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How To Decorate Your Porch For Halloween

A Projector Light Gives Best Bang For Your Buck


Have you seen what these projector lights can do? One Halloween projector light can light up your whole house without having to string a single light anywhere.

Place the project in front of your house and, depending on the size of the light you buy, it will cover your house in Halloween images.

Some houses need 2 or 3 projector lights to really look good. This is such an easy Halloween lighting idea. When you consider how many strings of lights are needed to cover your house, youll begin to realize how cheap these projector lights really are.

I like to use one or two projector lights as well as LED lights on our house. But if youre really short on time, just buy the project lights and youll be ready for Halloween.

Orange And White Real Pumpkins

Identify the Halloween colors youd like to showcase on your porch. I chose to use traditional colors, including orange, white, and black. Decorating with orange and white pumpkins provide instant Halloween spirit to your porch. The long stems on these pumpkins, too, add a whimsical touch that is inline with Halloween decor.

Up close of pumpkin with a faux garland

Cool Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween is on its way and if you havent decide yet how to decorate your garden or front yard then this post can be very useful and interesting for you. Weve tried to gather the most cool Halloween outdoor decorations and DIY projects ideas to help you to create a perfect ambience on this fun holiday. Below you will find as simple items which you could easy make by yourself as more creative and expensive stuff you could buy. Of course youll also find a lot of ideas for various pumpkin decorations. Carved holiday pumpkins looks amazing, but there are plenty of ways to decorate them without any carving skills. You can use glitter, rhinestones, masks, markers and many other stuff. Ghosts, zombies, witches, skeletons and bats are also more than welcome in different outdoor Halloween displays. We hope that youll find some great ideas for your own garden or front yard.


To easily turn a festive fall display into a Halloween one simply draw several scary faces on pumpkins and you’re good to go.


Mixing fall leaves, pumpkins, gourds and Indian corn works great for Fall decorations. Adding several skulls would turn suck display into a Halloween one. A bunch of tea lights would add a spooky vibe on Halloween night.


A full-size witch figure would definitely become a great addition to any front porch’s decor.


A bunch of old white sheets could easily be turned into nice Halloween ghost costumes or outdoor decorations.


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Spectacular Halloween Front Porch Decorating Ideas

I love when its time for fall decorating. We always indulge in some Halloween front porch decorating that signals the beginning of the fall season. I usually start the Tuesday after Labor Day, so I can enjoy it all season long. You dont have to be talented to spruce up your porch, you just need a few creative ideas to spark your imagination. These front porch ideas dont require much work and theyre the perfect way to celebrate Halloween without breaking the bank too.

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How To Create Fake Halloween Window Fire

Best Of Front Porch Halloween Decorations For Your Home To ...

Looking for the coolest Halloween decor for your home? Before we get into front porches, let me share this really cool special effect that you can do at home. If youve ever been on Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney Parks, then youre probably familiar with this look.

Its also a budget-friendly Halloween decor option, as you only need a few props. For full instructions, check it this Flaming Windows Tutorial.

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Watch This Short Pumpkin Video

Create adorable pumpkins that will take you from Halloween to Thanksgiving
Stick a pair of witch’s legs upside down into a pot. Ewww!
Have a family of bones and skeletons greet visitors to your front door
Hang ghoulish monsters near your entryway to greet trick-or-treater
Hang a gigantic spider web on your porch. Instant eerie-ness
Hang the witch’s clothes on a clothesline on your porch. Is the witch at home?
Witches, ghosts, spiders – subtle and sweet photo by phoenix4stl

Ordinary Spotlights In The Right Position Make Everything Spookier

Use a portable spotlight for backlighting objects. You can backlight a tree or a Halloween prop. If you place an orange filter across the spotlight it works even better.

Another idea for your spotlight is to create a shadow on the wall of your house.

By creating shadows you can create spook effects very easily and cheaply. Place a Halloween prop in front of a spotlight. Make sure the spotlight is on the ground pointing up at the prop and get the light to fall on a wall behind the prop. This distorts the shape of the Halloween prop and makes it more mysterious.

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Best Halloween Porch Decor Ideas

This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Dress up your porch for Halloween with these creative and spooktacular Halloween porch decor ideas, which include ghosts, spiders, crows, skeletons, witches and much more! There are over a hundred ideas to give you inspiration. These eerie and cute Halloween porch decorations will definitely impress your neighbors and trick-or-treaters.

