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How To Start A Decorating Business For Parties

How Do I Become An Event Decorator

Starting a Party Decorating Business – With Cricut

Now that weve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about event decorating, its time to give you a few tips on how you can get started in this field. Importantly, it wont matter whether you want to add decorating services to your existing business or start a decorating business from scratch

These 6 steps will be just as useful either way!

Build The Foundation For Your Business

Now, if you intend to join an existing events company, this skip wont necessarily apply to you. That said, we still recommend reading it, in case you ever wish to branch out on your own down the road. In the meantime, though, what we recommend to anyone wanting to get hired onto a team would be to polish up your resume and interviewing skills.

But if your goal is to start a business of your own, then you need to know that in order to launch any business and have hope for success, there are some things youll need to do during the beginning stages first. For example, youll need to:

  • Come up with a clever and catchy business name
  • Create a stunning website that accurately reflects your brand identity and gives prospective clients all the right info about you/your business
  • Get active on social media
  • Develop a stunning portfolio of your past decor work
  • Come up with a realistic business plan
  • Figure out your businesss budget
  • Determine which marketing strategies you intend to execute for your business
  • And more.

If youve never launched your own business before, dont worry! This 11-step article by Shopify can help guide you in the right direction.

Picking A Decorating Business Name

After you choose your niche, youll need a creative business name that stands out and sums up what you do. If your niche is wedding parties, then youll want something that says that in your name, like Forever After Party Decorating.

Choose a list of about 5-10 names you like and then search to see if another business has that name already.

Each states secretary of state has an online directory of current LLCs. You can search your states listing and see if anyone has the name that you are interested in claiming.

You can also do a quick Google search to see if anyone has your name. Type in your favorite possible business name in quotes, like Forever After Party Decorating.

If someone in your state has that name, I recommend picking another one to avoid any legal issues.

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How Much Your Should Charge For An Event Decoration

Pricing the services is a tedious and critical task which decides your business survival. Initially, for the purpose of making entry into the market you can adopt pricing strategies which is favorable to your customers. At later stages, pricing should aim survival and in the end when you have reached a firm position your prices will speak the quality of the service you offer. Pricing should not only fix a value for the service, but should also make promotion within it. Discounts and offers in prices will be a good promotional idea.

Volunteer For Local Events And Weddings

56 best Bakery

One of the most popular ways to gain experience is by volunteering for local events and weddings. You can get started by searching online for volunteer opportunities in your area. Another option is to reach out to friends, family members, and/or acquaintances who may be planning an event and see if they need any help.

This is a great way to get started because it will allow you to try out different event decorating styles and techniques without the pressure of having to perform for paying clients. Not to mention, its also a fantastic way to build your portfolio!

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Is A Party Decorating Business The Same As A Party Planning Business

A party decorating business is not the same as a party planning business. Party planners hire the party decorators! Party planners handle more than the theme and decor. They manage the guest list, renting the location, and cleaning up afterward.

In fact, it might be smart to find a local party planner and ask if you can partner with them as one of their go-to decorators.

If you discover that you enjoy more than just the decorating, its simple to grow into a party planning business.

Are You Looking To Hire For Certain Positions Right Now

Our company currently has most of its positions filled. We are currently looking for a warehouse manager that would overlook the entire rental and decor operation. They would be in charge of booking clients, hiring and firing employees, delivery schedules, and employee work schedules. They would need to make sure the business grows and makes a profit.

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How To Name Your Party Decor Business

If you are starting a new party decor business that involves party planning, theme parties, and decorating parties, choosing an attractive name for your business is highly important. It can attract more clients, remind your customers of the tastes and visions you offer, sort everything in a positive way.

While a good name for your party decor business can be the cornerstone of your future success, finding the perfect name is easier said than done. A party business name will be a part of your brand identity, so its important to develop a process that can help you find the right name.

Here are some useful tips thatll help you pick a perfect name for your party decor business:

  • Keep it short and simple
  • The name should be easy to spell, pronounce and remember
  • Think of a business name that will intrigue your customers. Before you grab the first name that comes to mind, ask yourself why should prospective customers pay attention to my party decor business?
  • Make up a catchy one-word name
  • Choose something that expresses the fun element of your business
  • Take advantage of a trending search term
  • Stay away from numbers and hyphens
  • Use words that describe your decorating style
  • Consider your target customers while naming your business
  • Check for the domain name availability

Well, there you have it folks, a huge list packed with tons of attractive party decor business name ideas.

