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How To Decorate Your Room Guys

Teenage Boy Room Activities Shared Area

10 College Essentials for Every Student | How to Decorate Your Dorm Room!

Designing a boys bedroom for multiple young men can be a challenge because it means taking two sets of preferences into account. Star Wars, space, and dinosaur elements decorate the room, but you could switch these out for decor customized to your teenage boys interests. To help the space feel sleeker, the bed skirts have been tucked under the twin beds box springs.

Hang Photos And Prints

Cost: £2.50 £10

Pictures of your family and friends will comfort you when you’re having a down day and missing them a bunch.

Try attaching your photos to some string to display them with a homely touch. We’ve found this snazzy to get you started.

And, if you’re a fan of frames but are worried about leaving holes in the walls, these Command Picture Hanging Strips have got your back.

You can print your photos out cheaply via FreePrints or with Cheerz for Polaroid-style pics. For more info, we’ve got a whole guide dedicated to free photo printing services.

Create A Mini Man Cave Under Your Bed

Its no secret that dorm rooms are tiny. Lofting your bed gives you SO much more space and storage room in your dorm.

A lot of guys in my dorm hall used the space under their bed to create a little man cave area. Some of them put their desks under there and others put a comfy chair and their video game consoles.

No matter what you choose to do with the space under your lofted bed, make sure its a comfortable spot that you can hang out in for some personal space.

One of the most popular ways to decorate a guys dorm room is with tapestries. Theyre cheap, easy to hang, and cover up a lot of empty wall space.

You can hang them anywhere, but some common spots are under your bed, on the wall above your TV, or even on your ceiling.

Recreate this guys dorm room idea:

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Emoji Pillows College Dorm Room Gift Ideas

Embrace your favorite emoji whenever you like no matter what feeling you have at the moment with these cute emoji pillows! This is made of 100% polyester and is ideal for decorating your bedroom. This is the finest in comfort and the price for 12 all these cutie peas is just around 50 bucks..View On Ebay

Buy A Couple Of Plants

Teenage boys room

Greenery not only filters the air you breathe, but it will lend a feeling of vitality to any room. And most importantly, it signals to your visitors that you have made an effort to create a warm and appealing atmosphere. Houseplants are readily available year-round at Home Depot. If you travel for work, try cacti they need less water than typical houseplants. And dont be tempted to stick with the plastic pots that they come in buy attractive ceramic pots while youre at the store.

photo by Sean Litchfield

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Stick With Neutral Colours

The beauty of neutral colours is that they more or less always adapt to their surroundings. Accordingly, the best mens bedrooms commonly play with a dichromatic or trichromatic neutral colour scheme. Feel free to throw in a few bold textures or patterns by way of carpeting or pillowcases or artwork, and rest assured those patterns will blend thanks to the overall neutral vibe of the masculine bedroom.

Showcase Curated Treasures And Antiques

is interior designer Henriette von Stockhausen of design agency VSP Interiors ‘ favorite way of adding character to a room. ‘There are so many ways to incorporate antiques,’ she says. ‘Old screens can become cupboard doors, rugs can become headboards, and urns can become lamps. Creativity is key!’

‘Display treasures youve collected while travelling or add some decorative elements which speak to you and your lifestyle,’ agrees Nadia.

Elliot James says: ‘Use accessories to bring personality and warmth to the room, a clothes butler, vintage suitcases, watch box, iconic lighting pieces and a few nicely stacked books on personal passions always work nicely.’

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Neutral Colors With Interesting Lighting

Unique lighting fixtures can elevate any room, both from a design and lightning standpoint. Dont be afraid to get creative, especially if youre trying to achieve that popular industrial look. Also, remember that there are several types of lighting fixtures on the market: desk lamps, recessed lighting, wall sconces, and so on. Mix and match for stunning results.

Cool Things To Have In Your Room: Ultimate Bedroom Accessories List

Room Decor TikTok you have to watch (DIY TikTok)

by Ayden MitchelMar 20, 2020

Home » Cool Gadgets » 182 Cool Things to Have in Your Room: Ultimate Bedroom Accessories List

Wouldnt it be nice if you can come home after a long day of work to a comfy bedroom that looks clean and beautiful? I got a secret to tell ya you dont need to be an expert interior designer to make your room pretty! The only things you need to decorate your bedroom are some cool bedroom accessories!

This is a bit of a long list. If you have something specific in mind, use these links to navigate to what youre looking for. Have fun shopping!

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What Do I Put In My Man Room

Mid-Century Desk

Of course every man needs a solid desk. This is where youll sit to read Jack Kerouac, browse the interwebs, write a letter to your congressman, or refine your collection of federal duck stamps. We lean towards a mid-century modern executive desk in teak or walnut, but the more traditional styled oak or metal desk gets the job done and are practically indestructible.

Keywords to use in your searches: Jens Risom, Steelcase, Paul McCobb


The chesterfield sofa is a classic English couch that is traditionally made with brown leather, quilted buttons, and a low base. Its also as comfortable as hell. It looks good in a variety of decorating styles. Because of its timeless look, it can mix well with a classic study room or blend well with modern furnishings. Good design matches with good design, period.