Ghost Front Porch For ghosts: tomato cages, white fabric, black and white felt for ghost eyes, fabric glue, wireEverything else: black duct tape, two wood boards, black spray paint, stencils, white acrylic paint, pumpkins

Halloween Candy Porch from I Heart Nap Time

Pallet Countdown Halloween Sign wood board, black and orange acrylic paints, letter stencils, chalkboard paint & chalk, accents like banner & spider

Wicked Witch Porch wood board, black spray paint, letter stencils, white acrylic paint, broom, witch shoes

Witch Cauldron for Entryway cauldron, creepy cloth, moss, skull, black bird, witch brooms, creepy jars, moss, witch sign

Halloween Lit Up Stairs fall garlands for doorway, orange lights, pumpkins, potted fall plants

Skulls in a Basket wire basket, various sized skulls, pumpkins, spider webs

Archnoporch from Bower Power

Skeletons Climbing Front Porch from Better Homes and Gardens

Simple Bat Wreath Porch

Creepy Bird Porch dried corn stalks, faux pumpkins, fake black birds

Haunted Silhouettes from Better Homes and Gardens

Go All Out With An Oversized Garland

Decorate front porch for Halloween / 2020 Halloween front porch decor / Halloween decorate with me

This gorgeous set-up by proves that sometimes, more is more

When it comes to Halloween decor, it really is a case of ‘go big or go home’, and this entrance certainly goes for the former.

The larger than life, oversized garland in this space by is an attention grabber to say the least. With ghosts, maple leaves, berries, bells and even a bundle of pumpkins, this porch has all you need for a spooktacular welcome home.

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Embrace The Seasons And Go For Natural Decor

This autumnal scene is rich with eye-catching color

Fall is the time where nature really delivers with a spectrum of fiery shades. So, why not embrace the season’s treasures and bring them into your Halloween porch decor?

Pumpkins are a given, but hay bales and dried corn stalks are additional options that will provide structure and style. And don’t forget about flowers, too bring large containers near your home’s entrance and fill them with bright orange blooms, just like in this scene, for a beautiful finishing touch.

If you’re looking for more container gardening ideas for the rest of the year, you can find plenty of inspo in our guide.

A Spooky Halloween Front Porch

Since I was a kid, Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. First, my birthday is November 1, so I always celebrated it on Halloween with a costume party. Secondly, Halloween allows my love of scary movies to marry my first love decorating. So of course, when The Home Depot asked if Id like to participate in this years Halloween & Harvest Style Challenge, my answer had to be yes!

While I dont go crazy inside the house with Halloween decorations, I do enjoy decorating outside our house for the trick or treaters. The kids appreciate the effort and Im happy to be the cool house on the street.

My 4 year old is now at an age where he understands decorating for Halloween and he was so excited to help me pick out decorations from the Home Depot this year. Theres such a huge selection available to purchase but his favorite item was thisSkeleton Arch, so that was the beginning of my vision for this space. The arch really frames our front door and I think in no uncertain terms screams Halloween!

I assembled the entire arch myself but when it came to actually standing it up and getting it over our front steps, I needed help. At only 52, this 102 inch arch is considerably taller than me!

In the spirit of creating this almost grand entrance I thought it was only fitting to also light the pathway and these LED Bulb Pathway Markers are perfect. Not only do they light up but they have really creepy motion activated sound to add to the overall scary effect.

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Put Your Finest Seasonal Veggies On Display

Give your entrance instant Halloween charm with an array of pumpkins, just like has done here

If your crop of veggies is at its most bountiful at this time of year we’re talking pumpkins, squash and even the odd marrow too now’s your chance to put them on display.

Position a decorative cart on your front porch, like this one by , and pile up your crop for everyone to see. It’s an understated Halloween addition with a welcome nod to nature.

Don’t have your own homegrown pumpkins? No need to worry. There are plenty of varieties available at the grocery store this time of year and you can always follow our guide on how to grow pumpkins in time for next fall.

Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

How to Decorate Your Porch for Halloween

Halloween not quite your thing? Or are you wondering what to do with your porch in that time between Halloween & Christmas? Try one of these fun Autumn Porch Decorating Ideas.

7- Yarn Wreath. This wreath is created by wrapping yarn around a simple styrofoam circle. Choose whatever colors match or porch decor the best.

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How To Decorate Your Porch For Halloween

Scare the trick or treaters by having the spookiest porch around. We aren’t talking about cute jack-o-lanterns here we are going for creepy, scary, heavy-duty spooky porch decor. Need ideas? I have plenty of suggestions and scary props to help you decorate your front porch.

You’ll want some sound, some action, and lots of creepy figures for your haunted porch. Oooh, are you ready for this? I really like the idea of an animatronic figure that responds to sound.

When people approach your front door, they will remark about the skeleton in the hammock. Their voice or even their footsteps will activate the animation. You can get a skeleton that snores while its ribs move up and down. That should surprise a few trick-or-treaters, for sure.

And Sweeten Up Candle Displays

Prep your front porch or entryway for the arrival of trick-or-treaters or Halloween guests with the sweet aroma of candy-corn-filled hurricanes. To create them, place pillar candles inside clear glass hurricanes of different sizes then fill each hurricane, roughly halfway, with candy corn. For safety, be sure to blow out the candle before it burns below the candy.

