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How To Find Your Home Decor Style

Look At Your Wardrobe

How to Find Your Decorating Style | 3 Steps & 8 Common Styles!

One quick way to get an idea of your own personal taste is to look in your closet. Take note of your most loved pieces. Find a common theme. Do you love simple black pieces?

Maybe a Contemporary vibe is right for you. Do you have a dozen cozy wool sweaters? Consider Traditional and Classic décor. Perhaps you wear a lot of floral dresses. If so, youd probably like Country décor.

How This Interior Design Style Quiz Works

Take Quiz

Each question has approximately 20-30 images of stunning interiors, color palettes, throw pillows, and lighting in a wide variety of design styles. Simply click on the images you resonate with. Choose as many as you like for the most accurate results.

At the end of the quiz, you will see an optional sign up for your email form. This is not required to view your results. To bypass this, hit the Skip This Step Button.

Step 1. View Your Design Style DNA

You will see your Design Style DNA, showing you the percentage of each style you are .

Step 2. Find Out What Your Style Reveals

Click on More Details to find out what your design style reveals, and discover tips on how to incorporate your design style into your own home.

Key In On Things You Dont Like Or Dont Feel Like You

Sometimes your home might not feel good to you because there are things in your space that you dont like or dont feel like you.

Too many of these things can make it almost impossible to see the things you do like.

If you can key in on what you dont like, you can learn to avoid bringing more of those things into your home and know exactly what you need to get rid of or replace.

To key in on what you doesnt make your home feel like you, try this

grab a notebook or a sheet of paper and go sit in your least favorite room.

Once youre there, look around and really think about and take notes on the following

  • How does this room feel to you?
  • What is your least favorite thing about the room?
  • What pieces of furniture would you get rid of first? Why? And what do they have in common?
  • Is there a color or texture in the room that doesnt make you feel good?

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Eclectic Interior Design Style

There are common misunderstandings when it comes to the eclectic design style. A few different key features identify eclectic interior design. Think of it as a high-energy collection of carefully selected pieces brought together to create a culture rich interior. Because of this, many think eclectic design has an anything-goes spirit. However, there is a fine line between layered and collected, and busy and distracting. Stick to a neutral color palette and use a select few accent colors to bring in the worldly vibe youre looking for. With this in mind, the ideal eclectic interior balances color and texture. As a result, its the perfect blend of old and new.

For more inspiration check out Decorillas best tips for Eclectic Interior Design.

Our Approach: One Style Doesnt Fit All


At Modsy, we believe personal style is incredibly nuancedso we took a very nuanced approach when developing our home style quiz. Rather than label you with a single design style, we introduce you to a unique, blended result thats incredibly personal. Youre not just stuck with a style like rustic or minimalist, because most people prefer a look thats a blend of several different interior design styles. Your quiz results will reflect your nuanced, personal preferences and give you the tools to bring your style to life in your real space.

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Shopping Will Be Easier

Have you ever walked into a huge department store and been overwhelmed by the racks of clothing consuming multiple floors? But then you realize that its segmented by department, making it easier to narrow down what you want. And then its further narrowed down by size .

Knowing your design style narrows down your choices. When you walk into a furniture store, you wont need to look at every sofa because youll know what style sofa you want! And lets face it, sometimes there are just too many options and we need some parameters!

One of the major hurdles to home decorating is what I call . A big issue for many is that there can be so much indecision when it comes to shopping. So why not make it easier on yourself and know what you like and what you dont before you shop! And not just what you like, but what you want in your home and what you dont.

Whats key here is knowing the difference between appreciating beautiful things knowing whether they are right for your home.

So when you stop off at your friends house and she shows you the new jewel-toned pillow she just bought and you squeal with delight about how beautiful it looks on her contemporary sofa, does that mean itll look good in your home, too? Well, not if it isnt your style! Not only will it look jarring, but if it doesnt match your personality, it wont feel right either.

So lets talk more about your feelings

A Guide To Interior Design Styles: How To Find Your Unique Home Decor Style

Why bother choosing an interior design style for your home?

On the surface, the project seems time-consuming and confusing, limiting and perhaps superfluous.

But think back to a time when you visited a home where each room was thoughtfully decorated, and the owner had successfully blended several interior design styles to evoke his own decor theme that reflected his persona, hobbies, and memories.

Do you remember thinking, This guy really wasted his time decorating? Or did you just feel more comfortable in the home, like you had a unique window into your hosts personality and passions?

Creating a unique interior design style isnt reserved for only wealthy or artistic individuals. Its something that can be learned and refined over timeespecially if you have the right tool to guide you.

