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How To Start A Career In Interior Decorating

What Is An Interior Design Cover Letter

INTERIOR DESIGN JOBS | 6 Jobs you can get with an interior design degree

An interior design cover letter is an application document that explains your skills and qualifications in relation to a specific interior design position. The contents of your interior design cover letter can depend on the specific role you’re interested in pursuing. For example, those who are applying to junior designer positions or internships might include more information about their education experience as they don’t have an extensive work history.

Cover letters can help candidates further describe their credentials and support their resumes. Though employers don’t always require cover letters, it’s often helpful to write one, as this can allow you to earn an advantage over other candidates and help convince hiring managers to contact you for an interview.


Becoming An Interior Designer Vs Becoming An Interior Decorator

This distinction between the fields of interior design and interior decorating also leads to differences in the career path for attaining either of these roles.

Training and Credentials for the Interior Decorating Career Path

Officially, interior decorators are generally not required to have an undergraduate degree or state-issued licenses or credentials. However, many interior decorators choose to pursue some sort of voluntary credential to demonstrate their skill and commitment to the field. For example, organizations like Certified Interior Decorators International offer interior decorating courses and professional certification.

The CID Certification Course covers artistic decorative elements like floor planning and furniture placement, furniture styles, color schemes, wall coverings, window treatments, flooring options, lighting fixtures, fabrics selection, wall art and decorative finishes and accessories.

A course session on the basics of consulting, compensation and starting your own interior decorating business can provide valuable knowledge for the business side of working as an interior decorator.

Training and Credentials for a Professional Interior Designer

Getting licensed as an interior designer usually means having a degree from an approved college degree program, gaining professional experience, undergoing on-the-job training and passing a licensing exam.

How To Add Extra Rooms And Levels To Houses

As you advance further in the career you’ll be able to add rooms and levels to homes. Adding rooms will enable you to change the internal walls to split or add rooms. Adding a level will allow you to add either an extra upper level or a basement, which one will be specified in the gig information.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the process.

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How To Discover Your Client’s Style And Color Preferences

When you first start the gig a task on your list is ‘get to know the client’ but despite the game suggesting it’s ‘optional’ it’s really not, at least not if you’d like to keep them happy. Talking to them will allow you to discover their likes and dislikes.

You can use the options‘ask about favorite color’ and ‘ask about favorite decor’ under the friendly interaction menu. There are also various other design-focused questions under the career sub-menu.

As you speak to clients you’ll notice that the boxes underneath the family name on your career tab will populate with the information you discover.

If you get lucky, as seen in the screenshot above, you’ll find out some color preferences as well as styles the clients love or hate. If you’re unlucky they’ll tell you they love to bake and hate handiness or something equally useless.

Develop Skills And Keep Up With Trends

Interior design is a career that will inspire you to create new things ...

There’s more to becoming an interior decorator than getting certified. A good interior decorator should constantly work to improve their skills , and they should also be knowledgeable about the trends in their industry. A solid skill-set makes you better able to visualize a client’s goals, and having up-to-date knowledge of trends in interior decorating means you’ll be able to present your clients with the best options for their space. Attending trade shows, reading industry magazines, and following industry leaders are all good ways of staying current.

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How To Know Which Room To Renovate In Dream Home Decorator

Mostly the job will specify a room or say you can choose but this isn’t always the case. Some gigs do require some guesswork. For example, which kid’s bedroom do you decorate if there is more than one?

The Charm household from Realm of Magic also throws up some questions when they ask you to renovate the living room. Do they mean the small cozy space pictured above or the more open sitting space you see below?

In the case of the Charm’s, they were paying handsomely so we decided to take a chance and renovate both rooms. This paid off and they were happy. However, this is not always the case. Renovating the ‘wrong’ kid’s bedroom for the Spencer-Lewis household resulted in some bad rep and hate mail.

It seems that most clients will accept whichever room you decorate, as long as it can be used for that purpose. Sometimes you’ll get it wrong but this may not be down to choosing the incorrect room. Things can go wrong, even when you think you did everything right. This leads us to believe some reactions are as random as the likes and dislikes that Sims are assigned.

Take An Interior Decorating Course

At Stratford Career Institute, we offer a fundamental course on interior decorating. Enroll today to jump-start your career and learn even more about how to become an interior decorator.

