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How To Start A Cookie Decorating Business

How To Start A Cookie Business From Home In Florida

Cookie Decorating Business- Updated How to Start your Cookie Business!

While there are a number of successful home-based businesses, starting a cookie business from home presents unique challenges. In order to protect consumers from food-borne illnesses, the state of Florida has laws in place governing home-based baking businesses. Additionally, your local county government may impose zoning or permit restrictions based on where your home is located. Thus, it is essential to properly research the laws in your specific location before beginning. Contact your local authorities or the Small Business Administration if you have questions.

Develop your product. Gather or create cookie recipes and test them. Once you’ve chosen the recipes you will sell, compile them and the ingredients in a list both for your records and to provide to the appropriate licensing or inspection agencies.

Create a business plan. Determine how you will conduct your business — whether it’s online or selling to local stores — what advertising and accounting methods you will use, and your funding sources.

Prepare your kitchen. This may require extensive remodeling of your existing kitchen area, because although Florida allows individuals to conduct food service businesses from home, there must be complete separation of your living quarters from the area where the food will be prepared. Additionally, the kitchen must meet all of the health and safety requirements laid out by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, or FDACS.

Create An Accounting Plan

An accounting plan helps you stick to your budget.

If youre not tracking every cent you spend and bring in, you may miss something and find yourself overdrafting and running out of money.

Plus, when tax season rolls around, youll be happy you had a plan going for you.

Some accounting software for a cake decorating business options include:

Protect Your Intellectual Property With Trademark Copyrights Patents

You need to know and understand that recipes are not protected by copyright law. It simply means that if your business is built on a secret family recipe, be sure to keep it secret, as there are no legal protections in place to prevent your competition from using the same recipe if they can get their hands on it. We believe that the necessary legal problem that nearly every cake business owner will run into eventually is the use of trademarked or copyrighted characters.

Trademarked characters are popular on childrens birthday cakes, but these characters cannot legally be put on a cake unless you have permission from the company that owns the rights to that character. We all can agree that it can be tempting to side line these laws, but the fines if you are caught range from $750 to $150,000, not to mention the expensive lawsuits that could be filed by the company.

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How To Start A Small Cake Decorating Business

Many people purchase cakes for different occasions, ranging from baby showers to weddings and birthday parties. Even those who know how to bake well find it time-consuming to make the perfect treat for their celebration, so they patronize a bakery or cake decorator. Cake decorators perform the same duties as those who work in a bakery, but often offer lower prices since they have lower overhead costs. If you want to start a small cake decorating business, you will need more than great recipes, creativity and talent to become successful.


Focus on a niche. For instance, you can sell wedding cakes, special occasion cakes or cakes that resemble three-dimensional objects. To keep your business small, you need to go after a very specific target market.


Obtain the licenses needed in your city to start a food business. Most states don’t allow home food businesses, so you may need to rent a commercial kitchen. You may also be required to obtain a food enterprise license, food manager certification or food handler permit.


Make and photograph examples of your best work to create your portfolio. For instance, if you plan to sell special occasion cakes, make one suitable for an anniversary, a cake for a child’s birthday and another that is ideal for a graduation party.







Check Local Zoning And Business License Requirements

Cupcake Business Training

You probably do not need to get a lawyer for this. Usually, you can just go to your local city hall and ask! Your local Chamber of Commerce can also advise you if any other business permits are required.This SBA article has much more detail.

Here are some of the more common licenses and permits:

  • Business license is is required of most types of home businesses, no matter how large or small.

The following MAY be required – every state and locality is defferent, so you’ll need to investigate:

  • Home occupation permit: Required IF your community regulates Home-based businesses
  • Food permit: if you state’s cottage food laws don’t exempt cookies, you will need one..
  • Seller’s permit: All businesses that sell taxable products in states with sales tax, that are NOT exempted as a cottage food law, will need one of these.
  • Federal export licenses: If you want to ship the cookies to another country, your business will be subject to all kinds of federal regulation. Get more information on this from the Department of Commerce.
  • A number of optional certifications can help in some situations: You may want to look into being certified as a small business, minority-owned, woman-owned, or a disabled-veteran-owned enterprise.
  • Select your state from the list to discover which licenses or permits you’ll need, together with information and links to the application process.

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Quick And Easy Steps To Starting A Cake Decorating Business

Starting a cake decorating business is a great way to turn a hobby into a bit of extra wiggle room for the bankbook.

Its fun and it never gets boring. Each order is different, and people are always so happy and excited when they see the finished product!

Plus, you get to lick the frosting

So, if you have a passion for baking with a penchant for decorating, sit back as I let you in on how to start a cake decorating business in 12 steps!

Its time to turn your hobby into a full-fledged business!