Happy naming!

Become An Event Promoter

How To Start An Event Decorating Business | Online Class

An event promoter is a professional responsible for marketing and promoting events such as concerts, conferences, speeches, festivals, and sporting events.

Event promoters can work as independent contractors or for a specific organization. The core responsibilities of event promoters include conducting research into the intended audience and setting up and running social media campaigns, among other duties.

To become an event promoter, develop communication skills, be proactive and learn how to organize and influence people to attend the events.

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Starting A Birthday Party Decoration Business

Birthday parties are fun and exciting. If you love children and you know how to properly deal with adults, it would be a great idea to start a birthday party decoration business. Birthday party businesses are usually general and offer various kinds of services. If you focus solely on the , youre sure to attract potential clients who want to handle other aspects of the party on their own. Birthday parties differ and will usually depend on the age and requirements of the celebrant. You should be creative and imaginative enough to offer a suitable party decoration that will meet the budget and needs of clients.

If you have limited capital, you can begin with a home-based business to cut down the overheads. By doing so, you no longer have to worry about securing the office space for the business. As your business prospers, you can now find a great location for the birthday party decoration business. After working out on your business plan, you can now apply for a business license. Pay for the licensing fee and submit the necessary documents or paperwork. You also need to purchase insurance for the business, preferably the general liability insurance.

Start A Catering Business

A catering business is a company that provides food and other services to events.

Catering businesses are known to be more flexible than other businesses because they dont have to worry about location or pricing, and can even work 24/7. They can cater anywhere and offer any price point that they want.

If you want to start a successful catering business, you’ll need to plan and prepare menus, manage budgets, handle clients, and more. Catering also allows you to meet more people and show off your cooking skills.

Hi, my name is Nestor Nidome and I am the founder and owner of Elegante Catering. Serving the Inland Empire and now have expanded to serve all of Southern California. Our customers, mostly higher middle class, have enjoyed our delicious menu ranging from full service plated meals, made to order pasta bars to buffet-style menus such as Mexican fajitas bar and tacos.

Weddings because there is no higher compliment than to have the bride and groom come up to us complimenting us and letting us know how all their guests are raving about the food. As for corporate caterings we like to make it as simple as possible for them. We have 12 different menus they can choose from so that every month their employees enjoy a different menu. Plus once we have their information all they have to do is text us the Date, Menu, and Time they want. We understand that they have better, more important things to do than order food. This has allowed us to grow our monthly sales to $20,000.

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What Music To Put In A Party

A preponderant point in all kinds of parties is music, it is the soundtrack of a special moment that you are helping to create. In addition to having a good selection of childrens songs, you must have a good music player, some powerful speakers, and those musical tracks that are used for the games that the animator performs.

Running An Online Survey

Company launch party ideas are one of my favorite event designs to ...

Online surveys are fairly cheap to set up, and you can also take to Facebook and LinkedIn to run questionnaires.

Ask people what they would expect from your events planning service, the budget they would have to spend on an event such as yours, how often theyd use you, what would make them want to use you, and anything else you want to know.

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Get Your Equipment Ducks In A Row

If youre in the really early stages of launching your business, make a short list of various decorating equipment and supplies companies for information about the best offerings for a startup shop. If you can, attend an industry trade show to see and test out the equipment.

When you ask vendors questions, inquire about training, ongoing support and your financing options. Be sure to ask about the right options for your growth plans. For example, if youre starting with embroidery, is a single-head or multi-head your best option? Does it also make sense for you to buy a heat press for an additional income stream? Dont forget: Youll also need desktop or laptop computers to load decorating and graphics artwork software as well. Many vendors will sell you these programs as part of a startup packages.

Tip: Measure your production space before you select your machinery so youre sure everything fits .

Starting A Childrens Party Planning Business

We will go over the steps needed to start your own kids party planning business in this post. Throughout the article, we will cover many points to consider about your business. Finally, we will end with a collection of resources you can use when youre in the start-up phase and when your business is up and running.

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Arent Event Planners Already Decorators

You might be surprised to discover that the answer to this question is actually NO!

While event planners do have to be creative and possess an eye for detail, their focus is primarily on the logistics of the event. This includes things like managing the budget, booking vendors, and handling the day-of timeline. While some planners will offer decorating services as part of their business, there are also many who dont. Instead, theyll outsource these services to a trained event decorator.