Disclaimer: Stratford Career Institutes educational programs offer an introductory curriculum designed to help students gain knowledge necessary for the vocational application of the subject. Completion of a Stratford Career Institute program does NOT fulfill the legal requirements of particular state licenses or certifications, which may require additional training or apprenticeships.


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Can You Become An Interior Decorator With No Experience

Because interior decorating does not require a degree, it is possible to get started without experience. However, very few people will be willing to give money to someone with no proof of abilities or prior experience. With experience comes references, a portfolio, and a network to contact for different needs. Without it, the job may be much more difficult, and you and your initial clients may suffer as a result.

If possible, search for apprenticeship programs where youre able to work under the wing of an experienced interior decorator who can show you the ropes and boost your portfolio and network. Another possibility for quick experience is to offer free services to your family and friends in which you work with them to design a space they love or even mockup a design online.

Both of these scenarios can help you to gain experience without a degree or professional education. While it is not necessary to have experience before practicing interior decorating, it will make winning over clients a much easier process.

Think Before You Do: Whether Is It Worth To Be An Interior Decorator

How To Become An Interior Designer [Without a Degree or Going Back to School]

Becoming an interior decorator is a smart career choice for creative types with a clever color sense, smart space planning skills and an appreciation for chic design styles. Here are the perks of being an interior decorator.

Besides, one of the most dominant discrepancies between interior decorators and interior designers are the latter need to deal with interiors during the construction or remodeling process and must battle to keep builders on schedule. But interior decorators are mainly hired to decorate existing spaces without hassling with construction crews.

Conversely, interior decorators are restricted to just decorating and they can’t make any architectural changes.

When choosing a career, you must consider pros and cons. If you think pros outweigh cons, it is sensible to take it.

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Do You Need A Degree To Work In Interior Decorating

Generally, interior decorating does not require a formal education resulting in a college degree.

You can get an associates or bachelors degree in interior design, but this is more specialized and suited for those who want to learn design software as well. However, a degree can help you set yourself ahead of the job competition by giving you the skills and knowledge to work for a professional decorating service or at a design or architecture firm.

Establish Your Brand Identity

Defining your own brand is vital to positioning yourself as a proficient interior designer. Recognize how you see yourself as a designer, and think about how others view you or how you want others to perceive you. Whats your unique value proposition that distinguishes you from competitors? What are your goals as a designer? Who is your target audience? Pondering these questions can help you to clearly delineate your personal brand.

Next is translating it visually into a website, social media profiles, and your portfolio. Make sure your brand accurately reflects your style and sensibility as a designer. For example, where applicable, employ colors, typography, and imagery thats true to your aesthetic. Focus on the details and be consistent with your brand message across all channels of communicationbe it online, in person, via email, or phone. How you dress, act, speak, and write all should align with your personal brand. Visitors to your website should have an immediate sense of who you are as a designer, and your skills and accomplishments should speak loud and clear. This is no time to be humble. Show off who you are and put your best foot forward.

According to Headley, Networking is definitely the key to advancing your career in an industry such as interior design. And LinkedIn can be a valuable tool. She offers a few tips when using the professional networking site:

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Build A Strong Portfolio

The best way to make yourself attractive to clients is by building a strong portfolio. In whichever degree program you choose, part of the program should also be about creating a solid portfolio to showcase your skills and design ideas. Youll want to take high-quality photographs of all of your work and package them attractively on your website and in a digital presentation.

This will show your clients what youre capable of and present you as a well-organized professional. You should also include some examples of projects that you can show from sketch to completion to give them insight into your thought and work process. You should also always modify your portfolio to highlight projects that apply to the one you are trying to attain.

Digitally is the main way to showcase your portfolio, but dont be afraid to create an old-fashioned flipbook as well. Clients love to flip through photo books to see your work and it may leave more of a lasting impact to actually have something in their hands.

Internships are a great way to build a portfolio and gain hands-on experience before you start work as a professional, and dont be afraid to include any schoolwork if you think it is top-notch. You have to be able to show what you have to get yourself started.

Go To School And Earn An Associate Or Bachelors Degree In Interior Design

Pin on Interior stylist/home stager tips

Interior designers must be creative, technically proficient, and business-savvy in order to be truly successful. Lucky for you, there are several options to get your interior design education, from the associate level all the way to a doctorate.

