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How To Interior Decorate A Living Room

What Does That Mean

TOP 16 SMALL LIVING ROOM Interior Design Ideas and Home Decor

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Enliven A Plain Scheme With Bold Artwork

Whether you are considering a quick living room update or are looking for living room ideas for creating a focal point, artwork is an excellent option.

‘Knowing the ambiance you are aiming to achieve in your living room helps,’ advises Federica Barretta Director of Opera Gallery London . ‘Consider the architectural features of the room you are buying for, from ceiling height to the color scheme and lighting, when choosing a work of art. Living rooms are where the family gets together and where guests are entertained, making them the best places to showcase the richness and eclecticism of ones art collection.’

Plan Out Your Color Palette

While many different aesthetics lean towards specific palettes, it is still important to think of what colors suit your home best. It can be helpful to look at trends you already see in your space. Do you tend to stick to neutral tones or do you prefer a moodier, saturated palette? Is there a specific accent color that turns up often in your space?

If there is a specific piece of vintage furniture or a rug that I really love or want to incorporate, I might use that as the basis for the color scheme and let it inform the other aspects of the space, says Propst. Keep in mind the other materials in your space as they will contribute to the overall palette as well. Try to keep your wood tones consistent for a cohesive look and add cooler tones like greys, blues and greens to add a little visual contrast to warmer spaces.

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Floor To Ceiling Curtains

can be fun but have you ever tried using floor to ceiling curtains? These give a movie theater look to any living room and are perfect for family rooms when you want plenty of privacy and class. Ensure that the curtains have a way to be held back for times when you want to let that extra light in.

Eclectic Glam Decor & Moodboard

57 Cozy Living Room Apartment Decor Ideas

Eclectic glam interior design by

As part of their online interior design process, Decorilla connected the client with two suitable designers, inviting both to create a unique vision. It was hard to say which of the two moodboards was more on point. Each contained a genuine mix of different styles and eras, with a focus on luxury and glamour. In addition, both focused on antiques, vintage-inspired furniture, and lavish fabrics. However, the decision had to be made, so the client picked the solution proposed by,

Eclectic glam living room mood board by

Marines visual interpretation of the clients wishes was a unique, stylish living space. It incorporated a lot of different textures to convey a sense of elegance and depth. Velvet, leather, brass, and different kinds of wood were just a few of the materials in the concept board. Meanwhile, some carefully chosen features took care of the rooms functional side.

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Choose One Wow Moment And Pare Back The Rest

You dont have to have a bland, empty, all-white space. When it comes to how to decorate a small living room, you can abandon all of those urban styling myths.

Rather than feeling you have to strip back colour, or interest, its more about choosing your moments. Pick your battles with the room. You cant have a bright red sofa, with a bright yellow artwork above it, with a leopard print rug. Sure, all of those things could look amazing, but its too visually overwhelming in such a small room.

Instead, choose one wow or loud moment. Id suggest it be the art, followed by lighting on the ceiling. Then introduce colour and pattern in smaller details like in cushions. Any living room should have no more than three main hero colours going on, and in a small room its crucial you follow this rule. The art and feature wall above from Metricon gets this right.

Fix Your Tv And Entertainment Unit To The Wall

Anything you can get off the ground is going to make the small living room feel larger. So mount that TV on the wall sooner rather than later. You can buy mounts for your TV from places like JB Hifi and theyre pretty affordable. JB Hifi also has a mounting service you can use .

Before you mount, and actually before you buy, make sure the TV isnt too dominant in the room. I know, we all have that partner who wants a TV the size of a cinema screen. But do show some restraint. A big black box in a small living room is going to be so overbearing.

Also try to mount an entertainment unit on the wall under the TV if you can. If thats not an option, go for a TV unit thats on thin legs so air can flow underneath it. The TV unit should be slightly wider than your TV, too.

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Beach Style Living Room

Bring the beach to your home! If you love the aura of beaches, the beach style living room will do absolute justice. With easy-breezy designs and decor, you can get the ambience of a beach without setting your foot outside. Your living room should be open and airy, stick to minimal furniture and accessories. Use soft blue, stone and sand-coloured fabrics and driftwood accents to complement the beach style living room interiors. You can add some nautical stripes to your living room for that coastal beach feeling. The use of rope-like pieces adds texture to space too.

