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How To Define Your Decorating Style

Industrial Interior Design Style

Interior Design / Find Your Decorating Style ( How To ) / What Is Transitional Style

Industrial style living room design by online interior designer, Henrika T.

While one may argue that industrial interior design is trendy, it does have a past. When western European factories closed down at the end of the second industrial revolution it left many large vacant buildings behind. Population increase caused people to start converting industrial areas into residential neighborhoods.

Industrial bedroom design ideas

The industrial interior design style loves the art of exposed pipes and beams. Materials like brick and concrete are a great way to give the space a lot of character. You wont hear the words soft or intimate used when describing this unique interior design style. Its masculine tendencies are tamed with the use of ample texture. Moreover, oversized artwork and cozy textiles are perfect additions. Furniture is often raw or unfinished and paired with antiques.

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But First An Important Sidequest: Declutter Your Space

When introducing a new style to a room, have as fresh a slate as possible. To start, take out every item from your closets, cabinets, drawers, shelves, etc., and put them in the center of the room. Seeing your old items in a new place shakes up your brain, and allows you to better evaluate your things: Do you really need to keep it? Does it go in the donation bin? Does it need to be stored elsewhere, or in a better way?

Purge your space first, to get ready for the next phase.

Types Of Quantitative Research Designs

Quantitative designs can be split into four main types. Experimental and quasi-experimentaldesigns allow you to test cause-and-effect relationships, while descriptive and correlational designs allow you to measure variables and describe relationships between them.

Type of design
  • Used to describe characteristics, averages, trends, etc
  • Variables are measured without influencing them

With descriptive and correlational designs, you can get a clear picture of characteristics, trends and relationships as they exist in the real world. However, you cant draw conclusions about cause and effect .

But this design cant confirm a causal relationship between the two variables. Any change in test scores could have been influenced by many other variables, such as increased stress and health issues among students and teachers.

Experiments are the strongest way to test cause-and-effect relationships without the risk of other variables influencing the results. However, their controlled conditions may not always reflect how things work in the real world. Theyre often also more difficult and expensive to implement.

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Its Okay To Change Your Mind

Remember, when it comes to expressing your unique style in your home, theres no right or wrong. So keep experimenting until you land on a look that feels right for you.

Cultivating your personal aesthetic and discovering how to choose a design style isnt a process with clear steps or linear outcomesand thats part of what makes it so rewarding.

Your design style will likely evolve with time as you discover new sources of inspiration or your tastes shift, so dont force yourself to stick with a look that no longer resonates with you!

If you find that your decorating style has changed, give yourself permission to start over. What matters is that your style choices feel true to you.

Over the course of your life, youll probably go through many design styles as your taste evolves. I feel like my style changes all the time!

Below, you can see how the style of our living room has changed over the last few months, in comparison with last summers look, above. As you can see, things are always changing around here, depending on the time of year and where my decorating whims take me!

chairsrugstoolsvelvet pillow coverswood chainsimilar vasesimilar cabinet

How To Define Your Kpis For Your Design System

How to define your decorating style

Every design system is unique, and so is the way you will measure it. So before searching for data, or any metrics in your design system, let’s make sure we’re doing it correctly. Define your KPIs and what you need to measure for your design system: what are your ambitions? What are you trying to achieve or resolve with this design system? Is it about efficiency, collaboration, consistency, something else? How many projects and/or components to analyze? How many are designers/developers/product teams involved?

If you’re starting your design system, this is an excellent way to kick it off and focus people into building a clear roadmap for a successful design system. If you already have a design system in place, defining your system’s success is still a good idea.

First, invite all the stakeholders, managers, lead designers and developers all the decision-makers can help you define the roadmap for your design system. The goal is to align everybody’s vision and get them to ask the right questions.If you want to go deeper into this workshop, I strongly recommend this excellent article by Audrey Hacq about how to define and measure the success of your design system?

If you can, run interviews and surveys to understand your teams’ actual needs, issues, and main concerns regarding the design system. It will give you a base to start working on these metrics.

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I’m Also Including A Bonus: The Couple’s Guide To Combining Styles

When you join today youll also get The Couple’s Guide to Combining Styles bonus section , which includes five key strategies for working with your better half to create a style and home that fits you both. Theres even a Style Treaty exercise that will help end decorating disagreements so you can create a home you both love.

One of my biggest aha moments was realizing there were things I liked and appreciated but did not necessarily want for my own home. It also gave me great tools encouragement and guidance to combine my husbands style with mine easily.