It Will Cost A Little More To Have Personalized

Starting a cookie decorating business. This is how i started my cookie business! Starting a cookie decorating business. If you are thinking about opening an event decorating services business, you ought to determine whether purchasing a franchise might make it easy to get started.

When you start a cookie decorating project, get all of your tools ready and have them nearby so that you can reach for one as soon as you need it. $4.00 each common cake flavors. As a professional cookie decorator myself, i find the best way to decorate them is to break it down into steps.

Please click on the image below to get to my website. All of it needs to be figured in if the goal is to make a profit. All you need is contact of material supplier when order can start this business with very minimal investment.

Interested in starting or growing a cookie decorating business? You can also come up with a catchy name and logo to get. And an hourly wage for you!

Business needs to be about business more than about the cookies themselves. On this page, we will first give you some background information with regards to the importance of business planning. If you are wondering what it takes to build a cottage cookie business and make a profit, let me just say:

From gluten free to vegan options, your bakery can serve it all! Start a cookie decorating business| sarah grace cookie co. Your business plan should include.

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Types Of Cookie Businesses You Can Start From Home

If theres one thing the past few years have taught us, its that necessity is the mother of invention. After years on the same grind chasing the same red dot, you might be feeling its time for a change. If youve been dreaming about opening your very own business in the food industry, now might just be your time to shine!

The best part? These businesses dont require any substantial start-up capital. Starting a cookie business from your home just takes a little time, passion, and baking magic!

Here are five unique types of cookie businesses that anyone could start.

Beginners Guide To Cookie Decorating

Cookie Decorating Business- How I started my Home Based Cookie Decorating Business

Christmas is a time for family, friends and baking cookies for everyone you know. We all have our favorite cookie recipes that have been passed down by families and friends. I know you have found amazing recipes on . Decorating sugar cookies is a little more complicated than baking up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Dont get me wrong, chocolate chip cookies are delicious but, arent as pretty as decorated sugar cookies. When I began making cookies, I searched the web high and low looking for some kind of beginner guide to cookie decorating, but I never found one.

I wanted to make a guide for those looking for tips and tricks that will help take some of the mystery out of making cookies. I have gathered several posts that Ive made over the last two years and put them all in one place for you. This list will show you everything from how to roll out sugar cookie dough to how to fix mistakes when decorating cookies. I hope you find something that will help answer your questions.

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Raise The Needed Startup Capital

You need to understand that your budget in this business is a roadmap that tells you how much money you have available to spend on everything. Note that it should include all your startup costs and recurring expenses. Having this will tell you how much money you have available to spend on marketing and how much money can be taken out of, or reinvested into your business. Here are some costs to consider:

  • Training

This can include recipe books or live classes, ranging from $20 $200. Check YouTube for free how-to videos.

  • Food handlers license

Plan on a yearly cost of about $40$90.

  • Permits

Check with your citys clerk of courts. These can cost about $100.

  • Baking ingredients

If youre running your business from home, you only need minimal ingredients and should budget $50$100.

  • Baking supplies

Unless you already have these, expect $150 to start. These include mostly reusable supplies like pans, oven mitts, whisks, baking sheets, piping bags, fondant cutters, etc.

  • Packaging

Expect to spend $100 on packaging to start.

  • Insurance

Plan on a yearly cost of about $150.

  • Raising initial capital from family and friends
  • Getting Capital from angel investors
  • funds from Venture capitalists
  • Raise Funds through Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Finance your Business Expansion with Equipment Leasing

When Cookie Businesses Can Rise

However, its not all doom and gloom for cookies! Although Im pretty confident that my chocolate chip cookies are not going to be the next big thing, I have seen many cases where cookie businesses have been successful.

Custom Decorated Cookies

Personalized and custom decorated cookies, like custom cakes, have a much higher perceived value. They do take much longer to make, but they often sell for around $3 $5 each. More importantly, you never sell just one , and you are guaranteed to sell every one that was ordered . Best of all, custom cookies can have a special wow factor that leads to automatic word-of-mouth advertising for your business.

Diet-Specific Cookies

When I was in Southern California two years ago, I saw Sugar Beak Bakery sell a 2 cookie for $4. And then another sold, and another, and another. They were not decorated or customized in any way, but they were definitely not ordinary: organic, vegan, gluten-free cookies, filled with antioxidants and vitamins. There may not be many other places in the United States that this kind of cookie could sell for $4, but this CFO was selling to a captive audience! If you have the market for it, this kind of cookie business can work.

Large Batch Orders

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Write A Marketing Plan Packed With Ideas & Strategies

Even though a lot of cake decorators, especially home cake decorators, depend solely on word of mouth, marketing can really help you build a foothold in your community. We suggest you make use of social media and consider advertising in local newspapers or magazines.