The most traditional way to learn the skills you will need is through a bachelors degree program at a university or college. But if youre unsure if interior design is the career path you want to take, or arent ready to fully commit to a bachelors degree program, an associates degree is a good way to start and get your foot in the door.

If you are a creative person or have some sort of artistic ability, and someone who is particularly intrigued by interior design, an associates degree program might be the perfect way to learn the fundamentals. From here, you can continue your education if you decide an interior design career is the career path you want to take. In most cases, you can later transfer your earned credits into a bachelors degree program.

You can go in several different directions with an associates degree program. If you want to start working in the professional world as soon as possible, you should consider an Associate of Applied Science degree as an assistant interior designer. But if you find that you want to continue your education in interior design and earn your bachelors degree, you should go for an Associate of Arts.

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Obtain An Appropriate Degree Or Certification To Get Started

While this is not a must, if you are setting big goals and wish to go completely professional in interior decorating, then this is a must. Schools such as devry university online offer courses that can assist in your career path. The education will not only polish your existing talent, but it will open your mind up to new ideas, past designing trends and latest in the world of style. Certification can be obtained at various skill levels depending on the goals you have set for yourself. Start modest and soon you can aim for the peak. A degree in this regard will also help you get a job at a designing firm.

CreativaStudio / Getty Images

You will need to study a lot beyond what meets the eye

Many Interior Decorators Complete An Apprenticeship With A Design Firm Independent Interior Decorator Or Furniture Store Following The Completion Of Their Degree Or Certificate Program

Instead of seeking formal education in a class setting, you can get a job as an apprentice or assistant to an interior decorator in your area. Adding a level will allow you to add either an extra upper level or a basement, which one will be specified in the gig information. Most interior designers start by undertaking their own project in their own home and in my opinion, this is a really great place to start.

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Bachelors Degree In Fine Arts Or Visual Art

Interior design schools and programs prepare students primarily for work specific to the interior design career. For students who arent completely sold on this path, a broader field of study can be appealing.

Students who major in fine arts or in visual art still study the design theory and art history aspects found in interior design, even though they may not delve into wall and flooring finishes, textile selection and decorative accessories specifically. They also put together a portfolio of their artistic creations which, while they may not pertain to commercial and residential spaces directly, still serve to express the students artistic flair.

The interior design subject matter that is primarily missing from an art degree involves the technical aspects of space planning, drawing with computer-aided design software and learning building codes and processes. Still, fine arts subjects are common choices of study for many new interior designers, according to the BLS.

What Are Some Challenges Of Interior Design

11 Jobs You Can Get With Your Interior Design Degree

Interior designers must keep ahead of current trends in creating a beautiful and comfortable home or office environment. They must also be aware of what clients are asking for and find ways to meet the clients needs even before they express them. The spaces they create must be a reflection of the times and also be unique enough to meet an individual client’s tastes.

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Tips For Entering The Wonderful World Of Design

The Spruce / Ulyana Verbytska

If you are interested in becoming an interior decorator, it’s important to know what the career path entails. You’re probably wondering how to get started as well.

A successful decorator does much more than pick out pretty fabrics and rearrange furniture. In a typical day, they may deal with cabinet spacing, steer a homeowner away from a budget-blowing item, track down a missing tile installer, work on a seasonal installation for a business storefront, make a presentation in front of an architectural review boardand the list goes on.

But how does a decorator or a person get to this point? There are a few key points that can help you understand how to become a decorator and what it takes to be a successful one. However, good decorators know that decorating is a wonderful journey and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge!

First of all, it’s good to understand that an interior decorator is not an interior designer. These are two different fields requiring different degrees and certifications.

Do You Love To Decorate Start A Career In Interior Design

Do you have a passion and talent for design?

Ever thought of having your own interior design business?

They come from all walks of life.

Our business model is proven throughout the U.S. and Canada. We have opportunities both for business ownership and occasionally for design associate positions. While our traditional model is home-based, there are many who have grown their businesses to teams working out of studios.

Whether you are experienced or youve always just had a passion and flair for decorating, if you would like to talk about the possibilities in Western Pennsylvania, contact Ross Feltz at or call us at 336-3000.


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