Use Round Ottomans As Extra Seating

Living Room Design Mistakes (And How to Fix Them!)

Theres a lot to be said for a round ottoman. Not one of those soft, cushy ball ottomans that are low to the ground. Im talking a taller option, upholstered, thatll fit in with the look and feel of the space.

Round ottomans are great when decorating small living rooms because theyre so multipurpose. Pop your feet on them when youre watching TV. Have guests sit on them when you have people around. Or pop a round tray on top and use them as a side table if you need.

There are so many chic looking round ottomans on the market right now that are great for small living rooms. The ones in the photo above from IKEA are ideal.

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Shop Smart When Selecting Your Rug

If you’re starting with the sofa, choose the rug next, advises Gage. “Make sure you measure the room and order the proper size,” she shares, noting to also consider the general wear of the room when making this purchase. “For most people, their living room is a high-traffic area, housing children, pets, and guests. Wool is going to be a durable option for that reason.” And when it’s time to consider the color, think back to your couch selection. “If you chose a bright sofa, perhaps you want a neutral rug with some pattern. If you picked a gray linen sectional, opt for a rug that will add a pop of color to your space,” she says.

Do: Add A Hit Of Black

If you dont have some solid hits of black in your living room may I suggest you rectify this STAT. Sprinkling black pieces of decor around your living room will really help to add some awesome visual weight and probably some needed contrast. If you reeeeally love a light, neutral space just go delicate like with a small vase, an accent in a pillow, or a piece of art. We promise that your room will just look more elevated and balanced. Shall we take a look at Ems LA living room?

Not one black decor piece in this living room feels heavy. Instead, they all help to ground the design perfectly. See how its used in the art, lamps, vases, shelf decor, and furniture accents? They are all spread out evenly so your eye can rest. A balanced design is a happy design in my opinion.

But also dont feel like you cant go bolder! Just make sure that you have other pieces that can stand up to it and yes, balance it visually. Ok done saying balance or am I???

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Give A Muted Living Room A Bright Spot

The term ‘pop of color’ has become a bit of a decorating cliché, but like all clichés, there’s good reason for it. Adding a dose or two of color to an otherwise neutral room can turn a pretty space into a memorable one.

If you’re looking for a way to liven up white walls and neutral furniture, try on color with bright drapery, throw pillows, and a floral arrangement.

Paint The Skirting Boards

25+ Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Breaking with convention, the trick to make a space feel bigger is to paint the skirting boards in the same colour as the wall. No more bold white borders. ‘One little tip, paint the skirting boards,’ advises interior designer Kelly Hoppen . ‘It will make the whole wall look a lot taller. When you paint them white it’s a bit like wearing a sock and your trouser leg being too high. It kind of looks a bit odd!’

A brilliant analogy for the look of bold white skirting boards standing out from the wall colour, for all the wrong reasons especially prominent when using a dark living room colour scheme. This trick will prevent the wall from being divided helping to elongate them, so the room feels taller and therefore bigger.

Kelly Hoppen’s advice for painting skirting boards is a real game-changer in small spaces.

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Which Colors Make A Living Room Look Bigger

‘White and neutral shades are always the go-to color as they make a small living room look bigger, airier, and more open,’ says David Harris, Design Director at Andrew Martin .

‘However, for small space living, you can be more daring. Dont be afraid of dark and rich colors, like coffee or dark grey, such as or try teal or even orange, for a braver burst of color.’

These hues bring richness, intimacy and extra depth and make a living room more beautiful whilst allowing you to show personality and flair. Layering these deep rich colors with artwork also adds fantastic texture and interest.

Add An Unexpected Twist

Inspired by carnival in Rio, we are transported to warmer climes with these bohemian living room ideas. Feel the heat with a warming palette of earthy red, spicy coral and sandy yellow mixed with a riot of pattern. A plain curtain fabric is brought to life with a vibrant pattern on the reverse.

Set against a warm neutral stone backdrop, the warm tones used throughout are layered up for maximum impact, from the curtain fabrics with trim pelmet above, to the pattern-rich sofa, cushions and rug. All the colors and pattern make for a happy and uplifting combination.

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Introduce A Mirror On Another Wall In The Room

I know, youve probably already seen this one a thousand times. But its a classic tip because it does work.