Also if your local cottage food laws allow it, you may also want to consider selling small cakes and cupcakes at farmers markets and flea markets, to supplement your income and help introduce your products to more people in your neighbourhood.

Have it in mind as a cake decorator, that you are also entering an industry that gains greatly from networking. Party planners, wedding coordinators, florists, photographers, and anyone else who works in the event industry are great people to get to know and work with.

We suggest you offer display cakes to photographers for photos shoots. Note that this results in publicity for you and better photographs for them. We believe that knowing these professionals can result in referrals and help you know whom to recommend to your customers as well.

Funny Cookie Company Name Ideas


If your brand is fun-loving, quirky, joyful cookies then pick a funny name to convey this to your customers. The cookie and cookie-related puns are endless you could even come up with a pun on the location or your name if you want. You want a name that will stand out to your customers as being fun or funny.

  • Choc Chip Off The Old Block
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    Understand What It Takes To Make A Profit

    Before you make your first cookie, you need to understand how many you will need to sell at what price in order to at least break even and then make a profit. What price do you need to get for that to happen. It’s basic math. The simplest way is to make a spreadsheet in Excel to identify all of your costs

    Seeing The Potential In A Cookie Cutter

    Aside from her crazy popular emojis, most people request special occasion cookies. Peoples dogs are popular, she says, and Ive even done cookies for memorials and to congratulate someone getting out of jail! So how does she manage to make so many different designs? Well, Patti does make all of her own cookie cutters . But otherwise, the answer is pretty darn simple: Use your imagination. Turn each cutter this way and that, forgetting what its supposed to be and instead seeing what it could be. Just look at the to see which cookie cutter experiments Pattis working on this week.

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    More Than One Cookie In The Jar

    As it turns out, Im not alone. I think a large number of cottage food operations get started when family and friends tell them that they need to sell so-and-so. After studying the cottage food industry for a number of years, Ive learned that custom cakes make some of the most lucrative CFOs. I always assumed that they also represented the largest percentage of CFOs, but I was wrong. When I recently analyzed over 150 of the businesses listed on this site, I was somewhat surprised by the numbers:

    breads, muffins, bagels, donuts, tortillas 71
    candies, chocolate, brittles, fudge, caramels 58
    sauces, syrups, honey, nut butters, ketchup, mustard, oils, vinegars 14
    mixes, seasonings, herbs, coffee, tea, pasta, cereal 26
    jams, jellies, fruit butters, pickles, fermented foods 52
    granola, health bars, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, crackers, pretzels, popcorn 44
    cookies, brownies, dessert bars 100

    From that data, we can see that about two-thirds of CFOs listed on this site sell items that fall under sweets, and as I recall, at least 98% of those sell cookies. Its true that CFOs can list themselves in multiple categories, and a few fall into every category. However, about a third of those cookie businesses do not also sell cake, which tells me that a large percentage of CFOs have a focus on cookies. In fact, a number of CFOs have the word cookie in their name.

    Getting Ready For The Party:

    How to start a cookie business from home

    Recipes for sugar cookies and icings below:

  • Bake cookies I purchased cookie cutters at local craft store or at my Amazon store
  • Make royal icing a few hours ahead of party cover icing to prevent from drying
  • Mix colors needed for royal icing I use Americolor or Wilton food gels
  • Set up decorating tables and chairs with tablecloth use plastic so not to stain fabric tablecloths
  • Place embellishments in small bowls and place on tables I found lots of edible quins and sprinkles at my local craft store
  • Place paper towels or paper plates for cookies
  • Make royal icing bags about an hour before the party you can use freezer bags too
  • Provide drinks
  • Provide take-home boxes or plates
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    Next Find A Place To Sell Your Products Like A Booth Or Stall At A Local Market

    How to start a cookie business uk. The website should ensure that the cookie policy is kept up to date and must revise this regularly, especially where the website changes the manner in which it uses cookies. This is typically a brief notification which lets users know that the site uses cookies. Let’s just say that in this example your plan is to make $1000 in income a week.

    It will cost a little more to have personalized. Additionally, check the tax liabilities of this business in your zonal area. Requirements to start a baking business.

    Include your business name on them, if possible. The products you are going to offer should be included in your bakery business plan. This is the first step in starting the business.

    Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can choose whether or not to accept cookies through your browser controls, often found in your browsers tools or preferences menu. Introduce your cookie making business formally by sending a brochure with pictures of your cookies, your prices as well as contact information to industry stakeholders. You figure that you can make ten cakes a day, and you work in your business 5 days/week, thus you plan to make 50 cakes in a week.

    Let’s just say that in this example your plan is to make $1000 in income a week. Order packaging materials to deliver your cookies in. How to start a cookie business uk.

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