– Rebecca Levander, St. Paul, MN

“I am not sure what I expected the process to be like, but defining my style involved a lot of soul searching for me. Going in, I expected that my style would be some version of modern, but was quite shocked when I found out it really wasn’t.

In the process of choosing my style, I was choosing how I define myself in a way or at least the feeling I want to have in my home and the feeling that I want my guests to have when they visit. Now that I have defined my style Honest Charm, I feel very confident in moving forward with decorating our home. Thank you so much for your encouragement and guidance!”

– Petra E.

-Terri Asbury

It was fun every step of the way.What I loved about this course is that Jackie is self-taught and is so passionate about what she does. It was great taking the class with others and seeing various style preferences throughout.

– Sarah S.,

Common Mistakes Designers Make When Defining Services

  • Too Many Choices – Like many designers, I have been guilty of offering allllllll the services which only led to confusion and overwhelm for me and my clients. Its understandable. We see Cutie Designer Girl on Instagram offering Christmas Decorating Services and all of a sudden we think we need to add that option too. Before you know it, your list of services grows and grows and grows while your understanding of them becomes fuzzy. My best advice for you is to keep it simple. Define your Signature Service first. In total, three service offerings is plenty.

  • Customizing Your Services to Pieces – The other big pitfall is making exceptions to your services to the point they no longer resemble the original intention. Let me give you an example. Early on, I had a client dismiss the need for me to provide a Mood Board and asked if they could skip that part and lower the cost a little bit. I obliged. But as I sat down to start working on the project, realized I really needed that step to help me picture the end result. Two things happened. #1- I cobbled something together anyway #2 – She didnt love the original color palette. Had I stuck to my process and let her approve the palette with a moodboard first, I would have done the project in half the time. Define your non-negotiable and stick with them!

  • Your hell nos are as important as your hell yess

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    Modern Interior Design Style

    Modern style living and dining room design by online interior designer, Susan W.

    Were here to clear up the difference between modern and contemporary. In spite of their number of similarities, there are a few big signs that youre looking at a modern interior. Modern design refers to a specific time period while contemporary design is ever-evolving. Modern interior design came on the radar in the early to mid 20th century. Due to the mix of Scandinavian, mid-century modern, and post-modern design, we have our current definition of modern.

    Modern home design by online interior designer, Scott T.

    For example, furniture has clean lines with smooth, sleek surfaces. In particular metal, chrome, and glass are favorite choices among designers. However, with modern interiors, décor is kept minimal. They tend to ditch the knick-knacks and use art as the main décor. Its common to see bold colorful accents in art and furniture in a mostly neutral space.

    Open concept modern living room design by online interior designer, Lauren A.

    Click here to become the master of all things Modern Interior Design.

    Case Selection In Qualitative Research

    How to Find Your Decorating Style | 3 Steps & 8 Common Styles!

    In some types of qualitative designs, sampling may not be relevant.

    For example, in an ethnography or a case study, your aim is to deeply understand a specific context, not to generalize to a population. Instead of sampling, you may simply aim to collect as much data as possible about the context you are studying.

    In these types of design, you still have to carefully consider your choice of case or community. You should have a clear rationale for why this particular case is suitable for answering your research question.

    For example, you might choose a case study that reveals an unusual or neglected aspect of your research problem, or you might choose several very similar or very different cases in order to compare them.

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    How To Define Your Decorating Style A Final Word

    I hope that this inspiration has given you a starting point to help you narrow down the exact look that you really love. You can’t have them all but I hope you can see that you can often mix them up with a very successful outcome.

    • Bohemian style can be a full on traditional hippie look or it can be pared back with a simplified colour palette. Elements of it can be introduced into a coastal look and it blends well with Moroccan style influences.
    • Country style can be elegant in an English sort of way or more relaxed with a jumble of favourite pieces and collectibles.
    • Classic Scandi style, loved around the globe, is one of the smartest styles with its reliance on good quality and expensive items of furniture and lighting. The beautiful mid-century pieces of furniture synonymous with this style also sit well with a Bohemian look too and of course can be adapted to an upmarket country home.
    • Hamptons style is a new and updated version of Plantation or British Colonial Style and again, the two can be interspersed.

    I always recommend that before deciding on a decorating scheme for your home that you put together a mood board. I show you how to do this in my free e-book which you can download from my Free Resources Library.