Event decorators, on the other hand, are focused solely on the physical appearance of the event space. They dont have to worry about any of the other logistical details. Rather, they can simply focus on making the event look beautiful.

When it comes to you and your career goals, there are 2 ways you can approach professional event decorating:

  • You can get trained and certified in order to expand your existing event planning business .
  • You can get trained and certified in order to build a business solely around event decorating services.
  • Whichever route you choose to pursue is entirely up to you!

    Make Use Of Social Media For Business Promotion

    How To Price Your Products: DIY PARTY DECOR BUSINESS

    Make rapid progress in your results. Make sure you share your presence as often as possible. Today, the most recent trend is to keep posting on social media. Many people rely on social media for different services. It is possible to use this platform and gain the top spot in the industry of decoration.

    Include some examples of the services you provide and the prices you will charge for them. The inclusion of prices in the examples will allow the clients to select the most appropriate and affordable option. We suggest that you employ strategies for advertising that concentrate on the intended audience.

    It’s useless to promote a decor business to those who do not use it. For instance, sending marketing managers to hospitals to explain your business is not productive. So, you must know how to reach out. Consider teens as they tend to host family gatherings. Furthermore, business expansion is fast once it gets to the teenager segment.

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    Do Have A Marketing Budget

    Generally, a business becomes profitable if it makes more money than an expense. Having a marketing budget is important in a decorating business. This helps you determine your rates as well.

    Figuring out your marketing budget does not come so easily. It takes a few parties before you are able to determine a marketing budget. But once you have figured it out, things will be so easier and smoother.

    Make sure to never overspend, or you will not be earning.

    When setting up a marketing budget, make sure you have everything listed. A list will help you see how much you are looking at. Generally, your list must include your marketing expense, overhead cost, labor cost, as well as your professional fee, and many others.

    Register Your Business And Open Your Business Account

    Once you have your plan and name in place, you can start getting the legal and financial aspects of your decorating business set up.

    Registering your business, whether as a sole proprietor or a corporation, is an important step even if youre starting out small. It enables you to register your unique business name and is typically required by banks when opening a business account. Once you reach earnings of $30,000 annually, youll also need to register for a GST/HST account to collect and remit sales tax.

    You may think you dont need a bank account for your party decorating business if youre a one-person operation. There are many benefits to having a business bank account. When the time to file your taxes roll around, you and your accountant will both be grateful that your personal financial activity is neatly separated from your business finances.

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    Rent Party & Events Venue

    Businesses use event venues for various purposes, including meetings, tradeshows, conferences, product launches, etc. On the other hand, individuals host birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations at the event venues.

    According to the latest statistics, the events industry is growing rapidly. Events provide a great marketing tool for businesses, and events are crucial for strengthening relationships.

    As individuals and corporates host more events annually, so is the demand for event venues increasing. If you have some unused space and are enthusiastic about hosting events, you can start an events rental business.

    To start, choose a niche, and market your business. You can focus on corporate events, social and entertainment events, or general event venues suitable for any setting and party themes.

    Hello, I am Akshay Patel from Albuquerque, NM the land of enchantment. I started an event rental and decor company that led me to an event venue. The View Event Center is a lavish space that is an indoor and outdoor event venue with panoramic city views. Our high-end venue with experienced staff will assist from venue decor to the smallest details entailed in making memories of a lifetime. Simply Decor, Tents, and Events ensures exclusive decor and thrives to bring your event to life through customized, elegant decor for all of their clients.

    What Platform/tools Do You Use For Your Business

    Low Bun

    Our company started with Wix where we had our first free website once we were established we moved to which was very helpful since they have many tools available.

    For someone like me who is not that tech-savvy or did not know what an SEO was this was very helpful and worth every dollar. We started with a general Yahoo email and then began getting emails with our company name which is specific for each department. This helped us keep everything organized and easy to find.

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    Come To Terms With Unavoidable Party Expenses

    First, the reality: at minimum good party has entertainment, food and drinks, decor. All of these things cost money. You may also need capital to secure a venue and for certain small-business expenditures like insurance and licensure.

    Write down every expense you can think of and put them in order of priority. This will help you streamline and strike out any nice to haves you can add in later, once you start making real money.

    In the initial planning stages, your party-planning budget might be half-baked, but even projections or estimations are better than nothing.

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