Placing a mirror on a wall in your small living room helps bounce light around the room. More light in the space equals a sense of more air and room. Its another visual trick.

The other thing you do by placing a mirror on a wall near a window is reflect whats going on outside. And if you have something gorgeous outside, its another opportunity to draw the eye away from the small footprint of the space.

It can also connect the interior to the exterior, which can again fool the eye and blur the lines between the small room and the outside world.

A big trend at the moment is round mirrors, and I adore them. Heres my roundup of the best places to buy round mirrors if you need.

Let Light Go Inside The Living Room


If possible, surround your living areas with windows, or even floor-to-ceiling long transparent glass French doors to absorb as much daylight as possible. The overall interior design of the house is at a great extent depending upon the subtle game between the lightning, the settle walls and the elements of furniture.

You can even think of Japanese horizontal mullions in the doors, or shoji screens that can make the place more visually appealing and guide observers around the living room. You dont need too much living room decoration to make yourself really feel at home.

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Add A Feature Wall In A Warm Colour

We all want our living rooms to feel cosy and restful. However, in a small space, you may feel apprehensive about introducing too many dark colours for fear of making the room feel cramped.

In that instance, pick a rich warm colour as a backdrop to a part of the room that’s all about relaxation, such as behind the sofa or your favourite armchair. So if you’re after cosy living room ideas, that deep shot of colour is a visual ‘hug’ that relaxes and draws us in, without making the room feel smaller.

Do: Create Conversation Area With Furniture

Id say the main purpose of a living room is to have a place to hang out with people you like and want to talk to. Ok ya, if theres a movie on then everyone pipe down. But regardless of movie night, you want to set up your living room to encourage conversation. Size obviously matters. You cant pack in a sofa, two chairs, and a bench seat if your living room is tiny. BUT if you can have more than just a single sofa, make sure all of your seating isnt all in a line on one side of the room.

In Saras living room above, she was able to have her sofa and two chairs across from each other. A great conversation layout. But Mel didnt quite have the same amount of square footage in her old place

So instead, she put a chair on each side of her sofa facing in. They arent across but they also arent technically on the same side of her sofa. (When she lived there, she and her guests could happily converse without having to turn their entire bodies to the side. Win-win-win.

Love you, mean it.

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Let The Floor Do The Talking

Introduce pattern and natural character to the home with an ever-popular wood floor. Wood remains an enduring choice for interiors and is wonderfully versatile. An intricately laid parquet combining marquetry and parquetry demonstrates the highest level of craftsmanship in this living room by architectural and interior design company, Point 3 Design .

Take a light-touch approach with other aspects of the decorating and keep the rest of the scheme neutral to focus the eyes.

Introduce An Artistic Touch With A Painterly Mural

70 Living Room Decor Pinterest 2021

Meandering florals and block-printed patterns are paired with rattans and jewel-like teals for a living scene with a Far East twist its like a gentle stroll through serene Japanese gardens. Warm and cool tones work well together, as here with the contrast of the cool teal blues of the coffee table and sofa, upholstered in rich velvet, set against the rich earthy reds of the wallpaper panel and painted cabinet.

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Soften With Curved Edges

When decking out your small living room, look for furniture with curved edges to offset all the harsh angles, from the doorframe to the windows. An oval midcentury coffee table in warm wood softens the look in this small, cosy living room, and the glass top prevents it from feeling bulky.

Circular cushions work well too, and we can personally recommend this circular jute rug from La Redoute , available in a range of sizes . Curvy furniture, soft furnishings and even the cute rounded leaves of a money plant will make a small living room feel inviting.

Match Walls To Furniture

Another fabulous living room idea that were starting to see appearing is to match your walls to your furniture.

We all strive for cohesive interiors when planning our décor and color choices are core to creating the mood and theme for your home, says Patricia Gibbons, Design Team at . When looking to match your walls to your furniture or vice versa, the question is to match or to contrast as each will produce a different style.

‘If you love a color and are wedded to the idea of mirroring it throughout the space, whether it be a dusty rose sofa on pink walls or green wallpaper to match an olive sofa matching color on color is a fun, considered way to stamp your personality and style into the space.

‘We recommend breaking up the upholstery and wall color with textural touches via accent pieces and accessories: think woods, brass, woven finishes and greenery, to keep the end-look balanced and welcoming.

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