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  • What Are Your Hopes And Dreams

    If you’re unsure how to define your home’s style, then Danielle Fennoy of Revamp Interior Design says to try using your imagination. “In a fantasy world what car would you drive?” she says. “We like people to really let loose on this one, it’s not about their current lifestyle, number of kids, income, geographic location, but what kind of car really represents their soul. A new tricked out sports car, an old-school muscle car, Range Rover, Prius. There are so many options that tell a little bit about the true character of a person and yes, their style.”

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    I Want To Help You Find The Confidence You Need To Create A Home You Love

    “I wanted to make my home a space for my whole family to relax and enjoy, but each time I would start decorating, I never liked what I chose – everything seemed disconnected. When I started taking classes with Jackie, she explained things in a way that I could understand and taught me how to choose what’s best for me and my family. Now I have confidence with decorating and I’m so excited about transforming my home!”

    – Jackie Biederman, St.Paul, MN

    “I liked my home decor before but felt it should be something different, more trendy, more current. Define Your Style Lab helped me discover and refine “my” decor style. It was so helpful to know it is unique and personal to me. Now I love it and appreciate that the look is all mine, that it will change and develop . My shopping habits were refined too, in that now there is a clearer, more defined scope of what I look for. I am more appreciative of my home because of Jackie’s directions and encouragement.”

    – Cynthia Foster, Langley BC, Canada

    “Putting a name on my style, in surprising and subtle ways, gave me confidence not only in home decorating, but in other areas as well. It helped me to realize that really, I do know what my style is, but in certain places “settled” for cheaper things, or good enough. Editing those items out helped me to be truer to what really makes my style shine, allowing me to “splurge” in the right places, and save where it doesn’t matter as much.

    – Nicole Branham, North Vernon, Indiana

    Five Principles To Help Create Your Own Unique Design Style

    How to Determine Your Decorating Style

    What is it about the word “style” that is the cause of so much debate in the design world? There are plenty of designers who share the opinion that having your own niche “look” is required in this field. Others believe that not having a consistent look to your work is more practical in pleasing multiple clients. The problem, is in the thought that style is a complex concept to grasp. Why can’t both parties be correct?

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    Pay Attention To The Exterior Of Homes

    When you drive around your city or town, what houses make your heart go pitter patter? Are they traditional brick homes, or are they minimalist and modern? If you love modern homes, you will likely enjoy the clean lines and minimalism of modern home decor also. If you love traditional homes, you will likely love traditional furniture, such as sofas with rolled arms.

    But Which Style To Choose

    What if I told you, you dont have to choose just one style?

    While specific styles can provide inspiration, not every aspect of a style is going to work for you. You might love the look of industrial-inspired open shelving, with rough-hewn wood shelves and pipes as support, but do you really want to be staring at the clutter of that shelf, every day?

    Or maybe minimalism appeals to you, but youre not ready to part with so much stuff, let alone clean every day to better showcase the look.

    Its possible to define the perfect style for you by mixing the things you like. Ill show you how.

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    Answer The Following Questions About Your Future Life As Honestly As You Can:

    • Who do I want to be in my surroundings?
    • How will a standard day in my ideal life go? What time will I wake up? What will I work on? How will I spend my free time? What clothes will I wear?
    • What words will I use to speak more confidently? How will other people look at me now that Im more social, positive and successful?
    • How much money will I have in my bank account?
    • How often will I travel and where?
    • What new skills will I learn and how will they help me expand my horizons, start a business or build a name for myself in a certain industry?

    Set aside a day or two to really think about all that. Write it down to make the effect stronger and follow a life design action plan. Know that youre creating your destiny now and you shouldnt miss out on anything important to you.

    Rustic Interior Design Style

    Interior Design | How to define your design style

    Rustic living room design by online interior designer, Lane B.W.

    When looking at rustic interior design it can be defined with a few basic signs. There will always be natural materials, industrial touches, and farmhouse charm all around. The rustic design style was originally born from inspirations of the Romantic movement. It focuses on the simplicity and effortless beauty of nature. For rustic interiors, its common to see living room design ideas focused around a central statement fireplace.

    Rustic home interior design by online interior designer, Kimber P.

    The use of wood is softened by adding cowhides and sheepskin to create a cozy feeling. Fabrics dont have loud patterns and texture is everything. Unexpected additions like an industrial pendant light add to the sophistication of what we know as rustic interior design.

    Rustic style bedroom design

    Click here for our essential guide for the perfect modern Rustic Interior Design.

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