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How To Decorate Your Room Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Libra: Surround Yourself With Symmetry

Your room based on your zodiac sign – girls!

Represented by the scales, Libra is a sign focused on harmony and balance. The interior of their homes should reflect this quality with symmetrical furniture arrangements and a mix of different colors and patterns. All four elements should be included in the Libra home, including fire, wood, water, and metal. As an air sign they gravitate towards beautiful objects, bright colors, and cute knickknacks that reflect their great taste, as noted by Daily Dream Decor. They prefer detailed over simple pieces, and are not afraid of over-the-top flea market finds or wall art from the thrift store, as long as it has character. Ideally, the Libra home should prove that variety is the spice of life.

These social butterflies love to host and entertain people, so creating inviting social spaces in the kitchen, dining area, and living room is of particular importance. Knitted pillows and darker wood furniture like mahogany celebrate Libra’s autumn energy in style.

Virgo : Modern Minimalist

Practical and perfectionistic, youre the best damn editor of clutter in the zodiac, and this analytical nature lends itself to sleek minimalism and stylish sophistication. Youre selective about what enters your home, which is a constant inspiration to your hoarder friends and fam. Challenge yourself to think beyond neutral tones, and invest in some fabulous art to keep things homey .

Designer: , Photographer: Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish

How To Decorate Your Bedroom If Youre Virgo

Virgo prefers to have their bedroom organized, clean, and create a space where everything is in its place. This sign is characterized by being very simple, meticulous and calm. For this reason, the colors that should predominate in the bedroom are those that strengthen and transmit these sensationsamong them, light tones.

Sometimes they like to turn to nature to spice up their bedroom. Virgos would enjoy a floral-print blanket or have a houseplant on their desk.

To manage your organization, use shelves and tables that allow you to have, store and display everything in order.

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Aries: Go For A Powerful Red Color Palette

As an ambitious and passionate leader, Aries naturally kicks off the entire zodiac wheel . This bold fire sign is known for its honesty, strength, and competitive spirit in all aspects of life. The home of an Aries should reflect this fierce independence, incorporating bright red colors, a fireplace or related alternative, and open spaces for physical activity or workouts for when they need to blow off a little steam. It’s also a good idea to create space for displaying trophies or other accomplishments, as Aries are motivated by goals and have a hunger to prove themselves.

In terms of design style, Aries gravitate toward the contemporary but are not tied to a single style. As a fire sign, they will enjoy powerful design elements like a statement red wall or bold art piece. According to Den Garden, Aries should stay away from blue and neutral colors and ensure that there are warm tones woven throughout the entire living space. Since they like to be aware of their surroundings at all times, furniture should be arranged so that the rest of the room is visible when sitting, working, or lounging.

Aquarius Futuristic And Eclectic

How to Decorate Your Dorm Room, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If youre born under the sign of Aquarius, youre an eccentric and rebellious person that likes to break the rules and needs the freedom to express your unique personality. Youre very creative and you love all things modern and futuristic, so your home may not be the coziest home, but its always flawlessly decorated with extravagant painting, graphic pieces, metal sculptures, and modern materials like steel and glass. You have great taste and even though youre into futuristic interior design style, you also love vintage pieces that dont serve a purpose but will most certainly bring you a pleasure.

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Scorpio Likes A Little Mystery

The typical Scorpio has a deep and mysterious bent that most people find fascinating. Their charisma is hard to deny, and they carry their power into their home decor as well, as per Astrostyle. Scorpios are bold, passionate, secretive, discreet, and extremely loyal to those they love. You will find them working as investigators of all kinds, whether in academia or the police force. They like to get to the bottom of things. Just like their namesake animal, the scorpio, they are quick to sting as they believe in striking first and asking questions later, especially when they feel threatened.

According to L’Essenziale, Scorpios are highly selective of their bedroom decor. Each piece has a purpose and a meaning. They like to make bold statements with their decor and use riskier colors like purple and black. The bedroom will be their retreat from the world and will express their desire to be comfortable and sensual, especially since Scorpio’s sign represents sexuality.

Virgo: Opt For Classically Elegant Interiors

With a reputation for perfectionism, Virgo thrives in an organized, neat, and spotless environment. This detail-oriented sign will definitely notice if there’s a speck of dirt on the rug or a single picture frame out of place. Since this sign is so sensitive to their space, they should opt for classic, minimalist decorations, according to Den Garden. Forget wild patterns, bold artwork, and bright colors, Virgos need an elegant, neutral color palette and comforting, round shapes. Beige and white colors reign supreme here.

As an earth sign, Virgo prefers to be around soft surfaces. Their living spaces will ideally be filled with pillows, fresh flowers, and candles. Intelligent Virgo will also benefit from having books about Buddhism and food harvesting close at hand, as well as a chessboard and puzzles. Writing tools and up-to-date technology like laptops and tablets are also important, since Virgo’s planet is Mercury, the ruler of communication.