To that end, Ive created a step-by-step guide to define your decor theme, while leaving leeway to put your own creative spin on your style.

But first, wouldnt it be nice if there was a simple breakdown of some of the most-popular interior design styles, to get your creativity flowing?

Lets start there: A quick rundown of some of the most-popular interior design styles, both modern and classic, to give you a sense of what decor types speak to your personal taste.

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Can The Quiz Combine Different Design Styles

Definitely! We often have customers who are looking to design their space with a roommate or significant other. And that means combining design styles! With our style quiz, you can go through the images together and both identify your likes and dislikes. Well see how your styles compare and deliver you a unique result that blends them both together in a seamless and stylish way.

Should You Stick To Just One Decorating Style


No. Finding your decorating style doesnt mean you have to choose just one design style.

In fact, the most interesting homes layer different decor styles one right on top of the other. They have a way of weaving a few decor styles together to tell a story, create interest, and reflect the personality of the people who live there. Doesnt that sound amazing?

Your decorating style will most likely include different design styles, but again knowing which ones youll include in your decor and which ones will be eliminated will narrow your focus and make decorating decisions less overwhelming.

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How To Find Your Interior Design Style 3 Ways

Interior design style quiz results contemporary style by designer Darya N.

First things first, lets get the nitty-gritty out of the way. There are more ways than one to determine your interior design style. Nevertheless, research, a thorough interior design quiz, and professional assistance top our list.

Hollywood Glam Interior Design Style

Next on the list of decorating styles for 2022 is Hollywood glam. This chic style has been most popular in California since the mid-twentieth century, dating all the way back to Hollywoods golden age in the 1930s. Hollywood glam interiors are made up of a mix of art deco and mid-century modern. This is an interior design style that is here to be seen. High contrast color combinations were the popular choice for color schemes. Popular combinations are not only hot pink and green, but also black and white. In addition, over the top chandeliers paired with high gloss or mirrored furniture is also a common combination. The contrast gives off a certain high-glamour luxurious vibe. This design style is sexy and sophisticated at the same time.

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Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Scandinavian design is one of the easier interior design types to recognize. Think light, airy, and organic. Woods are almost always an ashy color in Scandinavian interiors. Nordic spaces give off a relaxing and inviting vibe. Key features include white walls, large mirrors, and cozy textiles. Furthermore, no Scandinavian space is complete without using the Danish concept of hygge. Layered fabrics, glass furniture, clean lines, and textures create the perfect cozy look.

Click here to check out our designers best tips to achieve your dream Scandinavian Interior Design.

Take Cues From Your Closet

Pure Enrichment PureZone 3

The first thing I recommend in learning how to choose a design style is to take design cues from your closet. Take a look at your favorite clothing and notice what colors, fabrics and patterns you turn to again and again.

If youre familiar with my home, then its probably no surprise that I wear a lot of blue and white!

My favorite outfit is white jeans with a blue or white cotton or linen shirt in the summerand blue jeans with a white, ivory, or grey sweater in winter.

And if you look around our home, youll see those colors and fabrics reflected in my decorating style.

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Designer Society Of America Style Quiz

This is a great little quiz that will show you pictures of rooms, furniture, and artwork to help determine your style. They guessed my style as Coastal Chic, and even understood that I want about a beach shackmore like a 5-star coastal getaway. They even gave me suggestions for design magazines I might like, and places to shop!

Contemporary Home Decor Style

Contemporary design style is often confused with modern design style usually references to modern are in fact contemporary design.

Contemporary design is current design which includes open spaces, plenty of light, straight lines, plenty of glass, settel and wood and in some cases unusual layouts.

Elements of contemporary design:

  • Very light or very dark wood tones, and
  • Lighting design used as an artistic statement.

Contemporary designers create designs that are more fluid, in the sense that they are according to the current, trending styles however, they dont resort to a particular style or design. These designers also have a great sense of whats currently in style so their designs are constantly evolving and carry a very modern touch to them.

In todays time, contemporary interior designs include unadorned spaces that appear to be super clean and classic, along with furniture that is exposed from its legs to create more space. As stylish and modern contemporary designs may be, they are yet super elegant with intricate details kept to a minimum.