Keywords to use in your searches: Flexsteel, Pearsall, Goetz


Keywords to use in your searches: Cado System, Globe Wernicke, Steelcase

A Coffee Table

Keywords to use in your searches: industrial, lane acclaim, steel coffee table, danish

Lounge Chair

The first is The Barcelona Chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. This chair, which my wife dubs the bachelor chair, was designed for the World Exposition in 1929, and has been an icon of masculine design ever since. Made of leather and stainless steel, the Barcelona has a timeless look that will fit well with any decor.

Key Words to use in your searches: Bertoia, Baughman, Eames, Womb Chair

Wall Decor

Laidback Loft Bed Dorm Room Design

The Good Vibes lettering says it all this boys bedroom feels like a sanctuary designed for relaxation. Nestled perfectly under the lofted bed, the gray couch looks comfortable and coordinates with the bed frame. A faux leather pouf doubles as a footrest and a flat surface to place magazines, or, in this case, somewhere to prop a trumpet. A shaggy faux fur blanket completes the look.

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Loft Your Bed For More Room

Photo via

Elevate your sleeping area and open your shared bedroom to space-saving layouts and endless activities! Below your lofted bed is the perfect spot to create a study nook, add a futon, or put additional storage furniture. Plus, storing your college dorm necessities under your lofted bed will ensure theyre always within reach.

Photo via

The best dorm rooms set the mood right away. A doormat in the hallway will help your dorm stay clean and let your neighbors know what youre all about! Consider printing your favorite quote or saying on your mat to greet your guests. Want your mat to be one-of-a-kind? Try your hand at making a DIY welcome mat thatll work with your dorm rooms theme.

How Do You Style A Man’s Bedroom

33 Cool Teenage Boy Room Decor Ideas

‘Working with neutral bedroom ideas allows you to create a base that is easy to build upon depending on the season, mood or personal style,’ recommends Mariana Ugarte, Co-Founder, Interior Fox.

‘Neutral tones allow you to work with different textures through natural materials such as rattan, seagrass or distressed wood used across furniture and accessories, all adding dimension and a depth that is pleasing to the eye.’

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Bed To Bed & Desk To Desk

Theres no question that space in a dorm room is hard to come by. This bed to bed setup is a great way to open up a lot of that space by lining up 2 beds vertically.

You can do the same with the desks if the dorm room space will allow it.

Copy this gray comforter set and navy blue sheets.

One of the most rustic, yet modern combinations that you can have in your dorm room this year is a perfect place to start.

Adding that little pop of blue into your beddings, posters, and decorations will brighten up the whole room and minimize the classic grey that often takes over a room.

Bedroom Ideas For Men

Don’t know where to start? Wayfair ‘s Resident Style Advisor, Nadia McCowan Hill, says: ‘To nail laidback masculine style in a bedroom, secure the essentials first. Invest in high-quality, timeless silhouettes for your bed frame and wardrobe, and the rest will follow.’

With the basics sorted, we’re going to concentrate on decor and aesthetics in the bedroom ideas for men below.

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Popular Dorn Shopping Sites

The selection at Pottery Barn Teen/Dorm is vast, but the quality is excellent, theres a wide range of price points, and they have a big emphasis on sustainability. Look at the bundles that include a duvet cover, sham, and sheet set for super-easy shopping with your son.

Enroll in The Key rewards program to get 2-5% back on purchases made on the Pottery Barn brands.

Bed, Bath & Beyond

BB& B has many bedding options, from pillows to mattress pads to soft sheets and comforters. With the College Savings Pass, students take 20% off whatever they buy before 9/30/22 and purchase over $39 ship free, which is great for buying anything you didnt think about before move-in day.


Of course, Amazon will have all you need as well. We think this blue and white striped comforter by Lacoste is a convenient and cute option. When you are on Amazon, hop over to the where you can find this comforter and some of our top picks for all your dorm needs.

With students can get most things with 2-day free shipping and take advantage of numerous other specials just for college students.

Dorm lighting

7. Rope Lights

For a guys dorm room, we think that string lights work best when theyre the rope style, such as this one, 66 Ft. Plugin Rope Lights. Line the entire perimeter of the room, beginning with the strip in the highest corner.

8. LED Strip Lights

10. Desk Lamp

Dorm furniture

11. Folding Chair

Cheap Ways To Decorate A Bedroom

DORM ROOM HACKS | easy decorating tips & tricks

Want a haven to come back to without it costing the world? There are loads of ways to decorate your uni room cheaply. Read on for some top tips to improve your room’s decor on a budget…

Credit: Yuliya Yesina, Monkey Business Images, Olinda Shutterstock

Now that you’ve chosen where to live at university, it’s time to think about room decoration. Whether you’re moving into university as a fresher, or a new house as a returning student, decorating your own space and making it feel like home is so important.

While this might sound expensive, we’ve found the best ways to decorate on a budget. Yes, you can have a pretty room and money in the bank!