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Capricorn Will Have No Trouble Getting Down To Business With Minimalist Design

Few zodiac signs are as disciplined as Capricorn. These ambitious, hard workers are typically organized, goal-oriented, and not afraid to spend long days tackling their to-do lists. According to Well+Good, Capricorns are known for their focus and determination. They understand that they have to work hard to achieve their dreams. However, this earth sign can have trouble expressing their emotions, especially if it gets in the way of their productivity.

Since Capricorns probably spend the most time in their home office out of all the zodiac signs, they should put some thought into the overall design of this space. Simple and elegant minimalist style is often the way to go, since it will make the room feel inviting while minimizing distracting details . Opt for neutral color palettes that make the room feel clean and bright, and invest in a comfortable, ergonomic desk chair for better back support.

The Vibe Your Bedroom Needs Based On Your Star Sign

Your room based on your zodiac sign!!

Think about it: if each star sign has its own distinct traits, certain interior choices are likely to appeal.

Certain design elements will appeal to the needs of each star sign its not a science, but it might get some inspiration going.

While Scorpios will prefer darker colours and richer textures , Virgos will need a bright, clean and orderly space with clutter at an absolute minimum.

Interiors expert Richard Petrie shares his tips on decorating your bedroom according to your Zodiac placement.

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Ambitious Aries Should Make Space To Proudly Display Their Accomplishments

Warm, bold, and passionate, Aries possess big personalities that naturally light up any room. This feisty fire sign is tons of fun to be around, as long as you’re not competing against them. Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries are fierce competitors that love to win, whether it’s karaoke, a promotion, or a sporting event. According to Allure, Aries has a reputation for impulsivity and spontaneity, and always approaches challenges with determination and confidence.

When it comes to decorating their home offices, Aries should bring in shades of red . Whether you paint an accent wall red or incorporate small details like a pillow or picture, this powerful color will help you feel more motivated. If possible, leave some open space in the room so you don’t feel trapped or contained. Having an exercise ball, weights, or yoga mat nearby will let you burn off excess energy during the day. Aries also need space to show off their accomplishments, whether it’s a certificate, trophy, or proud memory. Installing open shelving for your achievements to shine will help you stay inspired through long workdays and creative projects.

Leo Is All About Luxury

The Leo motto? Me, myself, and I! But it doesn’t mean they are selfish. In fact, they are very generous with the ones they love. That being said, they love attention. They’re always the ones to throw parties to celebrate their achievements so that they can bask in the limelight. They are typically interested in the performing arts and love to be in the spotlight! Even though they may seem self-centered, they are actually loyal to a fault. As a fixed Fire sign, Leo considers their home their castle, as Astrostyle describes.

Just as a king or queen, Leo loves anything gold. They will add it in small touches everywhere, including the bedroom. Like Aries, they prefer colors related to fire and the sun, and you might find a lot of sunny imagery in Leo’s decor choices, according to Dengarden. The bedroom will typically feature a large statement headboard, golden accents, and lots of luxurious fabrics and cushions strewn around. Comfort for His or Her Majesty is paramount, after all!

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This Is How You Should Decorate Your Bedroom If Youre A Pisces

Pisces is a sign that mixes creativity with the modern, and the reserved. Undoubtedly, a combination that can be taken advantage of in decorative terms.

Pisces are people who like to have a personal space with their own stamp. They like to impose bright colors and those that stand out in their bedrooms. Combine elegance with casual, between small furniture and vibrant upholstery. The palette is wide!

Why Design With Your Moon Sign

How to decorate your room based on your Zodiac sign

If youre looking for an intuitive way to design your home, astrology points to the innermost parts of youyour zodiac sign and subsequent moon signsand how they represent your personality, desires, and core connection points. But why design by the moon sign?

Your moon sign stays the same all throughout your life. However, we are always changing, Crystal B. says. In my book, Feed Your Moon, I explain how we’re always going through different phases and cyclesor what I refer to as skins. This relates back to your progressed moon, which isalways progressing through each sign of the zodiac.

Your progressed moon stays in each sign for 2.3 years on average and allows you to connect with each sign of the zodiac over the course of 27 years, she continues. Knowing your progressed moon sign is another way of tuning into your intuitive forces of what’s going to make you feel inspired and good when it comes to design.”

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How To Decorate If Youre A Gemini

Geminis are overflowing with creativity and have a constant harmony in their life. They like to feel noticed, as well as exploring new things. Therefore, its colors are strikingwith pastel blues and yellows being a great option.

Your bedroom, , should be spacious and have decorative objects with meaning. So personalize this space a lot with family photos, posters, and paintings that make you feel happy. If you paint, dont be afraid to expose your works.