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What Makes Up My Interior Design Style

Do you love casual finishes and rustic charm? Farmhouse might be the style for you effortlessly blending reclaimed materials and cozy textures while striking a balance between old and new. If you want a more classic, cohesive look with matching furniture and floral prints then you may lean more Traditional. Or perhaps you like clean lines, a neutral palette, and geometric patterns for a sleek Modern vibe. Dont confuse it with Contemporary style which refers to the here and now embodied by cool hues and cutting edge shapes. Whereas Industrial style, rooted in influences from old warehouses and open lofts, focuses on raw, mixed metals and unpolished materials. Or maybe youre all about high gloss 70s Glam and want lots of textures such as velvet, brass and faux fur. From Coastal to Bohemian, having an understanding of your own design style will help guide you as we work together to create a space youll love. Take our interior design quiz and discover your dream design style.

Interior Design Style Quiz: What Is My Design Style

How to Find Your Home Decor Style in 8 Simple Steps

Eclectic, traditional, modern what is your interior design style? With a multitude of styles and the possibility of being drawn to more than one, it could be difficult to pinpoint yours. Thats where an interior design style quiz comes into play. Read on to learn how to find your interior design style!

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Consult With A Professional Interior Designer

Theyll be able to help point you in one direction if youre still feeling lost. You can still show them any images youve saved. Thats something theyd very likely ask you about anyways, so if you already spent time looking at images and saving them, it definitely was not a waste of time!

You dont have to hire them for a whole project you can just hire them for a consultation or two. That should help point you in the right direction without costing an arm and a leg.

How To Find My Decor Style

Published: · Modified: Jul 12, 2021 by Christina Dennis · This post may contain affiliate links · This blog generates income via ads ·

Do you have a hard time defining your home decor style and shopping for it? Today I’m sharing 3 simple steps to nailing down your decorating style as well as a list of 9 common decor styles with examples. I’m answering one of the most common questions I get on how to find my decor style!

I often get asked how to find your own decor style and how to shop for it. Today, I want to answer all your decorating style questions! I hope you find this content helpful as you decorate your own home to be cozy and beautiful for you and your family.

Defining your personal decorating style will help you shop for furniture, accessories and paint colours for your home. It’s a really handy piece of info to know!

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Industrial Interior Design Style

While one may argue that industrial interior design is trendy, it does have a past. When western European factories closed down at the end of the second industrial revolution it left many large vacant buildings behind. Population increase caused people to start converting industrial areas into residential neighborhoods.

The industrial interior design style loves the art of exposed pipes and beams. Materials like brick and concrete are a great way to give the space a lot of character. You wont hear the words soft or intimate used when describing this unique interior design style. Its masculine tendencies are tamed with the use of ample texture. Moreover, oversized artwork and cozy textiles are perfect additions. Furniture is often raw or unfinished and paired with antiques.

Click here to add Industrial Interior Design Style to your home decor with Decorillas ultimate guide.

Create A Visual Reminder Of The Design Styles You Love

Pax Grey Natural Bench

As you gather inspiration, I recommend creating a folder as a sort of virtual mood board or design board to keep on your phone. Just take screenshots of spaces you love or take a photo or two of your design inspiration vignette from Step 2.

Seeing the colors, patterns, and items you love all in one place can give you surprising clarity regarding your home decor style.

A beautiful modern coastal kitchen with striking pendant lights and woven counter stools, from Salt Design Company

Carrying my folder or mood board with me helps me stay true to my design style when Im out and about. That way, I dont get confused and come home with a bunch of random stuff from Target and TJ Maxx!

Keeping inspiration photos on your phone or computer also helps if you want to refer to a certain color scheme, piece of furniture, rug, or artwork so you can match it when youre shopping online.

If you want to make a mood board or collage, you can use photo editing programs like Photoshop, PicMonkey, or Canva. I use PowerPoint to create almost all of my design boards because it allows me to remove the image backgrounds.

Heres an example of a collage I put together in PowerPoint. Whenever I feel conflicted about my style, all I have to do is refer to it to remember the look I love.

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Turn Your Results Into Your Reality

Once you discover your personal style, what happens next? Start a Modsy design project and see your results brought to life in your exact room.

All you have to do is send us a few photos and measurements of your room , and well create a 3D model of your space. Then, your personal designer will decorate it with real furniture and decor and deliver it back to you in our signature, 3D experience.

Or Try Hiring Someone On Fiverr

Its very unlikely that anyone on Fiverr will be able to tell you what your interior design style is. However, if youre struggling with coming up with a plan for a particular room in your house, you can always try hiring a designer on Fiverr.

There are many, many different skill levels and price points on Fiverr, and its always a little hit or miss when you commission work from a similar platform. But this is a great option to keep in your back pocket if consultations with more expensive professionals are not in your budget.

Full disclosure, Ive never hired a fiverr designer! But I know many people have so if you dont have a lot of money to spare, you could give it a shot.

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