as statement art here . Draw connections among textiles by reaching for a few anchoring solids here, the goldenrod and teal and echoing them in abstract patterns.

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    Capture The Mood With Soft Painterly Blocks

    The vogue for artists abstractly experimenting with shape is gathering pace and beginning to filter into interiors. In an overwhelming, information-filled world, we have started to seek soothing, smooth and indistinct forms of decoration, which allow us our own take on their soft shapes.

    Abstract art is striking a chord now as in times of uncertainty it communicates moods and feelings that cant be expressed more literally, and also provides escapism from that reality, says Georgia Spray, founder of Partnership Editions.

    Abstract ambiguousness is about slowing down, stopping for a minute and noticing things you didnt see in the first, says artist Andrea Mongenie of Borneo Studio. Its a liberating and expressive way to communicate, adds painter Laurie Maun. Abstract art is completely open to personal interpretation, which can be very powerful.

    Eclectic: How To Bring It Home

    Consider the motifs that run through a space like this one: the feature wall displays a quartet of stylized busts, hints of gleaming gold that run between the pendant lamps and diamond-shaped figures that echo both the tufts on the sofa and the graphic pillow on the armchair. Think of yourself as the ultimate party host as you assemble an eclectic room: your job is to turn strangers into friends by emphasizing what they have in common.

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    Traditional / Classic Style

    Traditional style living room by Brownhouse Design

    Doused in the comforts and indulgences of classic European décor, the Traditional style turns to the past to create ideas for the future. The approach here can be true to source or a slight retake on classical suggestions, bringing time-tested elements, motifs and proportions to fit a modern lifestyle.

    Traditional style interiors are set apart by their silhouettes winged back chairs, elaborate furniture pieces, claw footed tables, and other furniture and feature designs usually have their origins in 18th century English, Neoclassical, French Country or Colonial styles.

    The backdrops are usually pale and simple, with rich colors, lines and profiles imbibing classical opulence into the space.

    Delicately carved and lacquered dark wood furniture and architectural embellishments abound in this interior style.

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