From bedding to lamps and decorations, we’ve put together a guide so you can get the most out of your university-living experience.

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Elegant Minimalist Living Room For Men

Channel your love for dark colors into an elegant and minimalist living room total style. Black and brown can pair together for this desired space if you dislike green, blue or white as typical colors for grace.

Choose unique-shaped ottomans that add to the brown sectional sofa set as seen in the picture. Cover the main seating area with the shaggy, neutral carpet. Have a long, dark brown cabinet as storage and display stand with a television hanging above it.

Place a working desk along with the chair to maximize the fair space size. Consider installing soft purple curtains for sweetener.

Take Advantage Of Vertical Space

Photo via

Small-space living means utilizing hidden storage and vertical space. Use wall shelves and bookshelves to save space while storing a few books or notebooks, aromatherapy essentials, or a portable speaker. You can also maximize dorm space and decor by using adhesive wall hooks. Attach hooks to the ceiling to hang up lights or a divider curtain, or hang up some fun dorm wall decor. You could even use them to prop up a trailing plants vines!

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These Guys Dorm Room Ideas Will Help To Make Moving To College So Much Easier Guys Often Are Left Out When It Comes To Decor But Not Today So We’ve Gathered Together Some Dorm Room Decorating For Guys That We Think Will Make You Feel Masculine

Guys dorm room ideas were inspired after we shared girl’s college dorm decor ideas. Many asked if we could come up with dorm room decorating ideas for guys too.

It might not be as easy to find decorations for guys as girls college dorm decor, so we thought we’d help you out.

Pottery Barn had lots of inspiration along with some other stores and we have a few other cool ideas too at the end. We think you’ll applaud what we’ve gathered together!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you purchase at no cost to you using the links below. All opinions are all my own.

Balloon Bed For World Traveler Teen Boys

Teenage Male Bedroom Decorating Ideas Bedrooms Decorating Cool Ideas ...

Chances are, this bedroom is unlike any boys room you have ever seen. From a basket-weave bed frame to a hot air balloon suspended from the ceiling, this bedroom looks like an adventure. To reinforce the idea of global travel, a world map wallpaper has been strategically placed on one wall. To make sure the space stays comfortable, the bed is filled with a pile of plush pillows.

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Aspiring Scientist Teenage Boy Room Theme

With a charcoal gray background, the constellation accent wall steals the show in this boys bedroom design. With an aviation-inspired bedspread, the theme of exploring the sky is continued. An industrial-style shelf and metallic light fixture create an ambiance worthy of any rugged inventor. While this color scheme is dominated by cool grays and navy blues, pops of red provide a fiery flash of color.

Teenage Boy Room For Music Lovers

While this boys bedroom is focused on convenience, a gallery wall is a chic way to finish the space. With the instrument wall hanger shown here, you can hang nearly any stringed instrument from guitars to vihuelas next to the gallery wall. Then, when he feels like playing, he can pull his instrument down. A mini-refrigerator offers convenient cold beverage and snack storage.

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Final Thoughts On Small Bedroom Ideas For Guys

As a guy who grew up with a small bedroom, Ive always had trouble getting a functional and comfortable layout for my room. Over the years, Ive found ways to maximize space while having a functional and stylish bedroom.

In this post, I shared small bedroom ideas for guys and some tips to make your small bedroom feel bigger.

Do you have any tricks to save space in your bedroom? Please let me know in the comments below.

Its All About The Bedding

easy and aesthetic ways to decorate your dorm room!! // inexpensive diy dorm room decor

Sleep is an often-overlooked key for staying healthy and relieving stress. You want your bed to be a peaceful and comfortable retreat where you can recharge and rejuvenate in a year of new experiences.

First, check your dorm bed size. While some use standard twin beds, many use twin XL beds which may mean new bedding are in order. Keep an eye out for back-to-school sales to keep prices low. Not interested in buying a new comforter but want a fresh look? Consider using a duvet cover to mix things up.

For the spill-prone among us, a second pair of sheets can bail you out in a pinch.

Finally, if youre looking to add style, throw pillows can be a great addition. If you already have spare throw pillows on hand at home, fresh covers can help them pop.

Tip: If youre using the area under your bed for storage, consider opting for a bed skirt to keep boxes out of sight.

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Final Thoughts On Names To Call Your Girl Best Friend

Friendships are some of the most important relationships we will ever have, therefore, making sure that your bestie has the perfect nickname is very important.

Some friendships are sweet, while others sassy and feisty, but no matter what type of relationship, a nickname should be fitting for both you and your friend .

Also, I want to say, using a nickname that is coined basic or overused doesnt mean its bad. It is a way for you to connect with your friend and it will be meaningful to you and her.

Therefore, even if the nickname is basic, it will be more than meets the eye because it bonds the two of you.

If you are struggling or, rather, were struggling to find the perfect nickname, I hope the list above was helpful in finding the perfect nickname or discovering an original one of your own!

No matter what you chose, your girl best friend will love it!




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