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Repurpose Specific Christmas Lights For Halloween

Obviously you dont want to be using red and green lights for Halloween, youll really confuse your neighbors.

But if you own other color outdoor lights they can be repurposed for Halloween.

For example, if you already own purple lights you could light up all the branches in one of your trees and create a purple tree which looks great for Halloween. You could add light up bats and other creatures hanging from the branches too.

If you have blue lights these can create mystery with black props like witches, black cats, grim reapers, tombstones and plenty of other Halloween items.

Even white string lights can be used by placing them inside an orange glass jar to give an orange glow. There are lots of ways of using what you already have for Halloween lighting ideas.

Halloween outdoor lights are one of the best ways to enjoy this time of the year. You get to share you creation with friends and neighbors and everyone in the family gets to participate. Use the Halloween lighting ideas you already have and tweak them a little to make the overall effect even better.

These 7 tips are just the beginning. Once you incorporate props into your Halloween outdoor lights display it gets even spookier. Explore Halloween lighting ideas that create mysterious ambience and youll have the best Halloween display in the street.

Ways To Decorate Your Porch For Halloween

  • Make these incredibly disgusting hanging spider sacks that you can put up around your front porch. You can hang them near the door so that people HAVE to go near them to get inside.
  • Use corn husks in any sort of arrangement for a nice Halloween and fall touch. You can use the tall husks in vases, or just use them border the door. Whatever looks best.
  • Another great Halloween decoration are bales of hay. They can be used in combination with almost any other decoration, and they look great. Plus, they add a place to sit!
  • Put a scarecrow near your door for a fun Halloween decoration. It can be cute or scary, whatever you think is best for you, your family, and your guests.
  • Make a fantastic pumpkin garland that goes around your door or entryway. You take foam pillars and attach plastic pumpkins to it. You can even add some lights to the inside of some of the pumpkins for an added effect.

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Remember To Light The Outside From The Inside

When you want to light your front yard, remember to include standout lights on the inside of your windows. These obviously dont need to be outdoor lights. The best ones are usually battery operated LED lights.

These indoor lights are usually inexpensive but have a big impact on your Halloween decorations inside and out.

Place light powered pumpkins facing out the window or for a more spooky effect, buy eerie eyeball lights that peer out your window panes.

There are cobwebs with lights highlighting the spiders and web . These are great for windows and glass doors so they can be seen outside.

Display Beautiful Bouquets In A Pumpkin Vase

We love this beautiful pumpkin vase featuring flowers by Bloom & Wild

For something a little different, Anna Eklöv of LOV Flowers suggests carving out a large pumpkin and placing a small, hand-tied bouquet of fresh and dried flowers inside. It’s a straightforward trick but looks simply lovely no wonder it’s taken social media by storm.

Place your pumpkin vase somewhere on the porch so it can be admired by anyone passing. They also make a beautiful focal point for Halloween-themed outdoor dining ideas.

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How To Prepare Your Home For A Halloween Party

Jack-O-lanterns, skeletons, and witchs brooms are about to hit front porches from east to west and north to south. The Halloween season brews excitement for pleasure seekers of all ages. This year, you may be gearing up for a special costume party and spooky festivities to enjoy with family and friends.

Throwing a themed party is exceptionally fun, and there are seemingly endless ideas for Halloween decorations, snacks, and entertainment. Well outline some of our own ideas, inspiring you to transform your house for a ghoulishly good time, outfit everyone with unforgettable costumes, and plan a party that brims with freaky treats and spooky activities.

How To Decorate A Porch For Halloween

Cute Halloween Front Porch Decorations to Greet Your Guests

Dont you always notice that ONE house in the neighborhood just goes all out and has the MOST fantastic decor on their porch and in their front yard? You see it and youre all like where did they find all of those awesome ideas??? Most of the time its something really cool and outside of the box, but not necessarily a lot of work.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Diy

Golojuch likes to make his own decorations with building supplies like foam and erosion cloth. But if you’re not ready to bring out the power tools, there are some easy things you can do to enhance your display, such as adding clothing or touches of paint to make a plastic skeleton look more authentic.

How Can You Decorate Your Porch For Halloween On A Budget

Not everyone wants to spend big when it comes to celebrating Halloween. And that’s okay you really don’t have to. By repurposing secondhand items, you can still create an eye-catching scene, all it takes is a little creativity. You might even find things you can use around the house.

Of course, pumpkins bought from the store are all very affordable this time of year too. And there are plenty of creepy crafts you can do with the most basic of materials use cotton wool or yarn for cobwebs, toilet paper to ‘mummify’ objects, or paint a magical mural onto cardboard to prop against your porch, for instance.

You can find more cheap garden ideas for all year round in our guide.

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