Aquarius: Let Your Free Spirit Shine

A rebel at heart, Aquarius is a true out-of-the-box thinker with a taste for the unconventional. Since their heads are often off floating in the clouds, they enjoy rooms with a view and plenty of windows to let in natural light. Their design style tends to be modern, according to Den Garden, and they look for a color palette of whites, blues, and purples. No decorative frills are needed in the Aquarius home, just functional and high-quality furnishings with a fun, futuristic twist. For example, a white kitchen with a stainless steel fridge, geometric lighting fixtures, and a glass wall is an Aquarian dream.

As the last air sign of the zodiac, Aquarius values fresh air and scents. It’s a good idea to incorporate an air purifier into your living space, as well as salt lamps and clean fragrances like sea breeze and peppermint. To help get your creative juices flowing, create a dedicated area for play and other activities like drawing and working out.

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Cancer: How To Decorate If This Is Your Sign

The bedrooms of people with the Cancer zodiac sign are distinguished by being comfortable and very quiet spaces. Theres no predominant color, but its suggested that blue tones should be used, as they convey serenitysomething that this sign loves.

Neutral colors such as white are also ideal, so you could combine them. The reason? They convey a sense of organization and cleanliness that Cancerians love. This ideal style is vintage, which combines classic with modern and uses mirrors and decorative elements that bring out your emotions.

Dreamy Pisces Can Stay Motivated With A Bulletin Board To

How to pick a design style based on your zodiac sign

Romantic Pisces is known for their wild imagination and creative spirit. They are often talented artists, poets, and fortune-tellers. As reported by Allure, Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, which means they have learned every lesson from the rest of the signs. This knowledge makes them incredibly sensitive, empathetic, and compassionate, almost to a fault. Since their emotions are so powerful, it isn’t always easy for Pisces to stay grounded in reality.

To help this water sign stay focused in their home office, hang a bulletin board up on the wall and decorate it with motivational quotes and inspiring images. Add a dry erase board to keep track of changing to-do lists and stay organized. When choosing a color palette, opt for peaceful tones reminiscent of the ocean, since Pisces love water . Soft furnishings and scented candles will keep the room feeling zen and relaxed, even during long work days.

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Aquarius : Vintage And Eclectic

Eccentricity and rule-breaking are your jam, water bearer, and you gravitate toward inventive design with nostalgic pops. Think floor plans flipped on their heads, cabinets of curiosities and whimsical pattern mixing that should look busy yet somehow works. Also keep your eyes peeled for vintage and antique pieces that dont necessarily serve a purpose but will bring you pleasure on a daily basis.

Designer: , Photographer: Claire Esparros for Homepolish

How Each Zodiac Sign Would Decorate Their Dream Home

Lacey Ramburger is a personality assessment expert based in Kansas City, Missouri, with more than five years of experience. Her areas of expertise include Zodiac, Myers-Briggs, and the Enneagram. She is the author of the book “Being Whole” and dozens of articles on personality assessments and relationships.

The Spruce / Alison Czinkota

Trying to find the right kind of design and home structure can seem overwhelming at times, and there are always factors to consider, like budget, family size/type, location, and availability . But there are certainly moments when we let our minds wander to what our dream house would look like if there were no restrictions standing in our way. Youd be surprised to find just how much your zodiac sign can really play into your tastes and the ideas you have about your perfect space. Weve rounded up some grand ideas that each zodiac sign would love to use in their dream homes.

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How To Decorate If Youre An Aquarius

We know that if youre an Aquarius sign you love to innovate! Thats why your bedroom, , must be original. Give yourself the luxury of combining colors such as grays and whites, as they add a lot of style to the decoration of your walls. Complement with paintings, photographs and a beautiful mirror.

Make sure your bedroom has a large window and elegant or classic curtains. Your personal space will be perfect and you already know that it corresponds to everything you like.

Sagittarius: Cultivate Your Own Indoor Plant Jungle

How to Decorate Your Dorm Room, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Any Sagittarius worth their salt knows the world is their oyster, just waiting to be explored. According to Allure, these fire signs are wanderers, so their homes are lively, ever-changing, and filled with unique finds from faraway destinations. There should be plenty of room to roam, as well as natural light, candles, and wood materials, all of which nourish fire. The idea is to bring the outside in, as Sagittarius is a free spirit who loves the great outdoors. You can theme your home like a wood cabin in the wilderness or a tropical plant jungle filled with a collection of your favorite houseplants.

When decorating, Sagittarius should inspire their natural wanderlust by hanging world maps on the wall, displaying astronomy posters, and stocking playful board games. Colorful pop art and whimsical items are also right at home in Sagittarian living spaces, as nothing is too eclectic for the wild archer.

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